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EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming
Mar 9 - CNBC

Thousands more Fort Bragg troops deploying to bolster anti-Islamic State efforts
Mar 9 - Fayetteville Observer

Health care overhaul scores early triumph despite opposition
Mar 9 - AP

Tea Party Leader Tears Apart House Health Plan: Prices Will 'Skyrocket'
Mar 9 - Talking Points Memo

Trump to conservative leaders: If this plan fails, I'll blame Democrats
Mar 9 - CNN

Iraq: IS suicide bombers kill 26 at Tikrit wedding party
Mar 9 - BBC

US sends hundreds of marines to Syria to support fight against Isis
Mar 9 - The Guardian

Trudeau to get energy and environment award at Houston energy conference
Mar 9 - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Perez, Ellison embark on unity tour
Mar 9 - Politico

Neanderthal dental tartar reveals plant-based diet and drugs
Mar 9 - The Guardian

Trump administration considers $6 billion cut to HUD budget
Mar 9 - WaPo

Flynn lobbied for Turkish-linked firm after election, documents show
Mar 9 - Politico

Trump's Obamacare fallback: Blame the Democrats
Mar 9 - Politico

'Serious' health, safety concerns at immigration detention facility: inspector general
Mar 8 - ABC News

Republicans rush Obamacare repeal-and-replace through House committees
Mar 8 - Yahoo News

High winds cut power to record number in Michigan
Mar 8 - Detroit Free Press

Political, community leaders lead rally against anti-Semitism
Mar 8 - NJ Jewish News

Warren, Booker to address DC progressive event: report
Mar 8 - The Hill

White House Strikes at CBO Over GOP's Obamacare Replacement
Mar 8 - U.S. News & World Report

Outrage over $400 million tax break for insurance executives under GOP Obamacare replacement plan
Mar 8 - MSN/CNBC

Doctor, Hospital Groups Line Up Against GOP Health Proposal
Mar 8 - MSN/Bloomberg

Tim Kaine's son arrested protesting against pro-Trump rally
Mar 8 - MSN/Associated Press

Graham ready to subpoena for Trump wiretap information
Mar 8 - CNN

As North Korea missile threat grows, Japan lawmakers argue for first strike options
Mar 8 - Reuters

BREAKING: Voter Fraud Conviction in Colorado
Mar 8 - Colorado Pols

Trump Invites Bids to Build Wall, Cites Importance of Aesthetics
Mar 8 - ProPublica

Trump administration looks to resume Saudi arms sale criticized as endangering civilians in Yemen
Mar 8 - Washington Post

China approves Donald Trump-branded spas, escort services, hotels and massage parlours without US Co
Mar 8 - Independent

Watchdog presses U.S. lawmakers to probe Icahn's role with Trump
Mar 8 - Reuters

CIA contractors likely source of latest WikiLeaks release: US officials
Mar 8 - Reuters

Huntsman offered Russia ambassadorship
Mar 8 - Politico

Ex-youth pastor arrested in teens 1994 dismemberment death in Florida
Mar 8 - Associated Press

Women's March Organizers Arrested Outside Trump Hotel
Mar 8 - Time

Mar 8 - Associated Press

Mar 8 - Associated Press

GOP Sen. Susan Collins: House Obamacare repeal bill won't be 'well received' in Senate
Mar 8 - Yahoo News

Spicer On AARP Concerns: We're Not Trying To Accommodate 'Special Interests'
Mar 8 - Talking Points Memo

Scientists identify first sign of Alzheimers disease
Mar 8 - RawStory

'It's heartbreaking': Maltese mourn collapse of Azure Window arch
Mar 8 - The Guardian

House Judiciary Republicans Ask For FBI Briefing On Trump's Wiretapping Claims
Mar 8 - Talking Points Memo

Court uses loophole to let Kim Davis avoid paying legal fees for wronged couples
Mar 8 - Associated Press

Quinnipiac Poll: Majority Want Sessions To Resign, Think He Lied Under Oath
Mar 8 - Talking Points Memo

Trump will name gay man as NATO ambassador according to White House official
Mar 8 - LGBTQ Nation

Isis militants disguised as doctors kill 38 in Kabul hospital attack
Mar 8 - The Guardian

Paul Ryan brags about gutting Planned Parenthood on International Women's Day
Mar 8 - RawStory

Poll: Majority of voters favor special prosecutor
Mar 8 - Politico

Schiff to seek testimony from Trump 'dossier' author
Mar 8 - Politico

Trump bans press from all his meetings following baseless wiretap accusations against Obama
Mar 8 - RawStory

Canada named 2nd best country in the world again, report finds
Mar 8 - Global News (Canadian TV network)

AARP Tears Apart New GOP Obamacare Replacement Plan
Mar 8 - Talking Points Memo

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