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Bush Goes to Babylon
December 2, 2003
By Desert_Vet

So, George W. Bush took a secret trip to Baghdad for a Thanksgiving dinner - excuse me while I yawn. What exactly was the purpose of spending two hours in Baghdad, at a cost which we will probably never be told?

Will this guy ever run out of shameless publicity stunts? Just when we thought his phony (and premature) aircraft carrier "victory" gig was the creme de la creme of gaudy overacting, he pulls this Baghdad stunt. After having consumed my fill of Thanksgiving goodies, I have to see this on TV? That doesn't bode well for healthy digestion.

This is the same president who feels absolutely no obligation to attend even one burial ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary. This is the same president who can't even get to Dover Air Force Base to pay respects to the casualties as their coffins arrive home. But he can make it all the way to Baghdad for a two-hour photo-op!

The saddest part of this whole ridiculous charade is that there are some Americans who will fall for it. Can you believe that? It was a pre-campaign photo op - period, plain and simple, end of story. But he'll be painted as being oh-so-brave to venture into Baghdad, into a war zone, risking his life, etc. Excuse me while I yawn again. It's going to be funny to watch just how far the misguided Bush fans will try to stretch his whopping two hours of nothing.

Spending two hours in Baghdad does not make Bush a hero, by any stretch of the imagination. If he wanted to look heroic, he'd have taken a little side trip to the northern town of Mosul, unannounced. Or maybe a quick run to Tikrit, in the so-called "Sunni Triangle," just to see how the fellas are doing. Even an unannounced escort with any of the road patrols that face real risk every single day in Iraq. You can bet there wasn't a risk anywhere near the Baghdad airport.

So what did this trip really mean, and what did it accomplish? Well, it meant and accomplished the same thing: absolutely nothing. Other than being yet another shameless and tasteless exploitation of our troops, this two-hour nothingness in Baghdad is void of any constructive substance.

George W. Bush refuses to show the slightest bit of respect to the casualties returning from Iraq, whether it be honoring them upon their arrival at Dover, or their internment at Arlington, neither of which would cost the millions it undoubtedly cost for his plate of turkey in Baghdad. For someone who couldn't even muster the responsibility to fulfill his own duty as a National Guardsman, he sure doesn't have much trouble getting his picture taken with those whom he sends away from home to fight his wars.

Go to Dover, George. Go to Arlington. Strike a pose with a bereaved family who is left to wonder what their young son or daughter lost their life for. Try having your picture taken with the horribly-maimed vets who are coming home to a lifetime of struggle (and fewer benefits, thanks to that mighty sword that is your pen).

AWOL George does it again, and it's getting old. How many days until election 2004?

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