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White House Already Walking Back Trump's False Claim Terror Attacks Are 'Not Even Being Reported'
Feb 6 - New Civil Rights Movement

US EPA employees protest Trump's pick to run agency
Feb 6 - Reuters

Florida man sentenced to 30 years in prison for mosque fire
Feb 6 - Reuters

Humane Society Threatens Legal Action Over Scrubbed Animal Facility Records
Feb 6 - Talking Points Memo

9th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear challenge to Trump's ban Tuesday
Feb 6 - CNN

University of Wisconsin student abandons pro-white group
Feb 6 - AP

Third instance of Conway discussing Bowling Green attack surfaces
Feb 6 - The Hill

Not my White House visit: Ex-Bear Martellus Bennett to duck Trump meeting
Feb 6 - Hartford Courant

Trump EPA pick Scott Pruitt may have made a false statement under oath to the Senate
Feb 6 - Yahoo Finance

Israel passes bill to seize private Palestinian land for Jewish settlements
Feb 6 - washington post

Few Recall Gorsuchs Volunteer Work at Harvard
Feb 6 - Wall Street Journal

NCAA Will Pull More Events From North Carolina Unless HB2 Is Repealed, Sports Group Warns
Feb 6 - The Huffington Post

UPDATED Donald Trump claims the 'very dishonest press' is covering up terror attacks
Feb 6 - RawStory

WikiLeaks: Trump 'Should be Celebrated' For His Honesty in Fox News Interview
Feb 6 - Mediaite

Trump rips NYT for 'total fiction' report on president's bumbling White House life
Feb 6 - RawStory

'We passed -- those are the facts': CNN publicly calls out Kellyanne Conway's new lies about...
Feb 6 - RawStory

Sean Spicer: 'Sad' That Judge Who Blocked Trump Travel Ban Went 'Rogue'
Feb 6 - Talking Points Memo

McConnell: Dems Resisting Gorsuch Nom Want To 'Hurt Donald Trump'
Feb 6 - Talking Points Memo

Donald Trump will not be allowed to address Parliament on UK state visit, Speaker says
Feb 6 - The Independent

Queen Elizabeth II Marks A Record 65 Years On The Throne
Feb 6 - Associated Press

China protests U.S. sanction list on Iran that hits Chinese firms
Feb 6 - Reuters

Israel's Netanyahu calls on 'responsible' nations to join Iran sanctions
Feb 6 - Reuters

Former Top US Officials: Trump Travel Ban Endangers National Security
Feb 6 - Talking Points Memo

Pence Says It Would Be His 'Honor' To Lead Trump's Voter Fraud Commission
Feb 6 - Talking Points Memo

Gov. to sign bill making Missouri 28th right-to-work state
Feb 6 - Associated Press

VoteVets calls out President Trump by name in new ad: "You want to be a legitimate president?. . .
Feb 6 - Salon

GOP heavyweight James Baker slams Trump's foreign policy: 'We have allies that are just scared...
Feb 6 - RawStory

Torture Memos author John Yoo says Trump has gone too far
Feb 6 - The Hill

Trump Accuses 'Obama People' Of Leaking Details Of His Calls With Leaders
Feb 6 - Talking Points Memo

Ivanka Trump Makes Bizarre Claim That Being Dumped by Nordstrom Protects Her 'Integrity'
Feb 6 - Alternet.org

Nearly 100 Companies File Brief Backing Lawsuit Against Travel Ban
Feb 6 - Talking Points Memo

Trump Declares That 'Any Negative Polls Are Fake News'
Feb 6 - Talking Points Memo

Workers unionize at Whole Foods in Duluth
Feb 6 - Workday MN

Kremlin says it wants apology from Fox News over Putin comments
Feb 6 - Reuters

Hamilton Schuyler Sisters Add 'Sisterhood' to 'America the Beautiful' at Super Bowl
Feb 6 - People

Los Angeles marchers protest Trump orders on oil pipelines
Feb 6 - Associated Press

College responds to Trump's order with refugee scholarship
Feb 6 - Associated Press

Trump Lawyers To Court Reviewing Muslim Travel Ban: Stay Out Of It
Feb 6 - Huffington Post

In a comeback for the ages, Patriots beat Falcons in heart-pounding Super Bowl
Feb 5 - Boston Globe

The U.S. military's stats on deadly airstrikes are wrong. Thousands have gone unreported
Feb 5 - Military Times

Coca-Cola ran a Super Bowl commercial about diversity and inclusion and people are mad
Feb 5 - MSN

Extremely High Levels of Radiation Detected at Japan's Fukushima Plant
Feb 5 - Epoch Times

Trump says Pence will lead investigation into non-existent voter fraud
Feb 5 - Think Progress

GOP leader apologizes for tweeting: 'Time for another Kent State'
Feb 5 - Detroit Free Press

Police: Wal-Mart Customer Fatally Shoots Suspected Thief
Feb 5 - Associated Press

Tom Brady dedicates Super Bowl LI to his mom
Feb 5 - MassLive

Pence: Education pick DeVos will be confirmed with his vote
Feb 5 - Associated Press

Conway: Democrats Have to Time to 'Cry and Weep' at Airports, But Not to Go Vote?
Feb 5 - Mediaite

Kellyanne Conway: Leaks of Trumps calls with U.S. allies were unflattering to the allies
Feb 5 - Washington Post

'If something happens blame him': Trump breaks 20-hour Twitter silence to lash out at federal judge
Feb 5 - RawStory

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