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Republicans Stunned After Trump Reveals That His Presidential Campaign Is Broke

(PoliticusUSA) When Donald Trump told Republicans that his campaign had money, it was a lie. In meeting with Senate Republicans, Trump's campaign privately admitted that they have no money and will not be able to run television ads until after the GOP convention in July.

The Washington Examiner reported: "Donald Trump’s campaign has alerted Senate Republicans that he won’t have much money to spend fending off attacks from Hillary Clinton over the next couple months. The notice came when Paul Manafort, Trump’s senior advisor, met with a group of Senate Republican chiefs of staff for lunch last week, sources familiar with the meeting told the Washington Examiner. The admission suggests that Trump will be far more dependent on the GOP brass for money than he has led voters to believe, but it’s consistent with his reliance on the Republican National Committee to provide a ground game in battleground states."


Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Hit With Federal RICO Lawsuit For Flint Water Disaster

(Bipartisan Report) The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has already cost thousands of residents sleepless nights, endless visits to doctors as they see about their poisoned children, and proven yet again that too often in this country people cannot trust their elected representatives to do what is in the public interest.

Now, it will cost Michigan Governor Rick Snyder one massive headache atop the one he has already inflicted on himself and his state. Snyder, it was announced today, is now the subject of a federal racketeering (RICO) lawsuit filed by hundreds of Flint residents.


GOP convention no-shows threaten to undercut Trump unity push

(Fox News) Even as Donald Trump and Republican Party bosses diligently work Capitol Hill in hopes of bringing the party together after a fractious presidential primary, convention planners could still be looking at a block of empty seats for the July convention. A growing roster of senior GOP figures – from governors to senators to, most notably, nearly every living GOP presidential nominee – is vowing to skip the convention in Cleveland, despite the candidate starting to win over the rank-and-file.


Trump Supports Cutting Social Security From A ‘Moral Standpoint:’ Report

(Huffington Post) Donald Trump supposedly told House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) he supports cutting Social Security but will not admit it publicly because it would hurt his election chances, according to a report in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee reportedly made the comments during a May 12 meeting with Ryan aimed at mending ties between the two top Republican leaders, Bloomberg reported, citing an unnamed source who was in the room.

“From a moral standpoint, I believe in it,” Trump said of cutting Social Security. “But you also have to get elected. And there’s no way a Republican is going to beat a Democrat when the Republican is saying, ‘We’re going to cut your Social Security’ and the Democrat is saying, ‘We’re going to keep it and give you more.’ ”


Trump’s tragic, rolling bluster

(Washington Post) Donald Trump looked like a fool and a fraud on Sunday. But what else is new? Even the most ardent Trumpistas would have to admit that Trump's appearance at the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally was, as spectacles go, pretty pathetic. It was supposed to be a vast, multitudinous gathering on the plaza in front of the Lincoln Memorial, one of the greatest and most historic public spaces in the nation. Instead, Trump drew a paltry crowd estimated by organizers at perhaps 5,000.

The presumptive Republican nominee cut a ridiculous figure, sporting a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap to guard against rogue breezes that might unhinge his comb-over. He lamented the attendance: “I thought this would be like Dr. Martin Luther King, where the people would be lined up from here all the way to the Washington Monument, right?”

Wrong. So very, very wrong.


Former Clinton aide calls Trump a 'demented, pig demon'

(NZ Herald) Alec Ross, who was senior adviser for innovation to Clinton during her term as Secretary of State, was speaking at The Hay Festival in Wales about the industries of the future.

Ross, said that the most open countries would have the greatest success in the coming decades because the biggest emerging markets were big data and genomics. But he warned that America could become a more closed society if Donald Trump was elected president.

"We're having this struggle very publicly in the United States right now where a vulgar, demented, pig demon named Donald Trump is trying to make the United States a more closed society.


Vince Foster’s sister pens blistering op-ed shaming Trump for his insane conspiracy theories

(Raw Story) Although many pundits have thoroughly debunked this conspiracy theory, no one has done so more powerfully than Foster’s own sister, who has written a blistering op-ed for The Washington Post that shames Trump for using her brother’s death for political gain.

“It is beyond contempt that a politician would use a family tragedy to further his candidacy, but such is the character of Donald Trump displayed in his recent comments to The Washington Post,” writes Sheila Foster Anthony. “In this interview, Trump cynically, crassly and recklessly insinuated that my brother, Vincent W. Foster Jr., may have been murdered because ‘he had intimate knowledge of what was going on’ and that Hillary Clinton may have somehow played a role in Vince’s death. How wrong. How irresponsible. How cruel.”


Detectives called Trayvon Martin a 'n****r' and a 'thug' in secret recording

(Daily Mail) Detectives called Trayvon Martin a 'n****r' and a 'thug' in secret recording but were let off by sheriff who ordered them to take a cultural sensitivity class

Downs, 41, and Allison, 55, were unaware they were being recorded when they made the racially charged comments about Martin while they were on duty, the Logan Daily News reported.


Bookings at Trump Hotels Plummet

(Priceonomics ) The Trump brand is associated with a variety of hotels, apartments, and products. On one hand, a growing number of political supporters could boost sales of Trump products; on the other, a growing number of political detractors could lead people to avoid his brand. So which of these two forces is stronger?

To answer this question, we analyzed hotel data from Hipmunk, a Priceonomics Customer. Focusing on Trump Hotels’ most-booked locations, we compared bookings this year to the previous year (before Trump attracted national political attention).

The results? Bookings at Trump Hotels are down big time: they have decreased 59% compared to the same period last year on Hipmunk. It seems that customers willing to spend $500 a night on a Trump Hotel room may not be fans of Trump the political candidate.

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Europe And US In Race To Keep TTIP On Track

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Trump Gave to Vets on Day He Was Busted

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Supreme Court Makes It Easier For Landowners To Challenge Environmental Decisions

1 hr ago - By Robert Barnes May 31 at 6:32 PM The Supreme Court on Tuesday made it easier for landowners to challenge the decision of federal regulators that the use of property is restricted by the Clean Water Act. The justices ruled unanimously that proper ... (Washington Post)

Supreme Court rejects union appeal over Trump casino bankruptcy

1 hr ago - The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a union's appeal of a lower court's ruling that allowed Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal casino, founded by Donald Trump but now owned by billionaire investor Carl Icahn, to break its contract with union work ... (Reuters)

Documents In Trump University Case Unsealed in San Diego

2 hrs ago - The class-action lawsuit involving Trump University is scheduled to be heard in November 2016 in San Diego federal court. Several playbooks used by Trump University were released to the public Tuesday and detail how much students paid to attend the ... (NBC 7 San Diego)

Barrio Logan residents complain about 'martial law' during Trump protest

2 hrs ago - SAN DIEGO - Community leaders Tuesday decried what they described as a decision by city leaders "to effectively put Barrio Logan under martial law" last week during a Donald Trump campaign rally at the Convention Center. During a late-morning news c ... (KGTV)

Pictured: Inside the house of horrors where murdered toddler Liam Fee was chained to a cage in a roo

2 hrs ago - Nyomi Fee and Rachel Trelfa tied naked children to a cage and forced them to eat their own vomit CHILLING pictures from inside the house of horrors Liam Fee was forced to live in can be revealed for the first time today. Little Liam was found dead ... (The Sun)

Leaked Tapes Suggest Brazil Senators Ousted President To Quash Corruption Probe

2 hrs ago - Brazil‘s Supreme Court accepted a plea bargain agreement with an ex-senator at the center of a political uproar that cost the Planning Minister his job on Monday, O Estado de S. Paulo reported on Wednesday. Sérgio Machado, who is also the ex-presid ... (HUffington Post)

Clinton and media outlets are still counting superdelegates in voter tallies, despite pleas from DNC

3 hrs ago - On April 28, Luis Miranda, communications director for the Democratic National Committee, did an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper to formally clarify the official position of the Democratic Party on when superdelegates are, and are not, supposed to a ... (NY Daily News)

Crude Oil Caps Longest Run of Monthly Advances in Five Years

3 hrs ago - Oil capped the longest run of monthly gains in five years as a spate of disruptions curb supply before OPEC meets Thursday to discuss production policy. Futures slipped Tuesday, trimming a fourth consecutive monthly advance, as Canadian producers st ... (Bloomberg)

U.S. Stocks Rise for 3rd Month, Dollar Jumps Most Since 2014

3 hrs ago - U.S. stocks rose for a third month, the longest rally since June 2014, while the dollar ended May with its biggest advance in almost two years as speculation mounted that the American economy can withstand higher interest rates this summer. The S&P ... (Bloomberg)

Mysterious Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak Stumps Disease Detectives

3 hrs ago - May 31, 2016 4:17 PM ET The last time, we heard about a "mysterious hemorrhagic fever" in a country, it was February 2014. The outbreak was in Guinea. And by the time doctors had pinpointed the culprit, Ebola was spiraling out of control in West Afr ... (NPR)

Consumer Confidence Lowest Since Late 2015

3 hrs ago - Consumers confidence fell in May to the lowest level since late 2015 as Americans turned slightly more pessimistic about overall business conditions and the job market, a survey shows. The consumer confidence index dropped to 92.6 from a revised 94. ... (Marketwatch)

Inside the Trump University 'playbooks'

4 hrs ago - Nearly 400 pages of Trump University "playbooks" were publicly released Tuesday, detailing aggressive sales techniques and investing strategies taught at the real estate seminar business founded by Donald Trump. The documents are evidence in a Calif ... (CNN)

Oklahoma Republican wishes Mexican border was more like Afghanistan: ‘We were allowed to shoot ’em’

4 hrs ago - Oklahoma Republican wishes Mexican border was more like Afghanistan: ‘We were allowed to shoot ’em’ Travis Gettys 31 May 2016 at 12:33 ET A Republican congressional challenger compared his combat tour in Afghanistan to the U.S.-Mexico border, ... (Raw Story)

Sanders backers worry that Clinton will clinch nomination before California’s polls close

4 hrs ago - EMERYVILLE, Calif. — With just one week to go before this state's primary, supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders are starting to ask whether media coverage will skew results by declaring Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. " ... (Washington Post)

Relatives, others honor Nebraska Buffalo soldier who got military headstone 71 years after death

4 hrs ago - By Kelli Rollin CENTRAL CITY, Neb. — Jimmie Jackson remembers visiting his great-grandfather’s grave as a child. But Monday, he visited the grave with more knowledge and pride for who his great-grandfather was: Nebraska Buffalo Soldier Benjamin Jack ... (Omaha World Herald)

Philippine president-elect says 'corrupt' journalists will be killed

4 hrs ago - The Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte said corrupt journalists were legitimate targets of assassination, as he amped up his controversial anti-crime crusade with offers of rewards for killing drug traffickers. Duterte won this month’s elect ... (The Guardian)

Drew Peterson found guilty of trying to have prosecutor killed

4 hrs ago - Drew Peterson was found guilty Tuesday of trying to hire a hit man to kill the prosecutor who put him behind bars for murder. The jury deliberated for about an hour before finding Peterson guilty of solicitation of murder for hire and solicitation o ... (Chicago Tribune)

Consumer spending scores biggest jump in 7 years

4 hrs ago - Consumers emerged from their winter hibernation with zeal in April as consumption gains hit a nearly seven-year high and provided a shot in the arm to economic growth in the second quarter. In the first quarter, consumption growth was meager as Ame ... (USA Today)

SiriusXM Suspends Glenn Beck Over Guest’s Anti-Donald Trump Comments

4 hrs ago - SiriusXM said it was suspending Glenn Beck’s show for the coming week on its Patriot Channel after he seemed to agree with a guest who suggested illegal means to remove Donald Trump from office if he is elected president. The interview last week was ... (MSN)

Retired ethics chief: Alabama speaker often got 'the drill'

5 hrs ago - Retired ethics chief: Alabama speaker often got 'the drill' Kim Chandler, Associated Press Updated 1:54 pm, Tuesday, May 31, 2016 OPELIKA, Ala. (AP) — The retired director of the Alabama Ethics Commission testified Tuesday that he often gave ... (Associated Press)

UPDATE 3-Brazil's anti-corruption minister quits over leaked recordings

5 hrs ago - Tue May 31, 2016 5:22am IST Related: Regulatory News UPDATE 3-Brazil's anti-corruption minister quits over leaked recordings By Anthony Boadle and Lisandra Paraguassu May 30 Brazil's Transparency Minister Fabiano Silveira resigned on Monday af ... (Associated Press)

U.S. court says no warrant needed for cellphone location data

5 hrs ago - Police do not need a warrant to obtain a person's cellphone location data held by wireless carriers, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday, dealing a setback to privacy advocates. The full 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, vot ... (Reuters)

'Shield' Actor Convicted of 2nd-Degree Murder

6 hrs ago - The Latest on the murder trial of actor Michael Jace, who played a police officer on the TV series "The Shield." (all times local): 10:45 a.m. A jury has convicted an actor who played a police officer on TV of second-degree murder in the shooting d ... (Associated Press)

List of Veterans Groups Receiving the $5,600,000 Raised from Donald J. Trump Veteran Fundraiser

6 hrs ago - List of Veterans Groups Receiving the $5,600,000 Raised from Donald J. Trump Veteran Fundraiser 22Kill $ 200,000 Achilles International Inc. 200,000 American Hero Adventures 100,000 Americans for Equal Living 100,000 America's Vetdogs - The Veterans ... (4President.org)

Trump launches all-out attack on the press

6 hrs ago - Donald Trump on Tuesday went on a sustained frontal assault against the media during a contentious news conference. The billionaire had called the news conference to announce an accounting of his at least $5.6 million in fundraising for veterans gro ... (CNN)

OAS to hold meetings over Venezuela's dwindling democracy

6 hrs ago - CARACAS, Venezuela, May 31 (UPI) -- Despite strong opposition by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the Organization of American States on Tuesday announced it will hold meetings over fears of Venezuela's diminishing democracy. Under the OAS' Inte ... (UPI)