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Archives: October 20, 2003

A stolen election and oil stability

Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths: A lengthy inquiry yielded no justice

The kids are all right

'Cover-up' fears over Iraq deaths

Mostar: Nation Building - Bosnian - 60 Minutes

'Living on memories of my family'

Sick, wounded reservists complain about treatment

A Bush's Keen Eye on Other Bushes (NYT Bar Bush Book Review)

Ruling the world is a family affair

"Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy not getting it done! "

Are Republicans Becoming the“Hypocrisy Party”(drugs/deficit/sex/)

Cloudy Thinking on Tax Cuts

ConWeb ignores LeakGate...Go Figure...I'm Shocked..j/kidding

Beyond Bush II [Ruppert]

Virtue Is It's Own Drawback (Virtue-Mongers)

Bush Plunges US into Rapid Decline

Newsweek: Barbara Swings Away

MTBE Bailout - by Ralph Nader

Chile's Failed Economic Laboratory

What Alabama's Low-Tax Mania Can Teach the Rest of the Country

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Unltd): Justice on the streets of Bolivia

TraitorGate: Toward a file . . .

NYT LTEs: Must Aid to Iraq Be Partisan? (6 Letters)

Garvey: As the Democratic Party loses its soul, it loses its voice

Mellencamp: Time to Take Back Our Country

Paul Krugman (NYT): Listening to Mahathir

George Monbiot (Guardian Unltd): The flight to India

Annals of National Security -- The Stovepipe

RKBA rally at Massachusetts State House, Oct 23rd

Oppose Janice Rogers Brown (Oct. 20)


An new movement to take back our government from special interest:

FCC coming to Charlotte NC

Shop to Drop Bush --- web site

L.A. Times still investigating Arnold, "potentially more damaging charges"

Could Someone Explain Larry King To Me?

Randi Rhodes

Who is behind

Registration: The end of online news?

Can anyone help me out?

I'm Going To Be Rich! --- I've Got To Get One Of These!!

Anybody tried the South Beach Diet?

CARTOONS! The "Filtered for Good News" Edition

Torn between traditional/alternative medicine

Astrologers Alert! Super many of them coming. Any thoughts?

Odds not in the favour of African mothers

I missed Paul Krugman on C-span yesterday.

Jobs Moving Overseas

Europe slow in stemming 'brain drain' to America

Water battery set to shake up science world

Bush Undoes a Century of Progress

Study: Sexual identity hard-wired by genetics

UK Science Panel Recommends Total Ban On Cod Fishing - BBC

Southern Right Whale Numbers Rebound

North Sea Ecological Collapse Under Way

Booming Fall Chinook & Coho Runs On Columbia River

Invasive Cogon Grass Becoming The South's New Kudzu

amusing commentary

Science journal to put research on-line

Former Bosnia Muslim leader dies

Europeans to get slice of business - Taiwan

After 10 years of war, Burundi dreams of peace

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 20, 2003

Humor Classic - Top 14 NRA Convention Seminar Topics

The actual purpose of the 2nd Amendment

Tell us when you go to a range...

An NRA Friend Fires Back At Certain Critics

Truly pro-gun Democrats- name one

Preventing Star Loss

Attaching an image..?

Could DU host a fundraiser to have a reward for info on leakgate?

There is something in this thread that causes a log-in pop-up

big donation to DU

Thread locked


A question about forum spamming

Thanks for having Mondays IN The Undergroundrailroad

Does everything with the word Israel or Palestine in the subject line

how big can a sig picture be?

Is profanity allowed in GD when quoting another thread?

How do you find original posts

Just what is the difference between

I think I deserve an answer here

Question about a locked thread

Families seek truth over Israeli deaths

Three Israeli Strikes Kill Three in Gaza

Not the Israel I Know

Israel to speed up barrier work

U.S. envoy John Wolf not returning for now

Israeli Helicopter Strike in Gaza Kills Two and Wounds 35

Israel kills 10 Palestinians in Gaza air raids

PM opens Knesset session with verbal assault on Geneva Accord

IAF helicopters hit car in fourth Gaza strike in twelve hours

Sesame Street airs peace propaganda

Two killed, 12 hurt in twin Israeli air strikes in Gaza City

Ticking bomb

Doctor killed as he helps wounded

IDF redefines Palestinians west of the fence(as "long-term resident")

The Geneva Accord (Full draft text)

Sharon Says Israel Determined to Remove Arafat

Lieberman and Clark will bypass Iowa

MYric,edwards, and Graham unites, sort of

Labor, Community Groups Quiz Dean, Edwards (social justice is important)

Democrats, GOP Go to New Lengths for Vote (predicting via stats)

Raleigh Observer comments on lack of time for Edwards in CNN debate...

Is Clark mentally unstable?

A question for Bev Harris -- need info to debunk wingnut claim

Finding Hope and Fighting Your Inner Wimp

Please Check My Math

Clark and Lieberman will skip Iowa caucuses (WP)

Dean: "I will tear up the Bush Doctrine."

New Zogby Poll: Dean slightly ahead nationally

Anyone see the CNN cartoon of Kucinich & Bush surfing on Inside Politics?

Top CA Democrat: Voted For Schwarzenegger

Dean "propaganda" goes Green – MUST SEE!

Who Do You Want in Washington?

Shock of the Old (piece on Howard Dean)

Kucinich promises 'a workers' White House'

Ohioans: I'm feeling torn about Issue One

Dean's bat. Kerry's hammer. And now Kucinich's light bulbs

We see old growth forest, George Bush sees toothpicks

*ONLINE* guide to public opinion and electoral behavior: 1948-2002

Dean takes lead in Arizona

has Clark's "baseball challenge" backfired?

Edwards points out: in Vermont, more than 5,000 children without insurance

John Kerry coming up on Hardball at 7PM on Battle for the White House!

Columbia mayor drops out of U.S. Senate race

NYT editorial singles out Kerry for praise on post-war Iraq plan

Kerry within 6 points of Dean in N.H. poll

The Progressive Case for Dean

Who is anti-war?

Ashton Kutcher will campaign with Edwards in Iowa...

Sen. Bill Nelson for VP?

kerry - brief resume

Forget about McGovern - is Dean the 'new Mondale'?

Self-Serve Checkout Scanners And "Shopper-Cards" Really Bug Me...

Chicago Sun Times publishes Prescott Bush Nazi ties story

Could Europe be next on Corporations' hit list?

OK, help me complete this Mastercard "Priceless" ad

Argentine bottom line: Bush visit preview?

We don't know where Iraq's bio weapons went, but we do know ....

Article about Kucinich, Bush, and Dean supporters in Hawaii

Whine of the Week - Kobe Bryant tops this weeks list

BBV: NYT reports on a new battleground in the vote stealing war

U. S. hospital in Germany has treated 8,900 military patients??....

What do you think of these poll results?

David Corn will be on Washington Journal this morning

I hope the press and opinion pages don't let this one slide

Teaching Children to Hate...

A Future Guide of what Democrats can expect from GOP

Just so we don't forget

As near as I can figure, it's Bill Clinton's Fault.

Writer Jonathan Chait Brings Bush-Hating Out of the Closet

Did I miss David Corn on Washington Journal?

The Congressional Black Caucus debate is on Faux News????

My email LTE to the Olympian

Bush's 'spirit' cursed with black magic, tossed into river

Dean "propaganda" goes Green – MUST SEE!

woooo Danziger strikes again!

Well well went to listen to Kucinich today

Moore's charges against the DNC...

A challenge to anyone in the universe...

David Corn C-Span repeat about 10:30 DST n/t

David Corn repeat on c-span now on west coast

Did E-Vote Firm Patch Election?

Computer Sciences Corp gets DEA contract. Doing drug busts soon?

Rep, Jan Schakowsky explains "No" voite on $87 bil.

Is the History Channel Conservative?

Project Veritas: Seeking the Truth through Discourse

"Jessica Lynch's Savior" on CNN

Rall on the Cheap-Labor Elites

As you know I own a Subway...this is what the President of Subway sent

Laundry list -- List of bad things about Patriot's Act

A corporation that declares a profit while debitting the nation

David Corn

Wow - 66% of Ballots in Last Statewide Election (2002) were Absentee in WA

Is Dubya really a "bullshitter"?

TV News Lies Webcast to Start at noon

shoptodropbush freeped

Who's government is bigger ?

Any theories on why bush* won't cede control of Iraq to UN?

Is Tony Blair on the verge of a Breakdown?

TraitorGate? What's new???

FBI Selects Convera's "RetrievalWare" for data sharing

Who else thinks Howard Dean is perspicacious?

Limbaugh comback, part two...

A simple-minded (?) question about using torture

glimmer of hope...

BBV "Link of the Week" at

Sexual identity hard wired by genetics

Dick Cheney In Tangle w/ Beltway Caterer - Chocolate Is Truth

Should Libertarians be able to post on DU

The A-B-C of Popular Revolt

David Corn has earned my trust.

Calif Democratic AG voted for Arnold!

US army chiefs plan 'strategic exit' from Iraq

I think that this country will turn to socialism for social justice's sake

Theft of election

Department of Propaganda

Does Anyone Know Enlistment Figures Since Invasion of Iraq?

Newsweek: Bush’s News War

Good News


Snail Mail Address for Rush Limbaugh

Florida will pay Jeb's hatchet woman to work for Arnold in CA! Outrage!

Let's be Honest About Two Things

Holy Paradigm Shift, CNN!

BBV looks like good news

Seriously, why does the right hate gays?

BBV: Vote Fraud in America (from 1996)

Looking for comments on an LTTE and my response

I'm having some trouble with cognitive dissonance

Tell us what you would like to see in the 2004 elections?

Can Someone Explain How Home Re-Financing Works?

Which Liberal paper in NYC would post a personal protester's pic NOW?

I Don't Give a Rat's Ass About Kobe and the Snipers

Who are the leakers George?

Monday's Doonesbury

hey, Floridians . . . what's the scoop? . . .

Wheee! Quaking out in Pleasant Hill!!

You can help a local peace & justice elected official (from Zinn)

just thunk of a LIHOP angle:why Saddam not osama

Barbara Bush's book

A new potential Ticket Balancer:;;AL Gore

I have never heard such whining by the Repugs before...

National Review: France, Germany conspire with Arabs to defeat US

There is a difference between Dems and Repubs

Washington Post runs SICK Lockheed Martin Ad

Newborn Activist Seeks Mentor with Knowledge of Journalism Technique

Can someone start a poll for me?

Bhopal -- heard the author of Five Past Midnight in Bhopal


Just yesterday, Wolf Blitzer was raving about *'s "56%" approval

Anyone else watching Inside Politics (Monday)?

Haley Barbour for Governor? Klansmen in the Mississippi Statehouse?

New "This Modern World" on Republican Hypocrisy

IP Justice: FTAA Treaty Chapter on IP 'Threatens Freedom and Free Trade'

The TNR and The Nation discuss One State Israel Solution

Maybe Saddam Was Connected to Al Qa'ida

Ruppert: Beyond Bush II

Holy shit!! Documents from National Archives CONFIRM Bush link to Hitler!

Did * say Iraq was an imminent threat, or not????

Who here has read "The Bush Dyslexicon"?

Are the Bush leaks and screw ups over the 4 years:

Kook alert

Help Needed With Voting Picture

Why are they pushing the new $20 bill so hard???

Bush Mispeaks--Indonesia Training Programs...

new CARTOONS (for your UNfiltered bush-bashing pleasure)

Dean leads Clark by 8 points in new Arizona poll

A little campaign update from AWD

ISP Rejects Diebold Copyright Claims Against News Website

The DLC holds a conference: Go for the Guns, God and Guts Crowd!

Clarkies, Other Democrats: Please Help UnFreep This Discussion Board!

Thou shall not kill

Bush under 50% approval rating-- NEW ZOGBY POLL!

Dixie Chicks STILL blacklisted from radio.

Where will * get all that money? Steve Bell knows

If we lose next year, wouldn't 2004 be more like Goldwater '64 than '72?

Democrats airing

Are people too hard on Alan Colmes

Don Luskin Demands a Retraction and an Apology from Paul Krugman

Question for the Kucinich supporters...

New Candidate For President "Wesley Crusher"

Let's contact Senator Graham and urge him to run for Congress again

Peace in the Middle East

Crossfire: Laura Inghram couldnt answer Carvilles question re: Patriotism.

Iowa - who will you caucus for if your candidate doesn't get 15%?

Robert Duvall LOVES Dennis Miller!

Just how delusional is Alan Colmes?

Iraq, Stars & Stripes survey, 1/2 don't plan to reenlist

Kobe, Sniper & Boxcutters.....This is CBS news.....all else is fine

Don't forget to jam "Echelon" tomorrow!

Yale Sues DOD over Recruiters Refusal to Sign Anti-Discrimination Pledge

Tragedy Changed Edwards’ Life

You Oughta Know Vol. 1: Communist Goals (or, y'know, NOT)

I am neither a Clark supporter nor a Clark basher . . .

Dean's position on the tax cut is problematic for a general election

59% of Dems Want Candidate Who Backed Iraq War (in NH, Iowa, SC)

Will Lincoln Chafee support the Democrat in 2004?

Oh, my, oh my,, my city is being defiled by Sean Hannity

Never discuss politics with your parents.

WTF happened to Traitor/Treasongate? Ask Skip Fox

Rush being promoted by Clear Channel for dramatic reincarnation...

No End to US Troubles: Asia Times! This is Spot On!

Find the Boeing!

Brokaw say's record $500 billion deficit will be reported next Oct 2004

PA's US Senate candidate (Crystle) is buying a Bus (we can help)

Daddy Why is Saddam Bad?

Neocons are Spartans, Liberals are Athenians

UK Protesters Aim to Humiliate Bush Like Saddam statue, (parade canceled)

What are different candidates doing.. right?

LOL...more of shrub's asian tour (pic)....

i see bartcop has

Turn on C-SPAN! BBV!!!

Went to Rolling Thunder in KC this weekend.


A little anti Davis bias from the mountain folk's kids

Loving America the Al Franken Way

BBV: NYT reports on a new battleground in the vote stealing war

Even Fox Sports isn't "fair and balanced!"

CNN: Democrats don't support the troops

BBV - Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D) Just Spoke On C-Span

Religion makes world peace impossible

Taliban Commander Captured! Oops, I thought they were gone?

Bizarre murder case in Big Sur

Clark’s ‘New American Patriotism’ may resonate, despite criticism

Clark - Bush Disclosure

Holding Leaders Accountable for Untruths About War


James Carville is tearing Laura Ingraham up on Crossfire

Iraqi woman & child killed; US soldier killed; assassination attempt

Dean supporters - Judicial Watch goes on the attack against your guy! had 1,116 freep hits today!

Here's the point I wanted to make on the Radio.

George H.W Bush give T. Kennedy Public Service Award (messge to Jr)

Anyone read Wesley Clark's new book?

Telemarketing officials on registry

The Ubiquitous Clintons

A New Vietnam (you won't see this on your TV)

Teaching people to use Condoms in Africa kills them

The Incredibly Complex Kosovo Issue (Part I)

Respect for the Pope, Thread II (from Cronus' thread)

Bush 41 gives treasured award to Sen. Kennedy

Powell sucks...

Wingnut/Religious-Convert Laura INGRAHAM Is Screwing Again

Hawaiians march for Independence

Anyone posted about Dean and the truck yet?

I Need Help!!

Anyone have a Photo of LBJ's Limousine from Dallas? (A Favor & QT-movie)

Can you get Malloy on the internet????

Buried secrets, brutal truths;

How does BBV affect your political & philosophical thinking?

I like Clark for the most part but....

Deleted message

I registered 12 people to vote on campus this evening!

It's almost 12:00am. Any bets on tomorrows Clark bashing thread topic?

MUST READ: Major Error Discovered in Bush vs. Gore!

Did anyone see this article about Bush Sr. giving Kennedy an award?

Blair gets cold feet, cancels Pinhead's parade & Parliament visit

Kerry on Hardball

Proud to be a "Bush Hater"

What's this I hear about the draft coming back?

Thank God for Nancy Pelosi

Good Lord They Created a Blacklist!

Sexual identity hard-wired by genes.

Why do we have to be respectful of the Pope?

"I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it."

I think that last question to Kerry was a set-up!

Mike Malloy: Bring back the Draft...

Arlen Specter's Greatest Achievement?

Electronic Voting Machines: Rate Issue Importance

BBV: Problem with Rush Holt's legislation?

Is Rush a "Gonzo" journalist?

Ed Gillespie and J.D. Hayworth Gate-Crashed Dem Spin Alley at debate

Freepers trying to make CBS kill Reagan movie!!!

BBV...but why do the Republican voters NOT CARE The single issues voters

Vote Here on Limbaugh Poll (R)

Why people should vote for Dennis Kucinich

Kissinger on The Daily Show

Airborne Laser Becoming Reality

Humorous side note. Rep L.B. Johnson was in bed with Halliburton!

I Just Saw Scarborough County For the First Time

Any coverage of the US slaughter of Vietnamese civilians on ABC, NBC, CBS?

Chomsky speaks in Gainesville, FL (UF) tommorrow

The Catholic Church- some things DUers should know

Jim Robinson/FR owner has a melt down

Shut the **** up Guiliani!

Houston Chronicle- Letter/Editor FROM Halliburton -UNBELIEVABLE

The Bush-haterism has got to stop!

"As near as I can figure, it's Bill Clinton's fault"

Saddam's Fate Foretold in the Qu'ran

Chi Sun-Times on Clark's "history of misinformation"

Stop Judicial Tyranny — Campaign by Dobson to establish theocracy in U.S.

Kerry Got Anti-Terrorism Chair After Fears He'd Impeach Reagan

Poppy Bush's Award to Teddy: WILL HE SEND A PRIVATE PLANE?

Seymour Hersh: Niger forgeries setup to discredit Cheney….

Watching Alabama Crumble

John Kerry on Hardball tonite at 7 eastern

An aberrration...Charles Jaco 0f CNN fame on morning radio in St. Louis

Get C-SPAN To Carry The Anti-War Protest!

"WHOOPS!" 9-11 Victims/Saudi Lawsuit: CNN "forgot" to mention....

My little war with the San Francisco Chronicle..

Want to join Zinn, Chomsky, Camejo et al, to fight for a good cause?

Deleted message

Starting a Highschool Democratic Club

So, who's coming with me to DC on Saturday???

Care Packages for IRAQI families in Sadr City?? Names coming..

Real number of dead in Iraq?

Mike Ruppert's Beyond Bush Part II is now out.

Our way of life is doomed.

So I'm thinking of going to Bagdad, maybe Afghanistan. Anyone else

DUer Mari333's "rant" will be lead editorial on tomorrow

The Winning Democratic Strategy: Only Vote for Women

"DU soldier" adopters, please check in here

Ever contemplated the Parallels betw. McCarthyism & Stalin's Purges?

Kosovar Testimonial -- Clark saved the lives of 2 million...

HUGE: Kerry does twice as well against Bush than other Dems

The Paul Wellstone crash was.....

Internet Porn

Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Revealing Previously Classified Docs

Poll on health care show great support for Medicare for all!

DUers: I need your help to launch my Senate campaign!

Dem/Green on DU: time for a fresh start?

No palace parade for Bush as Blair gets cold feet

No Deal on Energy Bill, Monday Vote Canceled

Audio on Internet May Be Riyadh Attackers

Bangkok Evicts the Poor Before Economic Summit

US makes Thailand 'non-Nato ally': Security divides APEC talks

U.S. Troops Order Comfort, With Fries on the Side (Burger King in Iraq)

Israeli women won't see combat

Ellsberg Sees Iraq, Vietnam Parallels

Corruption: Three Romanian ministers quit

U.S. Senate showdown looms over judge's nomination

Texas Democrats life of the party

What Alabama's Low-Tax Mania Can Teach the Rest of the Country

Terror 'war' eroding liberties - in Middle East

UN Report says Arab freedoms suffer in 2003

North Korea Test-Fires Anti-Ship Missile

Three Israeli Strikes Kill Three in Gaza

In Bethesda, Hiring Policy, 'Competitive Sourcing' Clash

BBC (Monday): New Bolivian leader names team

U.S. Set to Cede Part of Control Over Aid to Iraq

Dems Air Ad Critical of Bush on CIA Leak

WP: Internet Trafficking In Narcotics Has Surged

Poll: Public Supports Health Care for All

Pentagon refuses to reopen probe into alleged Vietnam War atrocities

HOUSE WATCH-10/20/2003 (#1-12:30 PM) [Suspensions]

Shell signs $5bn Gulf deal

SENATE WATCH-10/20/2003 (#1-1:30 PM) [Class Action Lawsuits]

WTO cautions about bilateralism

Bush rejects Guantanamo Bay prisoner torture claims

Ex-Iraq Bank Head Says Cost Will Force U.S. Pullout

2 Top Democrats Will Not Contest Iowa's Caucuses

US crackdown on Shias fuels anger

(New Development) Bin Laden tape likely authentic, CIA says

N Korea dominates Apec summit

Another U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Town

Iraqi Tribes Oppose Turkish Forces

Supreme Court Passes Up Pardon Case

BBV - E-Vote Firms Seek Voter Approval (lobbying)

Bolivian Indian leader promises more trouble

Brothers who sued Internet company win $4.3 million damages

New Gay Gene Evidence

Ambush Teams Strike U.S. Targets in Iraq

Use Saddam's army U.S. toldIraqi politician urges moveto stabilize country

Reno man who bought dolphins in Cuba under investigation

AP: "Box Cutters on Planes 5 Weeks, FBI Says"

Pakistan-Saudi trade nuke tech for oil

Crowds cheer Mother Teresa beatification

Say what you like, but don't expect Bush to hear

U.S. Gives Allies Free Pass in Human Rights Report

Ellsberg: Vietnam, Iraq Similar Conflicts

Putin will ratify Kyoto Protocol, says Chretien

(Robert) Kennedy homestead goes on the market

Iraqi Cleric Urges Crackdown on Arms (weak US leadership a problem)

Analyst: White House lied on Iraq (Ray McGovern)

Half of city's 20-24-year-old black men are jobless (Chicago)


Israeli Helicopter Strike in Gaza Kills Two and Wounds 35

Leading (ECON) Indicators Slip in September After Four Monthly Rises

Dean, Clark lead Democratic presidential hopefuls in fight for Arizona

U.S. Soldier, Two Civilians Killed in Iraqi Town

Army seeks to reduce patient backlog at base

Israel kills 10 Palestinians in Gaza air raids

Ashcroft is resolute in his defense of the Patriot Act

Arizona firefighter pleads guilty in wildfire case

Boston police plan to seek charges (bullpen brawl)

U.S. House lawmakers push for vote on media rules

U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Record $374.2B

Canadian PM Shrugs off Kabul threat

Weight loss procedures gain popularity

Orphaned Iraqi boy says will never understand war

Bush momentarily beaten by his own security arrangements: Thai official

Congress Needs More Time on Iraq Aid Bill

Snow stuns market by tipping higher interest rates

US deficit hits record $540 billion

MUST READ: Major Error Discovered in Bush vs. Gore!

US war on terror radicalises Arabs - UN report

House Lawmakers Push for Vote on Media Rules

Korea Likely to Earn $400-800 Mln Annually from Iraqi Projects

Man to Face Charges in Box Cutter Case ( Make fun of Homeland Sec. ...

Ex-Iraq Bank Head Says Cost Will Force U.S. Pullout

Kurds' Faith in New Iraq Fading Fast

A Day In Iraq: 15 Attacks On U.S.

9-11 Kin See Few Changes in Intelligence

Postwar Civilian Deaths in Baghdad Probed

To Some in GOP, Bush*s Troubles Become a Liability

Bitter blend: Blair blames Continental coffee

Judge Orders Rape Trial for Kobe Bryant

Bush condemns Malaysian remarks on Jews

Japan poised to give foreigners voting rights

Presidents fall out over money - China US

Grandma Who Left Tot In Burning Vehicle Turns Herself In

Bolivia may miss the boat on natural gas exports

Blair eases off after heart scare

Daschle Joins Move to Shoot Down Some Liability of Gun Merchants

New Zogby Poll: Bush Job Performance Under 50%

Conservatives defend general who described war as battle against Satan

DeLay criticized for trying to help Bacardi

Where Was the ICHR When Bolivians Were Being Murdered and Their Media Was

Moderate Taliban offered truce, Kabul claims

Syrian Leaders Escalate Verbal Attacks On Israel

Laser Weapons In U.S. Sights

Diana 'feared car accident plot'

Nicaraguan dream to rival Panama's trade route

The Stovepipe by Seymour M. Hersh (New Yorker, October, 2003)

Soldiers Who Married Iraqi Women Remain Uncertain of Their Fate

GOP Sees Gephardt as Toughest Rival for Bush*

Florida House Passes Tube-Feeding Law

Texas Meets Thailand, and Bows Slightly

US failure to count civilian deaths 'incredible'

Pentagon deleted part of official's apology

Barbara Bush calls Democrat Line-up a 'sorry group'

Two Yankees charged with assault for Fenway fight

Two wood sprites walk into a bar

Petition to end the thread advocating the end of the undead thread thread.

Honeymoon Salad

We went to a "celebrity"(sort of) wedding

I'm watching Y Tu Mama Tambien for the first time

DU age demographics?

no moderators are on duty tonight

okay where are the kill bill post. I just saw the movie and loved

Star Wars Kid.

Mike Nelson, Richard Petty, Bill O'riledy

I just saw Texas Chainsaw Masssacre and I got questions.

I just chased a bear away from my garbage cans.

Any Texans fans?

Octopus Eye for the ÔImage-ConsciousÕ Guy

Hardylaw page rebutted (re Michael Moore). Anyone got a link?

Ugh Ari Fleischer is a Yankees fan

Tonight on VH1: I Love the 80's Strikes Back

George W Bush: the Next Generation?

I just thought of this great protest song from the 60's

Has anyone else heard the Foo Fighters cover of Darling Nikki?

Mrs Matcom told me she is a "DU Widow"

The smiths vs T.A.T.U

"It's been a bad day, please don't take a picture"..and other REM lyrics

Proper English

Off work till Friday, AX me anything!

Caption this photo.

Smucker Sued Over '100 Percent Fruit' Label

Letter from Iraq

Two threads walk into a bar

Black quarterback passes 277 yards, media very pleased

Caption the latest from Smirk's Asian Vacation

Caption another pic from Smirk's totally excellent Asian vacation

The NBA Has A Salary Cap, YET!!!

Help! Elephants are dancing on my roof!

I'm getting my head X-rayed on Wednesday.

I'm Buttercup Girdlesniffer, married to Lumpy Girdlesniffer

Private Lynch movie...

A Question about the BBV Flameout

Ultimate Dallas Cowboy thread.

I gave up hope, changing my avatar.

Today's Non Sequitur is great!

Man Cuts Off His Genitals to Win Sympathy

I snapped at my Freeper brother in law last night at dinner

my conversation with a Freeper

My backyard is a porn film setup....

JITFC!* The Jesus Teether

Caption Vincente Fox sneering at Bush's extended hand.

Steve Beuerlein's dislocated finger (WARNING: Not for the Squeamish!)

Any "Alias" fans

Looking for a Secular "Christian Children's Fund" type org.

Elle Magazine published my anti-Coulter letter

Bush's 'spirit' cursed with black magic, tossed into river

Wanna see something REALLY funny?

Rush Limbaugh Featured in new Oxycontin Ad

Weasel poll results from Dilbert newsletter.

dam it`s 82

Leaving for Navy on Tuesday

How Bush does it...

French Judge Suspended For Masturbating During Deliberations

Eyes have a thousand CAPTIONS

Anyone in Boston going to the taping of Hardball tonight?

F*** this!!!

For hip hop heads...............

If They Don't Win It's A Shame

Series tied going to Wrigley

I almost walked out of church (an angry Vanity)

Is it wrong to confess your loathing for Barbara Bush?

Celtics Trade Antoine Walker to Dallas (!!!!!!!!)

Fortune Cookie Fun

The Tide may be changing...

Just bought my very first piece of fine art.


Uh oh!

Bush the astronaut!

Whine of the Week - Kobe Bryant tops this weeks list

Chicago is my kind of town — Pictures of lakefront and nightfall

Crash victim meets his guardian angel

I'm going to kill my frickin' cat!

A lobbyist, on his way home from work in Washington,D.C.,


Sam Seaborn, Oscar Madison, frat boy bush

Wedding at Wal-Mart seemed like the perfect fit

The Weaver of Nets.

You won't beleive what one of the nose picking Capt Trips carriers said

I am laughing my ass off

Well, I made an odd decision

E-Bay...The Monster and Your Privacy...

What does BBV stand for?

Did you know that ladybugs bite?

Rush: "I Don't Abuse Drugs"

Ever since I posted that thing about "Bad day" by REM...


Happy Halloween...Love, Wolf

I slept with my housemate. Will my living arrangement work out?

Catch the awesome Rush Limbaugh parody on FOX NFL Sunday?

If you spot terrorism, blow your anti-terrorism whistle...

Who is the most liberal Democrat for Salt Lake City mayor?

OK, who did this? Hilarious review of L. Ingraham's book!!!

Tennessee vs New Jersey?

My Firewall Is Getting Pinged At A Rate Of 10 Per Second...

United States Department Of Faith (Documents Revealed!)

Trogdor!!! The Burninator!!!!

another uh-oh

New U2 Album March 9th, 2004!

Crash Test Dummies

Don't forget to "Jam Echelon" tomorrow!

Caption Condi and Colin here

What's in AquariDem's coat pocket?

Which forthcoming movie would you rather see tank, Crowe's or Cruise's?

A Song for the Red Sox Fans


An e-mail question -

Hey Will - you're preferred beer tastes distinctly of the equine urine.

I'm going to see Molly Ivins on Saturday night!

Would You See Pinhead Vs. Michael Myers....

Brits vote for best book of all time

#9 - Clear Channel Dj's


Things that seemed like a good idea

"I Love the 80's Strikes Back" premiers at 8:00 EST on VH1

Philosophers: Do I exist?

Jack Handey

Do I need a man? Or Mandrake?

fun science site

High school students demand wars in easier to find countries!

Tell me what you would like to hear?

No Cure for Songs Stuck in Your Head

Are you now or have you ever been a Pope?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Crap!

Sonora mung bean pudding bush

I have a code in my doze

Is It Wrong to Confess Loathing for Barbara Bush?

Can Someone Explain How Home Re-Financing Works?

Another chat in the chatroom

To all the Freeps Lurking

The Flapping Lips of all CAPTIONS!!!

Cat still lost... bastards at animal shelter lie to us... update

ok, who was that DUer just on Malloy?

TheReligiousLeft's Top 5 political cartoons

Burn your self-help books!

I love The Phil Hendrie Show

Another Pregnant dog!

The lounge is needing some fun tonight!

How much do you love DU?

Is there anything fun to do in Grand Rapids Michigan?

I need a newsletter template for Microsoft Word


Kissinger is going to be on The Daily Show tonight?

It's Halloween Season...I'm Dressing As Barbara Bush what about you?

I Don't Feel Compelled To Hang Out At Free Republic...

Good Dubya Joke

I'm very angry...

To help with all the stress, a L.F Game!

What exactly is the Oedipus complex?

A thunderstorm?!?! WTF?

Ever read Wil Wheaton's blog? (he played Wesley Crusher in ST TNG)

Making Kissinger Funny

Heads up West Coast

West Wing episode "The Stackhouse Filibuster" on now 11pm ET

Robert DeNiro Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Who Is Ready For Wal-Mart WINE!

Good pranks you've played...

Bubba Sparxxx "Deliverance"

A question about myself!

Now, to be fair, let's vote for the BEST Number 1 single of the early '80s

What's Your *Essential* Jimi Hendrix?

Man faces trial in dog sex case

I'm still shaking.

vocab lesson: the word electable

OUCH! Teacher turns blind eye, boys shove rod in classmate's sphincter

bush is having trouble with his dog so

Three nothing Vancouver over the the first

Lets play a new way! L.F game! (Play if you want to know how I think)

the latest ploy by the gay agenda

I haven't read all of "Dude" yet, but I have a problem

You know, there is legitimate hunting...

Eliza Dushku flashes you for 13 minutes...

I'd like to introduce our newest member!

How does this restaurant not get sued?

Name for black and white hang around, half grown male kitty I am taking

Red, white & Boo

So which Disney Land ride will they make a movie out of next?

Hail to the Chiefs!

Throw the crumpled paper in the basket. Oddly addictive.

Freeper Special

Just to let everyone know-My husband called-finally

Which pop star(s) need(s) to retire?

I'm in Rockabilly Heaven

My Amazing 700th post!

The 700 Club Approaches!

Vote for the worst Number 1 hit of 1985-1989!

"Jane you ignorant slut" and other great SNL lines/or real life rebutals

Why doesn't anyone know how to kiss anymore?

Quick question for Saab owners

The true greatness of a nation is inversely proportional ...

In rock, big talent, but UG-LEE!!!

Call for help, links to liberal media columnists/sources for new website

Mondays 'IN' The Undergroundrailroad -- Monday, October 20, 2003

It's official - Wettest day EVER in Seattle!


Do you like Latin Music?

Grow Up In The 80's? THEN TAKE THE DAMN QUIZ!!

Are my husband and I missing something?

cake or death?

Every one of you makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

my cat has so many health problems and won't accept treatment

Anyone go to grad school "later" in life?

Mother Teresa...

What is it about cats that makes them so goddamn lovable?

CRIMES AGAINST MUSIC: Who would you indict?

What Halloween costume should W. wear???

I bought these Affirmation cards,

What my field is

Hey thebigidea - this Colmes is for YOU!

Today we did a good deed...