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Does Anyone Want a Country Like Texas?
August 4, 2001
by Frederick H. Winterberg III

Our renowned pResident, George W. Bush, likes to speak of his record as Governor of Texas and how he'd like to apply the same policies to the entire U.S. that he did in Texas. If the results are destined to be the same, we should be very worried.

I read 2 interesting news articles concerning Texas today. The first article states that "Texas will not be able to fully reduce air pollution emissions in Houston and Galveston by 2007 unless the federal government helps out." It then goes on to state that much of this pollution comes from petrochemical and utility companies, which release the majority of nitrous oxide emissions in the area.

There are two notable points in this piece. The first is the fact that Texas can't clean up it's own mess without help from the Feds. Considering Bush and the Republican's constant call for more states' rights, less Federal intrusion in state business, and drastically reduced Federal spending, it's worth noting that Bush's home state comes running for federal funds to clean up the toxic waste dump Texas has become.

The second is the fact that this problem was brought on by none other than George W. Bush himself. As a direct result of Bush's deregulation of business and giving Texas businesses the right to police their own pollution, the state now has major air quality problems that they expect the Federal government to clean up for them. Whatever happened to states taking care of themselves? Perhaps Bush's policies are not so wonderful after all. But you can bet that Texas will get plenty of your federal tax dollars to fix the problem.

The second article calls the "Vaccination rate of Texas' toddlers [the] worst in nation." It tells us that "only 69.5% of Texas toddlers had received all the recommended doses of vaccine against seven diseases -- polio, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps and rubella. Whatever happened to Bush's campaign slogan of "Leave no child behind" ? When you consider all the funding for libraries, boys and girls clubs, and other worthy children's programs that Bush has slashed, in addition to this news, it appears that quite a few children are being left behind in Texas - and everywhere else, as he implements his "compassionate conservative" programs from Texas nationally.

The only question is: who cleans up the mess when Bush pushes through these same policies for the entire U.S.?

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