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Latest Breaking News

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop discusses downing of MH17 with Russian president Vladimir
Oct 18 - Australian Broadcasting Company

Wisconsin: In final debate, Burke and Walker clash over incumbent's record
Oct 18 - St. Paul Pioneer Press

CDC to issue Ebola guidelines for healthcare workers as soon as today
Oct 18 - Orlando Sentinel

Endangered northern white rhino dies in Africa
Oct 18 - AP-EXCITE

Ebola lapses persisted for days at Dallas hospital
Oct 18 - AP-EXCITE

Nuclear reactor heat turned down to stop boilers cracking
Oct 18 - Telegraph

Container ship towed away from Canadian coast
Oct 18 - AP-EXCITE

Senior NSA official moonlighting for private cybersecurity firm
Oct 18 - by Spencer Ackerman The Guardian

Record cesium level detected in Fukushima No. 1 groundwater; Tepco blames heavy rainfall
Oct 18 - Jiji

Sendai reactors vulnerable to eruptions, state-picked volcanologist warns
Oct 18 - Associated Press

Thousands march for better pay as unions demonstrate across Britain
Oct 18 - The Independent (UK)

Weekly Address: What You Need To Know About Ebola
Oct 18 - White House

Hurricane Gonzalo blacks out most of Bermuda
Oct 18 - BBC NEWS World

U.S. Supreme Court Allows Texas to Enforce New Voter ID Law for November Election
Oct 18 - Associated Press / USA Today

Attorney sentenced to jail in drug-framing scheme
Oct 18 - Associated Press

North Dakota well leaking oil, gas and water
Oct 18 - Associated Press

Prosecutors: Suspect plotted to kill 9 witnesses
Oct 18 - Associated Press

MS-13 members charged in 3 killings, attempted murder in Northern Virginia
Oct 18 - Washington Post

Cubans, U.S. Troops Could Work Side-By-Side In Ebola Fight
Oct 18 - REUTERS

Pentagon Readying For Long War In Iraq, Syria
Oct 18 - Associated Press

Police Officer in Ferguson Is Said to Recount a Struggle
Oct 18 - NY Times

Arizona gay marriage: Couples get married, celebrate
Oct 17 - Arizona Republic

Israeli analyst confirms link between Israel, “moderate” Syrian rebels
Oct 17 - Al-Akhbar English

2 Republican candidates agree to pay Clean Elections fines
Oct 17 - Capitol Media Services, AZ Daily Star, Tucson.com

Woman Who Sparked Pentagon Ebola Scare Doesn't Have Virus: Officials
Oct 17 - NBC

Manhattan Transfer singer, founder dies at 72
Oct 17 - AP-Excite

In latest big move, US stocks end sharply higher
Oct 17 - AP-Excite

Super-rich hedge funders race to help GOP take Senate
Oct 17 - USA Today

Federal Judge Overturns Wyoming Gay Marriage Ban
Oct 17 - Associated Press

Rand Paul wants you to believe that Ebola is 'incredibly contagious'
Oct 17 - The Week

Hamby v. Parnell
Oct 17 - US Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit

Supreme Court denies emergency stay; state holiday delays Alaska same-sex marriages
Oct 17 - Alaska Dispatch News

UN Rights Chief Talking to China About Tibet Visit
Oct 17 - VOA

Texas Restricts Movements of Hospital Workers Who Treated Ebola Victim
Oct 17 - New York Times

Terrorist 'Fighter Pilots' Being Trained On Captured MiGs by Saddam Hussein's Ex-Air Force Officers
Oct 17 - The London Daily Mail

Arizona gay marriage legal; couples to marry immediately
Oct 17 - Arizona Republic

Military alert over 'foreign subs' off Stockholm
Oct 17 - The Local

Libya's Benghazi Sees Battles for Control
Oct 17 - Al Jazeera

Obama Says Credit Card Was Denied in NYC
Oct 17 - NBC

Ebola scare at the Pentagon
Oct 17 - WTOP local news

Loud-music shooter gets life in prison
Oct 17 - USA Today

Nigeria: hopes for return of kidnapped schoolgirls rise after ceasefire reported
Oct 17 - Guardian

UN: We botched response to the Ebola outbreak
Oct 17 - AP-Excite

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Increases to a Seven-Year High
Oct 17 - Bloomberg

Rebel Elections Snarl Ukraine Talks as Putin Resists EU
Oct 17 - Bloomberg

Judge strikes down Arizona's ban on gay marriage
Oct 17 - Associated Press

Yellen says rising income inequality in U.S. 'greatly' concerns her
Oct 17 - Los Angeles Times

Obama will name Ron Klain as Ebola Czar
Oct 17 - CNN

Horne: Gay-marriage ruling applies, but mandate needed
Oct 17 - Arizona Republic

UN Health Agency: Ebola Outbreak Over in Senegal
Oct 17 - AP

Hamilton County - I voted all Dem today, except one write-in.
By No Vested Interest - 22 hrs ago

General Discussion
Woman who had contact with Ebola victims quarantined after Newark landing - UPDATE below
By B2G - 175 replies @ 22 hrs ago (Milestone)

Vegetarian, Vegan and Animal Rights
Thank you, Martin Sheen.
By flvegan - 22 hrs ago

General Discussion
Knowing who to ignore...
By Veilex - 25 replies @ 22 hrs ago (Milestone)

Politics 2014
A good analysis of the Alaska races by Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore
By Blue_In_AK - 22 hrs ago

General Discussion
Tonight my own daughter broke my heart. On Facebook she announced that she is not voting.
By ancianita - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Woohoo! Our baby grandson was born shortly after midnight!
By peacebird - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Greenwald on the recent terror attack: Canada had it coming. They were wallowing in war glory
By Cali_Democrat - 200 replies @ 23 hrs ago (Milestone)

General Discussion
My three best photos for 2014 (so far)
By DemoTex - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
"Obama and the End of Greatness"
By MannyGoldstein - 23 hrs ago

Video & Multimedia
Born in Detroit. They left us far too long. Enjoy.
By Faygo Kid - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Today I met one of the young blacks with whom the parents have had “the talk”.
By Mira - 23 hrs ago

Judge orders search of militia member’s home after finding thousands of rounds of ammo in hotel room
By TexasTowelie - 23 hrs ago

Politics 2014
Ebola scare allowed Cuomo to take center stage, repub challenger left on sidelines
By Liberal_in_LA - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Why you won't catch Ebola on the NYC subway
By LiberalElite - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Robertson comment on AIDS angers Kenyans (and TexasTowelie too)
By TexasTowelie - 23 hrs ago

Latest Breaking News
Six in quarantine in Connecticut as U.S. steps up Ebola checks
By candelista - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Odds Are, You Are Suspicious
By damnedifIknow - 23 hrs ago

English-speaking students misidentified as 'English learners'
By RandySF - 23 hrs ago

General Discussion
Hey Fellow DUers!!
By 2naSalit - 23 hrs ago

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