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Most Discussed

Latest Breaking News

TransCanada Files $15B Nafta Claim on Keystone XL Rejection
Saturday - By Jennifer A Dlouhy, Bloomberg News

Conservative columnist George Will says he's leaving GOP over Trump
Saturday - CNN

David Lammy MP Urges Parliament To Ignore EU Referendum Result: 'We Can Stop This Madness'
Saturday - Independent UK

Gunmen storm hotel in Mogadishu; 15 killed, police say
Saturday - cnn

Many experienced GOP strategists unwilling to work for Trump
Saturday - Associated Press

Cornwall votes for Brexit then pleads to keep EU funding
Saturday - http://www.independent.co.uk

Hawaii Becomes First State to Put Gun Owners in FBI Database
Saturday - Time

Putin Praises 'All-Embracing' Partnership of Russia, China
Saturday - ABC

UN: Venezuela fails to silence political prisoners’ appeal for amnesty
Saturday - UN Watch

Syria conflict: Russian air strikes target Aleppo rebels
Saturday - BBC

Venezuela opposition says petition to oust Maduro is validated
Saturday - BBC

Democrats approved platform draft with Sanders' imprint
Saturday - MSN/Associated Press

Trump cancels plans to visit his Doonbeg golf resort in Ireland
Saturday - irishcentral

Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight for his job
Saturday - Daily Mail

Michelle Obama to visit Africa to highlight girls' education
Saturday - Jerusalem Post

Britain’s EU Commissioner Lord Hill calls its quits after Brexit vote
Saturday - Telegraph.UK

Republican delegate sues to avoid voting for Donald Trump at convention
Saturday - The Guardian

Judge orders Michael Brown juvenile records released to lawyers
Saturday - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Arizona abandons use of sedative as a lethal-injection drug
Saturday - Associated Press

Diplomats from EU's founding 6 meet in Berlin to talk Brexit
Saturday - Associated Press

CNN staff revolts over Corey Lewandowski hire
Saturday - NY Post

EU referendum: Moody's cut UK's credit outlook to 'negative'
Saturday - BBC News

Dems Adopt $15 Minimum Wage In Platform Draft
Saturday - The Hill

Obama comes to Stanford, talks diversity, global connections
Saturday - San Jose Mercury News

2 Die in California Wildfire That Left Little Time to Flee
Friday - Associated Press

APNewsBreak: Experts demand more effort to save coral reefs
Friday - Associated Press

Arizona unable to carry out lethal injections after abandoning drug used in botched execution
Friday - Raw Story

POLITICO delegate survey: Dump Trump lacks the votes
Friday - Politico

Virginia jail rejects inmates' claims of mistreatment
Friday - Associated Press

Man freed after 20 years: Don't just drop charges — clear me
Friday - Associated Press

Reports: Two dead, one hospitalized after shooting in Katy
Friday - Houston Chronicle

Moms fighting for gun control to join NYC Pride March

Democrats Reject Platform Proposal Opposing Trade Deal

2nd man in 2 weeks contracts flesh-eating bacteria in Gulf of Mexico, TV station reports
Friday - Times-Picayune

President Obama visits Seattle real time-
Friday - kiro news 7

Sanders walks back pledge to vote for Hillary Clinton about an hour after saying he would
Friday - Raw Story

UK Independence Party Leader Admits His Bold Brexit Claim Was a "Mistake"
Friday - Mother Jones - UK Independent

SEC Sues ‘Frack Master’ for Spending Investor Cash on Strippers
Friday - Bloomberg News

Biden Rails Against Xenophobia From US Politicians: 'It's Un-American'
Friday - Los Angeles Times

Dow Closes Down -606 points
Friday - Bloomberg

Orders for U.S. Capital Goods Unexpectedly Dropped in May
Friday - Bloomberg

Obama makes Stonewall Inn first national monument of LGBT movement
Friday - NY Daily News

United clinches long-sought deal with flight attendants union
Friday - Reuters

Democrats begin working on draft of party platform
Friday - Associated Press

U.S. Navy captain involved in seizure by Iran relieved of command
Friday - Reuters

EgyptAir MS804 flight recorders: efforts to extract data fail
Friday - Associated Press

Former Romney Adviser on Trump Alternative: 'Until Donald Trump Has the Nomination…All Things Are Po
Friday - ABC News

Ryan, House Republicans to unveil U.S. tax reform plan
Friday - MSN/Reuters

EU parliament leader: we want Britain out as soon as possible
Friday - The Guardian

First Read: Trump Takes a Surreal Victory Lap in Scotland
Friday - NBC News

Foreign Affairs
Senators Urge Kerry to Address Political Crisis in Bahrain
By Eugene - 9 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latin America
Colombian President Hails Obama For U.S. Support For Peace Deal
By Zorro - 10 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Prime Minister's Questions got testy yesterday
By NuclearDem - 10 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Trump is more than a "Capitalist." He's a "State Capitalist"
By KansDem - 10 hrs ago - 0 replies

CDC issues warning on multidrug-resistant yeast infection
By n2doc - 11 hrs ago - 0 replies

Environment & Energy
El Niño Could Drive Intense Season for Amazon Fires
By OKIsItJustMe - 11 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
From Julia Gillard to Hillary Clinton: online abuse of politicians around the world
By iandhr - 11 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion: 2016
As the Republican Party Fractures over Donald Trump,
By MineralMan - 11 hrs ago - 0 replies

Ceremony honors life of music legend Ralph Stanley
By mahatmakanejeeves - 12 hrs ago - 0 replies

The Role of Cats in Anglo-Saxon England
By n2doc - 12 hrs ago - 0 replies

Foreign Affairs
Turkey and the Islamic State appear to be headed toward outright war
By bemildred - 12 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Ted Cruz, we hardly missed ya: McCarthy tactics and conspiracy theories at his terror panel
By DonViejo - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Hips Don’t Lie: Plus-Size Model Wants World’s Largest Hips
By snooper2 - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
So How Progressive Is the Democratic Party Platform?
By Javaman - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

My Father’s Secret Past
By struggle4progress - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

Socialist Progressives
Talks continue as Atlantic City casino strike deadline nears
By Omaha Steve - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

Omaha Steve's Labor Group
Talks continue as Atlantic City casino strike deadline nears
By Omaha Steve - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latest Breaking News
Talks continue as Atlantic City casino strike deadline nears
By Omaha Steve - 14 hrs ago - 0 replies

Video & Multimedia
Learning From The Activists Of The Civil Rights Movement
By matthewf - 14 hrs ago - 0 replies

Foreign Affairs
We Live In an Age of Disintegration (Patrick Cockburn)
By bemildred - 15 hrs ago - 0 replies

Video & Multimedia
By hobbit709 - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

Video & Multimedia
"TRAPPED": must see documentary (don't know if it was discussed when it came out)
By Surya Gayatri - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

Documentary About ‘The Settlers’ Shows Them as Israeli Left Wants To See Them
By Israeli - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
When Donald Trump Needs a Loan, He Chooses Deutsche Bank
By kentuck - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

American atheists are on the rise. They have radically different visions of the future.
By rug - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

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