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Attorney General Eric Holder Speaks To Michael Brown's Parents
Aug 14 - Huffington Post

Rep. Steve King: Ferguson Protestors Are Of A Single 'Continental Origin'
Aug 14 - Talking Points Memo

Police images fuel outrage in St. Louis and beyond
Aug 14 - AP-Excite

Marine sniper at center of viral video scandal found dead
Aug 14 - Washington Post

'Warcraft' to memorialize Robin Williams in game
Aug 14 - AP-Excite

Santos endorses medical marijuana for Colombia
Aug 14 - Santos endorses medical marijuana for Colombia

Stores have a solid start to back-to-school season
Aug 14 - AP-Excite

Missouri Guv: Officer Who Shot Teen Should Be Named As Soon As Possible
Aug 14 - TPM

Louie Gohmert suspects ‘undocumented Democrats’ are bringing Ebola across the border
Aug 14 - Raw Story

Court orders Guantanamo commander to explain force-feeding of hunger strikers
Aug 14 - Agence France-Presse

Russian military vehicles enter Ukraine as aid convoy stops short of border
Aug 14 - The Guardian

Missouri Guv: State Highway Patrol Will Take Over Security In Ferguson
Aug 14 - TPM

New York Democrats Call for Department of Justice Probe Into Eric Garner's Death
Aug 14 - NBC News and news services

#NMOS14: Vigils to honor victims, protest police action
Aug 14 - USA Today

Governor of Iraq Sunni heartland says U.S. to help against militants
Aug 14 - Reuters

#NMOS14: Vigils in Detroit among those to protest police brutality
Aug 14 - Detroit Free Press

Orlando to join nationwide vigil tonight honoring Michael Brown
Aug 14 - Orlando Sentinel

Officials: Iraq's al-Maliki to back new PM
Aug 14 - Associated Press

Eric Holder 'Deeply Concerned' About Military Transfers To Local Police
Aug 14 - TPM

Michael J. Fox Smart Watches Are Right On Time For Parkinson's Breakthrough
Aug 14 - Forbes

House Democrat Unveils Bill To Demilitarize Local Police
Aug 14 - TPM

The Crushing Effects Of Radiation From The Fukushima Disaster On The Ecosystem Are Being Slowly Reve
Aug 14 - Business Insider

Starbucks to Revise Work Scheduling Policies
Aug 14 - NYTimes

Robin Williams Was Battling Parkinson’s Disease, Wife Says
Aug 14 - Time

Iraqi army, militants clash west of Baghdad
Aug 14 - AP-EXCITE

Obama Doesn't Expect Additional Humanitarian Aid In Iraq
Aug 14 - TPM

Unions fear Snyder will limit transparency on Aramark prison contract
Aug 14 - Detroit Free Press

David Gregory to Reportedly Exit NBC's 'Meet the Press' This Week
Aug 14 - Hollywood Reporter

UPDATED X 2: Obama Addresses Ferguson: 'Police Should Not Be Arresting Journalists'
Aug 14 - TPM

Police defend use of tear gas, smoke at protests
Aug 14 - AP-EXCITE

McCaskill in Ferguson: Time to ‘de-militarize this situation’
Aug 14 - Office of Sen. Claire McCaskill

ACLU Sues Ferguson Police After Being Denied Teen Shooting Report. Files 2nd suit protect recordings
Aug 14 - TPM

Ferguson Mayor Defends Police: 'I Can't Second-Guess These Officers'
Aug 14 - TPM

WATCH LIVE: Obama To Deliver Statement Thursday At 12:15
Aug 14 - TPM

Shares of Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway top $200,000 for the first time
Aug 14 - Fortune

St. Louis County Police are being relieved of their duties.
Aug 14 - Huffington Post

Weekly Jobless Claims Rise, but Longer-Term Labor Strength Seen
Aug 14 - Bloomberg

Ted Cruz Defends Reporters Arrested In Ferguson
Aug 14 - TPM

White House in the dark over arms supplies to Israel: report
Aug 14 - AFP/Yahoo

Lone female fugitive on US Marshals Most-Wanted list captured
Aug 14 - CNN

Elizabeth Warren On Ferguson: 'This Is America, Not A War Zone'
Aug 14 - TPM

Putin says Russia should aim to sell energy in roubles
Aug 14 - Reuters

St. Louis alderman released from jail after arrest during Ferguson protest
Aug 14 - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Protests turn violent in St. Louis suburb
Aug 14 - AP-Excite

Israel, Hamas agree to extend Gaza ceasefire by 120 hours
Aug 14 - Ynet

N. Korea fires projectiles as pope visits S. Korea
Aug 14 - AP-Excite

Michelle Rhee to step down as StudentsFirst chief, take ‘next step in life’
Aug 14 - Wash. Post

Statement from Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon
Aug 14 - TPM

Cisco Systems to cut 6000 jobs
Aug 13 - Sydney Morning Herald

VA referrals to private doctors on rise
Aug 13 - AP

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