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Archives: October 12, 2003

Iraq in Review

Rich Procter: 'Are you a dangerous ultra-left wing partisan zealot?'

Close enough for government work (sleazeball attack on Arnold accuser)

When all else fails, send b.s. letters "From the Front"

GOP aide optimistic (Racicot Interview)

Is the USA Plotting to Murder Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Frias?

FBI's Rowley pulls no punches in critique of Ashcroft

Broder bashes Bush borrowing -- but also points at some Dems

Life as a Prophet of Doom

Canada makes mega bucks selling to the US war machine

NYT: A New Kind Of Minority Is Challenging Louisiana's Racial Conventions

My letter published in Chi Suntimes

Maureen Dowd (NYT): A Tale of Two Fathers

Looks like the FCC is OK with saying the F-bomb on television

Rush, to Judgment

IRAQ: A Risky Strain on an Overstretched Army (Wash. Post)

America can't make Iraq's black gold flow

Larry Elliott (Guardian Unltd): Policy made on the road to perdition

Naomi Klein (Guardian Unltd): Industry giants seize Bush's Aids 'gift'

David Corn: How I broke the CIA-leak story, and why nobody noticed

Lower Expectations, Set a Date, and Leave -- Retired Army Col. Bacevich

US millionaire bankrolls crusade against gay Anglican priests

Editor of LA Times - The Story Behind the Story

What Exactly Are We Defending?

Silencing the Reservists: Rumsfeld’s plan to remake the Army?

MARY JO MELONE--Why on earth did female voters help elect Arnold?

Dumbing down U.S. Politics

Incurious George

Articles on "Americans Coming Together" org. for electoral mobilization

Jim Hightower in Philly, Pittsburgh Monday/Tuesday

Voting machines and public awareness

Just how far ahead do these illegitmates plan???

Astrologers: Terminator lV, at Starlight News

Diabetes Thread: Slow Healing Wounds/Foot Problems

"Scary signs from GE" (On the Economy)

Good Loonie = hard times for exporters

Officers Say Bosnian Massacre Was Deliberate

Liquidation industry 'rife with corruption' - SA

Lee attacks China-centric ideology - Taiwan

Playing hardball gets Chen back in game

Janjalani’s lair bombarded - Philippines

RP ready for disruptions - Bush arrival

Nobel laureate urges radical reforms in Iran

Iran must have Secular government says Nobel Prize Winner

Zim journalist attacked over T-shirt message

Mourners Return to Site of Bali Bombing

What a maroon!

Im going to try and make one of these for fun!

More gun walks in Ohio.

HR 2038, Grandfathered "assault weapons" and 49 million magazines

If a user of illegal drugs without conviction loses their civil right

Can we get a "I'm Just Saying" Smilie?

A perfect example of a post where an exception should have been made


Accusation of plagiarism made in a thread

How do I take care of red x's when I post images

How can I post images?

Can admins do a search by e-mail addresses to determine which user

Israelis, Palestinians meet in Jordan on draft peace proposal

Qassam fired at Sderot from Gaza; most IDF troops quit Rafah

PA television: Israel will be destroyed

Palestinian PM Qurei says will leave post

Palestinian Delegate Backs Armed Struggle

In Drive to Aid Israel, Lobby May Be Shifting Out of Neutral (AIPAC GOP?)

New peace draft includes Palestinian rule on Temple Mount

Israel subs go nuclear amid fears over Iran

A Binational Israel-Palestine

Dick Gephardt Builds on Solid Labor Ties

Bush in dilemma over Iraq

Dean has 6-point lead in Michigan

Bowles makes economy theme for Senate run

Kerry wins the award for best line of the day

Anybody catch Kerry on ThisWeek?

Feingold picks up WI Small Business group endorsement

Desperate, dishonest Dean bashers' despicable tactics on parade again

Congress, NAFTA, & WTO

More than 100 plan to attend Reno fundraiser for Howard Dean

The Wobblycrats - An excerpt from Jim Hightower's new book

Kucinich Announcement Tour

Personal attacks to posts that are negative about Dean

Dean disses Latinos

John Kerry's college years

The Wobblycrats - an excerpt from Jim Hightower's new book

Lyndon LaRouche has raised 4.7 million dollars?

Ex-Military Leaders Speak of Clark Flaws

Damn!!! Thought we had a great VP pick....

(Manchester Union Leader) Kerry visit wins Support in Warner

Kerry on MTV News (footage of him playing hockey)

Lieberman Pulls Ahead Of Bush In Connecticut Poll (53%-42%)

Debate helps cinch one Dem's status

Dean's support of Michigan Internet Voting=Soft Racism

Kerry voted to reduce Medicare spending.

Clark wins straw poll in Northfield

Kerry Says Bush, Cheney Must 'Apologize' Over Iraq

( Senator John Kerry Petitions For Disabled Veterans

Kerry On China (2001) Gives A Good Intimation Of His Way Of Thinking

Israeli web site declared as "terrorist"

Flu shots

Could a military coup be brewing inside Israel? (Refuniks)

What is 'embargoed material' on Yahoo?

Have you noticed the debates are a set up for the candidates?

Ann Geracimos from the Washington Times in C-Span 11:40 p.m. CT

possibly a stupid question...

Jesus Christ I hate the name "Indian Reserve"...

Anybody think Rush will totally fry his brain one day...

Fake-letters story discussion on KIRO (Seattle) now (midnight PT)

RW blogger completely misses point on faked soldier letters

can a naturalized citizen become speaker of the house?

Frightening Canadian Freeper site...

Sad comment in my college paper from someone in the Army

Nate Clay - the only live progressive radio online NOW

Google search results for the leading Democratic candidates

An excellent piece of analysis:


Springtime in Syria?

The repugs are toast in 2004

Something to think about re: 2004 Presidential election

Time's Joe Klein questions whether Bush has lost control of WH

Rush wins even on the day he admits(reposted from last night)

Missouri Concealed Weapon Law Unconstitutional!

Deleted message

dream this a.m. - 21st C Auschwitz

Michael Moore: The unholy alliance between the Bushes and the Saudis

Whistleass number below 50%

Michael Moore weekend

They don't need a WAR in 2004-- just the appearance of one

Who's On The Tube This Morning?

I suddenly find myself thinking that Kucinich is creepy


Please post this protest pic of Bush this little child has!

News Conference -----------9:30 AM ET --------- on Bombing


Your Dream Team 2004 Dem Admin!!!

Cartoon: why our government doesn't go after business corruption

So The Wizard of Ox (Rush) is forced to come out from behind the Curtain.

Pro-Israel PAC Contribution recipients

Hilarious NY Post headlines on Yankees-Red Sox

Today's administration talking point/LIE

Fake letters from soldiers in Iraq

face the nation

DU Comes Thru! Guy James will be back next week...

Why 150,000 soldiers? Why $87 billion?

Should social change be swift or should it come slowly?

Kerry on "This Week"

Bush is such a putz! Remember the UN speech, slave trade?

The relevance of Gov.-elect Pinchbottom

Media Pukes want to pick the Democratic Presidential Canidate for us.

This is how Canadian News is covering the "good news" push...

MSNBC keeps saying that the security measures worked in baghdad?

The new WH LeakGate spin: It was nepotism, not revenge...

I think Phelps has been hacked again..hahaha

"Deleting the Flag"

How to argue with a right wing Christian.

Let's talk about all the "good things" that are happening in Iraq...

A mom, a volunteer and a top-notch CIA spy

Oh golly gee this bombing today will ruin the WH rosey Iraq pr campaign

FBI's Rowley pulls no punches in critique (Remember this brave young lady

Frank Rich says Arnold campaign Disney-like: sterile, fake, paternalistic

Why Rush Will Get Off Easy

I want Dick Cheney's head!

Sic transit... (cartoon)

A dangerous illusion for the Repubs...

Lawmakers break ranks in Bush slide

Rumor - Arnie on dialysis

Interesting note (John Podesta, Wash. Post)

Cuba will be the way Bush* gains the Presidency in 2004

I am a freeper

DNC offers autographed Franken Book

Mantra du jour: Remarkable Progess in Iraq!

Bosses exercising virtual veto over right to form a union

Just heard on CNN,,the IRAQI Governing Council members moved out

Byron York on CSPAN: Bush* never said Iraq was 'imminent' threat

Fox NFL Pregame Show Whoring For Arnold

WTF is this??: U.S. data mining investigated - Latin America

Explain and convert please

Mt Schwarzenegger looms into view

Pakistani people should logically be called Paks...

Does Rove remind anyone else but me of Rush?

Italian Protestors don't pull their punches, take a look at this photo!

At last, the media have been fully programmed ...

Bush admin Fakes letters to editor from US troops in Iraq

Why the Dems win BIG if the WH leakers are NOT revealed ..

Non Sequitur is particularly good today...

Why doesn' the media ask Arnie about supporting the $9B trial vs energy?

Gore should have called Tabitha from Passions

What would society be like if Kennedy was not killed yet Reagan was?

How badly do you want a Democratic president in 2004?

The best reasons for replacing Bush 2?

Salt Lake's Democratic power grab - will it stay left, or move center?

caption this pic of Dean, Kerry & Gephardt

Great article on Limbaugh here -

ed meese just on faux telling his plan to save american jobs

If you thought the Left Behind series was wacko!!!

Major Bomb Blast Hits Baghdad Hotel-Will Iraq Be America's

Don't let the current news stories get to your heads!

Heads up! Reported RPC Hack in the wild

Rush will probably not be arrested

US soldiers bulldoze farmers' crops (trying to make them talk)

Dukakis-ize this...History shows Dean is no Dukakis!

The Dem argument about lack of Bush Post-war planning sucks...

Jackson County Democrats

Sunday talk shows

Oh, Drat. Bob Scheiffer said Hillary might run

The solution to the Iraq problem is obvious!

Why Rush is an addict: it's his name...

Why all this WH infighting is a huge deal

You must remember this: Bush was considered a MORON just prior to 9/11

Newsweek on Rush: "a childless, twice-divorced, thrice-married schlub"

Is the The Library of Congress backed up ?

Phoenix Debate on C-Span tonight

If Limbaugh owns a firearm, he has committed a felony, 10 years prison

Are we 100% sure we want a special prosecutor?

My fantasy re Rush Limbotomy

If the Democratic party were to nominate John Kerry...

Friends recall Howard Dean’s intensity, worldly ways

If the Democratic party were to nominate Wesley Clark...

William Greider on C-Span2 Now

Iraq is fine, progress is being made, be happy. Consume.

US destroys Iraqi homes as punishment for pro-Saddam yard signs

Eugenics - Hitler - the bushgang

If the Green party were to endorse the Democratic nominee...

Deleted Political Cartoons From al Jazeera (animated)

If the Democratic Party were to nominate Organism...

WP 9/11/01: President, Republicans Try to Ease Fears About Economy

Pat Robertson's Comments Re: State Department

Have Freepers invaded DU boards?

US Officials claim Sryia is hiding $3B of Iraq's cash......(Time Magazine)

429 posts as of right now on outting a representative???

Should We Report Freepers Whenever they try "Freeping" polls?

I'm sure the people over at Free-republic would like to thank you

Josh Marshall: Kerry isn't waffling; the others are being simplistic

Is it time to quit kidding ourselves about the Greens?

And a housekeeper shall lead them...?

ABC just reported .."WE the US taxpayers" are underwriting Merchant

Poll: The Best Way to Keep Social Security Solvent

60 Minutes (10/12/03) Cooking the books, SUV MPG, too many Saints?

Questions on the Democratic debate on CNN

S&P assigns Halliburton $300 mln debt 'BBB' rating

This just in from CBS news: Rummy A 'Psychopath'

Must see tv (right now 9 oclock on Cspan)

Hidden Wounds (Date Rape)

Is There a Difference Between a Liberal and a Progressive

Conservatives vs. Bush - CATO, the American Conservative, ...

Dame Edna gets laughs at expense of Dubya & Ahnold.

If DU were here during impeachment, should the board have been

Jeb is tired and cranky, two full-time jobs. Heh heh.

I hope Rush ends up having a Richard Pryor like epiphany in rehab

Cuba deal opens new opportunity for Montana By Sen. MAX BAUCUS (D)

Is this event open for ordinary people or not?

The results of my polls so far...

Does BBC TV news emanate from 10 Downing St. or White Hse?

36 Reasons To Vote For Bush and Republicans In 2004

Al Franken beats Bill O'Reilly in top 10 New York Times list

Wille Brown part of the transition

Minnesota DUer's - David Wellstone will be on 10 pm news channel 11

Is this either a US soldier or a CIA guy with an AK-47 in this photo?

DU this poll

'The war on truth: The Bush circus and the assault on reality

ABC News report re: Ahnuld accuser tonight

IBM and the Holocaust

Did anyone read this Clark speech from last week?

Israel has ability to launch nuclear weapons from submarines

Dr. Drew Pinsky on Rush's condition: He's the guy from MTV's Sex Talk

Bill Moyer just made a very interesting point...

You know why Bush isn't cracking down on free speech?

Peter Werbe's Nightcall on now --progressive radio on a Sunday night

Kucinich policy... I wanna know

To counter some of the Clark trash talk around here....

You know why ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBCFOX doesn't care about ratings?

Greatest Corporate theft of all times?

Thoughts on Clark's Integrity. For what it's worth.....

Has Rumsfeld been demoted?

2004 Senate Races: A golden opportunity for Democrats?

Will Zell Miller endorse the nominee

The Dakotas

Who is Smarter? Who Out Foxed Who? Bush/Osama??

Who Do You Think Will Win The Iowa Caucus?

I found this stomach-churning graphic on - question

The Sins of September 11

Limbaugh Stories don't jive! He was a good Celebrity Golfer or a Recluse?

Advocate Article: The anti-gay industry

Something "fishy" about the FBI eavesdropping on Philly mayor??

It's time Democrats started blaming Bush for not stopping 9/11

Wrongful death suit may be nearing end - civil rights activist Ben Brown

Peter Werbe just mentioned DU on the air

which do you consider more important in 2004?

SIGN OF THE TIMES: This woman is in charge of US security and IRAQ!

Read this elitist, arrogant post intended to attract a WSJ troll/editorial

Clark: I'm no rabbi's son

Suggestions and Ideas Needed (Please Help Me !!!) Bring The Soldiers Home

BBV: Holt Bill (HR 2239) again. PLEASE PROVIDE INPUT

Federalists, as Thom Hartman has described them.

Andy Rooney just apologized for backing the war in Iraq~~

To Green-ish posters: Do you consider Kerry to be a centrist?

Why Dennis Kucinich is the Best Candidate

To GOPish posters, do you consider Dean and Kucinich to be losers?

Time to write some reviews of Limbo's books at Amazon

Rush Limbaugh Should Be Given The Same Compassion

John Kerry, the anti-war, pro-war candidate

Deleted message

The candidate I am looking for will DUMP "no child left behind"

This is not a "leak"; this is treason...

My Top Ten Pet Issues

How can we win over ex-Naderites AND "Nascar dads" without conflict?

Anybody for Lieberman?

What I DON'T like about Dennis Kucinich

Does Kudloe have a history of Drug addiction?

Latest Shrub outrage - Rare animals could be hunted

I am a socialist

Bill Clinton Voted For The IWR

Possible reason why something is rotten in America

This is a real 'eye-opener!'

If the Democratic party were to nominate Dennis Kucinich...

Help: I need a cite for a Ks. Dem msg board I am moderating . . .

ABC: Kerry stepped back from Kennedy's "fraud" remarks on Iraq today

Will gun control help us or hurt us in 2004?

Shouldn't Pat Robertson be in jail or GITMO?

John Kerry's college years

Blame for loss in the 2000 election

What do YOU believe in? THAT should be the patform.

Rank the three smartest Democratic candidates

Should I boycott my grocery store?

Stupid Sheeple

Does majority support for something that is wrong

The Name DICK CHENEY Finally Being Mentioned In Leak Investigation

What is the Homosexual agenda?

If the Democratic party were to nominate Dick Gephardt...

If the Democratic party were to nominate John Edwards...

If the Democratic party were to nominate Al Sharpton...

If the Democratic party were to nominate Carol Mosely-Braun...

Is Columbus the perfect representative of America today?

What does a liberal nowadays believe?

It's time we stopped kidding ourselves about centrist independents.

If the Democratic party were to nominate Joe Lieberman...

If the Democratic party were to nominate Howard Dean...

What is wrong with being a left-leaning progressive?

Novel Idea: Dems could Earn votes by actually representing their base

Time to quit kidding ourselves about the Greens Thread #2

Policeman dies in attack near Karbala

States Risk Bigger Losses to Fund Pensions

Hoffa: Gephardt must take Iowa

Window of Opportunity (escaped mass-murderer)

Unclear Danger: Inside the Lackawanna Terror Case

Missing Sea Elegance crewman feared dead

Taylor wants to go home - Nigeria/Liberia

Straw Attacks ID Cards

US trade deficit with China surges to a record high

Taliban kill eight policemen in Afghan attack

News Conference -----------9:30 AM ET --------- on Bombing

Death of the common man

Rice Fails to Repair Rifts, Officials Say

100 missing in ferry sinking - Nigeria

Kerry Criticizes Dean's '02 Gambit

Ex-Ill. Gov. Joins Pa. Execution Protest

Shiites on pilgrimage as police come under fresh attack (Suicide bomber)

Narco News to Stop Publishing Oct. 18 (Say it ain't so, Al!)

Nigeria in talks with Swiss to recover Abacha loot

Bush and Blair Continue to Lose Votes

Spilled oil set ablaze at Iraq pipeline -U.S. Army

U.S. Soldier Wounded in Firefight with Rebels Near Kabul

Pakistan Denounces Indian Deal to Buy Advanced Radar Systems

Shia cleric's 'government' finds support

Rumsfeld 'Roller Coaster' Ride Takes Downward Turn

NAACP president says Bush should meet with minority leaders

Bush launches PR salvo on Iraq

Manilla Kills Terrorist (Al-Ghozi) prior to Bush visit

Standards urged for Internet politics

Many soldiers, same letter (form letters from Iraq touting success...)

U.S. plan to relax species policy. Hunters, pet industry, circuses could

Uneasy bedfellows in investigation of CIA leak

Twin Boys Stable As Separation Continues

Willie Shoemaker has died.

News Corp says James Murdoch best pick for BSkyB CEO

Palestinian prime minister intends to give up job soon

OIC demands eviction of all foreign forces from Iraq

Utah Medical Neglect Case Opens New Front

Attack on Syria Approved by Washington Warmongers

Democrats’ spirits remain up at retreat

Texas redistricting delayed

NYT: Working To Spin Distrust Of Media Into Votes

Rumsfeld Bares His Fangs [MSNBC]

Primate Expert (Goodall) Blasts Bush

Breaking: Baghdad Hotel bombed.

Torres to Ashcroft: Sue FEC

Up to 8 (16?) Dead as Bolivian Troops Quell Protests

Giving millions to back a winner

Phila. Mayor's Allies: FBI Probe Suspect


Plane Downed by Wedding Party Fire(See, Afghanistan is now Justified)

Senator: Bush Must Take Charge [bush is an impotent puppet...CBSnews)

Campaign Critics See All Sizzle, No Steak

Has Rumsfeld Been Demoted?

New Yorkers warned of mystery disease [China News/update:Newsday:not true]

Republicans Run From Risk in Some Senate Fights

‘I Am Addicted to Prescription Pain Medication' [NEWSWEEK SLAMS RUSH]

Putting the Ark. in Clark

"What did we do to deserve this?" (Cooperative Iraqis become targets)

Roadside bomb wounds three U.S. soldiers in Iraq

GOP Lawmakers Seek Safety-Rule Exemption for Trailers

Grocery Clerks in California Go on Strike

Kerry Says Bush, Cheney Must 'Apologize' Over Iraq

Industry Spends $8M to Thwart Drug Bill


Carolyn Heilbrun/Amanda Cross: feminist critic/ mystery writer dies

South Korean President May Step Down

Newspapers sent same letter signed by different soldiers

Education Law May Hurt Bush

Senators Denounce Bush's War Performance

Saddam's loot stashed in Syria?

Texas Senate Approves Redistricting Plan

Apple powers college supercomputer

Musharraf's Four Years in Power

Official: al-Qaida Attacks Were Planned, U.S. Uncovers Plans, More attacks

Lieberman Proposes Raising Taxes on Rich

USA Today: Army probes soldier suicides


Martinez Actions: Break the Curse, or Seriously Bad Juju?

Wow - if the last cast of SNL lowered the bar...

The Terminator (as in movie dude, not Arnald) a rep. or a DEM!

crazy college football saturday

I'm going to Borders Books and Music now

Why am I so damned tired?

All Lowermainland Duers check in with HEyHEY

Okay..enough's enough..Vancouver Duer's check in

Some Late Night Humor

The perfect hat to wear when you go hunting ;-)

PC picture Q for XP users

Any Zonies here tonight?

So did everybody know about the coming Bewitched movie but me?

Speakin' of "What's everyone drinkinf

New Spyware Products Crossing Line of Privacy

I have answers you give me questions, well I will try

Just saw "Bubba Ho-Tep" - ask me anything

Really cool flash to watch.............

new Hannity advertiser Smoke Away

Life, as seen by Cynical - Flash

Today in history - 1916, the Red Sox won the World Series

Taiwan takes top prize at South Korean film festival

Si hablas espanol

I just watched an old W.C. Fields movie

For all you dance-freaks out there...

Traveling with a laptop

Ever read King in Yellow

Sox fans should be listening to sports talk radio tonight......

Get your John Ashcroft Halloween Mask!

And nowwwwww....the end is nearrrrrr

We're on a streak of BAD luck

Does DU have a feature to send sounds? I just had a 'ha ha' sound

To all the OSU fans

Since when did the Yankees become such Prima Donna's?

What's up with bushwatch, buzzflash, APJ, and bartcop?

Does anyone happen to know how the OU- Texas game came out?

My Question

Andy Reid loses first battle of Brains against Parcells

Great Political Humor on SNL Last Night!


Latest advertisers on Rush Limbaugh show, MERCK Pharmaceuticals

Anybody like "Being John Malkovich" ?


Devil's Den

New Anti-drug commercial!

You'all comeon over to my house

Yankee and Red Sox fans - STFU, already

Don Zimmer can kiss my arse

chargers vs. bye week

Al Green: a tremendous talent

Dog washing advice!

I am a freeper


I just shaved all my facial hair off. Ask me anything.

I just washed my merkin, ask me anything

Join the Cubs Fans! We're mellow and civilized!

Do you view DU forums with collapsed or expanded threads???

God is about to strike me down...

Bears v Saints

california is royally screwed.

Really good Animated cartoon TROOTH

Funny Yahoo headline

Redskins Fans: Lets look at the Remaing Schedule

October 12th in music history

My cat HATES toilet paper.

Don't forget to stick it to Echelon on the 21st of October...

The (apparently) official Cubs-Marlins thread for game 5!


The School of Rock

Need a link to the laughing Kitty ((found--thanks))

My favortie poster on DU is...

Show your desktop! (Picture)

My main reason for disliking Lieberman is

North Korean Propaganda on Japanese TV video link...

I am a strange and disturbing man!

Herbal medicine

Hey it's me El Rushbo!

OMG The Jets are winning

This is my 1,500 post!

Rant Alert - An Indiana Teacher Gets My Vote

Magic? Mysticism? Beuller?

I'm going to eat green chili enchiladas

Oh how my Jets suck

Just saw Shonen Knife - ask me anything

Browns vs Raiders thread

I'd like to dedicate this song to Rush

DU chat

I may be cheering for the Broncos now, but I love Bill Cowher's snarl.

Lesser-known signs of the Apocalypse

Ice Ice Baby is back on

What are the odds of a DU chat room (or two)?

My favorite baseball heckle is

TV shows you really hate, past or present

Are there ANY Marlins fans out there???

How Badly Do The Raiders Suck?

Kill your TV! Why?

I am not the Popes son...

Favorite Monster Cereal

I'm ready for my closeup...

I'm declaring myself the Official DU Threadkiller

I read "Lying Liars" in less than 12 hours, ask me anything

Popular culture drain during Republican administrations


Crap: Crappity Crap and the Crap that Crappity Craps

Favourite song off "More Hot Rocks"

Have you ever had to pee

Get a brain moran!

Okay, let's look at the milk discussion again! And a bumper sticker!

Freeperville pulling all threads that are critical of Rush

What magazines were under your mattress as a teenager?

Cheesey Dracula Alert

Rainout in Boston

Does the rain delay help the Red Sox, the Yankees, or neither?

Vermeil cried again

If the Democratic Party were to nominate Organism...

The decline of music in today's marketed world?

It's time to stop kidding ourselves about nether-beings from Hell

new GFP marketing idea... whaddaya think?

Love the closing credits of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I started a 2-thread topic today! Woo hoo!

I need some hip late 60s music to groove to. Anyone have suggestions?

Don't know about you but we had a GREAT day!

I could have had sex last night but did not because the guy

2004 Bumper Stickers

This just in, an incredibly tiny person with a lot of talent has died

The Practice

There is a loving power in the heavens.

Formula 1 fans-Last race-

what's good about having a chub?

What car did you own the longest?

Help, my computer is freaking out

I finally broke down and watched the movie "Chicago" because it

Put me down, dammit.....I am a cat, not a sausauge!

Anyone else listening to LOVELINE?

Ann Forum

What's your favourite kind of Bun?

Just a little joie de vivre!

Do you ever feel like becoming a reporter?

Who watched Carnivale tonight?

Favorite song by RAY CHARLES?

Techies: how do I defrag in safe-mode?

What's good about being chubby?

Wonder who is at the top of the AP Top 25 College Football Poll?

Day 5 of the NSMA vigil...

REDSKINS vs BUC's thread

Why is Email like a Penis?

If someone from your past appeared in front of you

Adam is the cause of all the world's problems

Can someone e-mail me a song I am looking for?

Question for the ladies...

DU Story Time (do your bit to continue, please): NSMA Vanishes

W00T! Seahawks D manhandling Frisco!

Books you just couldn't get.

HELP!!! DU English pros....

Star Trek: TNG facts, give your thanks to producers of the original show!

Why would a 72 year old man pick a fight with a pro athlete?

What magazines were on your coffee table as a kid?

What should happen to OSU linebacker Robert Reynolds?

Is there really "no stoppin the cretins from hoppin'"

Movies you just couldn't get

Freeper comments on Robert Downey Jr's drug problem

So, they are making a movie of your life....

William Pitt in London ( with some bragging rights )

quick: any ideas/recipes for a tasty egg salad?

Tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving (2nd Monday in October)

What car that you owned have you most hated?

Do you prefer alcohol or pot?

700th Post?

WHy do we even need pot or booze

Signs of the seasons

short hair or long hair?

Way to go Marlins... Make em sweat another 48 hours...

Best version of America the Beautiful?

Best pic so far of Thomas Jane as THE PUNISHER

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location across town... CAPTION

We reserve the right to retaliate, even if it means suicide CAPTION

And at the same time, across town, another salute CAPTION

The fatherly hand on the shoulder of all CAPTIONs

34-0 at the end of the first quarter

I have an interview coming up

Heh he...anyone using the MouseoTron??

KC Chiefs! Six and zeeero!!!

Ohio State Issues Apology To Wisconsin Quarterback

My boss was featured in a Subway commercial!!!

KKKoulter needs crappy ads, we don't,...

Do you remember my new puppy?

Clear Channel DJ's call for car ASSAULTS on cyclists

My latest woodworking project (pics)

Dookus your cat is not the worst

How does your cat drink water?

A coming back from Camp David again...... CAPTION

Valley of the Nightmare, nee dolls... CAPTION

The Official Yankees - Red Sox Game Four Thread

In Any Sport - Who Is The Best Athlete?

Pittsburgh DUers: Want to meet for a beer? I'm here all week...

Men 'happy with beer bellies'

Does this ever happen to you?

Enjoy the fall colors — Pictures inside

Student blatantly plagiarizes paper -- what to do?