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Archives: October 11, 2003

Iraqi Women Crushed by Lawlessness

Kristof: Secrets of the Scandal ( Aldrich Ames outed Mrs. Wilson)

Friedman: Time has come for the U.S. to sup with the devil

U.S. Writer Sontag Blasts Bush in Germany

WP: Bush Better Take This Leak Seriously

Nick Childs (BBC): Has Rumsfeld been demoted?

Failing America

Cynthia Tucker: Schwarzenegger just plays a Republican

NYT Mag: Notion Building (Podesta forming Liberal think tank)

Freepers tremoring on Rush issue - worried about ammo for Du'ers

Dick Cheney Gone Wild

Suzanne Goldenberg (Guardian Unltd): Crime terrorising Iraqi women

Thomas Friedman (New York Times): The Least Bad Option

Why in-fighting is losing Iraq and could cost Rumsfeld his job

Deleting The Flag

The Audio-Animatronic Candidate (Ahnuld) -- by Frank Rich

William Kristol:There is disarray in George W. Bush's administration

Idea for silent protest/solidarity for peace in middle east ..

Taking a bus to Washington - what do I take?


Garrison Keillor on the Rush controversy

Rush, Opiates and Conservative Media Spin

Joe Conason - "Big Lies " on C-Span tonight

Rightwing Debate Tactics (animated gifs)

Consensus of reality

Thailand's natural fireball river

Astrologers: Giuliani as GOP Veep candidate?

Half Moon Bay ~ Pumpkin Festival

Sat. Happy Birthday to Eleanor Roosevelt

Need some thoughts

Finding out about Islam

Bizarre Science has moved, has comments

Campus gang on killing spree - Nigeria

A year on, the question remains: why?

The Real Face of Indonesian Islam

The Kucinich Plan

Iranian Reformers Hail Nobel Prize Winner

GUNS IN THE NEWS--October 11, 2003

Say hello to the new Mary Rosh

Mary Rosh and Racism

In GD I posted a rush thread that had nothing to do with

Handy FAST/Free translating link

Principle Skinner, perhaps you should brush up on your talking points

What happened to the Raul Groom article I read yesterday,

Request for a new Smilie.

Why was I locked out twice?

Can somebody put in a Hugo Chavez avatar?

A thread about a WSJ attack of DU was locked. Shouldn't it be...


Acerbic got tombstoned?

Inappropriate thread locking

Why was my thread moved?

Why did this thread get moved

How can I get more DU bumperstickers?

Some top Dems helping support Bush/PNAC plans for wars & world domination

Wolf, Lamb and Ouroboros

Army demolishes weapons tunnels; eight Palestinians killed

Could a military coup be brewing inside Israel? (Refuniks)

Israeli web site declared as "terrorist"

Report: Mossad, IAF have plan for Iran nuke sites

A Palestinian State? No, Thanks!

When at a loss, escalate

Democrats join forces to tlke digs at Bush....Charlotte

Kerry Announces Iowa Leadership Team

(Mayor Kirk) Humphreys (R-OK City) To Announce Senate Intentions Monday

And then, it hit me: "Damn-Right Democrats"

Kucitizens at Wellstone Memorial Bean Feed

The politics of convenience...Dem candidates form circular firing squads:

Newsweek Poll: A Growing Dissatisfaction

Dean boosts N.H., Iowa bids

Dean avoids explanation why he supported cuts on Medicare

Why Do Stars Shine Only On GOP?

AK: Knowles raises $475,129.87 in first quarter

Dean on National Coming Out Day: Hope and Community

Judy Woodruff Apologizes

Get yer Dennis Kucinich Phoenix pre & post debate party skinny here!

Eastern Shore state senator to challenge Mikulski next year

Dean Foresaw Today's Problems in Iraq

Dean Campaign Responds to Washington Tag Team

Gephardt voted against health care for low income children...

How in the hell can Howard Dean co-sponsor HR 2038?

Charlotte Forum

Kerry: Lowering healthcare costs for small business

Anyone know: Did Rush smoke Cuban cigars?

The location of Arnold's next grope:

Pardon the September 11analogies, but could some say it WAS TOO LATE and

Rush did exactly as I thought

Disappearing Dem Votes: Is Alameda, CA 2003 just Volusia, FL 2000 Redux?

Hey, East Coasters! Did anybody see Letterman tonight?

Oh the hilarity: Amazon's bestsellers:

Another reason to not fly Air Canada or fly period

Rush wins even on the day he admits....

Now I know why Maria supported Arnold's campaign

The last 3 days have been like a yo-yo....

Condi pic: troubled conscience?

Rush is obviously not a garden variety addict

Code Name D's Ten points of fight!

I'd love to see a breakdown of the money Bush vs Dem candidates have...

The Euro........the currency of the future!

Tommy Chong went to jail this week for selling bongs

I feel the earth... move... under my feet...

TINFOIL HAT ALERT: Rush going to rehab to avoid prosecution?

I'm on hold on Bernie Ward's show now..

The Great Spark Hunt editorial On DU

How is Bush going to be able to debate against our nominee?

"If my mother did murder, I wouldn't want her to go to jail"

Anyone have some great Rush Limbaugh drug addict quotes?

Who are some hot and sexy Azians?

PBS's Frontline: Truth, War & Consequences

Rush confession hurts his criminal case

Arnold's unconventional media strategy explained - avoid hard questions

The head of Ahhnold's transistion team is a pro-growth supply sider

About California's electoral votes...

News from the strike!

Anybody else see the latest DNC email??

Freepers calling into CSpan rightt now

Dupe. Bush* policy on Cuba in C-Span now (7:48 a.m. ET)

Should the status of 'felon'

Is anybody on an excersicing diet now? We should start a fitness group.

Are Rush fans really this stupid?

Texas House Members Walk Out, Once Again Delaying Redistricting Vote

The Bush family has been starting wars for nearly a century.

Sorry Jan, I'd take a beautiful Asian woman over you any day!

In the "Awww" department:

Anyone have a link to the recent Raul Groom article "The Great

C-SPAN Now: RIAA/Download Debate

One thing that bother me about Rush coming clean

Conjoined 2-Year-Olds Set for Surgery

France "sleaze inquiry" into Halliburton

Folks a suggestion

Gloat Post: Whatif Rush Cops A Plea?

Hearts and Minds, or else

Pentagon targets Latinos & Mexicans to man the front lines

David Corn on 9am-10am talking Bush lies - WNUR


Julia Sweig on CSpan...talks about Bush policy towards Cuba, critical of W

Republicans Ponder the Center

BBC: Robber, 91, admits third bank job

Nat'l Archives show Bush family traded w/ Nazis AFTER Pearl Harbor

Dems blast White House on leak probe

When War Fails, Launch a PR Campaign

Muslim girl is told to take her scarf off at school in Oklahoma City

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Spiro T. Agnew's resignation!

Would a Gore/Graham ticket in 2000 have won the electoral college?

What a morning at the post office

Bush's war profitteers

Bush Family Values Photo Album

"There is no greater Tyranny than the one that names God as its co-conspir

The New GOP party and where its headed

For Rush, the media won't even call it 'drug addiction'

CIA goes to WAR with White House

Blair's wife asks known gay man 'why can't you get a girlfriend'!

Bush Treason. Trading with The Enemy during WWII. Vesting Order 248

Grassroads GOP Wisdom Showcased on C-SPAN this morning.

sympathy for Rush is like an abused woman sympathizing with her abuser

If you talk negative about another persons race, you're a Racist!

Should we do a radical takeover of the Democratic Party?

A huge 9/11 RED FLAG

Hispanic Military Families Speak Out Against War & Against Bush

I think I have the neo-cons figured out.

Is there a point where America becomes a one-party state?

Repubs ok with mind altering drugs; HATE altered states of consciousness

American workers made more 35 years ago

Is Rush on Uppers/Speed?

Did I really hear on the news that another pipeline is burning in Iraq?

Special prosecutor needed for CIA leak

I say again should a drug addict be on Armed Forces Radio?

could Arnold make Bush hated even more in Cal?

Newsweek: Saudi Money Trail Bush doesnt want you to know (11/24/02)

Rush Limbaugh Poll

BBC: Bush Stopped Bin Laden-Saudi Probes by FBI Before Sept 11

how can the current candidates get the apolitical idiot vote?

flashback 12/01: Bush 'doctored' bin laden tape, omitted Saudi tie

Major suck-up alert! - Arnold, Nazi Fighter/ Good Austrian Boy

Last night on CA local new: a happy talk story about how logging industry

Crystal ball

Reagun/BushSR sent Iraq germs in mid-'80s


Bush Donors: Saddam’s BEST Customers



Shoud DU split up?

Some top Dems helping support Bush/PNAC plans for wars & world domination

Female golfer's racist comments toward Asians: later directed to Koreans

"The Establishment is scared to death of Howard Dean"

Another Low point: Special Ed kids used as Janitors

Are our posts here protected by copywrite law?

Here's some Google fun!

Robert Fisk: What Bush wants us to forget

Bodine...FBI or Repug plant? impeding Clinton admin.'s terror investigatio

Why Is Rousseau Said To Be The Father Of Both Conservatism and

Talk Radio Caller: Rush's Drug Problem is Clinton's Fault

Clear Channel Billboards--Is The Fascist Ad Creep In Your Town, Too?

BBV hacked ?

Republicans Debate Merits of Following Schwarzenegger to the Center

Official Guy James Show thread 3pm -please keep kicked!

"Top Ten Pieces of Advice Gray Davis has for Arnold Schwarzenegger"

If you had to emigrate from America which country would you move to?

The Muslim refusenik

The Most Disturbing Freeper attack on Clinton to date

Debate over senior health care reduced to battle 8 years ago!!

Still in the news this week: Florida public pension buys Privateer Edison

FBI spent twice the $ investigating sex than terrorism. Why?

If Californians are having less children then why...Anti immigrant ads

Idea for silent protesting .. see what you think ...

As you gripe about what Dean said in 95, Congress dismantles Medicare.

Freeper response: "Howard Dean and Old Glory"

Bush coverup of Saudi Financiers of 9-11

The WSJ says accepting Theory of Relativity is "elitism"

Judge stops new Missouri concealed weapons law, was to be effective today

Texas Aide's E-Mail Ridicules Democrats

Bush unhappy with Rumsfeld - Is this article real? Or not?

Can an anti-war Democrat win the White House ?

2004 Election Slogan ... Got Truth?

Gray Davis's 10 reccommendations for Ahhnold

Fascism Comes to America Like the Chill of Autumn

This @$$hole takes glee in what he is doing....How sadistic

A little arithmetic, and a question re David Kay

Has anyone read anything from ESPN since Rush's admission?

Is this the next Florida? 380,000 people didn't have a valid vote in Cali

Here is a chuckle for everyone from Alaska

Golden State- the groping's over ; its on to screwing.

Melting glaciers in Peru causing SERIOUS problems (in the Alps too)

Iraq's mysterious invisible weapons

Bay Area- Michael Moore in town next week

Panda Software Weekly virus report

Poll watchers: Q. re: Clark.

Chan Lowe on the PR offensive

The Republican self-redemption pattern.

Newsweek poll has 5 Dem candidates within single digits of Bush

ressurrecting the "I love DU" group-hug thread

Latest National Poll -- Clark on top (kinda...)

which current governors are just as popular or less popular than Davis?

Arnold pushing deregulation? how suprising

Would you support a Kurdish state?

Calling BBV activists: Weird e-mail from Bev Harris' publisher

US beat Canada 3-1 Good Game (Women's Soccor World Cup)

Top ten excuses you would have heard if Rush were a Liberal...

Could this be why Limbaugh is under investigation?

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Justice: Tommy Chong in jail; Rush on vacation

Let's forward this thing I just made: "You might be a Republican..."

Arab slave trade rivaled Europeans

Is "pro-choice" a libertarian position ?

I will be willing to believe that things are going well in Iraq when

anybody remember...wheres Saddams money?

Rush Limbaugh doesn't deserve your pity.

Freepers take on the Rush fiasco. Very confused. Very confusing.

Interesting Newsweek Poll stats...

Destroying the village to save it? Can you say Vietnam?....

Next Republican Power hold: Phildelphia

What’s up with Treasongate?

The $87 Billion dollar giveaway!


Eisenhower quote

Can Someone Please Explain To Me Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

Shwarznegger the Assaulter to have mountain named after him

U.S. Soldiers signed letters they didn't write - made news across USA

It's not the "sexual assault" it's the "womanizing"

What the hell happened to the Boondocks?

Check this propaganda out...can you say 21st century Creel Committee?

Liberals are always right...hehe...

Dean Campaign Responds to Washington Tag Team

Rush - moving mountains, one step at a time........

So Is Mayor Street's Political Career over now?

Latest Poll After the Debate: Undecided Becomes Frontrunner...

Pat Robertson is Insane (Feds are mad)

JohnO'Neill was FBI agent Bush kept from Bin Laden investigations

Rumsfeld's $9 Billion Slush Fund hasn't updated the presidental race stuff in awhile...

FReeper meltdown -- ex-fundraiser to out FR moderators, GimpRob's RV $$

I don't mind

Coma patient awakens after four years, asks "what'd I miss?" You say...

Read and rate this Yahoo story. Shameful TX repuke.

Every 2 to 4 years it's the same Goddamn thing...

My new response to right wingers

CSPAN2... 10:00 p.m. Eastern... Tune In.

What exactly do "Whistle Ass President" and "Crashcart Cheney" mean?

SNL hammers Rove and Coulter!

Novak knew...."Talking Points"

I know that it gets tossed around alot....

CSPAN WJ host, Pedro: What do you think?

SNL starts out lampooning Ann Coulter and Karl Rove on HARDBALL

Rush Hasn't Hit Rock Bottom

The face of pure Evil

Has anyone met any of the canidates?

Why Shouldn't we be "MAD AS HELL....and NOT Going to Take it Anymore?

Would you be happy if liberals had a "Rush Limbaugh-type" talkshow host?

Meet the Godfathers of the Neoconservatism

You must read this Article

My simple email to DIEBOLD

Plame story will not go away!

Its news like this from a GOP county that will take down Bush

What's going to happen to Rush?

Fixin' to Die in Iraq - Country Joe

Thoughts from Kerry, Clark, Dean Supporters, RE: Bob Novak quote

What is going on at the WAPO?

The Carlyle Group= Bush & Bin Laden's War Machine

FOX Racism in your face right now - Boycott!

Leak of CIA officers leaves trail of damage - Plame betrayal won't go away

Replay of Franken-O'Reilly confrontation on CSPAN now (Sat. 3pm PT)

Wanna find your ideal candidate? Take this survey

If a democrat wins can and will he repeal the patriot act?

Conventions 2004.....what is going to happen?

Question about the Teddy Roosevelt era...

DUers are NOT smarter than anybody. So stop saying that.

FReepers arguing about JAIL for Pigboy. Its hilarious.

A college student's thoughtful views on the candidacy of Howard Dean

Union people, please explain the difference between a lockout & a strike.

Exporting "our democracy" abroad? The "National Endowment for Democracy"

More fun and games at Free Republic; former fundraiser to blow whistle

Those Wacky, Wacky Conservative Women!

Bush is after Cuba now?

"democratic" debates?

Palast - Documents the Masters of the Universe Would Rather You Not See

Jesse Ventura's Dork of the Week

Mainstream has caught the multiple soldier, same letter article.

Prove to me the Death Penalty is a perfect system......

Dick Cheney Gone Wild

Rush Limbaugh doesn't deserve your pity - but you should give it anyway

On Liberals And Democrats.......

Twelve step Cults?

Is it time

Conjoined Twins

Harrison Ford for governor of California!

America 2008... a one-party state???

Why honor Columbus and not Hitler ?

Identical (fake) letters from 503rd in Iraq - links to letters

Well now we finally know the truth behind Rush Limbaugh.

How should the welfare system be reformed? Any ideas?

In two weeks we'll be making our voices heard in D.C. Will you join us?

What should be done about Columbus Day?

What party are you registered with?

Hypocrisy, Inc.

Quiet as it's kept, US military is OUT of Saudia Arabia...!

The Democrats and Greens must set aside their differences.

VERY frightening: "There are certain dark secrets we have to protect"

Oct 2002Ted Rall: The Real Link Between Bush and Hitler

BBV site back

I'm having second thoughts about Dean.

American Muslim Convert Stabbed, Called ‘Terrorist Pig’

Does The Media Know They Are Lying?

Gun law is contrary to Missouri constitution, judge says

S. Korean cabinet members submit resignations

Men detained amid terrorist suspicions plan to sue

Iraq rejects peacekeepers from neighboring countries..(Turkey)

Up to 30 Taliban Escape from Afghan Jail

Islamic Nations Tell U.S. to Leave Iraq to U.N.

Islamic Nations Call for GIs to Leave Iraq

Thousands unite to send anti-GE message to Government

Report: Israel developed nuclear warheads for its submarines

Syria Says Has Right to Self - Defense

Sixteen die in DRC massacre - Congo

Powell Promises Weekend Push for Iraq Resolution

Japan to Give to Iraq Reconstruction

Israel extends nuclear weapons capability

Not your usual sort of ladybug

Homeland Security Chief Cites Progress

Thousands unite to send anti-GE message to Government (GM Food)

Iran Hard-Liners Condemn Nobel Committee

Rumsfeld 'Surprised' by Saddam Loyalists

Bush Asserts Iraq Is 'Making Progress' (New Currency A Sign of Progress)

U.S. tax receipts take a sharp tumble

Dean boosts N.H., Iowa bids

Philly Mayor Said to Be Subject of Probe

Rep. Dingell Recovering After Surgery

G.O.P. Leadership Interceding in Energy Talks

Another man's semen reportedly found on Kobe Bryant's accuser

(IN) Abortion consent decision reversed

French sleaze inquiry targets US oil subsidiary - Halliburton

Fata MPs Call for End to Army Action (Pak. Afg. Border)

More Hefty Payments For NYSE Bigs

Database would put privacy at risk, some warn

Gov's wife brushed off by Britney

U.S. ambassador won't answer questions about arrest of Arar

Silencing the Reservists - Newsweek - form to enter your comment!!!

Israel Adds Subs to Its Atomic Ability

$100 billion South African suit targets insurers

Israel Adds Subs to Its Atomic Ability

Redistricting stalled again by House Democrats' walkout

Troubles may lurk for OPEC

Madrid objects to DOE proposal on nuclear sludge (N. Mex.)

Are You Being 'Snooped'?

Council, coalition split over Turkish troops

Medicare Drug Bills Assailed by Senator Clinton

Manhunt Continues for Pa. Murder Suspect

Law Enforcement Source Confirms Limbaugh Investigation

Pakistan: India Arms Deal Threatens Regional Military Balance

NYT: States Risk Bigger Losses To Fund Pensions

Could Peta Become First Anglican Woman Bishop?

WP: Violence in Iraq Spreads to North

CNN Intl is reporting that Shias have declared Islamic State in Iraq

Israel has sub-launched, nuclear-tipped cruise missiles

U.S. security pledge for N. Korea(THIS IS BIG)

Why in-fighting is losing Iraq and could cost Rumsfeld his job

41 jailed Taliban in tunnel escape

(Indiana) Clerk: Plan for election won't work

Bush hails new Iraq currency

41 Taliban Escape From Afghanistan Jail

Two Dean Rivals United Against Mutual Threat

Half of US voters want Bush out; put Bush and Clark in dead heat: poll

France Backs School Ban on Islamic Veils

Call for end to gay priest 'obsession' (Independent UK)

Israel plans to attack Iranian nuclear plants (German)

Islamic Nations Call for U.S. Out of Iraq

Rice Fails to Repair Rifts, Officials Say

University sold research pigs as food

Bremer: Life Is 'Normal' In Iraq - (who they think they're kidding?)

Typical Greenpeace Protest Leads to an Unusual Prosecution

Israeli IDF Planning to Attack Nuclear Sites in Iran

WP: Probe Focuses on Month Before Leak to Reporters

Cheney Lashes Out at Critics of Policy on Iraq - NYT.....(LOL)

BREAKING NEWS: PA Mass murder suspect escapes from jail

Chavez urges Columbus Day boycott

Feds Condemn Robertson for Nuke Comment

Stryker force loads gear for Iraq voyage

Clark's rise in military impressed and rankled observers

Clark Speaks of Friction With Pentagon

WAS IT ALL WORTH IT? Archbishop of Canterbury criticises Blair at funeral

U.S. May Expand Access To Endangered Species (WP)

US soldiers bulldoze farmers' crops

Military Vaccine Woes Mount

Tories overtake Labour in poll

Minorities Less Visible at Justice after Departures

Bush-Nazi Link Confirmed (J. Buchanan/New Hampshire Gazette)

Communism and Prison Bitches


Jolt Cola and Black Death Cigarettes: Truth in Advertising

OMG Ive lost so much weight

George W. Bush's United States of Whatever! - Too Funny!

What A Country. Get Up..Get Dressed..Drive To Work..Bash Democrats

I'm drunk and almost anarchistic (in Shakeydaves house), what should I do?

I'm bored.

What's in a name?

I am disturbed...My Saturdays may be crushed...Guy James is done?

Holy Fuck..what have I done

I just bought Michael Moore's new book and Molly Ivins new book.

It's pretty depressing to find out that Rush parties harder than you do.

what is with some people

Most stupid thing I've read today:

How well do you know your toys?

What happened to the "views" column?

The "anti_shrub can't land a job" blues

Is anybody on an excersicing diet now? We should start a fitness group.

62 YARD Extra point?!?!?!?

Even in paradise, you gotta watch SOME tv.. Tahiti TV sucks !!

Red Sox vs Yankees tv ratings

Toby Keith came to town...

pork tenderloins


Woohoo! I've been retasked!

post totals

Uggh! Cubs AND Red Sox are on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week

Whoooooohoooooo we got our reservations for KEY WEST!!!


Does anyone own one of those Sharper Image Ionic Breeze deals?

Not your usual sort of ladybug

Sorry Jan, I'd take a beautiful Asian woman over you any day!

What do you do with family that won't let you study?

My Fair and Balanced Poll on Pet ownership.

Another reason to not fly Air Canada or fly period

Jim Plunkett was OVERRATED!


For Booberdawg: The sex and lust thread

I'm watching Saturday Morning Cartoons...what are you doing?

Literary Freepers...

WOWSA! That's some potent coffee! (French press thread)

Another Rush thread

Mexican food tonight here folks.

Second time around: Boston College to join ACC after all

You should have seen the wierdos that came to my place last night

"Flavas" - suburban hip-hop dolls

House insurance up 48% in since 2001...

Funny Fed Ex ad

I finally found a place worse than Free Republic...

Maybe it's time for some "Compassionate Liberalism" re: Rush

Shoud DU split up?

It's baseball trivia time!!

I went down to the beach and saw Kiki...

Arrgh! My toilet is leaking

"Adopt-a-DUer" : a modest proposal

Remember the kid from Old Yeller?

One of my favorite baseball trivia questions

Celtic Fans Prepare To Have Your Asses Kicked By The Pacers!

BBC: Luther Vandross Singing Again

Kleebs silly and useless baseball trivia

The Clammer.

everything you always wanted to know about boobies, but were afraid to ask

Okay DUers having serious second thoughts here

The mail


ok need help finding one of those phony freeper spam emails

Here's some Google fun!

Despite my red sox avatar the sox arent my team I just want them to kick

Davis/Letterman Top Ten

Get a brain, morans!

OU 44 ------- Texas13!! Anyone up for Bevo burgers?

Political Art

Why won't my linksys router pass telnet?

Plush Cthulhu Strikes Again!!!

Books/websites for dog obedience advice?

Do you want to see Limbaugh go to Jail?

Who here should be doing something more productive?

Who looked worse fighting?

To carpet or not to carpet? A house selling question.

eBAY; Verify Information??

I had a big discussion about religion with my mom last night

Harvard's Moral Sense Test

Did you wrestle in High School or College?

Starting a WAVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I still have a hangover

are you ohio state fans

Talked to my co-worker about what happened after I walked out...

I like Rush


What would you watch tonight?

Let's go Cubs! Cubs Marlins Official Game 4 Thread

Cubs score 4 runs in first inning!!! Woo hooo!!!!

Has Rumsfeld been demoted?

spybot help

The Dems Should Nominate The Yankees

ARIZONA STATE 52 Oregon 14!!!!!!!!!!

US beat Canada 3-1 Good Game (Women's Soccor World Cup)

Pedro vs Clemens. Red Sox -Yankees thread.

The Curse Lives!

Louis my friend, the funeral.

ANy Edmonton Oiler fans here?

What's the latest you've ever stayed up playing capture the flag?

OU 58 -- Texas 13!!!! Yum Yum Bevo BBQ


Louis, my friend.

My sound still aint back (disappointed moan)

Straight you subscribe to the "Six Beer Theory"?

Everyone can bite me!

Now what?

Just got back from a wine tasting

Ticket Scalpers can BITE ME

ever noticed that most 'born again' actors are washed up

How to argue with Randroids ... and WIN!

Two Yankee Players to be charged with Assault!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't MLB be more like the NHL?

Boston College to join the ACC?

I was at the Red Sox /Yankees Game Tonight

WTF? Police may bring criminal charges against the Yanks?

So, I went to see Dame Edna today.

Well, I'm turning down the new job

Screw Baseball--Notre Dame is beating Pitt--that's all that matters!

Game Freaks: How about Massive Multiplayer Online Pong?

Racists are irritating.

Baby Girl Names?

Anyone up for some!

I saw Bill Bradley on thursday, he's looking pretty good

Someone peed in my bed last night/early this morning

Will the Red Sox catch up?

Florida State Seminoles = POSERS

Any Grotto-dwellers out there tonight?


Should I have sex tonight?


Watched In The Heat Of The Night--and I did it MY WAY!!!

Anyone done freelance sewing?

Pittsburgh Penguin fans

My Benny's not well. He's my kitty.

What's everyone drinking tonight?

Would you pay $125 to see KISS & Aerosmith?

Has anyone had laser eye surgery?

Today's Chicago Cubs thread, Saturday 10/11

Who are some hot and sexy Azians?

0mg l0053r5 3y3 p-0wn 4ll 0f j00- 1 4m 7h3 l337 h3r3

If you had to emigrate from America which country would you move to?

how did i get on Liberator Rev. and Nancy Skinners e-mails lists?

What's the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

the funniest freeper email ever !! (i found it

Turkey-England Anyone?

Pics from Thursday's debate in Phoenix

So do any Red Sox fans wanna ask the long dead Salem Witches

Already, Schwarzenegger displays his ignorance of California state law

I just discovered the Mennonite store

Does anyone belong to Fly Ladies?

Kissing Britney: Madonna says she hated it.

Paul Williams-Fenway Employee Attacked by Yankees-in Deaconness Hospital

Happy Anniversary Old and In the Way

to all the poker players

just got back from a wedding of a older woman and younger man

Anyone here like Jay Leno or think he's funny?

Anti-virus poll

My all-time favorite country artists

Anyone have pretty Fall leaves yet?

Do you have any sexual jokes?

!@#!@!*$% UVa Football

Which actor from "Predator" will be elected Governor next?

Ohio State v.s. Wisconsin game thread

Zimmer/Martinez Video here

Does Maria Shriver look like The Scream?


Does ANYONE? Remember the movie "Valley of the Dolls?" Do you think RUSH?

The GeoPolitical Solution of all CAPTIONS!!!!

ressurrecting the "I love DU" group-hug thread

Favorite Candle Scent:

WTF!? I am working for the repukes!?!?!?!?!

Ever suspected that someone was a serial killer?

Missouri Southern Lost Homecoming!

for those who watched Kill Bill, what was your favorite scene?

That "Kill Bill" movie sounds really gross/disgusting to me.....does

Stupidest Repuke poster:

Finally saw the latest Terminator flick, and I LOVED it.

It's the "stupid names of things" thread!!!

Your Home Decorating Style?

Have you ever held an embarrassing job?

It's just plain wrong to make fun of freepers.

Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night! Opening skit: Rove & the leak

The Kill Bill discussion thread.. (full of spoilers, beware)

Why would PMartinez throw a 72 yr old man...

Favorite song featuring indecipherable lyrics

Which Beatle Best Represents Your Personality?

Got Monday Off ??? --- West Wing Marathon On Bravo (10\13) !!!

It's Only Fair. I Want Lesbian Eye For The Straight Guy.