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Ron Johnson seeks to keep DOJ from enforcing equal access laws at voucher schools
Jul 4 - madison.com

Iranian military official: We have 100,000 missiles in Lebanon ready to hit Israel
Jul 4 - JPost

Alabama Businessman's Ads Aim to Stop Trump — in Mexico and Korea
Jul 4 - NBC

Black Lives Matter Toronto stalls Pride parade
Jul 4 - CBC

Nigel Farage resigns as Ukip leader
Jul 4 - The Guardian

Call for Australian leader's resignation amid election chaos
Jul 4 - Associated Press

Teen Dies After Accidental Shooting at Florida Gun Range
Jul 4 - ABC News Radio

EU referendum: government faces legal action over Brexit decision
Jul 4 - Guardian

Kuwait detains 5 Islamic State suspects, foils attack
Jul 3 - AP

'Homemade' Bomb That Sounded 'Like a Cannon' Blows Off Student's Foot in Central Park
Jul 3 - NY Daily News/MSN

Fourth of July 'suicide attack' near US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Jul 3 - AP

Republican women organize to support Clinton
Jul 3 - CNN Politics

Chilling prediction about Portland man charged with murder: 'She feels he is eventually going to kil
Jul 3 - Oregon Live (Oregonian)

Doctor shot near Houston mosque was ambushed, witnesses say
Jul 3 - NBC Houston

Trump tweet evoking anti-Semitic imagery first posted on fringe message board
Jul 3 - cnn

Linda Burney becomes first Indigenous woman elected to Australia's lower house.
Jul 3 - The Guardian

Hillary Clinton's potential vice-presidents defend her over emails
Jul 3 - The Guardian

Tony Blair may face impeachment on release of Chilcot report
Jul 3 - The Guardian

Obama Campaign Machine Revving Up To Elect Clinton
Jul 3 - Associated Press

Man injured in explosion in Central Park; section of park closed
Jul 3 - ABC News

In unprecedented move, British police summoned Tzipi Livni over suspected Gaza war crimes
Jul 3 - Haaretz

Liberals ready assault on abortion laws after Supreme Court verdict
Jul 3 - The Hill

Senator McCain, visiting Pakistan, seeks better ties in Islamist fight
Jul 3 - Reuters

China to hold drills in South China Sea ahead of court ruling
Jul 3 - Reuters

Baghdad bombings kill 83 people (death toll now 281)
Jul 3 - The Guardian

Newt Gingrich Says Trump 'Not Trying' Yet
Jul 3 - MSNBC

Board: No dogs allowed on Phoenix trails in blazing heat
Jul 2 - Associated Press

CNN and MSNBC confirm Hillary Clinton will not face any charges in email inquiry
Jul 2 - Daily News Bin

Islamic group: Muslim man beaten outside Florida mosque
Jul 2 - The Detroit News

Michael Cimino, director of The Deer Hunter and Heaven's Gate, dies aged 77
Jul 2 - The Guardian

Taliban leader says foreigners must quit Afghanistan for peace
Jul 2 - Reuters

Record-Breaking 43 Million July 4 Weekend Travelers Urged to Stay Cautious
Jul 2 - NBC NEWS

Dog Retrieves Hand After Man Loses It In Firecracker Explosion
Jul 2 - CBS

Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and renowned Holocaust survivor, dies at 87
Jul 2 - Haaretz

Top lawyer’s warning as Iraq inquiry report looms
Jul 2 - The Guardian

Newly discovered Van Gogh sketchbook to be published
Jul 2 - Art Daily

Trump tweet attacking Clinton employs image of Jewish star
Jul 2 - Reuters

Algal blooms closes South Florida beaches
Jul 2 - WJHG News Channel 7

Clinton questioned by FBI as part of email probe
Jul 2 - CNN

Thousands say 'No' to Brexit in colorful protest
Jul 2 - CNN

Revealed: the toxic trail of e-waste that leads from the US to Hong Kong
Jul 2 - South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Trump: I'll reveal 'totally filled' convention speaking spots next week
Jul 2 - Politico

Ryan does Trump damage control
Jul 2 - Politico.com

Antarctic ozone shows signs of healing
Jul 2 - Eathsky.org

Exit polls in Australian election predict tight contest with slight Coalition lead
Jul 2 - The Guardian

Weekly Address: Serving our Military Families This Fourth of July
Jul 2 - White House

North Carolina lawmakers adjourn for the year leaving anti-transgender law unchanged
Jul 2 - Reuters

Afghan officials: at least 9 civilians killed in 2 attacks
Jul 2 - Associated Press

Serbia cafe killing: Gunman shoots wife and four others, injuring 20
Jul 2 - BBC

20 hostages killed, 13 saved in Bangladesh restaurant attack
Jul 2 - Associated Press

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