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Equal Time with Bob Boudelang

"So What If Our Great President Plays With the Penis of a Horse?"

May 7, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Honestly, you would think that Democraps and other socialists did not grow up in the real world from the fuehrer that is being made over Laura Bush and her "comedy" routine the other night. So Our Great President plays with the penis of a horse, so what?

Plenty of respected and important Americans have played with animal genitals over the years. Look at a great Republican like Congressional Tough Guy Tom Delay (who is not a sleazy crooked loony, so stop saying that) or Secretary of Defensive Donald Rumsfilled (who as not gotten fired yet). You cannot convince me that they have not played with animal genitals!

Why, Senator Doctor Bill Frisp not only used to play with cat parts but used to cut the cats up when he was done! That is the sort of person leading the Republican party, all right.

Meanwhile, if you look at a DemocRAT like John Kerry, you can just tell he never played with a horse penis. He was too busy hiding in Viet Nam during the war and getting medals in his cowardly fashion.

What is especially shameful is that somebody pretended that they cared about traditional values and complained about the "comedy" routine by the Greatest First Lady in History (who only killed that one guy). Fortunately, the real traditional values people came out and said that George W. handling the penis of a horse was okay. So now they can back to more important issues, like whether SpongeBob is gay.

Meanwhile, let us celebrate that Our Great President has reached the end of his "60 cities in 60 days" tour to convince Americans who got let in that privateering Social Security was a good idea. And what a success it has been too. And yes, he only got to 17 cities in those 60 days, but so what?

George W. knows the best way to save Socialist Security is to destroy it completely. And that is why the people he lets in to his events trust him, even if he cannot remember where he went to school.

So there.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who has played with a few animal dingies in his lifetime, and I turned out all right. You can share your tales of farmyard fun at bobboudelang@yahoo.com.

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