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Archives: October 13, 2003

Guardian: Theatre of war (about US wounded in Iraq)

"General Amnesty" - Michael Kinsley (WP)

War without end: A catalogue of killings in Iraq

"Skin of Serpent."

Groping In Japan Leads To Women-Only Subway Car

The Sins of September 11th...another excellent Will Pitt article!

New arms for orphan Ali

What is Victory? -- by Pat Buchanan

BWAH HA HA HA - Tom Tomorrow strikes again!

The Snowmobile Quagmire -- NYT editorial

My letter in the Chicago Trib

Dean gets another one right

Salon comic is out of this world!

What Went Wrong In Iraq? --- Reeves

European Press Review: Another Baghdad Bombing


Bush's Aids 'gift' has been seized by industry giants (US blocks generics)

Faith Fades Where It Once Burned Strong

Anti-American Foolishness: hoping someone has link or source for this

Celebrity status gave Schwarzenegger options

Free photo of the White House!

The Fate of the Mightiest Nation

What's the plan? ( Jebbie just a simple question)

Army studying high rate of suicide among US soldiers in Iraq

US plans to sell off Iraqi business(is modern equivalent of pillage)

President Should Get His News From Newspapers - Helen Thomas

What Rush would have said about Clinton if he were addicted

Matier & Ross: Clint was anti-recall

`Fear's Empire' addresses the flawed logic of pre-emptive strikes

Let's not sacrifice more lives in Iraq

Fortress America's chilly hello

Spinning Kay report

Why the French back sovereignty for Iraqis

George Monbiot (Guardian Unltd): States of war

DALE McFEATTERS: The right to travel to Cuba

WP: pResident bush* sent "The Wrong Message"......

Paul Krugman (NYT): Don't Look Down

Anne Lamott: Digging for grace

The N.R.A. Is Naming Names -- Bob Herbert on NRA "Enemies List"

Michael Kinsley: General Amnesty (about Wes Clark)

All the President's Votes?

OUTRAGED! - Rare animals could be hunted

Excellent Cle Plain Dealer Op Ed: Computer voting isn't fool-proof

AFL-CIO launches nonunion group Working America is for workers who agree w

Helen Caldicott @ Salisbury Univ. Maryland Oct 15

Listen to Neil Rogers now LIVE

Wait. Rush said that he has often been imitated, but never duplicated

"Rushing" to Softball a HUGE Story

Jonah Goldberg takes his ball and goes home. "yellow belly"

Has anyone seen CNNs &/or Wolf Blitzer's Quick Vote?

Randi Rhodes show now on White Rose

Gore to abandon Liberal News at Newsworld International

Check out this doozie...

A few Mike Peters cartoons

Candidates' Zodiac Signs

Does anyone here practice Sun Gazing? Check out this site.

Islam: further boost to women's rights

Homophobic Terrorism Rocks UK Town

Settlement halts bias by Georgia church groups

Anglican Majority Support Gay Clergy


Bush's Economic Recovery in a NUTshell

Navy Sonar System Threatens Whales

Oh Look! It's A New Green PR Blitz From ExxonMobil!!

U.S. Navy will make port call in Vietnam

Hindus protest mosque plans, over 1,300 arrested - India

Bolivian city under martial law

Pot is the new birth control

GUNS IN THE NEWS - October 13, 2003

"I'm not anti gun"

Is Wisconsin a failed State?

Who here supports gun control?

Guns...Post here if you agree with my signature line

Trials and tribulations of the century

Disturbing Police tactics

Would someone be so kind

The NRA's Enemies List

Fundraisers are one thing...

Deleted posts...

what does it mean when 'reply' isn't an option?

Catch-22 on one thread

An all time low at DU.

What's up with this?

Thank you

Having problems posting

I believe a thread was erroneously locked

Daily Kos switching from Movable Type to Scoop

May We Have A Link To Amazon's Bookstore

Please unlock my thread.

re: inconsistent enforcement

moderators overreacting ? A problem...

Thread critical of Mother Teresa (in GD) erroneously locked?

Outstanding Top 10 Conservative Idiots this week.

Can we get a Plush Cthulhu Avatar?

Arab refusal to accept Israel root of conflict with Palestinians: Sharon

Gaza raid leaves hundreds homeless

oooOOOoooo Rall again

Palestinians Vow Revenge as Israel Kills 8 in Raid

Ex-PA minister: Peace draft doesn't concede right of return

Dems Stand With Bush on Syria Attack

Guantanamo camp a base of contradictions

Sept. 11 panel still seeking access to key documents

What Exactly Are We Defending?

How about this?

Did anyone watch last night's "Saturday Night Live?"

If Bush read the paper..

Fingerhut Challenges Voinovich on Iraq War and Its Cost

Lieberman Proposes Raising Taxes on Wealthy

Candidate clocks on eBay

Democrats hit skids with NASCAR dads

For good coverage of the debate and the recall, check out

For Grossman, [Dean] decision has a winning look

Edwards on Hardball at Harvard - Monday at 7 MSNBC

What All the Canidates Need to Agree On

Kerry - A liar or just delusional?

Reminder: Edwards is on right now on MSNBC

Kerry Carries Water for Top Donor

"George Bush is taking this country in to a radically wrong direction"

Here's a handy calender of caucus/primary dates

Is The "Washington Insider" Term Meant To Alienate All Of Congress?

John Edwards for full hour

Kerry assails Wal-Mart Kerry assails Wal-Mart over health policies

Kucinich photo top-rated at Yahoo!

Dems Stand With Bush on Syria Attack

Iowa and New Hampshire Are Everything This Year

This is some of the crap the mainstream press has written about Kerry

A little persepctive: Cuomo/Tsongas top NH poll, Clinton 2d last (Nov '91)

Does the compressed primary schedule help or hurt the Democrats...

Dean's 'Urban Legend'

Sorry, but it takes more than getting "cool" photo ops

Sen. Levin close to endorsing Clark? and: Will Bush leave North Korea..

It's official. Dennis kicks off his candidacy.

Dean, Kerry Exchange Insults Over Iraq

Kucinich MN Endorsements

Dr. James J. Zogby: More Americans vote for Middle East peace

Kucinich is "unelectable"- a question.

Positive candidate picture war!

This just in, an incredibly tiny person with a lot of talent has died

Texas Bends over and Takes it....

How to Run For President (drop ..partisanship,... attract disgusted voter)

Monkeys Control Robotic Arm With Brain Implants-Or Why To Buy More Tinfoil

I heard Michael Moore speak last night.

King Abdullah of Jordan criticizes US Middle East policies.

Text of Pat Robertson's State Dept. Comments (FAUX)

Must See NOW on CSPAN II: Edwin Black (IBM/Nazi book) on Eugenics

Blessed is the peacemaker...

Andy Rooney on 60 minutes was amazing

Texas in the headlines in the Arab world

Any military on leave or in country who would care to post? n/t

Can Someone Explain The Nickname "Whistle-***?"

Strange reversals in political fortune...

why do the people of New Hampshire think so poorly of Clark?

The $#!+'s getting deeper : BCE claims Venezuela in league with "Al Qaeda"

We've hit bottom.

Can somebody explain the Davis/Clinton paradox to me?

Candidates' Zodiac Signs

Clark Meetup Videos -- 38,000 MEETUP PEOPLE!

Who Is the Most Intelligent Democratic Candidate (poll)?

The problem with electing Democrats, as I see it...

GOP slogan: "If it feels good, believe it!"

Government by adolescent fantasy

Iraqui Council stands by opposistion of not sending Turkish troops

Bush is leading his Keystone cops on another hunt.

One last punch-card voting flap (Diebold BBV info)

Signs ......

Well you can kiss taking the house back goodbye

Why do I see all of these 1000+ posters with no star

Matthews will interview Edwards tomorrow (Monday) on Hardball

Isn't Clark basically a Colin Powell...

Former Ms. Amer. 2000, wife of Dem. Lieut. Gov. killed person accidentaly

Something Condi said -- fact check needed

We have no shot in 04...Dems are useless and need to be rebuilt

Education Law May Hurt Bush

Dean's other perfect running mate

Carville rips Drudge up over photo--Matalin getting a lawyer?(K Street)

What are the best arguments "for" and "against" the war ?

A question about dick cheney

Working together to defeat Karl Rove most Americans aren't stupid...but politically, they're ignorant!

Bush starting another war in Latin America?....

explain why you support the candidate you do in 20 words or less

US Soldiers Bulldoze Farmers' Crops in Iraq

I need to know what gay DUers think of Sully, Paglia & Norah Vincent...

interesting British political chat board

Sorensen: Lessons From A Liberal Cop (SE Minnesota)

TV News Lies Webcast Starting - Patriotism, supporting the troops

My Letter RE: Gay Marriage Was Printed!

Anyone airing Kucinich announcement today?

A perfectly wonderful paragraph

Will Bush Hire Saddam to Run Iraq?

Ontario has NEVER elected a true NDP government...

"Soldier-letter-gate" makes Yahoo. Rate this a 5!!

Army probes soldier suicides

Will Soldiergate bring down Bush?

For a fictional look at a far-right/Patriot Act/PNAC world,

BBV, California and the Senate

I so hate the repugs

Sadaam's Doubles to be used as election trump cards?

I double dog dare you.

Anne Lamott: Digging for grace

How is the currency in Iraq valued now? Do they have dollars?

America luvs a Winner. Bush Problema: He looks like a LOSER

Wanna have some fun with a Rush poll?

Why can't we cut and run?

Goodall/environment/Disney circus

I was just on C-Span as a Bush supporter

wake up and smell the fascism - 14 points match Bush White House

Common Dreams: All the President's Votes?

Lincoln and "one nation under god"

Excerpts Of Bush Pre-War Speeches Claiming Imminent Threat From Iraq

Time to quit kidding ourselves about the Green Haters

Is the AP Trying to Tell Us Something With This Photo of Bush?

no columbus day thread?


If we donŐt believe in preemptive war, why should we believe in preemptive

Oh geez! The Liar in Chief thinks Fox News is liberal and against him?

America can't make Iraq's black gold flow - reports are "sexed up"

UKIndep: Iraqi resistance targets CIA

Superb Anti-Bush Toon

MI National Guard Units: Keep them Home (help)

Ground zero: wouldn't a memorial park be better than new edifices?

John Dean: Criminal ChargesThat May Arise From the Plame Scandal

The DLC strategy is designed to attract corporate cash not nascar dads

Limbaugh's confession may not turn listeners away

Is there some change in briefings about Iraq?

a summary of major Wilsongate articles (with links) . . .

Anybody here going to the Clark Meetup?

Why do the Republicans still cling to their hatred of communism?

What Rush would say if Bill Clinton had a drug problem

My Take on Rush & Drugs

Maybe the Fraudministration is "testing" all of us?

Bush has made 2 billion Muslims the enemy

Clark makes front page of

Bush WH Treason, yet DEMs remain timid (once again)

oooOOOoooo Rall again

I have a concern people

It didnt work in 'nam, it doesnt work in Iraq either, mltry doesnt care

A sign of voter preference? Edwards 1st, Lieberman last - eBay clocks

Could the Rove script call for making a Gulliani type hero out of Arnold?

Kerry needs a hair cut if he is going to win.

When will our Democratic Congress stand up and say NO!!

Bush admin use Propaganda

Josh Marshall on Brown show discussing fake letters to the editors

Judy Woodruff gonna talk about Kucinich

Pigboy in rehab; Dumbya takes snake oil promos to airwaves

Bush Pulling One Out of His Bag of Tricks

the oxycontin dilemma . . .

Who Was The Most Intelligent President Of The Twentieth Century?

Army studying high rate of suicide among US soldiers in Iraq

Fake soldier letters in US newspapers (all Bush's propaganda)

A Hannity & Colmes transcript on drug treatment

Projection: 783 American Dead in Iraq by Election Day, 2004

Classic right-wing web site moranic moment...

Excellent Cle Plain Dealer Op Ed: Computer voting isn't fool-proof

HANNITY.....and colmes going all out today to bash liberals & protect Rush

Staggering numbers ....from Iraq

Does anyone have any more examples of those pre-written letters?

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in 24-Hour Period

Pittsburgh DUers: Want to meet for a beer? I'm here all week...

If New York's so liberal

The Rush To Assumption

Hannity's Trying to Defend Limbaugh - IT AIN'T WORKING!!!!!

Hold Congress to the No Child Left Behind Standards

Josh Marshall of TPM to be on CNN Aaron Brown today on soldiers' LTEs

is there a transcript for *s 'oh, what a lovely war' comments today?

I know what's missing on DU today

GWB today: Salute troops' sacrifices, go golfing: No visits to wounded?

John Edwards on Hardball Now...

Deleted message

New Idea - President's question time

Yahoo poll on A&E "the Arnie story"

Troops Head Back to Iraq After Home Leave

Am I an Enemy Combatant?

Going to Clark Meet-up tonight 7 p.m.

National Security Deems Attending Funerals a RISK?

CNBC's Military Analyst on the new Saddam Info

Edwards just lost my consideration

It's DAY 6... and Arnie still hasn't adressed groping issues as promised.

When will the Iraqi "Tet Offensive" start?

Our Regime is Writing Letters Home FOR our Troops!

I don't think I've seen this here yet...COULTER VS FRANKEN

900,000 Recall votes in limbo!? No wonder Arnold won...

Rep. Rangel's Endorsement Could Be a Huge Boost to Gen. Clark

How did the chimp`s poll numbers go up?

BBV: NEW WIRED ARTICLE: Did E-Vote Firm Patch Election?

Bill Kristol (sp?) states that some heads should roll in the administratio

TBTM Radio #14: 'Re-Arranging Deck Chairs...'

Watching Aussie PM Howard getting booed

Portsmouth, NH Protesters Friday....Any body with pictures 3story rat?

Does Anybody Understand This ?

Edwards on MSNBC now!

kucinich announcement on c-span now

Wow. NPR is being semi-honest about poverty.

If Bill Clinton were an addict, here's how Rush might spin it

Happy Marriage Protection Week!

My lastest foray into the 9th Circle of Hell (FreeRepublic)

CNN Now.

Progressive Webgroup Alliance.

Anybody watching the dreck on ABC called "Threat Matrix"?

Anyone listening to the Randi Rhodes show right now?

Harvard people

Tucker Carlson's Bald-faced LIE About Dennis Kucinich

The "Rush to Judgement" project...

I love this Reuters headline!

Will Rush Get a Little Help from His Friends and the Friends of Friends??

Most Troops will not get an R&R trip home -

I'm sure this is redundant -- can someone tell me why Rush isn't in jail?

Bush approval rating rises

So where is THIS story? (Clinton stops terror attack new years 2000)

Where's the story about allowing hunting of endangered species?

Internal email from Rep. Joe Barton aide, mocks TX dems &

Democratic hopefuls misread California- Interesting Article

Heads up for John Edwards fans: He'll be on Hardball tonight...

What happened to the full out assaults by the Clark and Dean people?

Is This Spinning, Ignorance, or Just Blantant Stupidity?

Push polls in NH pushing Clark voters to Dean?

Ah. Ann Coulter Will Be on "Hannity & Colmes"

Money Down a Rathole ?

Thanks to all who helped "The Guy James Show"

Emily Murphy was our first female judge here in Canada...

PBS: an analysis of right wing Radio talk shows now (6:33 CT)

To those praising Rush for admitting his addiction

CSPAN II seminar on journalistic ethics.............NAUSEATING

The American people need to be asked.

What the hell did anyone expect??????????

Truth, War and Consequences - Frontline online

Any confirmation of story that Israel plans to invade Syria??

Did Rush's drug addiction help him lose all that weight?

Freepers deluging newsweek w/ email over rush "hatchet job"

Official Indian Resistance Day Thread

Talk about inept..we haven't even caught one of Saddam's doubles

Colorado Limbaugh haters

Something not quite kosher about Kucinich

NPR doing story about how British controlled Basra is really peaceful.

CBS News to talk about the fake letters from GI's

McCollum lying through his teeth

Profits or patriots?

What do you invest in primarily?

How do you identify yourself politically?

Daniel Schorr said that Rush Limbaugh was hypocritical

Stolen: 19 Computers with Top-Secret Info on India's Nuclear Programs

The Daily Howler may mute itself forever

The Iraq War Resolution: A Memorium for DU'ers Who Were there! 10/11/02.

Bush now at war with himself--and it's embarrassing this country

Dean makes false statement about Kerry

Anti-American Foolishness

Dean is a typical politician

What is Phil Hendre?

One-week RIAA boycott coming

so the conservatives hate mandela now?

Any former International Relations students here? What is Constructivism?

Bush's higher poll ratings worry me

Holy False War Rationale, Batman!!!!!!

I am about the unadvised, to give a person not myself access...

Mike Malloy is talking about "the form letter the Soldiers were forced to

The Ditto heads aren't going to like this. What will they tell their kids

Who here supports gun control?

Did Edwards really say the vote for IWR was right?

Bush government fits US definition of fascism

Former Graham staffers join Clark Campaign

Only Three Months Until The First Primaries/Caucuses

New Newsweek Poll: All our candidates gain vs. Bush

Push polling againt Clark

Clint Eastwood supported Gray Davis?

Why do the poor think poorly of Dean?

The decline and fall of the Enron empire

Whose worse...

Would Chris Heinz get an interview with his stepfather and ask him...

In honor of his announcement: The Kucinich Platform

Seven Myths About the Religious Right (Slate)

(Texas) Comptroller Strayhorn Rips Into (Gov) Perry

Libertarians are republicans what???

Am I just PARANOID or are there NAZI TRAITORS in the WH?

I am sitting here on the edge of weeping right now, because of you

Ashcroft vs. Rush?

aside from DU & FR what are some other popular partisan dicussion boards

Operation Iraq 'Freedom' photos (aka blow the Iraqi kids to bits)

Could somebody describe to me what went on in Hannity today?

Deleted message

Tx. repugs: if you don't keep kids in school you can't have Medicaid

Murdoch bought Direct TV - say it ain't so!

BBV - Can American Democracy survive computerized votes?

Mother Teresa, "Hell's Angel"

36 Reasons to Vote for Bush & Republicans in 2004

"If Bill Clinton were an addict, here's how Rush might spin it"

When will US troops start to say "NO?"

You GOTTA Love this War. We INSIST.

Does it ever strike anyone as wierd

The chilling plans of the Rove bunch, even as we infight here. Scary!

Michael Reagan is spinning Rush hard

Dennis's Department of Peace: good idea or bad?

Have you called DeLay and Hastert? They are saying FCC rollback is dead.

Ron Reagan Jr needs to be the first hire of the "so called Gore TV"

I love John Edwards.

I just figured out what's out of kilter about that CNN poll

CNN 9:15 (ct) tonight -- Soldier "letters" story

Greens, Democrats, Progressives, $87 Billion

Is Sean Hannity a huge tool?

Media Poll: Would you vote for Dennis Kucinich?

Oh Jesus. . .this is an ubelievable picture of *

Help me! I need an education. Subject: NPR - what's your problem?

So, Is Columbus Day a Good Thing....Or Not? Why can't I take My Crayons

Boycott Rush Stations NOW

The Leak Story Is All But Dead

"You put John Edwards at the top of that ticket

Kerry makes false statement about Dean

BBV: Questions/research help?

Pat Buchanan

For those concerned about the Green effect in 2004, this *might* help

why did pat robertson say the state dep. should be blown up???

Joan Kroc dies at 75. Former Padres owner and wife of Ray Kroc

BREAKING NEWS! Texas redistiricting succeeds- GOP will gain up to 7 seats

Note to lurking Freepers (the ugly truth about FreeRepublic pledge drives)

Does Democracy = Capitalism? and/or vice versa?

Democratic response to election fraud, 9-11 and Iraq invasion?

Kerry's stepson, Chris Heinz, say's he posts on DU (from Kerry Blog)

OPEC does not intend to increase either upper or lower price ranges for oi

'Deal' would trade Mount for refugees ~

Good News - Twins Are Separated in Stable Condition

Bolivian troops kill up to eight protesters

Der Speigel: Israel preparing strike to take out Iranian nuclear sites

St James's Palace cat burglar is shot dead

UK: Dossier on Tory leader submitted

NY Activists Mobilize for GOP Convention

Five Protestors Die in Bolivia After President Calls in Troops

Dennis Kucinich Launches White House Bid

Marijuana Laws a High Priority in Alaska

Religion, Politics Blend in Postwar Iraq

Japan defuses one-ton bomb (From WW2)

Turks will bring chaos, say Kurds

Democrats Again See Little Choice on Iraq

US-led forces clash with militants in Afghanistan

GOP May Get Push to Center

MoD Chief in Fraud Cover-Up Row

Businesses share in $107 million from California recall campaigns

Karzai approves Afghanistan's new political parties law

Four British soldiers injured in explosions near Basra

Aide Who Burned Hitler's Body Dies at 86

UK, Spain to Propose Amended U.N. Iraq Resolution

Az. called a human trafficking focal point

US Soldiers Bulldoze Farmers' Crops

Plans For More Al-Qaida Attacks Uncovered, Official Says

Iraq oil minister, Chalabi aide escape assassination bid: council source

Iraqi Council Wins Support for Turkish Troop Stand

1789 U.S. law allowed trial in Miami over torture in Chile 30 years ago

Philanthropist Joan Kroc Dies

U.S. Soldier Dies in Iraq Land Mine Attack

Arafat Appoints Acting Security Chief(new blow to Pal PM Ahmed Qureia)

Guerrillas kill eight Afghan police in raid(100 Taliban raid in Zabol)

Iraq Foreign Minister Stands Firm on Turkish Troops

Inside the resistance

Group With Cockfighting Ties Gets Tax Break From Federal Government

In oil we trust? Russian islanders have mixed feelings

Extremists Pushing Iraq to Civil War - Mediator

Army probes soldier suicides

Mediator: Extremists Pushing Iraq to Civil War

US troops detain Muslim religious leader in Iraqi town: witnesses

Summit cancelled after Britain bans Mugabe henchmen

MIAMI:Chilean could be Pinochet witness

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraqi Town of Tikrit

Bush under fire in rift over Iraq(no confidence Bush has exit strategy)

EU OKs $233M for Iraq Reconstruction Aid

Iraq: Muslims Must Accept U.S. in Iraq

Fractured Republicans Hope for Deal to Pass Energy Bill

Atlanta Airport Renaming Stirs (Racial) Tensions

Experts fear dirty bomb attack in UK is inevitable

Army Ends Probe on Iraq POW Abuse Alleged

De-freezing of relations with Cuba.

U.S. administrator vows to hunt down planners of Baghdad bombing

Irish nuns launch website

Investigations on Recent Bomb Attacks are “Partially Resolved”

New Al Gore TV Hopes to Avoid 'Liberal' Label

Key Muslim states reject US plea for help in Iraq

California Businesses Must Offer Partner Benefits For State Jobs

Watchdog: Bush Donors Score Policy Wins (who would have guessed)

The Rich World's Disappearing Jobs

Venezuela Generals Behind Spanish Embassy Bombing

Venezuela To Lift Military Wages 30% On Jan 1 - Chavez

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraqi Town of Tikrit (Mon October 13)

Identical soldier letters sent to US newspapers (disinfo!)

Bus Accident Leaves Six Dead in Louisiana


Schwarzenegger Unveils Energy Plans

Iraq hopes oil to fuel balanced 2004 budget

. . Saudi Arabia to Hold First Election

Planning the Budget for 2 Countries at Once -NYT

U.S. Believes Saddam Recently In Tikrit

AP: 1/4 of U.S. Troops Lack Body Armor

Exiled Opposition: Iran Hiding Nuclear Site from UN

Det Free Press headline: "CIA Leak Undercuts U.S. Spies"

Community Garden Will Be Pulled Up by Its Roots

Publisher of top German newspaper to start Polish daily

NYT: Welfare Spending Shows Huge Shift

Saddam 'hiding in home town of Tikrit' - US military(or strong influence?)

Delays leave one-fourth of U.S. troops in Iraq without (new) body armor

Offshore drilling vow may be tested

New agency for Iraq contracts (subcontracting for Halliburton and Bechtel)

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in 24-Hour Period

Jews of Baghdad - Newsweek

'Angel of Death' extradition from Argentina may begin

Iran Said to Hide Nuclear Site as UN Deadline Nears

Los Angeles MTA IS striking tommorrow..

Ahead of Bush visit, U.S. surveillance planes scour jungles..

Davis Signs Calif. Domestic Partner Law

Schwarzenegger Unveils Energy Plans

Iraq Council Member: Iraq to Back Syria

WP: New Iraq Proposal Offered to U.N.

US offers concession on Iraq handover

Bolivian leader defiant as deadly protests rage

Mississippi GOP launches anti-Musgrove Web site (Governor)

EU OKs $233M for Iraq Reconstruction Aid

Lack of Pentagon support threatens Bush's Iraq plans

Bush Insists He's 'In Charge' of Iraq Policy

ABC Evening news: Colonel confesses to originating form letter

Iraqis who cooperate are targeted

Costa Rica may derail US free trade plans

Iraqi bomb boy's anger at pilot

Philippines Terror Kill Praised

Bush* Courts Regional Media (on Iraq)

Kucinich Launches Long Shot 2004 White House Bid

Dean Keeps Options Open on Campaign Funds

House GOP Practices Art of One-Vote Victories

Bush Approval Rating Back Up, Poll Says (CNN, I have a bridge..)

Cuba blasted U.S. President George W. Bush's newly toughened policies...

Bombs Found in Home of Murdered Gun Dealer

Rice Urges International Pressure on Cuba

Bush Goes Around Media to Make Iraq Case

CNN: Spending our way to disaster

Turkey: Troops to respond to attacks

Miss America of 2000 (wife of hits and kills bicyclist

NY Subway entrances to be decorated w/electronic billboards(Clear Channel)

Did E-Vote Firm (Diebold) Patch Election?

Carson to tell plans on Senate


Monkeys Control Robotic Arm With Brain Implants-Or Why To Buy More Tinfoil

Extreme obesity ballooning in adults

Blair led decision to identify weapons adviser, official tells inquiry

Bush Pays Respect to 'Sacrifices' in Iraq

David Limbaugh forced to apologize for false assertion in new book

What's the problem with Raider AbomiNation?

I just watched "Hamburger Hill" ... don't ask me a thing.

My Montreal Diary

Greg Palast on with Peter Werbe at 1am EDT

National Geographic

Monkey brains!

Why is the Sahara Desert a desert?

Anyone have some good apple crisp recipes?

Allegators and Crocodiles?

Disney movies

whoa im back

Need help -- computer problem (MAC OS 9.1)

Is leaving DU the in thing to do?

There is only one way I can put this...

Anyone else having trouble sleeping under a full moon?

Can Someone Explain The Nickname "Whistle-***?"

Liberal Meme #776 "They really dropped the dog on that one"

Trek fans!

400 posts.

The "Sponsored" White House...

new Hannity Advertiser Ace Hardware

The Governor of California is coming

lotus notes gurus.. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!


Just saw "Sam I Am"

A little Lounge entertainment for Monday............

I found out why "they" say you should not give your dog onions to eat

Steve Martin to play new Clouseau?

Ever dug out your sewer line?

Who are "21st Century Democrats"?

I have a bizzare theory...

anger management

Boston Police to Seek Criminal Summonses tomorrow against Yankees

Lion v. Tiger - Death Match Results?

BOSTON BASEBALL HOOLIGANS?? They have TWO days to "get ready"?

The Fraudulent Voting Machine...give it a try online

Going on a long hiatus.

Who wants to come over and help me do yard work?

Who is the best Disney villain?

Why couldn't this song be on Billboard's Top Ten?

I'm reading Al Franken's new book


Let us remember Mathew Sheppard.....

Open Debates

should i move here?

What is your age?

This picture has just been released of the white tiger that attacked Roy

Debating the ballparks.

computer question

Need money for your schools? The real effects of W's taxcuts?

We had tantric sex last night, ask me anything

So do the Niners suck this year or what!

Anyone here read Gaiman/Pratchett's "Good Omens?"

What is your tack on MORTALITY?

Zimmer fined 5,000 dollars

Ig Nobel Award ceremony


Zimmer Simmer Swimmer Timmer Quimmer

Hmmm...If any Duer's want a good free magazine examining ...

Who here is DISAPPOINTED that the Tigers only lost 119 games...

My name is catpower2000 and I am a WB addict...

need help with Bush Halloween costume

So who knows a place to get cheap DVD+R media?

epologue to wierdos at my house story...

Zimmer apologizes

new OxyRush advertisers

Get Busy - Most Dancable Song right now

Gray Davis finds new job!

Could you help me?

What happened at FR?

Clark makes front page of

Parents, do you like one of your kids better than the other(s)

Pat Robertson "apologizes" - kindasorta

CUTETHULHU! -- Two cute girls annoy Lovecraft in this 2-minute anime.

Getting a new computer -- need data transfer help

Too many embarassing "liberals" participate in my project

So...I called my vet from Tahiti & got to listen to K-FROG

Need help combatting wingnut co-worker

Which Parent Do (Did) You Like Better?

Do You Have Any Idea How To Clean DVD's Or CD"s And The Console

Were You An Only Child, Or The Product Of A Large Family?

The Protocol-Harlem of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Talking T*rd of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Edgy Explorer of all CAPTIONS!!!!

More good news for Atkins dieters

If you could recapture one aspect of your youth what would it be?

Was John Wayne Gay?

Troop form letters remind me

It's Only Fair - I Want "Beastiality Eye For the Yak Guy"

Monkeys Taught Mind Control

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/13

Stupid stories

Has anyone seen 5thGenDemocrat lately?

Luv these guys

Queer eye for any guy... or even any gal... or anything that's human.

Something for the techies - my PC reboots itself!

I could use some advice from some of my religious friends

Best NFL Logo

Yoo-hoo, Haters! Look who's in first place in the NFC East

Man Attacks Stain in Trousers...Destroys Apartment

LOTR ticket-seller asswipe on ebay

Is everyone enjoying their day off?

Oregon (portland) DUers...

Who cares?

Rush Limbaugh's my *gasp* hero...

Hey Canadian DUer's!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

This is just cute... To take a break from Bush*'s craziness...

What Is Your Favorite Rolling Stones Song....

The Consumer-Alert of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Kerry needs a hair cut if he is going to win.

Columbus Day... A Time to Celebrate...or Not

Hetero Eye for the Queer Guy/GAL!

Why are women on TV news 99% 'Homecoming Queens'?...


Columbus Day is a "Good Thing!" I can take my crayons and color in the

Which football game should I watch tonight

You can But Will Pitt's new book HERE

It's Only Fair. I Want Seeing Eye For The Blind Guy.

Breast cancer study shows 'striking' results

I Think My Sister Is Mentally Ill, and I Don’t Know What to Do (LONG)

Will Pitt next to Kissinger! Details inside!

Fox Sports hypocrisy.

The Dithering Diplomat of all CAPTIONS!!

a pretty good joke

I have a craving for cucumber salad....

Favourite Partridge Family member.

The Alpha Mule of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Mayor from BUFFY is in "Las Vegas"!

New look for Ann the Man... I think it is fetching...

Holy Cow! Friend just found out he has West Nile disease!

Just popped my first Guiness can of beer with the thingy in it


Monday's IN The UNDERGROUNDRAILROAD -- Monday, October 13, 2003

Judge my poem

The new Yoplait breast cancer commercial

The best place to meet that special someone


Does anyone have a Panasonic DMR-E80H DVD Recorder?

Just popped my SECOND can of Guinness Draught

Don't Look!!!!

I did an intense BDSM scene last nite (4+ hours) - ask me anything.

Apostrophe Now

Which DUer Should Never Be Messed With?

Carl's Jr. commercial - girl riding bull machine..

Manute Bol wants to be a JOCKEY?????

I never realized I looked like Don Zimmer!

Baseball rules question

AAAAAA...Tom Ridge is at the ALCS game

Hooray! We get to go back to Satan's Lair!

The perfect gift for Don Zimmer

The official Red Sox, Cubs, World Series Thread

The sadness of this breaks my heart, but bear with me...

I'm dying! MST3000 is showing the short on "Posture"

Just got back from a Clark Meet-Up, ask me anything.

Okay, what's up with the censorship on Family Guy?!

where has short bus been?

new Savage Weiner and O'reilly advertisers

Close call.

I am about the unadvised, to give a person not myself access...

I am having a serious craving for meatballs!

What is the link for Spell Checker?

Sebhorric dermatitis stinks

Poor Bill O'Really: Only lasted one week at #1 til Al bumped him off.

Another Arnold movie on tonight (SciFi)....and I could swear there

heh: I think Im the best mom in the world ( a rant)

It's only fair, I want Jewish eye for the dumb Goy

The Guy The Yankees Beat Up Was A Special Ed Teacher

Red Sox, Yankees, Hooking Up, Morans, Old DUers, The NFL

OMG! I have something in common with Rush Limbaugh! :(

Apparently, there's a cougar wandering around my neighborhood.

Are you an Old DUer?

My Cat Is Not A Democrat

Can I get some advice on a sticky situation re: my school lab partner?

Favorite Movie and Favorite Author/Philosopher...QUICK!

More Offensive Holiday: Columbus Day or St. Patrick's Day

Is the NFL communist?

Plagiarized paper update

Official Confess your Most Shameful, Unnecessary eBay Purchase Thread

Tell me, truthfully: (Family Guy question)


DU sailors


Mose's boat. (Bo'ett)

A tribute to Al Franken is on Rt 30 in Irwin PA

Digital camera - Sony dsc-f828 8mega pix or 6 mega FujiS2pro/Cannon EOS10D

D. D. Eisenhower born October 14, 1890

Pedro did not threaten Posada

Everybody does NOT LOVE RAYMOND!

A case for over-the-counter Ritalin

Anybody watching the dreck on ABC called "Threat Matrix"?

Ohio State suspends Reynolds for one game.

I Am So F*CKING Tired!

Happy Living in Sin Week!

What Is Your Favorite Paul McCartney Song...

This is a thread about nothing

Saddest love songs ever; crying definitely allowed!

Major Barf Alert: Check out this AP photo of our pResident.

Okee, pick your favorite from VH1's top 10 (of 100) greatest rock songs

Which is your favorite Beethoven symphony?

Reminiscing about Saturday night baseball

My cock just loves being scratched!!!!!

Was Anyone Here a "Love Child"?

How many "Old DU'ers" are left here? I just sent Skinner my Annual $$'s

The Word "Moron"

All CAT owners and anyone with "CAT" in their DU name LOOK HERE!

Examples of Bush Propaganda. Help!

I am sitting here on the edge of weeping right now

Seventh Inning Stretch Song

For those that remember the 60's

Best Type Of Bread

You run into Ann Coulter and Alan Colmes on the street...

Are you now or have you ever been...

An L.F question about "hooking up"! You have been warned!

Hookin' up on DU — What are your thoughts?


Nominee For One Of The Best SNL Sketches Ever.

FUNNY: 50 Reasons Why Lord of the Rings Sucks

DK666's Free Signature Hosting

Who here's workplace traded the day after Thanksgiving for Columbus day?

Most EVIL Sports Franchise