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Most Discussed

Latest Breaking News

Germany arrests suspected double agent spying for U.S. - two German politicians
Jul 4 - Reuters

Asian stocks rise on strong US jobs report

Privacy watchdog files complaint over Facebook emotion experiment
Jul 4 - The Guardian

Obama on Fourth: Rights, equality fuel US success

Richard Mellon Scaife, Influential U.S. Conservative, Dies at 82
Jul 4 - NY Times

Andy Coulson jailed for 18 months for conspiracy to hack phones
Jul 4 - Guardian

Hamas 'ready for Gaza ceasefire' if Israeli raids stop
Jul 4 - BBC

EU Claims Right to Reverse Flow as Russia Protests
Jul 4 - The Moscow Times

California lawmakers pass tax credit for developer of stealth bomber
Jul 4 - Reuters/Yahoo

U.S. grounds entire F-35 fleet pending engine inspections
Jul 3 - Reuters

Overpass collapses in World Cup city
Jul 3 - Reuters

State court rules that fired Paratransit driver cannot be denied unemployment benefits
Jul 3 - Sacramento Bee

NSA targets Linux Journal as 'extremist forum': Report
Jul 3 - ZDNet

German Student Under N.S.A Scrutiny, Reports Say
Jul 3 - New York Times

Report: Rare leaked NSA source code reveals Tor servers targeted
Jul 3 - Ars Technica

Brown: Employers Should Be Able to Deny NH Women Basic Health Coverage
Jul 3 - NH Labor News

Dallas County IDs Three Potential Sites For Immigrant Children Who've Crossed Border
Jul 3 - KERA Public Radio

4 protesters awarded $185K over 2004 RNC arrests
Jul 3 - AP

Donald Sterling to seek ban of medical records in dispute with wife
Jul 3 - LA Times

Bourbon Street shootings prompt Jindal to send 50 state troopers to New Orleans through Labor Day
Jul 3 - Times-Picayune

Broad new tax to fund D.C. health exchange challenged in court
Jul 3 - Washington Post

Hurricane Arthur nears landfall on N.C. coast
Jul 3 - Charlotte Observer

(R-LA) Senate candidate Bill Cassidy discloses that his teenage daughter is pregnant
Jul 3 - New Orleans Times-Picayune

Fourth Of July Weekend Protests To Focus On TPP Threat To U.S. Jobs
Jul 3 - Workers Independent News

Pentagon leaders: Iraq probably needs outside help to retake seized territory.
Jul 3 - Washington Post

NSA 'totalitarian,' ex-staffer tells German parliament
Jul 3 - Deutsche Welle

Kansas senator's slip of tongue spurs new residency questions
Jul 3 - The Hill

Google right to be forgotten 'to get messy' after BBC story disappears
Jul 3 - C-Net

Starting this fall, free breakfasts, lunches available for all CPS students (Chicago Public Schools)
Jul 3 - Chicago Tribune

High court grants Wheaton College (IL) plea (contraception form)
Jul 3 - AP

Senator questions Hanford legal fees
Jul 3 - AP

KC area mom learns Illinois keeping custody of her son
Jul 3 - KC Star

Father whose son died in hot car to face Georgia grand jury
Jul 3 - CNN.com

Petition drive to raise Nebraska's minimum wage has over 130,000 signatures

Illinois Clergy Protest SCOTUS Ruling By Giving Out Condoms At Hobby Lobby
Jul 3 - TPM

NASA approves rocket for deep-space travel
Jul 3 - Los Angeles Times

German Parliament OK's national minimum wage
Jul 3 - MSN money

Iraq dismisses talk of border pullback as Saudi troops reportedly move in.
Jul 3 - Al Jazeera America

Massachusetts Responds to SCOTUS Ruling With New Abortion Clinic Protections
Jul 3 - The Wire

Court backs police pension in Chicago torture case
Jul 3 - Associated Press

David Cameron: heightened airport security puts passenger safety first
Jul 3 - Guardian UK

Breaking: Unaccompanied immigrant children being flown to IAH
Jul 3 - Houston Chronicle

Cuba criticizes $9B US fine for French bank
Jul 3 - Associated Press

Chris McDaniel Offers 1k Reward For Proof Of Mississippi Voter Fraud
Jul 3 - The Huffington Post -39 minutes ago

Cindy Archer, longtime aide to Scott Walker, gets new job, huge raise

War hero, Olympian Zamperini dies at 97
Jul 3 - Yahoo/AP

Around 50 Indian nurses taken from hospital in Iraqi militant stronghold -Indian officials
Jul 3 - Reuters

Extremist group takes Syrian towns, key oil field

Amazon vows to fight FTC on kids in-app purchases

BREAKING: Dow Jones Industrial Average Rises Above 17,000 for First Time
Jul 3 - Bloomberg News

Foreign Affairs
Amnesty International details widespread kidnapping and torture in Ukraine
By unhappycamper - 8 hrs ago - 0 replies

Labor Movement
Major union severs relationship with United Negro College Fund over ties to Koch brothers
By unhappycamper - 8 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
The Little Thing Our Cities Can Do to Inspire Millions More People to Bike
By xchrom - 9 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latin America
Recent political assassinations, etc. in Honduras:
By Judi Lynn - 10 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Study of Organic Crops Finds Fewer Pesticides and More Antioxidants
By steve2470 - 10 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latin America
Ecuadorian Vice President In Cuba To Boost Cooperation
By Judi Lynn - 11 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latest Breaking News
US Officials Conversed About UK Attempt to Destroy Guardian Files
By Judi Lynn - 12 hrs ago - 0 replies

Environment & Energy
Landmark Study Underscores Wide-Ranging Benefits of Pesticide-Free Farming
By Judi Lynn - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
In shadow of Brazil World Cup, a nonprofit builds fields of hope
By BeyondGeography - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
EPIC: The Israel-Palestine Conflict Like You’ve Never Seen It Before (Video)
By peoli - 14 hrs ago - 0 replies

First Nation Suffers Defeat in Court, Vows to Continue Fight for Land
By TexasTowelie - 14 hrs ago - 0 replies

Women's Rights & Issues
Toby Manhire: Sex crimes tarnish our women's rights halo (New Zealand)
By theHandpuppet - 14 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Santorum vs. The Independents, Conservatism vs Libertarianism
By stevenleser - 15 hrs ago - 0 replies

Politics 2014
Friday Talking Points (312) -- First Marijuana TV Ad Created
By ChrisWeigant - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

Abbas calls on UN to demand immediate Gaza ceasefIre
By Jefferson23 - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

PM: Israel-Turkey ties will not normalize unless Gaza assault stops
By Jefferson23 - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

Senior Hamas official to Haaretz: Palestinian unity government won't be dismantled
By Jefferson23 - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

Good Reads
by Robert Reich
By elleng - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

Additional toxicology ordered in Redus case (University of Incarnate Ward slain by police officer)
By TexasTowelie - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Do British and Americans differently perceive which groups face discrimination?
By HereSince1628 - 18 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
LOL !!! - How To Beat Republicans... Feel Free To Add...
By WillyT - 19 hrs ago - 0 replies

Good Reads
A New Direction For Land Management Bureau??? Auctioning/Use of Public Lands
By Lodestar - 19 hrs ago - 0 replies

Disease Threat From Immigrant Children Wildly Overstated
By TexasTowelie - 19 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latin America
Peace process alone will not solve humanitarian crisis in northwest Colombia: UN
By Judi Lynn - 19 hrs ago - 0 replies

Environment & Energy
Appeals Court Upholds EPA's Mining Restraints
By Lodestar - 19 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
GOP Running On Runaway Democratic Spending. ?????????
By TheMastersNemesis - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
box stacker appreciation thread
By PowerToThePeople - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

New York
During Thruway stop, State Police find 1,500 envelopes of heroin
By hrmjustin - 21 hrs ago - 0 replies

New York
Klein, Stewart-Cousins pull support for Senate challengers
By hrmjustin - 21 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Corinthian College’s target demographic: “isolated," "impatient" individuals with "low self-esteem"
By Liberal_in_LA - 21 hrs ago - 0 replies

United Kingdom
David Willetts doesn't get it - we should be doing more to support disabled students, not less
By LeftishBrit - 21 hrs ago - 0 replies

The Extreme History Project: Bozeman Suffrage Centennial Events
By theHandpuppet - 22 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Is this GMO propaganda or somewhat correct? Killer Fungus Might Threaten World’s Food Supply
By Lint Head - 23 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Remember those heat seeking bullets in Runaway?
By Babel_17 - 23 hrs ago - 0 replies

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