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Latest Breaking News

Colombian Generals Investigated for "False Positives"
Monday - BBC

Ben Carson to make announcement in Detroit next month
Monday - Detroit Free Press

Two fatally shot after van strikes toddler in Milwaukee
Monday - Reuters

Montana Gov. Lampoons Koch Group Over 'Millions Of Montanans' Goof
Monday - Talking Points Memo

Fukushima robot stranded after stalling inside reactor
Monday - Guardian

USTelecom files suit against government's new Internet rules
Monday - AP-Excite

Report gives US airlines lower marks across the board
Monday - AP-Excite

Russia lifts ban on S-300 missile system delivery to Iran
Monday - BBC News

Rubio tells donors he is running for White House
Monday - Yahoo News

Ricci heiress convicted of tax fraud
Monday - BBC

China to surpass U.S. as top cause of modern global warming
Monday - Reuters

Shooting reported on Wayne Community College campus in Goldsboro, N.C.
Monday - NY Daily News

Hillary’s First Campaign Stop? Pa.
Monday - Philadelphia Magazine

Spokesman: Sanders 2016 run choice by April 30
Monday - Burlington Free Press

Union members to vote on LyondellBasell offer
Monday - Houston Chronicle

Iran suspends 'lesser pilgrimages' to Saudi Arabia by minors - reports
Monday - The Guardian

Günter Grass, German Novelist and Social Critic, Dies at 87
Monday - NYT

German woman set to become world's oldest mother of quadruplets
Monday - The Telegraph / AFP

Survey: Nearly 9 in 10 US adults now have health insurance
Monday - Yahoo! News / AP

Cleveland baby shot dead by 3-year-old who found ‘untended’ handgun: chief
Monday - New York Daily News

'Sub' outside Stockholm was civilian boat
Monday - The Local

Marco Rubio Set to Announce Presidential Bid Monday
Monday - washington post

Arms spending up globally, except in US, Western Europe
Monday - AP-Excite

NYC council to renew call to hire 1,000 more police officers
Sunday - AP

US Marines plan force in Honduras for hurricane season
Sunday - Agence France-Presse

Democrats Surge: Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Page Gets 500,000 Likes In Just 15 Minutes
Sunday - Politicususa.com

Students suspended after charges in Panama City Beach sex assault
Sunday - WFTV

“It will take food off my table” Union members rally against repeal of common wage law
Sunday - WTHITV

Obama, Abadi to map 'long, long' fight against Islamic State
Sunday - Yahoo! News / AFP

Pope's sex abuse advisors meet in Rome over Chile bishop
Sunday - Yahoo! News / AP

Germany calls on Russia, Ukraine to move to next phase of peace deal
Sunday - Yahoo! news / AFP

Saudi Arabia: No evidence its agents helped in 9/11 attacks
Sunday - USA Today / AP

Here's the Iowa schedule for Hillary Clinton
Sunday - Des Moines Register

Refiners, retailers drop prices, chase US drivers' demand
Sunday - AP

Australia to Stop Welfare Cash of Anti-Vaccine Parents
Sunday - bbc

CBS political director John Dickerson new Sunday show host
Sunday - AP-Excite

Hillary Clinton Launches 2016 Presidential Campaign
Sunday - Huffington Post

Cop on Paid Leave After Allegedly Tickling Body of Man (unarmed) Killed by Police
Sunday - Mediaite

Egypt's Sinai Peninsula hit by deadly bomb attacks
Sunday - BBC

MoCo police take Philadelphia woman into custody for leaving son in woods
Sunday - W Post

Brazil bracing for day of nationwide protests
Sunday - AP

Obama meets Venezuela's president on sidelines of summit
Sunday - AP

Kerry Says Iran Deal Critics Were Wrong Before And Are Wrong Now
Sunday - HuffPo

Pope Francis calls Armenian slaughter 'first genocide of the 20th century'
Sunday - CBC/Associated Press

Unions, activists rally to protest budget cuts, 'anti-union' policy
Sunday - VT Digger

Residents allowed to return to tornado-hit Illinois town
Sunday - AP-Excite

Mother dangled toddler over cheetah exhibit before fall, Cleveland Zoo says
Sunday - Cleveland.com

Sharpton expected to preach, attend shooting vigil in SC
Sunday - AP-Excite

Video: Islamic State group destroys ancient ruins of Nimrud
Sunday - AP-Excite

Barack Obama says Hillary Clinton 'would make an excellent president'
Sunday - The Guardian

General Discussion
Hillary Clinton Answer On Abortion Leaves 'Pro-Life' Senator Speechless
By kpete - 100 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

Good Reads
Homeless Man Reunited With Long-Lost Bank Account..South Tampa-Hyde Park Patch:
By Stuart G - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
The President has to rely almost wholly on repubs to pass the TPA
By cali - 50 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

Will 4/20 ever become a national holiday? (Poll)
By B Calm - 23 hrs ago

Video & Multimedia
ISIL blamed for Afghanistan attack
By discocrisco01 - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
By appalachiablue - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
Democracy Now: Debate: Hillary Clinton Sounds Populist Tone, But Are Progressives Ready to Back Her
By LiberalElite - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
The president on climate crisis: a little late but covering his six o'clock
By agent46 - 23 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
San Francisco residents mark anniversary of 1906 earthquake
By CountAllVotes - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else."
By kentuck - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK woman puts arrow in cat's head - cheers on FB. And she's a vet! *GRAPHIC*
By Drunken Irishman - 175 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

Quick thing that I want to say.
By F4lconF16 - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Do we have fair elections anymore?
By MoonRiver - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Obama Levels Cheap Shot At Unions - Again
By WillTwain - 350 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
Discussion- ending militarization of police, police brutality and gov sanctioned murder by LEO.
By marym625 - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

History of Feminism
Victim of Southold fire renowned feminist Sidney Abbott
By hrmjustin - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
The President has to rely almost wholly on repubs to pass the TPA
By cali - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

Politics 2015
Will HRC get the Bubba vote from the Red states that Obama lost?
By Always Randy - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

New York
I'm bringing my one woman show to New York!
By Chalco - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Korten: A Trade Rule That Makes it Illegal to Buy Local?
By The Blue Flower - 50 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
HRC is, quite simply, one of the more risk averse politicians
By cali - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Hillary Clinton Answer On Abortion Leaves 'Pro-Life' Senator Speechless
By kpete - 75 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

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