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Archives: October 18, 2003

The New Road to the White House

A 'safe' mosque in a shaken city

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Schwarzenegger

Killed in Action (Media and lack of images of flag-draped coffins)

Salon : Did the Saudis know about 9/11?

Bush Announces End to Fire Threat

Rothschild (Progressive Mag.) - Dean, Kucinich Democratize Fundraising

Hello big brother, goodbye privacy: The Patriot Act and your retirement

Military retirement fund looted!

Presidential Ecospeak -- NYTimes editorial

Another Century of War?

George Will: Handicapped On the Hill

Frank Rich: The Rush of the New Rat Pack

Saint or celebrity? Cult of Mother Teresa faces tough questions

Andrew Rawnsley (London Observer): Who votes for the executioners?

The New Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex at War and Play

Anna Quindlen-Still Needing the F Word

Bush Rocked by Senate Rebellion: Julian Borger

Bush-Cheney Sightings - Protest Info needed


Blatant MisInformation or what? NBC NEWSONLINE

The media sure works in subtle ways

Study Finds Arnold The Focus Of Recall (lovefest) Coverage (Duh!)

Karel is on KGO Right Now!

"The Elizabeth Smart Story"

Why no video or pictures of the bulldozed orchards in Iraq?

Hey, "polling" fans -- it is time to counterfreep Frank "Rank" Luntz

Astrologers: Arnold, the Archetypal Warrior

Have any DC-area DUers been to see the political caricatures exhibit ...

Margo's Magical Letters

Bugging heightens tensions between blacks, FBI

The Labor Productivity Myth

Vanity Fair Nov. issue - Nuclear Insecurity

ARKANSAS Focus : Enforce standards, attorney tells EPA

The CIA, Russia, the Middle East and Peak Oil

Is Syria Next?

Child labourers freed from granite pits

Where is the guns in the news thread for the 17th?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 18, 2003

Democrats to talk up rights of gun owners

Guns NOT in the news -Oct 19

why is it taking hours to tombstone a certain freeper poster??

Complete Smiley list

Question about Avalon Sparks' Talking Bush Doll Thread

This poll is clearly random Catholic Bashing

Could someone tell me what the inflammatory language was here?

Excuse me Mr. Administrator...

The One-State Solution

EU 'strongly deplores' Malaysian PM's remarks on Jews

Death Threats in Berkeley

Report: U.S. suspects charity gave millions to terror groups

Islamic Anti-Semitism - NY Times

Megawati applauded Mahathir attack on Jews

What do we know & how do we know it ?

Sunday's NY Times "Fashion & Style" section covers Dem house parties

Democrats to talk up rights of gun owners

Web Site for the Like-Minded Turns into Boon for Dean

New Wesley Clark bio at Washington Post

Here's a 50 min interview with Edwards on NH Public Radio

The Demographics Of Clarkism

Lieberman Blasted For Supporting Israeli Wall - Where Is Your Candidate?

Watching the Body Language: "Gesturing Candidates" (AP)

Does Lieberman support US unilateralism?

TNR: push polls in NH vs Clark, not Dean's, but Rove's

Dean Visibility on ESPN today

My letter to David Brooks

Clean elections fans

Can A Kucinich Person Explain His Iraq Plan?

Political reporter: SC primary is "wide open"

Why I've become a Dean Supporter.

Dean is not McGovern, he is fully electable IMHO

Canvassing in NYC (for Clark)

Dennich Kucinich, Ed Asner and Mimi Kennedy rally with strikers in Venice

What are your top Pres/VP tickets?

observation about dean supporters

Kucinich speaks out on the 87 Billion

Clark . . . again

this has been a great primary season so far

a letter from a soldier about Iraq concerning soldier suicides

Iran deadline a Bush dilemma too - Chickenhawks dusting off bombing plans

Sunday's NY Times "Fashion & Style" section covers Dem house parties

Freaked my neighbor out with Bin Laden / Bush Connection – Links please

Michael Moore in Albuquerque NM...

Guess who else is having a rally in DC on Oct. 25? Return of the Freepers

KGO streaming Karel -- American health care is badly broken.

BBV-Story about Diebold-Is Democracy Under Attack?

KB&R imports workers to Iraq - Pay is $3 a day - taxpayers $2 Billion

Thai mouse.....

Yahoo there are whackos in Canada too

Bush on CNN live right now.

Is There an SSRI For Happy Conservative Syndrome?

Stopping my subscription to the Washington Post!

Does anyone know if NATO could move against US if we decide to bomb Iran/

About Democracy Now and Col. Sam Gardiner

"General apologizes for giving offense"

Wounded soldiers will no longer pay $8.10 a day for hospital food

Massive Filipino support for Bush, throngs line streets

I swear to god, the ignorant fuck is getting worse.

Does anyone here think that "The New Republic" is pro-Liberman?

Dem anti-Clark activities in an AOL political chat room

SouthWest box cutters

Governor Wants Iowans To Sign Petition

Headline News

Set the wayback machine for 1946

BIG news: 135 cities,38 states,& Canada coming to DC/SF Oct.25

Thanks Bush! Bin Laden is a happy man.

Twenty dollar bill has hidden picture of WTC and Pentagon on fire!

How To Stop The #1 Abuse of Executive Power

Iraq Keeps U.S. Hospital in Germany Busy - (600 extra Doc & Nurses)

Anyone see the NBC promos for the Pvt. Lynch movie?

Just Congress Down

Pfc.Lynch's "savior" on Dateline last night (book selling fluff story)

Can someone tell me what a Cook County Democrat is?

Hey, George! You're losing 'Middle America'!

Fiore: Commander George's Travelling Road Show

WSWS: As Bush lies, Iraq seethes (facts counter CNN happy news)

How far are we from 'Nam?

He broke we have to pay for it?

Krugman Calls For Kerry's Tax Plan

Local lawyers battle Saudi princes in court

Where's Arnold?

which company manufactured 'oxycotin'??

Our nimble president has stuck his foot in his mouth again -- dear, dear

Bu$h radio address...Bashing Saddam...give it a rest.

Yes, Bush is a strong leader. If America wants to go bottom fishing

Four more Soldiers die in Iraq.

Ok How many are going to watch AFlyBoy's Story on CNN:Sun

EPIC Sues DOJ for PATRIOT Act Lobbying Info

CNN Kobe obsession is embarassing.

If we win next year, let's start a liberal patriotism police

Brain injuries take toll on US soldiers.

Americans killed to date in Iraq as compared to those killed in Vietnam...

Harsh UK Guardian story about Bush will boost your spirits

Bush To Media: Come Together Right Now

Texas emergency rooms - for real

What is the real deal with the economy? Up or Down?

What If There Is Something Going On In There?

Iraq Elections -- When Will They Come?

BBV: Dieblod and CA:right wing blog reporting

9-11: Why We Can't Move On

Congratulations to all

Sea of troubles in a stormy month

BBV on Guy James Now

How will "flightsuit" save his bid for a second term?

Washington Post Profile on Wesley Clark

Not AGAIN?!? Clark Praised Bush Yet ANOTHER Time!

My response to freeper letter ridiculing Clark and Kerry

Reporting from OUR Nation's Capital: the March headquarters

Joe Heckled for support of Israel

Toffler - Changes in the digital age and democracy:

Why Is It the People "Buy the Ranch" but Not the Insurance Policy????

Iraq and Al Qaeda

387 U.S. troops dead.

BBV on Guy James Now

One would think that these people would be a little bit more sensitive

The nitwit in the bubble

Stop the Catholic Bashing

Wingnut Hirsen on BookTV Blaming H'wood for Dean's Lead

Only the Democrats can lead us out of Iraq.

Question about the Plame investigation

BBV on now on "This is Hell" - Sat. 12:00CT

Has Ahhnold made you want to vote for Bush?

The sales of big ticket items are looking up

Just can't escape that liberal media bias!

just another day for little georgie

A good example of Divisive Clark vs. Dean Rovian tactics

Michael Moore criticism on

Can the Holocaust Survivors sue the Bush Family?

Who do NON-Vocal DU’ers Support?

Did Novak Get New Dentures ??? He Looks Like A Chipmunk !!!

New TALKING George Bush Doll

LOL! Hilarious letter to Bunnypants via


Overreative Moderators.....

Clark & Dean still haven't signed on to the Womens Issues Forum 11/5

so wad-ya know bout , JINSA, AEI, PNAC, DPB and C.G ...

Cave-in re. Gross/O'Reilly by NPR ombudsman

Who thought democracy would take such a fall?

Wesley Clark: "I regret I have but one life to give for George W. Bush"

Wesley Clark: "Bush is the greatest commander-n-chief ever"

Who will Guard the Guardians? A Former General as President?

I hated Russia Growing up....who do your kids hate?

If you could ask the 9 Demo candidates one question what would it be?

Clark's bipartisanship will defeat Bush

If Election Tampering And Fraud Were Discovered AFTER The Inauguration

Funk, Shelton (Clark detractors) and the crab fable

FAUX News distorts again: Get this

The Oct. 25th protest, what I think it SHOULD have been planned as

Clinton and China.......what's the truth

Bush to Filipinos today:

A good way to get many unemployed IT workers back to work.

I want a candidate who ....

Mods: please send this to the Lounge, sorry

Bush: making friends and influencing people all over the world

Weekly virus report

Clark Praised Bush AGAIN in 2002 Speech

How much do you think the Dems who signed off on 'welfare reform' care

Greens versus non-voters

Who is radio host Mike McConnell?

The question about just who the GOP fears most ....MUST READ

DUDE, Where's my country 1# on Ny Times - WHOO HOO

Cal Univ. student sentenced for Election Tampering. Found on MSNBC!

TNR: Rove, not Dean did the anti-Clark push polls in NH

Freepers talking about Dean ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

I ask for DU help, I organized a visit by Jerry Springer to my campus

Where Is Your Candidate On The Separation Wall?

DeLay almost gave up the game.

Sportsmen for Clark! Now online!

Karel is on KGO radio NOW

How much do you think Clinton cares about results like this?

Stupid Question: What Does BFEE Stand For?

assuming the Dem nominee is a white man not named Lieberman or Kucinich…

George Will: Handicapped On the Hill

Has anyone ever listened to Radio FR?

Is it time for DU to add a Body Count in its masthead?

Letter from Jeb Bush to state Republican fundraisers

Can the animal rights wack jobs do anything more stupid than this?

Sickening sighting

I have a tentative hypothesis towards a theory about war...

Resistance is Futile....Give up!

Joe Conason on the Right's attacks on Wesley Clark

BBV: Florida battler in Broward county raising a stink

Black Box Voting is BACK UP

War- Coutdown Iran...tick...tick...tick...

Why should Iraq have to pay us back?

Dude, where is my Democratic Party?

Had my letter read on Crossfire.

Moseley Braun says death penatly on the way out (Tennesean)

Have we missed the *most important* story this week?

My Dean/Kucinich Fantasy Cabinet

The (Finally) Emerging Republican Majority or Why bush deserves to win

Official Guy James Show thread 3pm -please keep kicked!

The Right Kind Of Terrorist

TNR To Dean: Don't Be A Roach-Hater

Bush's "spirit" cursed with black magic, tossed into Thai river

Clark the hero of PNAC during Kosovo War?

Calif Attorney General Bill Lockyer voted for Schwarzenegger!

Deleted message

Maybe it's just me - But is Bin Laden alive?

How long will God keep the Pope alive?

Deleted message

How's the intensive anti-Clark media offensive influencing you?

Bush called Australia's P.M. "his sheriff" in south-east Asia!

BBV - Diebold threatening indymedia with cease and desist

Oprha For President. Seriously.

John Kerry And Jesse Helms

Voting scams are happening now, and we should be watching

I am beginning to have second thoughts about Cousin Wesley

Is Rob Lowe a Republican?

The Bush-Nazi History; Notes to John Loftus from DU

Why Is Everyone Here Against Free Trade?

Why are Freepers having a rally the same day of the ANSWER Protest?

Only 11 Dem senators oppose the $87 billion - a pitiful showing, eh?

What happens when a former President dies?

Howard Dean: "I supported what the President did..." in Afghanistan...

Here's the AlJazeera translation of Osama's latest tape - interesting.

What's with all the Clark bashing around here?

Bush weak, fascist, treasonous re: intimigate

What on earth is going on in Bolivia?!!!!!

Anyone Have Serious, Polite Questions for General Clark?

Arnold to Settle Enron Lawsuits for Pennies on the Dollar? Surprise!!

60 Minutes to air segment on TX scientist and plague vials. Sunday.

Should I bother calling my Repug Senator and Congressman?

I'm A Man I'm Liberal And Yes I Consider My Self A Feminist. Do You

Which Repug ticket would you fear the most in 2008?

To quote Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along"????

A Hierarchy of Contempt

Clark posts on blog.

A Right-to-Die Battle Enters Its Final Days

WTF: WH releasing thousands of docs on Wilson & Plame! Right.

AIDS Documentary Discussed on Washington Journal (Saturday)

What would the next 4 years look like if BUSH2 gets the nod?

Is there child slavery lurking in your Halloween chocolate?

Final plans for DU's gathering the weekend of Oct. 25 in Washington, D.C.

Battle ensues over bulletproof vests (More on lack of vests in Iraq)

Affidavit Ties In Al-Arian/ October 19, 2003

Spain to probe US 'war crime'

AP Exclusive: California changes rules on how police can spy

Protests greet Bush in Philippines

Bank Refunds Money to Irate Senator (Gregg Robbery)

Saudis raise FBI ire by paying for lawyers, bail of citizens arrested in t

FBI: College Student who Breeched Airport Security Found

Company Is Foreign at Tax Time, but Seeks Americans-Only Work

*Update* Chicago Cook County Administrative Office Building Fire

U.S. Forces Surround Office of Iraq Shi'ite Cleric

Thousands Protest Bush's Visit to Manila

Iraq Keeps U.S. Hospital in Germany Busy

Bush facing hard sell in Asia

Microsoft Bids to Acquire Catholic Church

Arab-American leader: Keeping general sends negative message [CNN]

Attack Fears Shorten Bush Visit to Manila

BREAKING! Two audio messages purportedly from Osama bin Laden aired!

Record labels send out notices to file sharers [new tactic]

Specter to question drug agents who sued Fisher

Arab Americans badger Lieberman during talk


Republican Chairman Says Graham Is Vulnerable

Eight Marines Charged in Iraq Death

Brain injuries take toll on US soldiers.

U.S. forces, Iraqi police arrest 11 in raid

Diebold Issues Cease and Desist to Indymedia

Powell Urges Thailand, Neighbors to Promote Democratic Change in Burma

U.S. Crackdown on Shi'ites Fuels Iraqi Anger

Bush's 'spirit' cursed, tossed into Thai river

Katz (Republican Candidate) Wants Lawsuit Against Him Sealed

Governor's redistricting map gamble may pay off

Florida's problems in 2000 vote loom over secretary of state race

Ambassador accused after criticising US

Source: Feds dismissed E-mail warning of plan to conceal items on planes

Dutch Marines Find ‘Suspect Shells‘ in Iraq (Another WMD rumor?)

Kerry Announces Job Stimulation Package

US, S.Korea Mull Troop Withdrawal -US Officials

For General (Clark), Mostly Salutes or Hoots

Instead of Dialogue, Bush Gives Senators Bottom Line

US troops question presence in Iraq.

Lieberman heckled at Arab forum

Drudge - Another Clark quote admiring [s]hitler[/s] Bush

No sex, please - we're holding an economic summit

Bush Cites Philippines as Model in Rebuilding Iraq

Osama warns of new attacks in US and against foreign forces in Iraq

Kerry, Lieberman urge ouster of Army officer

Turkish PM Will Not Send Troops to Iraq if Not Wanted

Z's October cover label's bush as LIAR

Shias fight back as resistance spreads

Democrats: Republican Policies Hurt U.S. Homefront

(Recall) Group seeks to repeal law granting licenses to illegals

Turkey to abandon deployment plans if troops not welcome

How the old world rejected the new

Daily Choice Turned Deadly: Children Left on Their Own

AP Exclusive: Fewer GIs Likely in Korea

Overcapacity Stalls New Jobs in U.S.

Bush's "spirit" cursed with black magic, tossed into Thai river

8 Marines Charged in Iraq Death

Bush's Popularity With Older Voters Is Seen as Slipping

APEC Ministers Agree to Regulate Shoulder-Held Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Cuba Travel Firms Say U.S. Harassing Clients

State Dept. Study Foresaw Trouble Now Plaguing Iraq

Protests, MPs walkout mark brief Bush Philippines visit

Bin Laden Vows More Suicide Attacks

Blair calls off royal parade for Bush after Iraq protest fears: report

Thai mouse to risk life as Bush food taster!

Calif.'s Democratic attorney general admits he voted for (Arnold)

Dean Gets Standing Ovation from Arab-Americans

I flirted with a cop today--ask me anything!

If you want a reply to your email, you must use a real address

Now on NOW with Bill Moyer s "Who should pay for addiction recovery?"

LOL. VP Dick Cheney is hiding from UFOs. do I report a scam

Saw "Cabin Fever" the other afternoon.

Unix - Pico Editor Question

In case anyone is interested: Cancelled my subscription to the WPost

I saw Bill Maher tonight.

Alexander the Great, Frederick the Great and Napoleon

Anyone watching Ill-ustration on VH-1? Hysterical comedy

Any chatters on AIM tonight?

Don't forget your dating etiquette.....Nancy Reagan tips

What drug inspired more art.

Gooch's Mexican Syrup & other delights

Slim ladies.... Your "ordeal" is over

Somebody call the plumber!!!

Political Cartoonist needs inspiration and money

Want a Raise? Standing Tall May Help


Ready for Game 8

Any College Football Upsets Today?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre



Hey Trekkies, get ready to eat your hearts out...

Should Possum be eaten with the fingers?

National Brotherhood Week

Yay! Prince of Space! ("I like it very much!")

Camera for sale

Troll obsession with celebrity penises...what gives?

Is it just me or does Hannity sound like George Costanza?

Rational Rose...........

Dean makes College Gameday

anyone have a link to Randi Rhodes archives?

The third call rule.

Where's Skittles?

Why the PR blitz for the new $20 bill?

Super Brilliant Demonstration Ideas!

Laura & the table cloth...again !!

My manager looks at porn on his work station.

Well....that move really sucked

Check out this email I received

Phaedra: SomeVelvet Morning?

Sports fans anyone remember "I'm just too full of Bama." Tommy Lewis.

Justice, religion, and stuff. (Chick is funny... and sick.)

How often do foreign countries update their currency?

Bar mitzvah gift question.

Don't use your microwave for this...

Now I understand why people leave Du.

Anyone know of a website where I can get old LP cover art ?

Women (and men): I have a Third Date tomorrow

Microsoft Bids to Acquire Catholic Church

Good Evening Folks (from a newguy)

Glad to see NSMA back, if only to give Solly Mack a hug


Shameless vanity post for math lovers and haters!! R. brain vs. L. brain

Biker Weekend in Palm Springs

Boondocks: Condi likes black men?

Job question

I'm on my lunch break til 1:05. Ask me anything!


Happy birthday, Chuck Berry!

What Do You Call Your Grandmother and Grandfather? Or...

I HATE TWEETY'S LAUGH! "office" is clean comparison

I just saw a Tigerlily sprout up here in the Lounge

What are Orson Scott Card's political beliefs?

Broadcast of LDS sermon included 24 seconds of "sex, sex, sex..."

HEY HEyHEY, Did you get a job yet?

Has Dean given you a reason to vote?

I'm still sick!!!!

I love "The Nanny"

Just made my place WiFi...ask me anything!

Guess who has really low Meet-Up numbers worldwide?

Are you a sex-a-phobe?

Kill Bill Soundtrack

Help me set up an algebra equation.

"I'm gonna nail yo ass"....Name that movie!

HNIC is gonna be good tonight.

ok, signed up for DSL

Anyone seen the Green Flash at Sunset?


Moving SUCKS Redux

the allegory of the cave CAPTION

Has anyone seen "Second Hand Lions?" Is it any good?

Why do I get pop-up boxes telling me how I can get rid of popup boxes?

Real Military Fighter Pilots have nicknames!!! Geo W Bush, what would you

more moronics from warren sapp.

Why do the networks show infomecials in the middle of the day on weekends?

What do you think is the best Lyric from a song Thread 2

"Ooooooooooo Rock Me Amadeus!!"

My CTRL Key Does Not Work

Whopping case of depersonalization.

Oh my God, Oh my God..Just in time for the Chrismas Shopping Season...

Prince.....better known as ??? now known as

"Impractical" purchases/hobbies YOU don't regret......

going to a Sing-along Sound of Music tonight!

What do I do now? line question


New TALKING George Bush Doll

the 60's retro Sgt. Pepper of all CAPTIONS

Any Hockey fans watching this Toronto - Montreal Game?

Campaign 2004 theme song: Dixie Chicks singing "Landslide"

I got dismissed from Jury Duty today. Ask me anything!

Don't they make a cute CAPTION

Am I the only one who appreciates the genuis of Wierd Al Yankovic?

queer scene in portsmouth NH??

Theater for one? (blindfolded and restrained in a rocking chair)

What happened to Steve Thomas on "This Old House"

Caption this

Is it true? DId McDonalds lose $231 million last year?

People who have been to Ireland: What part would I like

Why is/was sex considered so bad for sooo long

Mods: please send this to the Lounge, sorry

Mods: please send this to the Lounge, sorry

Mods: please send this to the Lounge, sorry

Duck eggs

Saturday Night Grotto Fever! (the animalistic edition)

World Series boycott: Day I


What's your favorite slang?

Vegetables as politicians? Cruelty or advancement in the Human experiment

Why can't there be one day game in the World Series?

The 2003 world series for a thousand, Alex

Why is the game in NY tonight?

Trying this again: Quick, gimme some DVD rental suggestions

Asparagus question....

My min pin ate a half pound of BAD mozzarella cheese......

Fantasy basketball draft tomorrow

From Dusk Til Dawn - Tarantino

Just watched 'House Of 1000 Corpses' ask me anything..

Last night of the Proms/Terrorism/Living in fear - Rabrrrrrr's perspective

Requiem for a Dream

Great, now my cat is dying

Buckeyes win a big one!

Arrrgggghhhh! The toes on both my feet are cramping. Anyone have a banana?

This Is Really Cool... Our Local PBS Station Showed "Acoustic Curves"

Game 1 WS thread(Hope this isn't a dupe):

Happy Sweetest Day!!

Favorite classic computer?

Favorite Non-English Obscenity

Back from the "Deathbed of Democracy"....Didja miss me?

Dude, My book is rated #1 this week on the NYTimes bestseller list

This is a post from my daughter...

Need advice on making a demo tape to host a classical music radio show

Two voluptuous women walk into a bar

I have always harbored a thought….

Mac Ipod commercial song...?

Going to meet Howard Dean tonight!

How many of you sang this around the campfire? (Plus a challenge)

John Cleese on the difference between England & America

Does this logo have a 50s feel to it?

Saw Hedwig & the Angry Inch for the first time last night.


I'm not keen on the excessive swearing, but I love this guy's controversy:

OU barely squeaks by Missouri tonight at Homecoming....

There is a big moth on my ceiling should I?

Man hits hole-in-one, bowls perfect 300 in same day

List of movies that had the Twin Towers shown in them

Best Decade for Teen Flix????

Best Album enjoyed with mind expanding products

Celebrities who wear Dentures? (Besides Novak)

In God WeTrust

Screw the Segway!!!!

Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night! (Halle Berry edition)

That damn Hummer commercial.........what is that song they use and what

Secret Guilty Pleasure TV Shows you will confess you watch!!

Deleted message

need some advice on purchasing a cable modem w/ router

Question about Marijuana Possession

I've found the Absolute BEST site on the web.

any DC DUers out there? I've got a secret project.

Vote for your favorite article!

How Often Do You Check Your Primary E-Mail Account?

2 Questions: 1)Are you superstitious? 2)Do you believe in ghosts?

This is NOT what I had in mind for a study break...

Challenge: Name 1 good thing bushy boy has done for our country.

Best music to drive to

Good 80s pop tunes?

Congratulations Great Aunt of Triplets ---7,000 post.

There's a Clam battle on the Iron Chef right now

Congratulations to all

I've come to the conclusion (re. Matrix Reloaded)

Wild animals as pets?

OK, so what was the *best* Number 1 single of the '60s?

Now THAT'S a pumpkin carving! (share your best pumpkin pics here)

Meet "Feral Cheryl" -- the anti-Barbie!

What was the worst Number 1 single of the 1960s?

How big is it?

Just saw another fight on a hockey game on TV

Arroyo con Pollo of all CAPTIONS

DU axe-men/women: I need to find some good guitar lesson web sites

Is coral calcium another scam?

Comment on my Manifesto!! (a little long)

This is too funny!

Did Novak Get New Dentures ??? He Looks Like A Chipmunk !!!

Time for another WELCOME DU NEWBIES thread!