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New U.S. Congress prepares to undo Obamacare, weigh Trump personnel picks
Jan 2 - Reuters

Judge: Requiring more parking for mosque is unconstitutional
Jan 2 - Associated Press

Man shot by Minnesota officer identified as biology teacher Updated 4:04pm, Monday, January 2, 2017
Jan 2 - Associated Press

US officials: Russian 'digital fingerprints' all over election hacks
Jan 2 - CNN

Israeli police question PM Netanyahu in corruption probe
Jan 2 - BBC

Catholic priest accused of organising orgies in rectory and pimping out 15 women
Jan 2 - Independent

Doctors, pharmacists indicted in $100M fraud case
Jan 2 - Arizona Republic

Aide downplays Trump hacking revelation
Jan 2 - The Hill

Perdue Seen As Trump's Pick for Agriculture
Jan 2 - Political Wire

Obama to deliver farewell address in Chicago on January 10
Jan 2 - Reuters

Judge closes hearing on South Carolina church gunman's competency
Jan 2 - Reuters

Israeli police to question Netanyahu over alleged gifts: media
Jan 2 - Reuters

Out of power, state Dems frustrated with national committee
Jan 2 - Associated Press

Finland to pay unemployed basic income of $587 per month
Jan 2 - Associated Press

At least 60 inmates killed in prison riot in northern Brazil
Jan 2 - Associated Press

'Stray' bullet hits Texas legislator in the head at New Year's celebration
Jan 2 - CNN

Many in U.S. Skeptical Trump Can Handle Presidential Duties
Jan 2 - Gallup

Hill Republicans eye busy first 100 days of 2017
Jan 2 - CNN

Gov. Roy Cooper to begin announcing NC Cabinet appointments
Jan 2 - Raleigh News & Observer

Josh Stein sworn in as North Carolina attorney general
Jan 2 - Raleigh News & Observer

Nigerian girl, 10, used in suicide bomb attack on New Year's Eve
Jan 2 - Independent UK

Trump not expected to slow down on Twitter any time soon, press secretary says
Jan 1 - Bloomberg

Three former White House press secretaries issue warnings for press relations under Trump
Jan 1 - Politico

Trump spokesman on Russia: president-elect already getting 'wins' abroad
Jan 1 - The Guardian

Protesters hang from banner over stands at Vikings game
Jan 1 - ESPN

Trump's Incoming Press Secretary Questions Whether Obama's Russia Sanctions Are Out of 'Proportion
Jan 1 - Reuters

In Red States, Businesses Gearing up to Fight Bathroom Bills
Jan 1 - AP

Senator McCain says U.S. 'must stand up to Vladimir Putin'
Jan 1 - Reuters

North Korea's Kim says close to test launch of ICBM
Jan 1 - Reuters

Sanders, Schumer and Pelosi encourage anti-GOP rallies
Jan 1 - Newsweek

Universal basic income trials being considered in Scotland
Jan 1 - The Guardian

'Like taking a payday loan': Kansas lawmakers rip Gov. Brownback's shady new budget plan
Jan 1 - RawStory

Texas looks set to follow North Carolina with push for 'bathroom bill'
Jan 1 - The Guardian

Trump Throws Biographer Out of Golf Course for Writing About His Divorce Proceedings
Jan 1 - Mediaite

Plane Carrying Russian 35 'Diplomats' Expelled by Obama Leaves Airport
Jan 1 - LawNewz

Roy Cooper sworn in as North Carolina governor
Jan 1 - WTVD

Trump Promises a Revelation on Hacking
Jan 1 - NY Times

Senator McCain says U.S. stands with Ukraine against Russia
Dec 31 - Reuters/MSN

China says it will shut down ivory trade by end of 2017
Dec 31 - AP

DHS: No evidence hackers infected Vermont power grid
Dec 31 - Politico

Istanbul nightclub attack 'leaves 35 dead'
Dec 31 - BBC

Lords revolt over plans for free-market universities
Dec 31 - The Guardian

Texas judge halts federal transgender health protections
Dec 31 - AP

Veteran's death investigated after struggle with deputies
Dec 31 - Associated Press

Weekly Address: Working Together to Keep America Moving Forward
Dec 31 - White House

Racism In America: 'Kill Obama' And 'Muslims Not Welcome Here' Signs In New Mexico Draw Criticism
Dec 31 - International Business Times

China court jails 16 for black market kidney trading
Dec 31 - BBC

Sessions Omits Decades of Records for Hearings
Dec 31 - Political Wire

24 Chinese cities on pollution red alert
Dec 31 - China Daily

Trump tweets: Happy new year to my enemies who lost so badly
Dec 31 - MSN/The Hill

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