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London rail work unearths thousands of skeletons from Bedlam
Mar 9 - AP-Excite

Obama calls for effort to boost high-tech training, hiring
Mar 9 - Associated Press, via Washington Post

Putin awards medal to chief suspect in Litvinenko murder
Mar 9 - AFP / Yahoo

New owner reaches deal with union at Williamsville nursing home
Mar 9 - Buffalo News

Chelsea Clinton: Internet Access is Key to Gender Equaility
Mar 9 - Wired

Sam Simon, Who Helped Shape ‘The Simpsons,’ Dies at 59
Mar 9 - New York Times

Jagger dog death: Kennel Club investigates reports of six poisonings at Crufts
Mar 9 - The Telegraph

US stock indexes climb, steadying after a big sell-off
Mar 9 - AP-Excite

Amtrak train, truck collide in North Carolina; minor injuries reported
Mar 9 - Reuters

Senator Who Organized Letter To Iran Has Said He Wants To Sabotage Negotiations
Mar 9 - Huffington Post

Pat Robertson: Quit your job if you work with Buddhists so you don’t ‘get infected by it’
Mar 9 - Raw Story

Mississippi deputy fired for racist Xbox Live rant: ‘I get paid to beat up n****rs like you’
Mar 9 - Raw Story

VA hospital manager mocks veteran suicides in email to employees
Mar 9 - Raw Story

GOP Senators Warning Over US-Iran Nuclear Negotiations
Mar 9 - AP via ABC

Texas prison agency seeks to replenish execution drug supply
Mar 9 - Associated Press

Russia blames Sweden for Ukraine crisis
Mar 9 - The Local (Sweden)

Putin Says Plan to Take Crimea Hatched Before Referendum
Mar 9 - Moscow Times

Iran Hawks See a Possible Conspiracy in Menendez Corruption Leak
Mar 9 - Bloomberg

Sen. Rand Paul: "Stop Obama's ammo ban"
Mar 9 - CBS News

Supreme Court rejects cases on Guantanamo detainee treatment
Mar 9 - Reuters

Disputing credit report could get easier under new rules
Mar 9 - AP-Excite

Supreme Court sends Notre Dame contraception mandate challenge to lower court
Mar 9 - Reuters

Mexico must face up and investigate widespread torture after scathing UN report
Mar 9 - Amnesty International

Walker signs right-to-work bill
Mar 9 - GBPZ-AP

Republicans Warn Iran -- and Obama -- That Deal Won't Last
Mar 9 - Bloomberg

GM plans $5B stock buyback, avoids showdown with hedge funds
Mar 9 - AP-Excite

Workers at dollar store chain claim to have endured ‘sweatshop wages and conditions’ in $2M lawsuit
Mar 9 - NY Daily News

Workers fired by a Costco supplier for union activity are pressuring the retail giant to stop stocki
Mar 9 - NY Daily News

EXCLUSIVE: Teachers union boss says Andrew Cuomo should visit a New York classroom rather than Cuba
Mar 9 - NY Daily News

One killed and two injured in W. Va. mine roof collapse
Mar 9 - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

'Huge gaps' in Clinton email record, Benghazi probe chief says
Mar 9 - Reuters

Finland's national radio airs readings of complete Quran
Mar 9 - Associated Press

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity closes OU chapter after racist video appears online
Mar 9 - Tulsa World

India arrests over rape suspect lynching
Mar 9 - BBC

MH370 report reveals black box battery expired a year before flight
Mar 9 - The Verge & Associated Press

Trumpeter Lew Soloff Dies at 71
Mar 8 - JAZZTIMES.com

Exclusive: Apple gives shuttle bus drivers a raise
Mar 8 - San Jose Mercury News

Obama to announce training initiative for high-tech jobs
Mar 8 - Reuters

Utah man pleads guilty in bomb plot against police station
Mar 8 - Associated Press

Hillary Clinton urges action to achieve women's equality
Mar 8 - AP-Excite

At Goldman Sachs, Stress Test Results Could Endanger an Important Profit Source
Mar 8 - NY Times

Cycling Union Ignored Doping and Protected Lance Armstrong, Commission Finds
Mar 8 - NY Times

New York City marks International Women's Day with march
Mar 8 - AP-Excite

Next Obama history lesson: Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address
Mar 8 - AP-Excite

Netanyahu Says Israel Will Not Cede Land To Palestinians

US tourists caught carving names into Rome’s Colosseum
Mar 8 - Guardian

Florida banned state workers from using term 'climate change' – report
Mar 8 - Guardian

Michigan mayor who compared atheists to Nazis, KKK now handing out ‘In God We Trust’ posters
Mar 8 - Raw Story

McConnell: 'We'll Figure Some Way' To Raise Debt Ceiling
Mar 8 - TPM

Bloody Sunday 50th anniversary: Thousands crowd Selma bridge
Mar 8 - AP-Excite

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