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Latest Breaking News

St Louis Bosnian woman who claimed hate crime charged with making false report
Tuesday - St Louis Post Dispatch

Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical marijuana
Tuesday - LAT

Boy Scouts of America to pay $7m in sexual abuse case
Tuesday - Associated Press

Ten Bosnian Serb wartime security officials arrested for war crimes
Tuesday - Reuters

Russian rouble dives despite shock rate rise to 17%
Tuesday - BBC

Belgium grinds to a halt for one-day general strike
Tuesday - The Guardian - London

Hanukkah begins at sundown Tuesday
Tuesday - The Desert Sun

Taliban take 500 children hostage in Army school in Peshawar
Tuesday - REUTERS

[Cdn.] Federal government loses appeal to stop medical marijuana patients from growing pot at home
Tuesday - CBC News

Bondi asks U.S. Supreme Court to maintain stay, prevent gay couples from marrying Jan. 6
Monday - Miami Herald

Union sues Verso, AIM in effort to block sale of Bucksport mill
Monday - bangordailynews.com

Cleveland Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins delivers emotional response to Cleveland police union's...
Monday - Cleveland.com

Canada To Curb Spending If Needed Due To Oil: Minister
Monday - REUTERS

Casino union defies deadline in Taj Mahal showdown
Monday - Philly.com-AP

N.F.L. Sued by Players Union Over Adrian Peterson Ruling
Monday - NY Times

San Jose: SJPD officer placed on leave as fallout continues after controversial protest tweets
Monday - Mercury News

'Threat' causes partial closure of Zurich airport
Monday - Agence France Presse

China's nuclear giant grabs majority stake in UK wind farms
Monday - Mining.com

Man accidentally shot with officer's stray bullet
Monday - AP

Newtown victims' families sue maker of gun used in 2012 attack
Monday - Reuters

Branstad seeks to end Iowa GOP straw poll
Monday - AP

Supreme Court declines to hear Arizona abortion case
Monday - Arizona Republic

Irving-based Boy Scouts hit with $7 million verdict in sex abuse case
Monday - AP

Senate Confirms Gun Control Advocate as Surgeon General
Monday - National Journal

Sony's Amy Pascal Likely To Be Fired Over Leaked Racially Tinged Emails
Monday - The New York Daily News-5 hours ago

Supreme Court Says Police Mistakes Can Still Lead to Valid Arrests
Monday - NBC

Psychologist Admits He Waterboarded Al Qaeda Suspects: Report
Monday - Reuters

Majority in U.S. say CIA interrogation methods were justified
Monday - LAT

German Politicians Push Back as Anti-Immigrant Rallies Swell
Monday - New York Times

Stocks fall after biggest weekly loss since 2012
Monday - AP-Excite

Russia cuts spending as recession looms: Report
Monday - Reuters

Huge U.S. Child Health Study Canceled After $1.3 Billion
Monday - By Alex Wayne at Bloomberg.com

#IllRideWithYou: Australians show solidarity for Muslims amid Sydney siege
Monday - CTV News

Governor Siegelman seeks release from prison.
Monday - NBC News WFLA Channel 8: Referencing API

Police altering tactics after killings, protests
Monday - Associated Press

Ukraine Seeking $10 Billion in Aid Amid Talks With U.S., EU
Monday - Bloomberg

U.S. asks Vatican for help with Guantanamo inmates
Monday - Reuters

Navajos buy back artifacts at Paris auction
Monday - AP-Excite

Obama, accompanied by Christie, visits N.J. today to mark end of combat operations in Afghanistan
Monday - By Jonathan D. Salant | NJ Advance Media NJ.com

HRW slams Russia for spiralling homophobic attacks
Monday - Agent France Press

Holder praises NBA stars for 'I can't breathe' shirts
Monday - The Hill

Kansas Governor Proposes Using Pension Money to Cover Budget Gaps Created By His Tax Cuts
Monday - International Buisness Times

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Block Entrance To Oakland Police Headquarters
Monday - CBS

One in 500 people living with no nationality: report
Monday - Reuters

Listening devices found in Oslo, prompting spying investigation
Monday - Reuters

Factory output eclipses pre-recession high
Monday - AP-Excite

France Arrests 10 People in Suspected Jihadist Network
Monday - New York Times

Spelman College distances itself from Bill Cosby
Monday - USA Today

Russia considers building its own space station to rival ISS: report
Monday - Reuters

Sydney siege: Heavily armed police storm Martin Place Lindt cafe
Monday - ABC (Australia)

General Discussion
The US Is Giving Egypt 10 Apache Helicopters
By xchrom - 18 hrs ago

General Discussion
Do we actually know who killed those cops
By malaise - 75 replies @ 18 hrs ago (Milestone)

Latest Breaking News
N.J. police union blames 'hatred aimed at officers' after 2 NYPD cops killed
By Omaha Steve - 25 replies @ 18 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
How Fear Of Occupy Wall Street Undermined the Red Cross' Sandy Relief Effort
By xchrom - 18 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
Kurds push into Sinjar; Iraqis battle for airport
By Omaha Steve - 18 hrs ago

General Discussion
7 Demented Right-Wing Moments This Week: Fox Wants a Royalty Check From Colbert?
By xchrom - 18 hrs ago

General Discussion
Happy Bottom of the Analemma Day everybody.
By longship - 19 hrs ago

General Discussion
Don't mistake the Warren phenomenon for a personality cult.
By Jackpine Radical - 50 replies @ 19 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
Please note how nobody calls the NY-gunman a "lone wolf"
By DetlefK - 19 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
Iran Says U.S.-Cuba Thaw Proves Sanctions Are Useless
By bemildred - 20 hrs ago

General Discussion
Fox News Goes Dark for Dish Network Subscribers
By Egnever - 20 hrs ago

General Discussion
Muhammad Ali admitted to hospital with a mild case of pneumonia
By malaise - 20 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
Drone spotted over Belgium nuclear plant
By bananas - 20 hrs ago

Not just women, but men, are often the victims of the patriarchy
By AZ Progressive - 21 hrs ago

General Discussion
Geraldo Rivera's Vile Statement
By napkinz - 21 hrs ago

General Discussion
Charlie Chaplin was run out of America and left isolated for his politics.
By Drunken Irishman - 21 hrs ago

General Discussion
Obama Administration Issues Executive Order to Protect Transgender Rights in Public Employment
By Cali_Democrat - 25 replies @ 22 hrs ago (Milestone)

African American
With all the racial tension in GD I feel uncomfortable posting there.
By rbrnmw - 22 hrs ago

African American
I was here thankfully I was not arrested
By rbrnmw - 22 hrs ago

General Discussion
Danny Garvin passed last week. He deserves to be remembered!
By Are_grits_groceries - 22 hrs ago

General Discussion
Spoke with a good friend tonight, huge Hillary supporter
By MannyGoldstein - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

Latest Breaking News
US seeks China help against North Korea cyberattacks after Sony hack report
By JonLP24 - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Ex-Anonymous hacker questions North Korea's role in Sony hack
By JonLP24 - 23 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
Arthur Gardner dies at 104; produced TV's 'Rifleman,' 'Big Valley'
By Behind the Aegis - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
New York Subway Officials To Shame People Sitting With Their Legs Spread - "man spreading"
By Liberal_in_LA - 25 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

Latest Breaking News
Muhammad Ali in hospital with pneumonia, his spokesman says
By Adenoid_Hynkel - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Anonymous vs. North Korea (Old)
By daredtowork - 23 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
Former Houston mayor Bob Lanier has died
By alp227 - 23 hrs ago

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