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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s trickle-down economics experiment is so bad the state stopped reporting

(Salon) Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, the Republican responsible for the state’s business-friendly tax policies, is now trying to erase any evidence of just how wildly unsuccessful his Reaganomics experiment has proved.

Last month the state’s Council of Economic Advisors, which Brownback created in 2011 and still chairs, quietly discontinued quarterly reports originally intended to showcase the state’s rapid economic growth. (During Brownback’s re-election campaign in 2014, the reports were scrubbed from the internet and subsequently available only upon request.)


Colin Powell: I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton

(Daily Beast) Former Secretary of State Colin Powell admitted Tuesday afternoon that he will vote for Hillary Clinton in next month’s presidential election. The former George W. Bush cabinet member spoke at a luncheon on Long Island and, according to Newsday reporter Robert Brodsky, told attendees that Republican nominee Donald Trump “insults us every day” and is “selling people a bill of goods,” and so he will cast his vote for fellow ex-secretary Clinton. Powell has previously resisted declaring his support for either candidate, but has chided Trump as a “national disgrace.”


33% more Democrats have cast early ballots in Utah than expected

(Salt Lake Trib) About a third more Utah Democrats have voted so far than normally would be expected in early turnout for by-mail voting — while fewer-than-predicted Republicans are casting ballots.

"That shows us there is an excitement amongst Democrats," Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans concedes, while "there is a frustration level amongst Republicans" with Donald Trump atop their ticket.


Hillary Clinton Closes Gap With Male Voters

(ABC News) Hillary Clinton appears to have closed what was once a large gap in support among male voters with rival Donald Trump, according to the latest ABC News poll.

Male respondents reported support for the former secretary of state at 44 percent to Trump’s 41 percent — a major swing for the group, which had backed him throughout the campaign.


Republicans Threaten Lawsuits Over TV Ads Linking Them To Donald Trump

(Huffington Post) From the very beginning, Republican congressional candidates in moderate districts have been hesitant to embrace Donald Trump. Now, two weeks before Election Day, some of those Republicans are threatening to sue TV stations for running ads that link them to the GOP presidential nominee.

Five candidates ― Reps. Bob Dold (R-Ill.), Mike Coffman (R-Colo.), David Jolly (R-Fla.), John Katko (R-N.Y.) and Brian Fitzpatrick, a Pennsylvania Republican running for an open seat that’s currently occupied by his brother ― contend that certain commercials paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee provide false or misleading information by linking them to Trump.


Why is Trump rooting against U.S. troops in Mosul?

(WaPo) For months, Donald Trump has been promising to be tough on the Islamic State and has criticized the Obama administration for not taking the fight to the terrorists. Now that the battle of Mosul is underway, Trump has become a cheerleader for the failure of the mission while promoting a conspiracy theory that it’s all about him.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that the ongoing Iraqi-led offensive against the Islamic State’s stronghold in Mosul was failing...

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Donald Trump said he has opposed Obamacare since ‘before they even voted on it.’ That is a lie.

4 min ago - In fact, Trump issued no such scathing criticism. He had positive things to say about Obamacare, along with some warnings about costs to corporations, even on the 2010 day it was approved by Congress. His views on that day can best be described as am ... (Toronto Star)

H.I.V. Arrived in the U.S. Long Before ‘Patient Zero’

4 min ago - H.I.V. Arrived in the U.S. Long Before ‘Patient Zero’ By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. OCT. 26, 2016 In the tortuous mythology of the AIDS epidemic, one legend never seems to die: Patient Zero, aka Gaétan Dugas, a globe-trotting, sexually insatiable French ... (New York Times)

Poll: Clinton builds lead in divided nation worried about Election Day violence

54 min ago - WASHINGTON — As the most caustic campaign in modern American history nears its close, Hillary Clinton has built a formidable lead over Donald Trump approaching 10 percentage points, a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds. But she faces a deeply di ... (USA Today)

Millennials Flock To Hillary Clinton As The Democratic Nominee Is Outperforming Obama

55 min ago - Millennials Flock To Hillary Clinton As The Democratic Nominee Is Outperforming Obama By Jason Easley on Wed, Oct 26th, 2016 at 1:12 pm Younger voters are flocking to Hillary Clinton as she is doing better than President Obama did in 2012 with ... (politicususa)

House Republicans are already preparing for ‘years’ of investigations of Clinton

1 hr ago - SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — Jason Chaffetz, the Utah congressman wrapping up his first term atop the powerful House Oversight Committee, unendorsed Donald Trump weeks ago. That freed him up to prepare for something else: spending years, come January, probin ... (WaPo)

Juror in Oregon militia trial dismissed for bias: judge

1 hr ago - A juror in the trial of seven militia members charged with seizing a U.S. wildlife refuge in Oregon at gunpoint earlier this year was dismissed for bias, a federal judge said on Wednesday. Prosecutors and defense attorneys in the case agreed to the ... (Reuters)

Donald Trump says he will dramatically ramp up donations in final stretch of campaign

1 hr ago - Donald Trump told CNN Wednesday he is prepared to open up his wallet and donate considerably more to his campaign in the closing days of the race. He claimed that by Election Day, he will have spent $100 million. Federal Election Commission records ... (CNN)

Early voting numbers show Clinton's strength in Arizona, other battlegrounds

1 hr ago - CNN Digital Expansion DC Marshall Cohen Eric Bradner By Marshall Cohen and Eric Bradner, CNN Updated 12:58 PM ET, Wed October 26, 2016 Story highlights Early voting stats offer hints of good news for Clinton in Arizona, Nevada and Florida ... (cnn)

Black Lives Matter Activist DeRay Mckesson Endorses Clinton

2 hrs ago - One of the most prominent activists in the Black Lives Matter movement has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. DeRay Mckesson, a former Minnesota Public Schools employee who rose to national prominence following his activism in Ferguson, Missour ... (Talking Points Memo)

Libertarian VP Candidate Admits Defeat, Tells Voters To Pick Clinton Over Trump

2 hrs ago - Accepting that his presidential bid will fail, Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld on Tuesday obliquely urged voters to vote for Hillary Clinton. In a Tuesday statement addressed to "those in the electorate who remain torn between two ... (Talking Points Memo)

At Trump hotel opening, cable news channels refuse to be ‘played’ again

2 hrs ago - We wrote six weeks ago about journalists' complaint that they got "played" by Donald Trump, who turned an expected news conference into an advertisement for his new Washington hotel. Trump dragged his press corps back to the hotel for a grand opening ... (Washington Post)

Defense rests in Bridgegate as prosecutors question Kelly's version of events

2 hrs ago - NEWARK—After six weeks of testimony, dozens of witnesses and declarations of innocence from the two former Christie administration insiders now on trial, the defense in the Bridgegate scandal has rested. Summations are scheduled to begin on Thursday ... (Newark Star-Ledger)

Ax-Wielding Vandal Defaces Trump's Walk of Fame Star

3 hrs ago - Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was damaged again early Wednesday — but this time, the celestial symbol was smashed beyond recognition, video of the vandalism appears to show. The star — located near Los Angeles' Dolby Theatre, whe ... (NBC)

Defense secretary halts US grab-back of soldiers’ bonuses

3 hrs ago - WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Wednesday that the Pentagon was suspending its efforts to claw back enlistment bonuses mistakenly awarded a decade ago to 9,700 members of the California National Guard for re-enlisting during wars ... (San Francisco Chronicle)

NRA Shows Its Support for Donald Trump With Big Ad Spending

3 hrs ago - Donald Trump, who has seen the Republican establishment’s support for his presidential candidacy deteriorate in recent weeks, has found a stalwart in one conservative institution: the National Rifle Association. The group has spent more than $26.8 m ... (The Wall Street Journal)

As Trump appears at D.C. hotel, his would-be chef José Andrés campaigns with Hillary Clinton

4 hrs ago - By Abby Phillip October 26 at 10:05 AM https://img.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php?src=&w=480 Spanish chef José Andrés speaks after being awarded two stars for his restaurant Mini Bar during the launch of the first Michelin Red Guide for W ... (washington post)

Feds Concerned About Risk of Violence as Election Day Nears

4 hrs ago - Trump supporters held up Clinton "target practice" posters at a rally in Florida Monday, with a bulls-eye framing her face. Two days earlier in Virginia Beach, one Trump backer hoisted a plastic Hillary Clinton head on a stick, while others waved ta ... (NBC)

Donald Trump is Finally Outspending Hillary Clinton on TV Ads

4 hrs ago - For the first time this cycle, Donald Trump is outspending Hillary Clinton on television advertising: he’s spending $14.4 million to her $13.9 million during the week beginning Oct. 18. (On average, Clinton has spent $9.1 million per week since the l ... (Bloomberg)

Donald Trump criticized Obama in 2011 for not getting out of Iraq sooner

4 hrs ago - Donald Trump has repeatedly blamed Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama for withdrawing US troops from Iraq in 2011, saying at the final presidential debate that the decision created a power vacuum that allowed ISIS to flourish. But as late as ... (CNN)

Hillary Clinton Expands Lead Among Younger Voters

5 hrs ago - Hillary Clinton has expanded her lead over Republican rival Donald Trump to 28 percentage points among voters younger than 30, according to a new survey by the Harvard Institute of Politics that signals trouble ahead for Republicans with this crucia ... (WSJ)

Trump spends precious campaign time promoting his businesses

5 hrs ago - WASHINGTON — Donald Trump's campaign is defending his eyebrow-raising decision to spend precious campaign time promoting his business in the final days of the long presidential campaign as his poll numbers sink. With less than two weeks left before ... (MSN/Associated Press)

War over polls intensifies

5 hrs ago - Donald Trump is ripping pollsters and the media, arguing the surveys are biased against him because many include too many Democrats in their sampling surveys. Conservative news sites have pounced on Trump’s arguments, pointing to a trio of national ... (The Hill)

Trump Loyalists Planned Voter Intimidation Using Fake ID Badges, Fake Exit Polling

5 hrs ago - Vote Protectors, the anti-voter-fraud group hosted by Donald Trump ally and political dirty trickster Roger Stone, plans to send volunteers to monitor polling places in nine cities with high minority populations on Election Day, Stone said last week. ... (Huffington Post)

This election, the South looks much less Republican

6 hrs ago - VININGS, GA. — Paul Ruiz just traveled 4,500 miles from his Hawaii home to resettle in tiny Vinings, Ga., one of the wealthiest corners of Cobb County. Having been a Georgian for just one week, he’s only vaguely aware that Cobb County has long been ... (Christian Science Monitor)

Spain reviewing refueling permission for Russian warships

6 hrs ago - Spain is reviewing a request by a Russian flotilla to refuel in its North African enclave of Ceuta, the foreign ministry said as Madrid drew criticism from NATO allies for assisting warships they believe could be used to target civilians in Syria. N ... (Reuters)

Donald Trump Allies Focus Anger on Another Target: G.O.P. Leaders

7 hrs ago - Faced with the demoralizing prospect of a third consecutive loss in a presidential race, conservative Republicans are girding for an extended clash on two fronts in the months ahead: one with a Hillary Clinton administration that could look like a re ... (The New York Times)

‘Blacks For Trump’ Supporter A Former Member Of Charismatic Cult

7 hrs ago - The man who has appeared behind Donald Trump at numerous south Florida rallies bearing a “Blacks for Trump” sign is a former member of the murderous Yahweh ben Yahweh cult and a fixture at Republican campaign events. At Tuesday’s Trump event in Sanf ... (TPM)

Donald Trump has close financial ties to Dakota Access pipeline company

8 hrs ago - Donald Trump’s close financial ties to Energy Transfer Partners, operators of the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline, have been laid bare, with the presidential candidate invested in the company and receiving more than $100,000 in campaign cont ... (Guardian)

Ukrainian hackers publish Surkov’s plans to destabilize Ukraine in coming months

9 hrs ago - In a case where those who live by hacking may die by it, Vladislav Surkov, the Kremlin’s point man on Ukrainian policy, has had his computer hacked by Ukrainian activists who have now posted online two documents detailing on the Kremlin plans to dest ... (Euromaidan Press)

Tests find toxic metals in children's Halloween makeup

13 hrs ago - PORTLAND, Ore. — A word of warning from an environmental watchdog group about some of that makeup and face-paint your child may be wearing this Halloween: It could contain heavy metals. "When it comes to Halloween makeup and novelty makeup for child ... (USA Today)