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A once-in-a-thousand-years rain: Up to 11 inches swamp a swath of southeast Nebraska
May 8 - Omaha World Herald

UK General Election: Nick Clegg resigns after massive Lib Dem losses
May 8 - BBC

Australian Federal Police launch raids in Melbourne
May 8 - Herald Sun

Whole Foods launching stores aimed at millennials
May 8 - WBAY-TV, ABC affiliate in Green Bay, WI

We Shall Overcome singer Guy Carawan dies at 87
May 8 - BBC

Farage Loses: UKIP Westminster Bid Fails (UK Election)
May 8 - Sky News

Pakistani Taliban claim downing helicopter, say PM was target
May 8 - AFP

Switzerland's Syngenta rejects Monsanto takeover offer
May 8 - Associated Press

NC soldier charged with stealing 2 dogs, cutting throats
May 8 - Associated Press

Plea hearing for NY man accused of kidnapping 2 Amish girls
May 8 - Associated Press

Video Shows White Officer Kicking Black Man in Face
May 8 - Associated Press

Oil in North Dakota derailment was treated to cut volatility
May 8 - AP

Official: UN Planning To Act On Its Own Against Congo Rebels
May 8 - Associated Press

Russia's Progress cargo spacecraft burns up over Pacific
May 8 - Daily Telegraph

Striking Lyondell Houston refinery workers OK new contract: union
May 8 - Reuters

Bay Bridge news gets worse: Tower rod fails key test
May 8 - SFGate

Senior AQAP leader Nasr Ibn Ali al-Ansi killed
May 8 - CNN

Vermont Republican senator to face sexual assault charges
May 7 - AP

Knives Out For Miliband As Labour Hopes Dashed
May 7 - Sky News

Crime in Mexico, Central America joins war in driving people from their homes
May 7 - McClatchy

Greece defies euro zone on pension, labor reform
May 7 - Reuters

Queens Pizzeria Owners Charged in Cocaine Smuggling Operation
May 7 - New York Times

Israel’s New Justice Minister Considers All Palestinians To Be ‘The Enemy’
May 7 - Washington Post

Wisconsin may ban abortions after 20 weeks
May 7 - The Guardian

Trade Fight Heats Up As Obama, Reid Battle For Votes
May 7 - The Hill

Police officer responding to home invasion shoots homeowner
May 7 - AP

German arms maker Heckler & Koch 'illegally exported' rifles to Mexico
May 7 - Deutsche Welle

US Begins Training of 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels to Fight ISIS
May 7 - Military Times

De Blasio tells Rolling Stone New Yorkers don't appreciate him
May 7 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Germany to Pull Back on Helping U.S. Gather Intelligence
May 7 - New York Times

Defense worker charge cards used for $1 million in casinos bills: audit
May 7 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Breaking: Justice Department to Launch Federal Investigation of Baltimore Police
May 7 - Washington Post

Judges to review arrests by California officers in racist texts scandal
May 7 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

May 7 - ABC 11 Eyewitness News

After heavy storms, forecasters predict more to come
May 7 - AP

Sun Country Airlines Threatens Shut Down
May 7 - KSTP

Christie billed state $85K on VIP boxes; GOP reimbursed it
May 7 - AP

150 House Dems back Obama on Iran talks
May 7 - The Hill

FDA: Blue Bell knew about listeria contamination
May 7 - Austin American-Statesman

UAW wants new talks with Volkswagen to recognize union in Tennessee
May 7 - Reuters

Cameron's Conservative Party set to be biggest party in UK
May 7 - CNBC

FDA schedules meeting on twice-rejected female libido drug
May 7 - AP-Excite

Only three presidents have visited all 50 states in office. Until now
May 7 - Washington Post

US consumer borrowing expanded $20.5 billion in March
May 7 - AP-Excite

UAE details plans for first Arab Mars mission
May 7 - International Business Times

America's poor are 'envy of the world,' says richest Congressman
May 7 - CNN

Virginia GOP congressman claims ISIS has invaded Texas: ‘You can’t make up what a terrible problem t
May 7 - RawStory

State Dept plans no review of Clinton Foundation donations
May 7 - AP

Senator on Islamic State fight: 3,300 bombing runs — and Congress still won’t call a war a war
May 7 - Reuters

Senate Easily Passes Iran Nuclear Bill
May 7 - New York Times

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