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Thomas Piketty: “Germany has never repaid.”

(Medium) In a forceful interview with German newspaper Die Zeit, the star economist Thomas Piketty calls for a major conference on debt. Germany, in particular, should not withhold help from Greece.


Rick Santorum: All Undocumented Immigrants Come Here With 'Bad Intent'

(Crooks and Liars) "The vast majority of people coming legally from Mexico and other places are people who want to do the right thing," Santorum observed. "People who are coming illegally obviously are coming with a bad intent. Let's just be honest, they coming with the clear intent of breaking the law."


America Ferrera thanks Donald Trump: He 'ignited a fire' in Latino voters

(LAT) Unlike Macy's, NBC and Univision, which cut ties with the pundit's various money-making endeavors, the "Ugly Betty" star called him out for being "incredibly ignorant and racist" in an open letter titled "Thank you, Donald Trump!" that was published by the Huffington Post and received much praise on Facebook and Twitter.

So why is the 31-year-old actress from "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" thanking the billionaire? Because she believes that his statements "ignited a fire" in the Latino community.


Greeks defy Europe with overwhelming 'No' to bailout referendum

(Reuters) Greeks voted by a large margin to reject the austerity terms of an aid package from international creditors, an official projection of the final result of Sunday's referendum showed.

"The assessment of Singular Logic is that the result in favour of 'No' will exceed 61 percent," an official from Singular Logic, which processes the results for the interior ministry said.


Paul Krugman: Austerity Arithmetic

(NYT) The betting markets now believe that Greece will vote “no”, but nobody really knows even now. So let me take some time to do a calculation that I should have done a while ago. Here’s the question: Even if you ignore everything else, can austerity policies really improve the debt position of a country in Greece’s situation? If so, how long will that take?


Bernie Sanders Hints At What A Sanders Administration Cabinet Could Look Like

(HuffPo) Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) offered a first glimpse on Sunday of some of the people he might consider for his cabinet in a potential Sanders administration, and a few that he certainly won't.

"My cabinet would not be dominated by representatives of Wall Street," Sanders said on CNN's "State of the Union." "I think Wall Street's played a horrendous role in recent years, in negatively impacting our economy and in making the rich richer. There are a lot of great public servants out there, great economists who for years have been standing up for the middle class and the working families of this country."


Joe Conason: Newly Released Emails Reveal The Hillary You (Still) Don’t Know

(National Memo) If these emails offer no hint of titillating scandal or slander, they cannot be said to offer no insight into America’s best-known female leader. While the Times grudgingly concedes that these messages reveal “hints of personality,” Time magazine found a woman in full – and someone whose very existence may surprise voters more familiar with the secretive, imperious, self-centered figure so often caricatured in American media over the past 25 years.

Time informs us that the “complex portrait” of Clinton emerging from the emails shows “a management style that is efficient under pressure and reflective in the late hours of the day,” with “bursts of thinking” that sometimes erupted during “sleepless nights circling the globe.” Nothing new there: Everyone knows she is sharp, thoughtful, and driven to get stuff done. But Time describes her with adjectives rarely used in conventional profiles: “humble,” “self-deprecating,” “concerned,” “generous,” and “one of the best bosses” that members of her staff have ever had.


Obama: Repubs almost have enough candidates for 2016 to throw their own ‘Hunger Games

(Raw Story) “We’ve got some healthy competition in the Democratic Party, but I’ve lost count of how many Republicans are running for this job,” Obama quipped in a campaign-style event.

“They’ll have enough for an actual Hunger Games,” he said, referring to the popular fight-to-the-death young adult novels.

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Hinkley Point nuclear subsidy challenged by Austria

56 min ago - Austria has filed a legal complaint at the European Court of Justice against the use of government subsidies for the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear plant. Austria's leader, Chancellor Werner Faymann, said the subsidies should support "new and moder ... (BBC)

Man posing as security guard steals $75,000 from Oklahoma Wal-Mart

1 hr ago - OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - A man dressed as a security guard walked out of an Oklahoma Wal-Mart with $75,000 in cash, a crime that went undetected until the real security guards showed up later to transport the money, police said on Monday. The suspe ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

Maryland boy dies after alleged beating for eating birthday cake

1 hr ago - (Reuters) - A 9-year-old Maryland boy who was allegedly handcuffed and beaten by his mother's boyfriend for sneaking birthday cake has died from his injuries, police said on Monday. The boy, Jack Garcia, died on Sunday after being on life support at ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

Three-year-old Texas boy dies after accidentally shooting himself

1 hr ago - AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A 3-year-old Texas boy who shot himself at a Houston-area home over the weekend died on Monday from the wound, officials said. The boy's grandparents were babysitting him and had put him down for a nap. They later heard a g ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

Native Americans protest proposed Arizona copper mine

1 hr ago - PHOENIX (Reuters) - Members of a Native American tribe in Arizona took to the roadways on Monday to protest against a proposal for a massive copper mine at a small town east of Phoenix, vowing to protect sacred lands. A small group from the San Carl ... (Yahoo! News / Reuters)

Israel Gears Up To Battle Iran Deal In Congress

2 hrs ago - Israel is preparing for the next phase of its fierce opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, by lobbying US Congressmen and women to block the emerging comprehensive agreement once it is finalized and goes to lawmakers for approval. But some in Jerusale ... (Times of Israel)

Merkel Warns Greece Time Is Running Out to Save Place in Euro

2 hrs ago - by Mark DeenPatrick DonahueRebecca Christie July 6, 2015 — 5:07 PM EDT Updated on July 6, 2015 — 7:14 PM EDT Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was given hours to come up with a plan to keep his country in the euro as citizens endure a second week ... (Bloomberg)

Union sues Baker administration over early retirement plan

3 hrs ago - By Joshua Miller A large public-sector union is suing Governor Charlie Baker’s administration, alleging it improperly blocked some state employees from taking advantage of an early retirement incentive program. The National Association of Governmen ... (Boston Globe)

Fiorina camp says she has $1.4 million for presidential run

3 hrs ago - By JULIE BYKOWICZ WASHINGTON (AP) — Carly Fiorina's campaign said Monday she has raised $1.4 million to support her underdog bid for the Republican presidential nomination. In a note to supporters, campaign manager Frank Sadler pointed to Fiorina's ... (AP)

Clinton says she opposes boycott effort against Israel

4 hrs ago - By KEN THOMAS WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton says in a letter to American Jewish organizations that she opposes a grassroots protest movement promoting boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel over policies involving the Palestini ... (AP)

Former International Criminal Court judge: Dick Cheney should face prosecution

4 hrs ago - As a young boy, Thomas Buergenthal recalls, his mother taught him to kneel every night and thank God for his love and his protection. It's a habit, I suggest, that must have been difficult to maintain after August 1944 when, at the age of 10, he was ... (Newsweek)

Georgia woman accused of providing gun used to kill Officer Kerrie Orozco

5 hrs ago - By Alissa Skelton Federal authorities in Georgia have arrested a woman accused of providing the gun an Omaha man used to shoot and kill an Omaha police officer in May. Jalita Johnson, 26, purchased a 9mm Glock pistol fitted with a 50 round drum mag ... (Omaha World Herald)

Cosby said he got drugs to give women for sex

6 hrs ago - PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Bill Cosby admitted in a 2005 deposition that he obtained Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with. He admitted giving the sedative to at least one woman. The Associated Press went to cou ... (AP)

Trump: 'Infectious disease is pouring across the border'

6 hrs ago - Donald Trump doubled down on his controversial comments about illegal immigration from Mexico on Monday, saying that "infectious disease is pouring across the border." Trump issued a lengthy — nearly 900 word — statement invoking the death of a San ... (The Hill)

Teenage activist wants more money for children's education

6 hrs ago - COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai wants world leaders to spend more money, on top of their earlier promises, to secure 12 years of free primary and secondary education for all children across the world. The Pakista ... (AP)

Marco Rubio Accuses NYT of Attacking Him With ‘Castro Regime’s Propaganda’

6 hrs ago - Marco Rubio Accuses NYT of Attacking Him With ‘Castro Regime’s Propaganda’ Rubio calls for a ‘free Cuba’ BY: Morgan Chalfant July 6, 2015 4:47 pm Marco Rubio on Monday accused the New York Times of reporting the “Castro regime’s propaganda” on ... (Washington Free Beacon)

Same-sex couple sues Texas county clerk in federal court for refusing to issue marriage license

7 hrs ago - Same-sex couple sues Texas county clerk in federal court for refusing to issue marriage license By Joshua Fechter | July 6, 2015 | Updated: July 6, 2015 12:36pm A same-sex couple is moving forward with a lawsuit filed Monday against a North Texas ... (Houston Chronicle)

Buffett donates record $2.84 billion to Gates, family charities

7 hrs ago - US | Mon Jul 6, 2015 12:46pm EDT By Jonathan Stempel Warren Buffett on Monday donated about $2.84 billion of Berkshire Hathaway Inc stock to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and four family charities, as part of the billionaire' s plan to g ... (Reuters)

Protesters clash over Confederate flag at Phoenix Walmart

7 hrs ago - Protesters clash over Confederate flag at Phoenix Walmart | July 6, 2015 | Updated: July 6, 2015 2:51pm PHOENIX (AP) — Things got noisy outside a west Phoenix Walmart after the company's decision to remove Confederate flag merchandise attracted s ... (Associated Press)

SC Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Flag from State House

7 hrs ago - South Carolina Senate Casts First Vote to Remove Confederate Flag TRAVIS DOVE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES By ALAN BLINDER JULY 6, 2015 COLUMBIA, S.C. — The South Carolina Senate voted Monday to remove the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the ... (New York Times)

Judge tosses bid for probe of prosecutor in Ferguson case

7 hrs ago - Judge tosses bid for probe of prosecutor in Ferguson case By JIM SUHR, Associated Press | July 6, 2015 | Updated: July 6, 2015 2:46pm ST. LOUIS (AP) — A judge has tossed out a request by activists for an independent probe of a prosecutor's handlin ... (Associated Press)

Michigan woman frisked, jailed, for not renewing dog license

7 hrs ago - Michigan woman frisked, jailed, for not renewing dog license | July 6, 2015 | Updated: July 6, 2015 2:57pm KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) — A western Michigan woman heads to court Tuesday after being arrested for failing to renew her dog's license. Becky ... (Associated Press)

“The Devil is taking control!”: State senator hijacks Confederate flag debate

7 hrs ago - The debate over the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds was derailed before it had even began by state Senator Lee Bright, who urged his fellow senators to put aside the legacy of slavery and discuss the mos ... (Salon)

Some evidence suggests Scott Walker was behind Republicans' attempt to gut open records law

7 hrs ago - /snip/ But the question remains: Who is responsible for putting it in the budget in the first place It is a question that legislative leaders and Walker — who is set to announce his run for the presidency next week — have repeatedly dodged since th ... (Wisconsin Gazette)

Arizona governor calls for probe of private prison unrest

7 hrs ago - Arizona governor calls for probe of private prison unrest By BOB CHRISTIE, Associated Press | July 6, 2015 | Updated: July 6, 2015 2:25pm PHOENIX (AP) — The governor of Arizona is calling for an investigation into unrest at a privately run state p ... (Associated Press)

Hillary Clinton to do first national TV interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar

8 hrs ago - Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton on Tuesday will give the first nationally televised interview of her presidential campaign to CNN senior political correspondent Brianna Keilar. The Democratic front-runner has largely stayed away from the press, only ... (CNN)

Man accused in San Francisco Pier 14 shooting admits to crime

9 hrs ago - In an interview you'll see only on ABC7 News, the man accused of shooting and killing a young woman at San Francisco's Pier 14 admitted to the crime and talked about where he got the gun. Francisco Sanchez didn't recall every detail because he says ... (KGO TV ABC7)

Greece debt crisis: ECB tightens screw on Greek banks - live updates

9 hrs ago - Finally, the European Central Bank has announced its decision on the emergency support it provides to Greek banks. And the ECB has maintained the cap on emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) at €89bn, but crucially it has “adjusted” the haircuts it a ... (The Guardian)

Greece debt crisis: Banks to stay closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

10 hrs ago - Greek banks to stay shut Newsflash: Greece’s banks will not reopen on Tuesday, or indeed on Wednesday, according to the head of the Greek bank association. The daily withdrawal limit remains at €60. ... (The Guardian)

Service Industries in U.S. Expanded at Faster Pace in June

10 hrs ago - by Victoria Stilwell July 6, 2015 — 10:00 AM EDT Updated on July 6, 2015 — 10:40 AM EDT Growth at U.S. service industries picked up in June from a more than one-year low, signaling steady improvement in the biggest part of the economy. The Institu ... (Bloomberg)