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Harkin endorses Clinton for president
Aug 14 - The Des Moines Register

Colombian army unit commander sentenced to 58 years for murdering civilians
Aug 14 - Colombia Reports

Union workers prepare for legal battle with A&P
Aug 14 - NJ.com

Man looking for phone killed by roller coaster at Ohio's Cedar Point park
Aug 14 - Chicago Tribune

Cats vs dogs: Scientists confirm that felines are better... from an evolutionary perspective
Aug 13 - the independent

Popularity of Venezuela's Maduro inches down to 24.3 percent
Aug 13 - Reuters

ISIS Used Mustard Gas Against Kurdish Forces in Iraq, U.S. Believes
Aug 13 - NBC News

Al Gore for president? Don't believe 2016 whispers, associates say
Aug 13 - CNN

Fidel Castro celebrates 89th birthday by calling on US to pay embargo damages
Aug 13 - The Guardian

Fifteen U.S. states seek to block EPA carbon rule
Aug 13 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

11-year-old gives birth to girl in Paraguay
Aug 13 - Yahoo! News / AP

Ukraine posts video of captured Russian major asking for Putin’s help
Aug 13 - Business Insider / RFERL

Dianne Feinstein defends Clinton’s email practices
Aug 13 - Politico

Judge approves $1.5 million settlement for families of Newtown shooting victims
Aug 13 - Reuters

Hanford nuclear weapons site whistle-blower wins $4.1-million settlement
Aug 13 - Los Angeles Times

US Looking Into Whether Islamic State Used Chemical Weapons

Washington Supreme Court Orders State To Pay $100,000 A Day Over School Funding
Aug 13 - Auburn Reporter

Clinton Aides Agree Not To Delete Emails Following Order From Judge That They Be Preserved

Jeb Bush Leaves Door Open For Use Of Torture
Aug 13 - Huff Post, AP

NBC Officially Fires Trump From 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Aug 13 - Huffington Post

Iran is hiding more oil at sea than we realized
Aug 13 - CNN

Jeb Bush: ‘Taking Out Saddam Hussein Turned Out To Be A Pretty Good Deal’
Aug 13 - TPM

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Sen. Tester to support Iran nuclear deal
Aug 13 - The Missoulian

Corbyn to hold 'top 10' rally as Burnham and Cooper scramble for support
Aug 13 - The Guardian

Turmoil mounts surrounding Clinton emails
Aug 13 - The Hill

Pope Francis urged to condemn gay unions as unnatural

Birth certificates latest battleground in Florida’s gay marriage fight
Aug 13 - Reuters

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper drinks Animas River water -- story behind photo
Aug 13 - KMGH 7News Denver

Colorado Court Rules Against Baker Who Refused to Serve Same-Sex Couples
Aug 13 - New York Times

China explosions: death toll rises to 50 as troops dispatched to assist cleanup
Aug 13 - The Guardian

Django film actress arrested for public sex asked to write less passive-aggressive apology to police
Aug 13 - National Post (Canada)

Congressman Jim Himes statement on support for Iran nuclear deal(Connecticut)
Aug 13 - Congressman Jim Himes

GOPer Who 'Rehomed' Daughters Not Given Award At Ted Cruz Event After All
Aug 13 - TPM

Ohio to Vote on Legalizing Marijuana [This November]
Aug 13 - USA Today

PETA asks US government to investigate SeaWorld Orlando
Aug 13 - AP

Greenpeace activists fined for Oregon icebreaker protest
Aug 13 - AP

Connecticut Supreme Court Overturns Death Penalty
Aug 13 - NBC News

Breaking Latest forecast suggests 'Godzilla El Niño' may be coming to California
Aug 13 - Los Angeles Times

Ben Carson: No apologies for 1992 fetal tissue research
Aug 13 - Washington Post

Retail Sales Show Broad Gain as U.S. Consumers Spur Growth
Aug 13 - Bloomberg

Jobless Claims in U.S. Holding Just Above a Four-Decade Low
Aug 13 - Bloomberg

The next five seasons of ‘Sesame Street’ will debut on HBO
Aug 13 - New York Times

Senate committee seeks email facts from Clinton’s tech company
Aug 13 - McClatchy

Donald Trump says saving U.S. auto jobs could mean moving them from Michigan
Aug 13 - Detroit News

Majority Of NJ Voters Say Chris Christie Should Resign
Aug 13 - TPM

San Francisco's 'Spray Back' Walls To Stop Public Urination Are Working

UPDATED: Fetal Tissue Research Critic Ben Carson Conducted Fetal Tissue Research
Aug 13 - TPM

House speaker adds state-level claim to federal lawsuit against LePage
Aug 13 - Bangor Daily News

Lerner slammed ‘evil and dishonest’ GOP inquisitors
Aug 13 - Politico

Defying order, Rowan County clerk won't give gay couple marriage license
Aug 13 - Associated Press via WYMT-TV

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