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Archives: October 10, 2003

An Update on Afghanistan, 2 Years After the War

From triumph has sprung murderous fiasco

Safire: Turkey’s support will hasten Iraq’s recovery

Seeing the Iraqi People

The awakening of liberal John Pilger

The Luxury All-Terrain Boondoggle

THE RECALL: A constituency that is neither left nor right

I AM ISRAEL -- Wash. State Univ.

Chicago Sun-Times: There's some good going on in Iraq

Dionne: Where's the outrage NOW

Herbert: Hard Sell On Iraq

Leaking Problems- Senators Daschle, Biden, Levin and Schumer


Mount Schwarzenegger? Georgia moves to name mountain after Ahnold.

Invisible arsenal / The case against spending more to search Iraq

Talkingpointsmemo: the denials from Rove, Libby, Abrams are nondenials.

Progressive Populist - GOP's Soft Fascism

Moyers: When big media gets bigger

Anyone want to respond to this?

Rose: Where are real conservatives?

Condi Rice: Failing Upward

What's wrong with the electric grid? (deregulation causes blackouts)

'A Shi'ite warning to America'

Madisonians: Krugman cometh

Labour strike in Southern California!

Paul Krugman/Molly Ivins in Austin to benefit The Texas Observer 10/18

My letter on Wash Post (Debate transcript doctored)

Someone must have complained ...

ABCNOTE: "Dean said his usual complement of questionable things"

Gray Davis on Letterman Show Tonight (way to go Dave!)

Why have conservatives let their "core" ideologies be Twisted?

AtelierWorkroom ~

Astrologers: When do you think Leakgate will come to the forefront again

For wine-loving gardeners:

Astrologers: "Jerry" Paul Bremmer, formerly of Kissinger & Assoc, in the


Shirin Ebadi, Iranian Lawyer Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Anglicans? More Like Southern Baptists With Prayer Books.

Companies Cutting Jobs for Good -Jarring Shift From the pastTemporary Cuts

Crash - Oct 14 or Oct 15?

Russia, Oil, Euros Question...

Safer? Smarter? More Secure? Not really... (warning, graphics intensive)

China's secret space base not where thought

"French grape harvest withers on the vine"

Antarctic Ice Shelf Melting Influenced By Warming Ocean Water - NASA

Monday - Friday Work Week Traffic Cause Weekend Climate Change?

Fatal bear mauling recorded on tape;

Russia threatens to rethink its nuclear strategy

The Nobel Peace Prize 2003: Shirin Ebadi

Thoughts on the Leak of Operative Identity

"We are overrun by gun crime, says police chief" in Nottinghamshire, UK

DUI suspect jumps out of police car, hit and killed by other police cars

My Fellow J/PS Members, Got A Question For You

I don't like the J/PS procedure of placing all firearms news articles

Actor Tommy Chong Reports to Prison

I'm looking for some kind of encyclopedic ammunition reference

Injunction Issued Against Concealed Weapon Law (MO)

GUNS IN THE NEWS - October 10, 2003

Hate Mail Bag

smilie page froze browser

My post #170 was deleted

Why are Cox & Forkum cartoons acceptable in the I/P forum?

I guess you shoulda kept the rule about dupes in GD

Yo! I just got called a ZIONIST!!

Stalking the Maronites

PM, ministers discuss prisoner swap with Hezbollah

Israel and the Empire

Many Killed in Israeli Invasion

Hamas site: 'Israel has poisoned Arafat'

Ya'alon, Mofaz at odds over call-up of reserves

Must The Show Go On?

Noisy protests begin at Rutgers

U.S. confirms construction at Israel's Syria target

Explaining The Occupation To The Occupier

Israel: The Alternative

Israel: The Alternative

Israeli troops storm Gaza refugee camp

North Tower Dust Cloud Analysis

Security, Colorado

Flight 93 - That Pesky C-130

"People have to account for their past actions and their past statements."

Can we morph them all into a platform that works?

Dean, Kerry, Lieberman, Sharpton, Braun gain in new Gallup Poll

Announcing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Dean

Bush in free fall in Connecticut; Lieberman leads dem race/ Dean 2nd

Dean Statement: Anniversary of the I W R Authorization

Any polls on Mississippi gov race?

Clark and Dean battle for Hollywood

Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association Endorses Gephardt for President

FL-14: Connie Mack IV eyes Congress

Group mounts effort to recall (Gov.) Murkowski (R-AK)

Bush's Troubles with Independent Voters

Debate time for Edwards: 6 answers, 6 min 55 sec in 1hr 25min 55sec debate

A good poem to help people decide on a candidate

Do Clark and Kerry have the same position on Iraq?

What about the 'fax' of the matter?

Dean Holds (10 point) Lead Among Democrats in New Hampshire

Is anyone else tried of Kucinich in the Debates?

Dean's Statement on the Anniversary of the Authorization of Iraq War Res

My take on the "fax" controversy

Press talk to each other to determine conventional wisdom after debate...

Union Support: How Crucial?

LaRouche is eligible for matching funds

Vermont 2002 Budget

AZ Republic Writes up the 'Fax Controversy'

Fun new political game

Edwards used an analogy last night which I've been using here for months

Wow. That was quite a plug Sharpton gave Edwards!!!

John Edwards WILL BE President of the United States

Black Commentator: Wesley Clark: Dishonest to the Core...

debate time not fair

Dean and the hispanic woman @ the debate last night

another huge reason to dump Bush?

Condoleeza Rice's mouth

Frontline show on Iraq is on right now in LA (KCET) 9:35 pm Pacific

Bush reigns in his pal Arnie

Bush's Watergate and the Republican's plan.

Frontline Exposed Bush on PBS Tonight!

Hey! I say give 'em a chance

Bush-Kennedy dynasty?

CalPundit's opinion on the Krugman editorial

Here's Why I Believe Clark Has a Big Advantage for the Nomination

Attack the treasonous traitorous GOP!

Haley Barbour appears at Council of Conservative Citizens Event

Bernie's streaming now. Iraq and Bush. Getting hot.

Question on Judy Woodruff on tonight's debate

Few basic questions

Anyone here read Riverbend's blog?

Citizens stripped of their islands by US and UK for air bases....

Big tent republicans

Letter from the parents of Matthew Shepard

American? Here's your get out of jail free card.

Funny little political moment

Teacher, aide arrested after kids say they were taped to chairs

Amb. Wilson Was Involved with the Gulf War I Propaganda Campaign

Christian Dominionists taking over California Republican Party?

Tony Judt's Excellent Article on an Alternative Future for Israel

Witness gunned down after speaking to U.N. investigator about police death

Clark has hired Graham's New Hampshire staff - close to hiring Iowa staff.

So who here thinks that Irani woman winning the Nobel is a message to Bush

We're "loaning" Turkey $850,000 per soldier?

I swear to Christ this country is run by everyone I hated in high school

Heh...I'll bet THIS will piss-off the Repubs

Check this out -- we're in some serious debt!

Even Merle Haggard against war; afraid of losing freedom to talk

Mayor Riordan calls for revolution in California!

Ann Telnaes - Bush poem to women

TOTAL RECALL - Hollywood producer to terminate Arnold?

Has Schwarzenegger's vote topped 3,533,490?

where can I find a feed of the debates last night

Lieberman, Kerry lead Bush in Connecticut

Is Iraq the bull we are holding on to by the horns and can't let go of?

Help defeat Judge Roy "10 Commandments" Moore

Anyone else getting e-mails like this?

Here is Documented Proof O'Reilly is a Total Liar

Toles Gets It....

Who Do You Detest More

HELP! Wash Post transcript DELETED Clark's preemption answer Iraq War Poll

Michael Moore on CNN's Crossfire Today at 4:30p

Help me show up my freep roomie

Analyst...Operative? TPM exposes Bob Nofacts perfectly!

Bush claim of Iraqi progress refuted

TWM...dang i need to get off of the farm more...why didn't i know of TWM

How will Bush react to Chinese when they put a man on the moon?

Clark was unimpressive tonight (imo)

Steroid Boy Stumbles Out Of The Gate

NEEDED! numbers for yes recall and no recall.

Wow, Arnold's reduced CA deficit from 38 billion to 8 billion in 2 days...

OUCH!! - one of the fiercest Danziger Toons ever!

Plenty Of Kobe Coverage These Days

And the Nobel Peace Prize Goes to...Shirin Ebadi

TV News Lies Webcast to start at noon ET

Godot Has Left The Building (The Wait for WMDs is Over)

What you've all been waiting for: Unbiased look at the debate...

Was there interference during the Frontline program on Iraq?.


Sharpton has a mini-me!!!!

So, how's that Yucca Mountain thing going?

Liberal Oasis Review of Last Night's Dem Debate

Anyone know who Publius Group is?

A Clinton staff research hiccup revealed

KobeKobeKobeKobe-2 dead in Iraq-DC snipers- KobeKobeKobeKobe

Here's One: If you listen to Rush you support the terrorists...

Is there online data on voter registration by party in California?

Must Read Krugman Today:

Talked to Dean about paper ballots today!

US rips Canada plan to ease marijuana laws

Everyone thinks they know what the "American people" want

Help Me Undertand What Makes A YOUNG Republican?

Hey, everyone, look at this!

The End of Fairness ( History of talk radio and the Fairness Doctrine)

I know where the WMD's are, the late news told me last night

MSNBC just cut out of a Live speech from bush...

Bush just made a speech carried live on CBC about his plans for Cuba

Freeper roomie caught in his own web of lies, gets in a huff

Can the end of civilization be far away?

pat robertson for president!!

Will Rush be sober today?

Arnold's "enviro" guy -- Carlyle groupie!

More Republican Sedition!

suggestion for hate radio&tv advertisers

Why I oppose private prisons. (Fairly obvious)

Frasier's Falling...

If Kobe Bryant Goes to Jail

Bush tries a few jokes with fund raising audience! CNN's Tongue in cheek!

Moore's new book excerpt?

Houston, I think we have a problem

According to credible source, Limbaugh did it.

Clark leads in Very Interesting poll analysis....

Help review "The Bush Boom"

Paul Krugman visits the Thom Hartmann Show today.

Seems Bush will bail out Cal. for Ahnold, but wouldn't for Davis.

Should Rush Be The Next Drug Czar?

I think McAuliffe had the right strategy in California

Gergan brings up a good point: guys dig Dean.

All The Candidates Were Circulating Press Releases At The Debate

Why is Rush so afraid of us?

Torn between candidates...any suggestions?

Turn off your TV'S: Bush Media Blitz prepared for the coming week! Sunday

Barf Alert! - Arnold Taps Tammy Bruce for Transition Team

What's this I hear about George coming to California to hang with Arnold?

Lunatic with Weapons of Mass Destruction - Stop Him !

Limbaugh: The Dem Presidential Candidates Are "Metrosexuals"

How Can Pigboy* Discuss The Debate Without Addressing The

Cheney warns of single day of horror.

What happened during today's briefing. . .

Very moving op-ed from a soldier who served in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan

CNN on debate fax: "How it got in there was unintentional."

Bush's War Propaganda is pathetic


larry kudlow book on Bush Boom

Allegations arise that 'Israel has poisoned Arafat'

Sen. Slimetorum will head Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign in PA

Exit Polling? Was anyone here asked to participate?

How many soldiers have died since Bush's aircraft carrier thing?

Open line Friday for Vulgar Pigboy

Why had DU suddenly turned from discussing treason, occupation....

Visit this poll

Know Wonder Why Rush Has Back Problems. He Sits On His FAT ASS

Question About Getting Involved.

Massachusetts Named Smartest State

US rips Canada plan to ease marijuana laws (edited for profanity)

Krugman on ieamerica Radio now!

If drug addiction is a moral failing in Rush

A Serious Question

Dang - I missed the debate - and have NO idea what folks are talking

Gutless, sneaky freeper has it out for me at work.

Answer to all those Republicans advocating cutting taxes

ACTION ALERT: O'Reilly Smears L.A. Times on Sex Abuse Story

Suggestions Please...

Suggestions Please...

Suggestions Please...

Josh Marshall on Scott McClellan's denials

In the great liberal tradion of embracing all......

Democrats have more tattoos. Who knew?

Paul Krugman on ieamerica NOW -- link

Does anybody got a link to Dr. Kay's WMD Report?

The Debate...(audio or video ?)

Check out how our brain reads words......

Someone Fill Me In On Dem Debate Last Night?

So now, who's the new "Excellent Role-Model for the Yoots of America"

NYTimes: "Springtime for Hitler" Paul Krugman's column

We need to compile some quotes of Rush deriding drug addicts....

Rumsfeld as ABB Director sold nuke stuff to N Korea Jan 2000

Information on *missing votes* from e-voting in California

Rev. Moon, the Bushes & Rumsfeld & North Korea

Rush said he takes full responsibility. Does this mean...

Rush is on the air

Has Ahhhhnold stated who he plans to use to audit the books

what FDR said in 1944 is what Real Americans stand for

Letter to Senator Hutchinson--you gotta read this!

What is the sinister meaning behind this picture?

BBV: Meeting on California Voting Systems - October 28th!

Just bought Michael Moore's new book

Oprah for President

where can I watch/listen to the democratic debates from 10-9?

Does the FCC have rules about misuse of the airwaves

Question: Will Rush's Rehab Make him a more tolerant person?

Let’s build our own city (seriously).

Wow! Right wing columnist slams Bu$h!


video 2001 footage of Powell & Rice declaring Iraq is not a threat

America needs a new Emergency Powers Act

C-Span - 4 PM EDT NAACP forum in South Carolina

Bill O'Reilly interview on NPR

NAACP will be aired LIVE at 4PM ET on CSPAN

Bush is a Traitor (Illustrated)

Arnie's "coming"! See the video.

Note to US Drug Czar John Walters from a Canadian

I'm angry at the Tucson coverage of the debate last night

Something for Limbaugh to consider

"Dead Parrot Society" By PAUL KRUGMAN

Graphic Summary of CA Recall with Smileys

I heard Rush mention DU on the air

ah, CSPAN - why must you bring us such manslaughter-y coincidence?

Judy Whoredruff and Candy Crowley spinnig debate now! CNN

Controlling the terms of the debate...

Did Limbaugh truly ever have a cochlea implant or was that detox?

A Miserable

Since I Can't Post On and free republic

Bob Somerby (Daily Howler) going on long Sabbatical, may not return!

Dean and Kucinich had good points about Dem impotence last night

Schwarzenegger: Sexual Harassment? "Old news."

The real life Matrix..

APB on IMUS in the Morning's "IM" screen name? Help ?

Idiot who shot Sikh (thought he was Arab) sentenced to death

Didn`t stop Limbaugh from playing golf.

Whatever happened with the SD rPIG who killed the motorcyclist?

STRIKE! UFCW Is striking in Southern California!

We're not done yet: Does anyone have any dirt on Sean Hannity?

Are we all connected?

Pat Robertson is one scary-looking guy!

I Feel Sorry For Rush

Michael Moore on Crossfire

Did the CBO Lower Debt Projections This Week?

"The media is not reporting on the good things happening in Iraq"?????

When 2004's Tax Season Rolls Around, Will the S--T Have Hit the Fan?

Wake me when it's over......

CNN Poll

Pentagon Regime Change Among Senior Officers

The next time you face an onslaught of right wing talking points

Just for fun

how long will it take for(if it can happen) Cal to become a swing state?

Labor strike in Southern California!

The Official Freeper Visitors Lounge/Thread

Michael Moore

It is wrong to take delight in the suffering of others...

CBS News to talk about Vaccine Refusual in the Military

A simple question to you Right-Wing lurkers and trolls

latest dead & wounded news

Question: Since Rush would pillory Hillory

Two Civilized Men Among the Barbarians

Where can one find the latest number of casualties in Iraq?

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

ABC leads broadcast with Limbaugh addiction

Bill Bennett & FL virtual schools.........

Possible MO for Woodruff's moderation?

Who is Bob Herbert, and why is he saying these things?

Drudge on Buchanon & Press, practically smooching Rush Limbaugh

Will Rush get a 'Jerry Garcia sendoff' in rehab?

Talent on loan from drugs: "You can excel in your field on these pills"

It's not about the sex. It's about the lying.

Let's hope for a Lee Atwater moment for Rush

Do you know a Conservative who has a relative in jail or prison for drugs?

Got this from freep brother in law this morning....

interesting buchanan and up, will limbaugh........

Rush interview about playing golf and basketball (What pain?)

Rush's hypocritical statements on drugs in the last six years...

Three Rush Exclusives On MSNBC-It's A Rushapalooza!!!!

WTF is wrong with you people? Drug addiction is NOT FUNNY

Don't forget - Michael Moore on Hardball tonite. Let's roll!

Any news on the Democratic/NAACP forum...?

Great article on Jim McDermott's support for Dean

Caption Bush

if you don't know anyone who voted for Arnold?

Oh great! Bush approval rises to 55 percent in CNN poll

My thoughts after re-reading the Bush Doctrine

Can we really win?

Rush Limbaugh Conspiracy?

Fantasy Land or Will America ever grow up?

Why does an ignorant, drug addicted liar rate so many posts in DU?

Interesting interview with Aaron Brown last night.

Three Hundred and Twenty-Six Dead. WTH Will it Take

Russia to price oil in euros in snub to US

Who's the biggest human rights abuser in Cuba today?

Transcript of Limbaugh's comments on his painkiller addiction

Rush is an "Enabler of PNAC" and "RW EVILS! Nothing will excuse him from

Tweety discussing Kobe and it's more hypcrisy

A New Career for Rush?

BBV - Long-shot candidates do startlingly well in Tulare County

How Rush will save himself

Question for the informed Californians: is it true the LAT has lost

Dean Holds (10 point) Lead Among Democrats in New Hampshire

MoveOn: "Help President Bush"

Someone answer this question please??

Computers Deliver Slow Counts

Let's plan to be in NY at Ground Zero to "greet" Bush

rush is addicted alright!!

Candidate talk time in last night's debate: Dean first, Kucinich last

Evil Dick Cheney says Iraq critics would do exactly nothing!!

Why does Ahnold have the right to audit the books before he's sworn in?

BBV meeting yesterday, California Secretary of State

Cnn is talking about Rush

Olbermann gonna talk about Pat ROBert$on wanting to nuke State Dept

These Men Died in Vietnam While GW Bush & Cheney were Cowards

Unfourtunatly, I predict Rush will come-back strong.

The Redneck vs the Bleedin' Heart Liberal: episode 1147

Tune in. turn on, and drop out.

Progressivism and liberalism are not the same thing!

The truth about the CA car tax

A Serious Question Re Russian Oil/Euros...

BILL MOYERS - on right now

Have I told DU lately that I love DU?

Discussion about insurance companies

WFT?????? Freepers hate neocons??????????

The Democratic Leadership Never Had a Clue- April 2003

pauala Zahn interviewing Matthew Shepards mother right now

document details Bush-Cheney's plan for Gulf takeover +4 yrs ago

Matthew Shepard's mother will be on Paula Zahn in a little while

Can anyone tell me how to post a picture on here?

Powell used plagiarized 12yr old Iraq data to push UN for war

Potential for a class action lawsuit - in an IPO scam?

Very funky Diebold results in CA! Have you seen this?

Hey! Debate replay on CSPAN 9:50E 10/10

McDonald's new premium chicken breast strips are awesome

All Discouraged, Down & Out DU'ers Need to go Read "Washington Implodes,"

Deeply humble man

The fact is that Pukes, like Rush, spread hate and disinformation

I think the right wing media secretly wants a white right wing loudmouth

Rush Limbaugh =Juluis Streicher

Let's play scramble!

Posted the wrong place --- but a thought anyway.

More faith based foreign policy

TraitorGate: The Administration's Search for the Leakers!

Where is the post about Arnold and deregulation of energy there?

The 2003 Elections

124 reasons to impeach Bush

Yikes! I just had a local firefighter come to my door for money.

Limbaugh on Drugs: Darryl Strawberry and Kurt Cobain

During 2000 uncount LA Times was the most balanced paper IMO

Mike Malloy had me literally ROTFLMFAO!!!!

Cheney's Friday FEAR-Fest

John Dean's latest article on Traitorgate

Anybody know the street name for oxycotin or hydrocotin

Will Rush be clean one year out from re-hab?

What's up with DU people and cats?

Red Cross vs. Gitmo

Bad News - Gallup says Bush is back up to 55% on job approval

I have NO sympathy for Limbaugh

Recall Results Put Focus Back on Voting Machines...(on NPR)

Didn't Limbaugh Lie about his addiction

The real message of the recall vote (good news!)

Remember this: If the maid hadn't outed him, Rush would still be doing

A Thought on the Rush/Drugs Topic

An Interesting Google Excercise

Dr. Joy Browne on terror

Putin ready to give Bush the finger - whoopee!

Who will they come for first?

WooHoo - Look at the column on Dean in my local paper

Scarborough sez about Rush...

Because I Got High---The El Rushbo Version

Dave Letterman RE: Ahnold NOW

Do you think that another US Civil War is imminent?

info on oxycontin and rehab

Bush going after Castro next!

Luv, OBEY, and Honor, America, Home of the Brave, the Free, the Obediant

Stephenson: Asians are killing the LPGA

Look out folks. Rush issue

Limbaugh Is Admitting His Addiction to Painkillers!!!

Compassion for Rush on my local news

Is Howard Dean a likable guy?

OMG! I'VE BEEN HAVING SUCH FUN! Bashing Rush on Yahoo! Boards...

Unfortunately, Rush has glamourized the drug OxyContin

Let's give Rush a second (3rd) chance. (Like he gave Darryl Strawberry.)

Rush, a victim of drug companies or petty addict?


Isn't it obvious? Rush supports TERRORISTS.

Deleted message

Nineteen states is all we need...

Interesting post in Freep land......

Hummer Owners Suck!

That wasn't a debate, it was have yourself whipped by CNN

Russia To Price Oil in Euros in Snub to US !

Why the continued B.S. that this is a "Christian" nation?

Wow! The Onion weirdly prescient in 2001!

the whores are praising limpballs for his "surprising admission"..WTF?

Would Oxycontin cause a lack of hunger?

Who thinks Ahnold will endorse Bush* next year?

New Rush meme: 20 million angry dittoheads will attack

C.E.O. Cheney was earning his bonus in Iraq dirty 'bidness'

We need a sea change

We Have the Grass-Roots: Lets Use it to Define * on the issues

OK so I am dismayed in St Louis

Chomsky & Nader in G. W. Bush country

CO BBV activists - Exhibition Saturday in Boulder!

9/11: It takes your breath away!

Rush Fans Bookmark this site :)

Hilarity in Freeperville

Rush is not running for anything.

Deleted message

John Dean says Rove may have violated Federal Conspiracy & Fraud Statute!

So...Rush is a pill addict, Bill Bennett is hooked on gambling...

FrancoAmerican Relations in a changing World, Speech by the Fr. Ambassador

Clark and the Military Vote

Who Will The New King Of Hate Radio?

If Rush is charged with a felony, he could be off the air?

Drug addiction is not funny

Has anyone read the book "Bad Boy: The Life and Politics of Lee Atwater?"

The Rush bash is fun, but tomorrow it's Wilson-Gate for me!

I'm leaving the US as soon as I can sell the house.

BBV Alert! CNN Headline News reports 400,000 missing votes on recall in LA

My prayer for Rush Limbaugh

Tune in for the LAST "Guy James Show" tomorrow..... (OR....)

Apparently the only problem with Rush's hate speech was its target

Comments on last night's Frontline

Could a military coup happen in America?

Kerry letter to Bush before his fundraiser - calls for "shared sacrifice"

Is there an official "Limbaugh drug abuse quotations" thread?

They're Taking Lloyd Doggett Away From Me!!!

Was US foreign policy between 1890 and 1940 "isolationist" or not?

Bush wins 272 to 266 if you don't read this and stop it.

What did Kerry do with the fax?

Malloy just agreed with me: DU is the BEST FORUM EVER!!!!!

Dumb and Dumberer

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - God + Government, Wall St. scandals, more...

Going to Cuba? You could be going to jail!

Haley Barbour campaigns with racist Council of Conservative Citizens

Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) optimistic on Iraqi efforts ('third rate reporters')

Baghdad Suicide Blast Kills 10, Wounds 45

Gunmen Won't Let Somali Leader Use Airport

Rebels in Uganda Kill 15 in Refugee Camp

Prince Narindrapong of Cambodia Dies

Debate downplays bug issue

U.S. Pronounced Moves for Nuclear War under Fire

High School Students Opinionated About Recall

Security Will Delay Iraq Rebuilding, Report Says

US troops killed in Iraqi Shia stronghold

More Agents Are Added to Leak Case

Guantanamo detentions blasted

House Watch-10/10/2003 (#1) (pro forma session @ 10 AM)

Bush Urges Public To Be Upbeat on Iraq

War on terror fuels small arms trade

Iraq Has Deadliest Day in A Month - Attacks Kill 3 GIs & Diplomat

California urges court to increase refunds from energy crisis

Scrapyard of Russian subs to be cleared up

Community College, used as an example by Sen. John Edwards

Intel Chairman Says U.S. Is Losing Edge

World Bank Estimates Iraq Needs $55B

'Dozens of tanks' roll into Gaza

Sniper Suspect Plans Insanity Defense

Britons remember their dead from the Iraq war

Dems believe remap is DOA

found this site dang i need to get off of the farm more often..i like it

NATO wants more Afghanistan troops

Kerry's White House bid fails to catch fire

Street Computer Seized (Philadelphia mayoral race)

India gains on US labour shortage

Coalition says hundreds of surface-to-air missiles in Iraq

Red Cross Criticizes Indefinite Detention in Guantánamo Bay

Russia is not planning first nuclear strike - defense minister

New Guantanamo Arrests May Be Imminent

Clark May Give Dean a Run for His Money (WP - Cali fundraising)

Fraud Case at Enron Is Settled

Agency Decries Cuba Detainees' Condition

Georgia president says Kremlin threats echo Hitler

Leno said to exceed Terminator limits

Wish list for new governor -Businesses Weigh In

Iraqi Shiites bury their 'martyrs' and tell Americans to get out

NH Loves that Bu$h! Distraught Driver Takes Aim At Air Force One

County (Broward) still at a loss over phantom vote machines BBV

U.S. Soldiers Lured Into Ambush by Iraqi Civilians, Says U.S. Official

To End the "Information Embargo," End the Ban on Travel by Americans To Cu

Russian journalist murdered for investigative work

Ten States to Sue EPA on Global Warming

Iraqi resistance leader arrested

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Ambush

WTAE TV: Pgh, PA Residents Petition to Impeach Mayor

Bulgaria Considered for US Missile Base to Deter Iran

Iranian Activist Ebadi Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Chechen civilian killings made public

US gross external debt more than $6 trillion - Treasury Dept

Cheney Defends Decision for War in Iraq (AP)

NY Daily News: Powell & Rumsfeld going over the side

Many Killed in Israeli Invasion

Suggestions Please...

Bush visit to Kentucky draws protesters of war, economic strategy

AP: Mexican Deserters Start Drug Turf War


Brazil Gunmen Kill Police Abuse Witness

Thais push safe sex with "Miss Condom" pageant

MPs fight for Arar probe - U.S. security measures threaten our rights,

S. Korean Leader Seeks People's 'Pardon'

Report: Pope May Undergo Kidney Dialysis

Brazil Shrugs at Death of Informant

9/11 Killer Gets Death For Hate Crime

Irked Prez Moves to Redo Iraq Team (Interesting Leaks: NY Daily News)

US told to avoid main Shia area in Baghdad

Some Suggest Fed Probe Not Colorblind ((Philly Mayor))

Rep. Dingell Undergoes Surgery (Planned Surgery)

Mountain May Be Named for Schwarzenegger

Red Cross says Guantanamo status unacceptable

Bush Seeking Ideas for Regime Change in Cuba

380,000 votes missing in CA

Powell Weighs Agreement With N. Korea

Dissident welcomes Bush's support but sees little new in Cuba initiatives

Bush Talk of Cuba Sanctions Alarms Canada

To Avenge Their Trees, Iraqi Farmers Threaten Resistance

House panel's Iraq talks flare into (767) tanker debate

ABC leads broadcast with Limbaugh addiction

FCC seeks more data on News Corp.'s DirecTV deal

Democratic Hopefuls Taunt Clark in Debate

(Arthur) Andersen appeal keys on definition

Tweety and the PigBoy Lovefest...

Gray Davis on Letterman Show Tonight (way to go Dave!)

Shiites take to the streets of Baghdad's Sadr City (10,000 & some armed)

Yen hits 3-yr high against dollar

Something Fishy about 'No-Bid' Contracts for Iraq Reconstruction?

Afghanistan addicted to drug profits

Berlusconi pushes for more power

Downed Israeli navigator 'alive in Tehran'

Bush Appointee Lied to Congress (EPA Holmstead)

Peace winner wants prison pardons

Army charges chaplain at Guantanamo Bay

Web Sites Listed as 'Terror' Groups

Bad Goes to Worse in FBI Informant Scandal - Helping a Hit?

Thousands Demonstrate Against Israel and U.S. in Egypt

Unions could strike at 3 big grocers

Senators Want Gasoline Measure Dropped

Gephardt, Kucinich Lead Fight Against Assault Weapons

NPR Reports that Rush Limbaugh admitted to his drug addiction on air today

Dean Leads Among Possible Internet Voters

Gun Makers May Win Exemption From Suits

Pa. Supreme Court rejects conviction challenge from Abu-Jamal

Texas GOP crafts new Hill districts, Dems to lose six seats

U.S. ambassador has no plans to testify on Arar deportation (P. Celluci)

Russia to price oil in euros in snub to US

(IHT) Spyware products: crossing the line

Threatened Lawsuit Over Princeton CD Paper Dropped

Vatican, Catholics Dismayed Pope Misses Nobel Again

Cheney warns of 'single day of horror'

S.C. NAACP forum turns into the 'Wesley Clark Show'

Palestinians Warn U.S. on Israeli Fence Veto at UN

Iraqi Shiite Anger Raises New Fears for U.S. Soldiers

State Posts Biggest Monthly Job Loss (California)

Red Cross blasts Guantanamo

Texas Aide's E-Mail Ridicules Democrats

Miami's Cuban-Americans divided over president's Cuba plan

Wolfowitz Says U.S. Will Not Be Driven from Iraq

US hawk(Bolton – Dep Und Sec of State)warns Iran threat must be eliminated

Stephenson: "Asians Are Killing LPGA"

Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros?

DHS Enhancing Enforcement of Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Interior Reverses (Clinton) Opinion on Mining Waste

CNN Breaking: Nobel Peace Prize for Shirin Ebadi

News Corp. Signs Deal to Sell L.A. Dodgers

Cardinal Criticized for Remarks About HIV

Software company to sue student over using shift key (Orwellian)

Limbaugh admits it

Two Iraqi oil pipelines ablaze (Al-Jazeera)

Rumsfeld 'surprised' by Saddam loyalists

First Lady Talks Up Progress in Iraq

Schwarzenegger Picks Florida Budget Chief as California Auditor

Schwarzenegger to 'Go to the People' if Opposed

WP: Cheney Goes on Offensive Over Iraq

Schwarzenegger’s First Role As Governor-Elect of California: The Deregula

Kurds ready to declare war on Turkey

Tribal Advocates Seek Senator's Apology (Ted Stevens (R-Alaska))

Same letter to the editor praising Army in Iraq pops up across nation

Bush Unveils Measures to Weaken Cuba's Castro

US Republican Rep Criticizes Bush's New Plans For Cuba

I love me some Angry Ass Jesus. ..

Jimmy Kimmel

Weird Al's "Bob"

WHat Velvet underground tune sings

Wow..nero kicks ass

I'm going to Vegas, babeeee

The Sox lost but on the upside!

Need advice

Eine Frage an die Deutschen, die hier sind.

I'm the new veteran around here!!!!

For my sanity, I have to take a break from DU and news

Good news for Germans

Anybody read Wesley Clark's book?


Anyone hear who won the Nobel Peace prize yet?

Unsolicited "enlargement" emails: blame it on Gambian sorcery?

Ebert tweaks Rush (subtly) in his review of "Kill Bill"

It's always darkest before the dawn

It's UK National Poetry Day: some limmerick samples

Is my bookmark link problem Yahoo or Netscape?

If there are any cricket fans out there (e.g. GregW)...

Brilliant choice for Nobel Peace Prize

Merle Haggard singing anti-war on Letterman

How would you like to live on Snazzy Circle?

Quirky catchphrase

Heheeeey, my 100th post! Ask me anything!


Reminder: catch the Daily Show replay

I won the Nobel Peas Prize!

Embarrassed; please ignore this post.

I found out today I look intimidating!

This Just In. I Like Watching Bowling On TV.

Are most Dems really "trickle down" believers?

Some good movies coming out this weekend - which do you plan to see?

Cubs In Historical Perspective...

Unemployed me registered for school today.....

Lost two uncles last week

Catwoman - check your DU inbox

Selling animals to minors

DAMNIT! I got frozen out of the Nobel Peace Prize AGAIN!!!!

My new CD bruner keeps screwing me over (advice needed)

Iraq's top gym changes name to 'Arnold Classic'

Who do you hope wins the World Series?

All y'all can bite me!

there's like a 30-feet-deep rectangular hole in my yard

Any Adobe Acrobat Experts?


heads up, iTunes coming out for Windows next Thursday

The girls team helped catch the naked man in Arlington,VA

Free Signature/Photo Hosting

Try this google search

Daily Show / John Stewart ...Can it be viewed online? Link?

Anyone Here Ever Seen The British Comedy "The Office" ?

On-Line Orgasmic Simulation

Dammit, I *NEVER* win the Nobel Peace Prize....

Suspected Penis Snatcher is Beaten to Death

DU ignore function

editing story, need sex-related question answered

PUKE! Oh my gosh, look what I was just forwarded (Warning:high puke factor

Sal316's insider's view of the debate. (I worked it!)

Anybody know anything about juvenile law?

If Kobe Bryant Goes to Jail

Please don't look down on me; but this season's surviver is so much fun!!

"The Mission" by Will Pitt

The Meditative Funk of all CAPTIONS!!!

Frasier's Falling...

Fargin' Emusic.......

What's all the fuss about baseball?

College Football Trivia

The Free Republic Press (VANITY)

Politics (Joke)

i thought i`d tell all you daytimers

"Big hair" at fault for tiger's attack on Roy

Hey! What gives? No avatars?

I believe in God, Karma, Etc.

Northeast DUers! Plenty of cats still available (with pix!)

Guess What?

Hey Newyawker 99!

Roger Clemens "the best pitcher we have seen over the last 40 years"?

Check out how our brain reads words......

Best Pitcher in the last 40 years

Super Bowl Trivia Question

Please sir, can I have another?

Robber, 91, admits third bank job

Does this photo make me look fat?

Fans of the movie Trainspotting:

Will S.L. ever have a GOP Mormon mayor?

Song by The Guess Who you're least embarrassed to admit you like

The Funk Brothers are coming to Seattle!


I'm so happy! My new coworker is Liberal!

I think I have one of them shitty little tracker programs on my PC

Oprah for President

Compensation for families of soldiers killed in Iraq/Afghanistan - How muc

Which one of you jokers is "sean7774568"?

The Dodge Dart

I can't wait to 'Kill Bill' Tarantino fans rejoice!

In honor of the Nobel Peace Prize: Buy this book from Jimmy Carter

Democrats have more tattoos. Who knew?

How to make your own Shrunk HEAD(an apple), courtesy of x-entertainment

You friggin' anarchists! A tribute to DU

College Football more time

The Renault Dauphine

Darrell Issa referred to Vancouver as Hongcouver

New Season of 'Jeremiah' Begins tonight!

The Dems need Uma Thurmond to kick Repuke Ass! (Kill Bill)

Vanity post- I am tootin my own horn

today's new hate radio advertisers 10/10

Florida Gator fans love their leader

Whatcha gonna do with neighbors like this?

Best year for '70s music?

Need Campaign Advice to combat Repuke dirty tricks

Are You Rooting For Kobe Bryant To Be Found Guilty?

APB on IMUS's "IM" handle? Help Please

If you hate freeper posts, don't open this.

The Official Freeper Visitors Lounge/Thread

My fundie mom likes "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"

Amazon review of O'Reilly's new book

Just for fun

I Just Bought Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets - Ask Me Anthing!


Bush secret military service revealed

Anybody else here sick of rush limbaugh posts?

Favorite Tom Petty/TP&HBs song


it's Friday afternoon,


Seattle Barenaked Ladies Concert

So many movies SO little time!!!!

I just did my own laundry for the first time...

Cubs fans!


Pat Robertson is one scary-looking guy!

Ich bein ein fuckin' Berliner!!!

Does someone have a link to online left leaning radio talk shows?

I was gonna do my radio show until I got high...sing along now

The Calico Cat of all CAPTIONS!!!

I Bought Something At WalMart Today

Cubbie fans: WTF is the Billy Goat curse?


I have my Strat, I have my drink

Book: America's Meltdown

Morbid America?

Dr. Cranky Kitten is IN...........................................

The swearing OUT of George W Bush

Am I the only Red Sox fan who has the sinking feeling of "Gee, it was...

Holy smokes! It's a bin-buster!

yet another music query

When You Retire, What State Will You Retire To?

First Bennett, now Limbaugh - who's the next Right-Wing shrill to confess?

What Song Best Describes Rush's Dilemma?

LA Times Printed my letter!!!

Anyone know anything about small cell lung cancer?

The 80s have landed at a thrift shop near you.

What is the BEST reason for drinking a drink with an umbrella tonight?

Can anyone tell me how to post a picture on here?

Rush baby, this song is for you.

Which bothers you more?

I'm Listening To Richie Havens Sing PEACE TRAIN

Twisted Humor Alert! Disturbing Teapot--WARNING: offensive image


How long till HEyHEY is re-employed?

I am blasted on illicit narcotics tongight... ask me everything!

Pukey, pukey pictures.........yuk

Letter from the 82nd Airborne Division

Dedication of an old punk George W. Bush

Wal-Mart Wine!

Call 561-355-7100 to insist that Limbaugh pay for his criminal

Will Rush be someones BITCH in prison?

I just saw "Kill Bill, Part 1"

I'm makin' vegetable beef soup. Who wants some?


NOW you see the evil! Forget about George Bush, Jr,

Death of a sport star... the sad aftermath of speeding

My Rush Is Boring Rant

Happy Birthday Kirsty

Gonna see Lost in Translation Tonight


Why I believe in the afterlife

Cubs-Marlins 10/10 thread-


Anyone had a dn-L (Upside down version of 7-up)? Gave me

It's my birthday and I'm drunk...

How do cats eat the shit we serve them?

If my son is sent Overseas and dies for the Bush wars

I Got A Raise Today! Ask Me Anything!!

Pink Floyd Laser Light show...

I just came across this....

Reincarnation anyone?

McDonald's new premium chicken breast strips are awesome

Little Brown Jug half way to Minnesota

Rush can't handle Recovery......


The Top Ten Geekiest Hobbies

more new Hannity advertisers

Politics in the Workplace

DUers better not go into recovery for the next month

New Nickname for the GOP

Happy Birthday Vodka! 500 years old today.

The Yugo

WHERE Will WE Be 5 Years From Now?

Ugh, I'm sick of defending communism.

Has anyone here played Final Fantasy X?

I love those "Queer Eye" guys

Best Drinking Song?

The Howdy-Doody of all CAPTIONS!!!!

My baby corns might be sick. :(

Which MONOPOLY Token Do You Always Choose?

Ah ha! NY Rangers suck!!!!!

People who kill animals for entertainment do not read this!


Will I kick myself if I don't go see the Trachtenburg Family tonight?

Bush Toons

Oh Joyus day! HEyHEY quit his job...

Majorly drunk for the first time in over two years

I just saw "KILL BILL Vol. 1"

I've figured it out...I know what's wrong with Enterprise!

What's your favorite Cult Horror/B Grade Horror movie?

Discussion about insurance companies

local fast food chains?

awww... my new kitty is all snuffly....

Dr. KittenHearts is IN...............

I'm going to San Diego for a week. What should I do there?

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth

Things your Dad, grandfather and uncles used to say

Who do you dislike more?

I'm Baaaaack...A few quick pics & then I gotta unpack

Flu shots

What's up with DU people and cats?

A bumpersticker I saw today

Experienced Linux Users, a couple of computer questions

Post your nomination for FAVORITE SONG EVER poll

First Time ever! Billboard Hot top 10 are African-American artists

Oh, and by the way, Apple computer fans can bite me