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Answer Key For The Democracy Test
February 12, 2002
by Anthony G. Hendricks

WARNING TO STUDENTS: First off, the key to getting good grades in school is to suppress and repress any satirical tendencies. More than one teacher dropped me a letter grade or more due to my irreverent mouth. Let me state though, it was fair. I didnít like them and they didnít like me. Now that Iím older, and should be wiser, I have more sympathy for teachers. In every class theyíre out numbered and they have a tough job. In one of my many adventures in life I tried substitute teaching. I didnít last six months... I had to return to my satirical roots. So remember, you may be a student today, but you may end up being a teacher tomorrow. Ask yourself how youíd deal, cope, survive a mouthy student like yourself or me. (The foregoing will be a paid for commercial advertisement as soon as the National Teachers Association sends me a check. Hopefully all of my teachers have retired, theyíve earned a rest.)


Question 1: a, b, c, d, & e are all groups that believe evidently in limited interpretation of the Constitution, an interpretation that seems to pretty much exclude everyone else. The Correct Answer is f) The People. Pat yourself on the back, youíre on a roll.

Question 2: This question only seems tricky due to the tons of propaganda put out by those who hide the truth by obfuscation. If you got question one right youíre ahead of most Congress Persons and the Major media who ignored the Constitution in Election 2000. The Peopleís Choice in election 2000 was Al Gore. He received a Nationwide majority by over a half of million votes and won the Florida election easily except for the corruption. The Rehnquist Five on the Supreme Court refused to allow Florida Law to be followed and stopped the honest counting of votes to hide the corruption. The Correct Answer: a) Al Gore.

Question 3: Jim Crow was slang for laws enacted after the Civil War to discriminate against African Americans and extend slavery even after the Proclamation Emancipation. George and Jeb the brothers Bush, resurrected a form of Jim Crow in a sneaky manner in election 2000. 54 percent of all uncounted votes in Florida came from only 11 percent of the Population: the African American Community. Thatís votes uncounted from members of the African American community who were lucky enough to cast a vote. Many didnít even get to vote. They couldnít get past the police road blocks. Others had their right to vote denied by corrupt manipulation of voter registration lists. Answer d). (Another group discriminated against in Florida vote counting was the Jewish community. See my essay, ĎWest Palm Beach Votomatic Mind Meldí to understand how they pulled the butterfly ballot scam off.)

Question 4: Although there are elements of truth in all of these answers, the best answer is e). Maybe we should resurrect the spirit of 1776.

Question 5: The best answer is d).

Question 6: If you missed this one youíre probably unskilled at taking Hints. Answer e).

Question 7: Josef Stalin set a high standard for Dictators in brutalizing his own people and posing a threat to the rest of the world. Stalin demonstrated what becomes of a country when ďVotesĒ arenít honestly counted.

Question 8: Jeb Bush as Governor of Florida oversaw the most corrupt election in American History. He successfully applied Josef Stalinís maxim about vote counting. Answer c).

Question 9: Our Foremothers and Forefathers revolted against King George of England. Erie isnít it! Maybe reincarnation is more than a theory. Answer d).

Question 10: I might as well have said, opposite of Democracy. Answer f).

Question 11: This question fits all of the answers making , d) the best answer.

Question 12: Itís counter intuitive that a soldier who failed to do his duty would be rewarded. Answer b) is the best answer.

Question 13: A gimme, I wanted to help improve your self esteem. In my book , Democracy Bushwhacked, Election 2000, Florida Theater of the Absurd, I included a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Donít believe me. Look it up. Answer d).

Question 14: No oneís accused George of being Quizzical. The only time Quadruped fits is when George chokes on a hard pretzel, falls off a sleeper couch and hits his head on a booby trap coffee table. When he getís up after such an event he finds himself on all fours along with the family dogs. Luckily that doesnít happen to him as often as it used too! Answer e).

Question 15: They put it all on the line. One of the unsung heroes of the War of Independence was financier Robert Morris. He spent his own fortune, begged, and borrowed money to keep Washington's Army in the field long enough to win the war. Then as now the Tories had most of the money. Does Enron come to mind? Answer a).

If you got 90 percent or more congratulate yourself and consider a career in politics. No, not all politicians are corrupt. Some are honest, but we could use more honest ones in our government. There are honest journalists too, but few of them get into the major big time media. They get weeded out. There may even be honest CEOs in this country. Anythingís possible. If there are any honest ones, I wish theyíd stand up for Democracy and honest business practices. Iím unsure about Presidents, about there being any honest ones at least in recent history. At the moment George W. Bush is making Bill Clinton look like a piker when it comes to lying. If we evaluate our Presidents on consistency of lying then George the Affable may end up with a big chapter in History. Or will it be History as Fiction again. Weíll see.

Anthony G. Hendricks is a country poet & satirist, author of the book, Democracy Bushwhacked, Election 2000, Florida Theater of the Absurd. Available at orders@xlibris.com or 1-888-795-4274.

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