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Latest Breaking News

Now at Port of Seattle, hundreds of activists blocking entrance to Terminal Five
Monday - Investigative Reporter John Ryan, KUOW Seattle

YouTube Should Not Have Been Forced To Take Down Anti-Muslim Film, Appeals Court Rules
Monday - Associated Press

E.U. Agrees to Naval Intervention on Human Traffickers
Monday - New York Times

US agency to hold hearing on Fiat Chrysler recall compliance
Monday - AP-BIG story

Governor Bobby Jindal Forms 2016 Exploratory Committee
Monday - NBC News

APNewsBreak: Tiger mascot at issue in Ohio exotics crackdown
Monday - AP BIG story

WHO Vows Reform After Ebola Outbreak Mistakes
Monday - Time

Supreme Court Strikes Down Maryland Law That Double-Taxes Income Earned In Other States
Monday - Associated Press

Supreme Court Won’t Block Probe of Scott Walker’s Recall Campaign
Monday - Bloomberg

U.S. Home Builders' Confidence Falls for Fourth Time in Five Months
Monday - Dow Jones Business News

Steering a shipyard: Bath Iron Works president, union at odds
Monday - Bangor Daily News

Police: Site of biker gunfight refused to help prevent it
Monday - USA Today

Justices make it easier to sue over 401(k) retirement plans
Monday - AP

Supreme Court Says Convicted Felons Can Sell Their Guns
Monday - ABC News

German ministry softens CO2 emission demands for power plants
Monday - Yahoo/Reuters

Greece says can pay wages and pensions, needs deal by end of May
Monday - Reuters

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to announce 2016 presidential decision June 1
Monday - Washington Post

US Marine Osprey crashes in Hawaii; 1 dead, 21 injured
Monday - AP

Christie to call for larger military, more US intervention
Monday - AP

Arrested for reporting on Qatar's World Cup labourers
Monday - BBC News

Fulton prosecutor reviewing 2011 Union City police shooting
Monday - The Telegraph

Shi'ite forces ordered to deploy after fall of Iraqi city
Monday - Reuters

World stock markets uneven as weak data clouds outlook
Monday - AP

Amtrak trains rolling on busy Northeast Corridor
Monday - AP

BREAKING: Obama Bans Some Military-Style Equipment Provided to Police Through Federal Program
Monday - Associated Press

Protester says Y-12 break-in worth the prison time; Boertje-Obed arrives in Knoxville after release
Monday - Knoxville News-Sentinel

Report: Blasts at Kurdish Party Offices in Turkey Injure 2
Monday - AP

Queen pays first visit to Nazi death camp
Monday - The Telegraph

Extreme athlete Dean Potter among two killed Base jumping in Yosemite
May 17 - The Guardian

Radiation accident at Idaho nuclear lab subject of new lawsuit
May 17 - Associated Press

Royal Navy investigates Trident whistle-blower William McNeilly who claims nuclear programme is a 'd
May 17 - The Independent

20,000 Macedonians demand resignation of Gruevski government
May 17 - The Guardian

Marines: 12 taken to hospital after aircraft's hard landing
May 17 - AP

Ukraine crisis: 'Russian special forces' captured
May 17 - BBC

US officials: 'Saudis set to buy nuclear weapons from Pakistan'
May 17 - IBTimes

Arab coalition resumes Yemen air strikes as truce ends
May 17 - Aljazeera

Jeb Bush Says Christian Business Owners Can Refuse To Serve Gay Weddings
May 17 - Huffington Post

Professor: comments on African Americans were misunderstood
May 17 - Associated Press

U.S., China Clash Over South China Sea Disputes
May 17 - NBC

Biker Gang Shootings Turn Waco Restaurant Into Combat Zone
May 17 - KWTX TV

Raid on ISIS Leader 'Picture Perfect,' Sen. Dianne Feinstein Says
May 17 - ABC News

Iraqi forces withdraw from Ramadi in battle with ISIL
May 17 - USA Today

U.S. Republicans claim enough votes to pass fast-track trade bill
May 17 - Reuters

Sanders: Will Media Force Me to Attack Hillary Before Listening to My Ideas?
May 17 - Mediaite.com

D.C. police seek person of interest in quadruple slaying (update)
May 17 - W Post

Legal battle over brain-damaged baby prompts Maine bill
May 17 - AP

Storm system pushes east after drenching Plains
May 17 - AP-Excite

Farmers Union 'confident' in corporate farming vote
May 17 - Bismark Tribune

George Harrison guitar from 1963 brings $490,000 at auction
May 17 - AP

Thousands rally against US military base on Japan's Okinawa
May 17 - Yahoo! News / AFP

General Discussion
Mike Huckabee: Next President Must Obey ‘Supreme Being’ Instead Of Supreme Court On Gay Marriage
By Purveyor - 23 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
Racist letter tells black Lindenhurst family: ‘You don’t belong here’
By onehandle - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
Montel Williams Blasts Josh Duggar, Tony Perkins As ‘Hypocrites, Charlatans’ In Epic Facebook Rant
By Purveyor - 23 hrs ago

After 6 years, Heathenism religious code still in limbo
By rug - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Bill Kristol Slams Death Penalty Repeal: Executions Are An ‘Important Symbol’ Of American Justice
By Purveyor - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
So, the TPP is supposedly a good thing? Here is a chance for all the TPP supporters to make
By xocet - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
John Robert Fox was an American soldier who was killed in action when he deliberately called
By LiberalArkie - 23 hrs ago

Foxhole Atheists May Update and Memorial Day
By rug - 23 hrs ago

Video & Multimedia
Bernie Sanders Slams Press For Campaign Coverage On CNN's Reliable Sources
By Purveyor - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
You know, a lot of you people really drive me up the wall.
By WilliamPitt - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

Video & Multimedia
It's always fun happy party time at Target. Target Stores Anti-Union Propaganda.
By EEO - 23 hrs ago

Video & Multimedia
Pepper Sprayed for giving the finger
By zebonaut - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
Large Hadron Collider Is Up And Running, And Back To Breaking Records
By Purveyor - 23 hrs ago

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