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I Would Like to Know Why...
April 10, 2002
By TruthIsAll

I would like to know why I never hear the questions that I want asked in the media.

They tell you about those bogus approval polls.
You want to know who double-punched the Gore votes.

They interrupt the liberal before he is finished speaking.
You want to hear what he has to say.

They never interrupt the right-wingnut or blonde bimbo from bashing Clinton.
You would like to ask them about their own extramarital affairs.

They talk about election 2004 and who the Democrats will nominate.
You want to know if there will be an election.

They tell you that someone won the trifecta at the race track.
You remember that Bush won it on 911.

They tell you about what stocks the professionals are buying.
You want to know who bought airline options just before 911.

They tell you about the American taliban.
You want to hear the truth about 911.

They tell you that we had a warm winter.
You want to know why we pulled out of the Kyoto Treaty.

They don't tell you about the WH Energy meetings.
You want to know how they will ship nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain without having a major catastrophe.

They ask Ari: "What is Bush's schedule today?"
You want to ask him this: How did Bush see the first plane hit the WTC live when no one else did?

They tell you that Saddam is behind the Anthrax attacks.
You want to know why the cover-up of the home-grown assassin.

They tell you about how to use Cipro in case of an anthrax attack.
You want to know about the six world-class microbiologists who died mysteriously.

They tell you about Chandra/Condit.
You want to know about Lori Klausitus.

They tell you why we must drill in ANWR.
You want to know about alternative energy sources and conservation.

They tell you that the Enron investigation is proceeding.
You want to know why Baxter committed suicide with $35 million in the bank.

They tell you that Andersen will not plead guilty to shredding documents.
You want to know how Enron is getting away with it.

They tell you that Enron is NOT a political scandal.
You want to know why Bush lied about his relationship with Kenny Boy.

They tell you that Michael Moore will appear on Hardball.
You want to know why it is always cancelled.

They tell you that the ME flareup is all Clinton's fault.
You want to hear about Bush sabotaging the July 2000 ME summit.

They tell you that Bush may have to resort to the draft to gear up for the Terror War.
You want to know how Bush got away with going AWOL.

They tell you that your taxes are due in one week.
You want to know why Enron got a tax refund (after bankruptcy) for taxes they never paid.

They tell you that your mother must pay $25 monthly for each of six drugs she got for free under Clinton.
You want to know about that Senior Drug Prescription plan.

They tell you that Gore shaved his beard.
You want to know what he said in that speech.

They tell you that Bush brings a moral tone to the White House.
You want to know why he is hiding those papers.

They tell you that Bush is going after the money trail in the terror war.
You want to hear about the Carlyle/Bush/Bin Laden/Taliban flow of funds.

They tell you that Bush says that getting Bin Laden is the number one priority.
You want to know why he no longer feels that way.

They tell you that the recession is over.
You want to know why you have just been laid off.

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