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Please Restore My Faith
October 17, 2001

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Well, it's happened again. I have lost my faith in humanity and since I believe that God is in each of us, and not a separate being, losing faith in humanity for me is the same as losing faith in God.

The last time this happened was during "Desert Storm." I couldn't bear to watch the news then. Night after night, those hellish images of the so called "smart bombs" exploding in populated areas killing so many innocent people.

And now, it's starting all over again. What's wrong with America?

I don't like to use the word evil. To me it sounds simple; nevertheless, to many people it sounds a lot more powerful than using the word "wrong." So here I go...

What the Terrorist did to the WTC and the Pentagon was an act of evil. Yes the terrorist killed thousands of innocent Americans, and their collaborators need to be brought to justice; however, in no way does that justify America's slaughter of the innocent in Afghanistan in order to reach the guilty.

Now we become the terrorist, the evil-doers. George W. Bush is quite literally holding the country of Afghanistan hostage. He has declared "Hand over bin Laden or else."

So he continues to bomb the crap out of their country, and then in order to ease his guilty conscience, he has the gall to ask our children to donate money to ease the suffering of his victims.

Wake up America! Why can't you see the hypocrisy here?

Please wake up America, stop the slaughter of innocents, I'd like to have my faith back.

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