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Most Discussed

Latest Breaking News

Hillary Clinton Was Asked About Email 2 Years Ago
Wednesday - NY Times

Wal-Mart defeats bid for shareholder vote on gun sales
Wednesday - Reuters

Cuba praises 'fair' US pledge on terrorism list
Wednesday - BBC News

U.S. Congress Approves Formula Fixing Medicare Doctors Pay
Wednesday - Reuters

Indiana lawmakers reject extending civil rights protections
Tuesday - Associated Press

Ford's Theatre hosting round-the-clock tribute to mark 150th anniversary of Lincoln's death
Tuesday - Fox News

Breaking: Leading House Democrat Will Oppose TPP Fast Track
Tuesday - The Nation

Alcohol ban proposed in Indonesia
Tuesday - AFP

Battery charge against U.S. judge dropped, angering congresswoman
Tuesday - Reuters

4 from former lawmaker's staff subpoenaed in US probe
Tuesday - Associated Press

Did Japan’s Whale Hunt Just Get Harpooned?
Tuesday - Take Part

Gravestone of Hillary Clinton's dad toppled in Pennsylvania
Tuesday - philly.com

I-Team: Walmart stores that were suddenly closed for plumbing issues haven't sought permits
Tuesday - WFTS Tampa

Protesters in Boston seek higher wages for lowest paid workers
Tuesday - Mass Live

WTO rules against U.S. dolphin-safe canned tuna labels
Tuesday - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Twin toddlers drown in Arizona canal after mother lets go of stroller to swat bee
Tuesday - Yahoo! News / Reuters

U.S. military to exhume remains of unidentified victims of Pearl Harbor attack
Tuesday - Yahoo News! / Reuters

Jury of 19 women, five men picked for Colorado cinema massacre trial
Tuesday - Yahoo! News / Reuters

In setback, Obama concedes Congress role on Iran deal
Tuesday - Nation

Court upholds dismissal of Sen. Johnson's health care suit
Tuesday - 15 WMTV MADISON, WI (AP)

The Navy is Preparing To Launch Swarm Bots Out of Cannons
Tuesday - Defense One

Nation's fast-food workers stage strike on Tax Day
Tuesday - Citizen-Times

First U.S. set of all-girl quintuplets born in Houston
Tuesday - Houston Chronicle

Colombia’s Constitutional Court president also linked to paramilitary land theft
Tuesday - Colombia Reports

Nebraska lawmakers want more study before oil wastewater disposal well is approved
Tuesday - Omaha World Herald

Marvel Superhero Artist Herb Trimpe, ‘Father’ of Wolverine, Dead at 75
Tuesday - New York Observer

In second launch attempt, SpaceX fails to safely land rocket back on Earth
Tuesday - Houston Chronicle

Wisconsin senator loses appeal of Obamacare lawsuit
Tuesday - Reuters

Obama pro-union rule to take effect
Tuesday - The Hill

Chicago offers reparations package to police torture victims
Tuesday - Associated Press

Ex-drug officer says he stole cash, planted drugs many times
Tuesday - Associated Press

Protesters in New York Demonstrate Against Police Brutality, Attempt to Take Brooklyn Bridge
Tuesday - Newsweek

G7 foreign ministers arrive for talks in Lübeck
Tuesday - dpa, AFP

Civil rights case filed to stop Florida boy's circumcision
Tuesday - Associated Press

Florida Republicans say gay-rights advocates 'hijacked' state adoption bill
Tuesday - The Guardian

Hillary Clinton Rocks The Kochs By Announcing Support For Overturning Citizens United
Tuesday - Politicsusa.com

Obama Endorses Removing Cuba From Terrorism List
Tuesday - New York Times

Up to 400 migrants died in boat capsize off Libya: NGOs
Tuesday - AFP

White House Indicates Obama Will Sign Compromise Iran Bill
Tuesday - Washington Post

US places sanctions on leader, backer of Yemen's Huthis
Tuesday - AFP

Reserve Deputy Robert Bates Turns Himself in at Tulsa Jail for Stun-Gun Mix-Up
Tuesday - ABC News

Joe Biden 'not ready' to decide on potential 2016 presidential run
Tuesday - The Guardian

Obama meets Iraqi PM, offers $200M in aid to help those displaced by Islamic State
Tuesday - U.S.News & WORLD REPORT

Hillary Clinton makes first campaign stop in Iowa – politics live
Tuesday - The Guardian

Chris Christie Pushes Means Test for Social Security in New Hampshire
Tuesday - Bloomberg

TSA Screeners At DIA Manipulated System To Grope Men’s Genitals
Tuesday - CBS

U.S. Drug Spending Increases Most in 13 Years to $373.9 Billion
Tuesday - Bloomberg

UN Security Council Bans Arms Sales to Yemen’s Saleh, Houthi
Tuesday - Bloomberg

Wolf criticizes UPMC wages; health giant suggests union motivations
Tuesday - Trib Live

R&B singer Percy Sledge dies at 73
Tuesday - CNN

General Discussion
4-18-15 You have more than likely heard of Rosa Parks in 2:00
By Omaha Steve - 11 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Ship & Iceberg Metaphor # 2:
By Jackpine Radical - 13 hrs ago - 0 replies

Photo portraits of the South African LGBT community
By shenmue - 14 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
MO National Guard Calls Ferguson Protestors ‘Enemy Forces,’ ‘Adversaries’
By sheshe2 - 15 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Democratic Stuff has MORE Hillary items for sale
By Omaha Steve - 15 hrs ago - 0 replies

Foreign Affairs
Iran proposes 4-point plan to UN to solve Yemeni conflict
By Jefferson23 - 15 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Of course 2015 is past time to put a woman on our currency, but the bigger question is
By RB TexLa - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
The Bernie Sanders Facebook page says he'll be on Fox w/Chris Wallace tomorrow, 9am ET
By arcane1 - 16 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
new restrictions on abortion restrictors
By niyad - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

Large explosion at Karnes City oil facility sends flames more than 100 feet into the air
By TexasTowelie - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Occupy Providence protests international trade bill
By n2doc - 17 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latest Breaking News
Earth Day organizers hope to reach millions, teaming up with 'Angry Birds' game developers
By bananas - 18 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Looming Greek 'crunch' threatens fresh global crisis, warns Osborne
By discocrisco01 - 18 hrs ago - 0 replies

Video & Multimedia
Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Live Stream
By bananas - 18 hrs ago - 0 replies

Latest Breaking News
Los Angeles Unified reaches tentative deal with teachers
By Omaha Steve - 18 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
I wish I had paid more attention to the Trayvon Martin case when it was in the news
By livingonearth - 19 hrs ago - 0 replies

Video & Multimedia
ISIL blamed for Afghanistan attack
By discocrisco01 - 20 hrs ago - 0 replies

Gun Control Reform Activism
Invitation to a poll on Hillary, gun control advocate
By jimmy the one - 22 hrs ago - 0 replies

New York Readies Restrictive Medical Marijuana Law
By annabanana - 22 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows
By Purveyor - 23 hrs ago - 0 replies

General Discussion
Obama Downplays Russia Weapons Sale To Iran
By Purveyor - 23 hrs ago - 0 replies

Harvard Law School film crew examines Montana's strict milk expiration laws
By Ptah - 23 hrs ago - 0 replies

Syria: UN agency appeals for $30 million to help besieged civilians in Yarmouk camp
By oberliner - 23 hrs ago - 0 replies

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