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Most Discussed

Latest Breaking News

Poroshenko Promises 'Crushing Defeat' Of Rebels In Visit To Eastern Ukrainian City

India and Pakistan floods kill nearly 300
Sep 8 - AP

Treasury to limit profitability of overseas shifts

Obama: U.S. military to provide equipment, resources to battle Ebola epidemic in Africa
Sep 8 - Washington Post

Electrolux to buy GE Appliances in $3.3B deal

Prince William and Kate expecting second child
Sep 8 - BBC

Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy died Monday
Sep 8 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Iraq secures area around key dam after US strikes
Sep 8 - BBC

Air Force denies reenlistment after refusal of religious oath
Sep 7 - UPI

Japan says economy contracted 7.1 percent in 2Q
Sep 7 - AP-Excite

Nebraska doctors say Ebola patient making progress
Sep 7 - AP-Excite

Four NATO Allies Deny Ukraine Statement On Providing Arms

Palestinian president urges Hamas to yield power
Sep 7 - AP-Excite

Serena Williams beats Caroline Wozniacki for Open title
Sep 7 - USA Today

Al-Qaeda suspects were brought to the 'point of death' during 'real torture' by CIA
Sep 7 - Independent

Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across Country
Sep 7 - ABC NEWS

Boy in Spain with brain tumor being readied to fly
Sep 7 - AP-Excite

Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson to sell team after racist email
Sep 7 - CNN

9/11 museum shows SEAL's shirt from bin Laden raid
Sep 7 - AP-Excite

Heinous ASL prank moves Drew Carey to donate 10,000 reward for catching pranksters
Sep 7 - dailydigestnews.com

Rebuilt 18th century ship tests French waters

Monkey study: Ebola vaccine works, needs booster

Arab League To Back Iraqi-U.S. Campaign Against Islamic State: Sources
Sep 7 - Thomson Reuters

Steve Jobs was 'central figure' in Silicon Valley hiring case, judge says
Sep 7 - IDG News Service

Romney: I would have done a better job than Obama

US to help Georgia boost its defenses

Obama to give speech Wednesday on Islamic State

Scientists Transmit Thoughts from one Brain to Another
Sep 7 - ABC News

Civilian killed in Ukraine shelling despite truce

Iranian nuclear R&D centre 'visited by UN inspectors'
Sep 7 - The Guardian

Mark Udall, Cory Gardner spar in first U.S. Senate debate
Sep 7 - Denver Post

Breaking: Official: US military aircraft begin strikes on Islamic State militants near Haditha Dam
Sep 7 - NBC News

Mexican Immigrant Found Hanged in U.S. Detention Center
Sep 7 - Latin America Herald Tribune

Bridge Fire more than half contained, evacuation order lifted
Sep 7 - SF Chronicle

1,500-year-old Papyrus the Last Supper gives valuable insight into Christianity
Sep 7 - WSJ

Detained American in North Korea gets trial date
Sep 7 - AP-Excite

Apparent shelling heard outside Ukrainian port
Sep 7 - AP-Excite

Navratilova proposes on big screen at U.S. OPEN
Sep 6 - Yahoo

Honda recalls 126,000 motorcycles for a 2nd time
Sep 6 - AP-Excite

County to Send Anti-Federal Message by Horseback!
Sep 6 - nyt/ap

Henry Kissinger: Iran 'A Bigger Problem Than ISIS'
Sep 6 - The Huffington Post

Shock new poll says Scots set to vote yes to independence
Sep 6 - Guardian

Scientists give (Sherrod) Brown a lesson in algae blooms
Sep 6 - Toledo Blade

DTE calls storm '10th most impactful' in 111 years; 350K without power
Sep 6 - Detroit Free Press

New Jersey Downgraded Again
Sep 6 - Political Wire

Legal memos released on Bush-era justification for warrantless wiretapping
Sep 6 - Washington Post

Sep 6 - AP NEWS

Russia dispatches naval force to reopen Arctic base
Sep 6 - Yahoo

Weekly Address: Vice President : Time to Give the Middle Class a Chance
Sep 6 - White House

Obama Enlists 9 Allies to Help in the Battle Against ISIS
Sep 6 - New York Times

China 'rescues' 190 children from Xinjiang religious schools
By rug - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latest Breaking News
Industrial Output in U.S. Falls for First Time Since January
By Purveyor - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

Record S&P 500 Masks 47% of Nasdaq Mired in Bear Market
By Purveyor - 14 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Ukrainian Leader Now Needs Diplomatic Win He Can Sell to Voters
By Purveyor - 14 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Two white supremacists in Florida convicted: had made death threats, plotted race war
By shenmue - 15 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
How ironic...
By brooklynite - 15 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latest Breaking News
US stocks start week with slight decline
By Omaha Steve - 15 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Ben & Jerry’s Joins Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court Supporting Marriage Equality
By theHandpuppet - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
KRUGMAN: — the fault lies not in our textbooks, but in ourselves.
By kpete - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latin America
Venezuela arrests 64 for anti-Maduro protests: rights group
By Bacchus4.0 - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

Drone footage reveals what little remains of Gaza right now
By G_j - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
National Center for Media Forensics
By Ichingcarpenter - 18 hrs ago - 0 replies

Rosetta: Audacious comet landing site chosen
By muriel_volestrangler - 18 hrs ago - 0 replies

Politics 2014
TPM: This Is What's Truly At Stake In The Battle For Senate Control
By flpoljunkie - 18 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latest Breaking News
6 killed, 14 wounded in east Ukraine city
By Omaha Steve - 19 hrs ago - 0 replies

Foreign Affairs
Convenient genocide: Another failed war to re-arrange the Middle East
By unhappycamper - 19 hrs ago - 0 replies

A constitutional amendment to take Big Money out of politics dies quietly
By unhappycamper - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

Foreign Affairs
Holding the Hand of God
By unhappycamper - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

Foreign Affairs
Who You Callin' An Organizing Principle?!?!
By unhappycamper - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

Foreign Affairs
Contractors Ready to Cash In On ISIS War
By unhappycamper - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

Foreign Affairs
UK Treasury and British Broadcasting Corporation colluded to make Scottish independence look like a
By unhappycamper - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
How College Debt Can Ruin the Lives of Older Americans
By xchrom - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
WTF ...157
By pbmus - 22 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Montana City Attempts to Regain Control of Water System From Carlyle Group
By eridani - 22 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
REAKING: Obamacare Forces Nurse into Sex-Slave Trade!!
By eridani - 23 hrs ago - 0 replies

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