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WATCH: Cops Called On Kids Playing Basketball, Responds By Joining Them
Jan 22 - CBSlocal

At least 44 migrants dead as boats sink on way to Greece
Jan 22 - Ekathimerini

Woman critically injured in Renton theater shooting
Jan 22 - KOMO news, Seattle, WA

National Review loses GOP debate sponsorship over anti-Trump issue
Jan 22 - Washington Post

Chris Christie on storm: If I needed to go back I would
Jan 22 - ABC (Philadelphia affiliate)

Pakistan Taliban commander vows more school attacks in video
Jan 22 - Reuters

Oregon militia seen rifling through Native American artifacts at refuge
Jan 22 - Guardian

Sanders walks back Planned Parenthood, Clinton ‘establishment’ comments
Jan 22 - msnbc.com

Christie promises to let allies vent about Obama
Jan 22 - Associated Press

Star of dolphin-hunting film ordered deported from Japan
Jan 22 - Associated Press

Grand jury indicts police officer who shot unarmed naked man
Jan 22 - Associated Press

Trump blames conservative leader for his Bible gaffe
Jan 22 - Associated Press

4-year-old who accidentally shot himself dies
Jan 22 - Associated Press

Military: Human remains found at Arizona F-16 crash site
Jan 22 - Associated Press

White House reacts to Palin: 'Domestic violence is not a joke'
Jan 22 - Reuters

Sarah the cheetah, world's fastest land mammal, dies in Ohio zoo
Jan 22 - Reuters

Supreme Court Justice Again Urges: It’s Time To Reconsider The Death Penalty
Jan 22 - BuzzFeed News

North Korea arrests US student for 'hostile act'
Jan 22 - BBC

Somalia: 20 dead in gun and bomb attacks at Lido beach
Jan 22 - BBC

Migrant crisis: EU at grave risk, warns France PM Valls
Jan 22 - BBC

Moscow condemns Litvinenko inquiry as a political ‘whitewash’
Jan 21 - Irish Examiner

Alexander Litvinenko’s widow Marina calls for Vladimir Putin travel ban
Jan 21 - BBC

National Review aims to take down Trump
Jan 21 - Politico

Fear of whistleblowing at BBC allowed Jimmy Savile to abuse, says leaked report
Jan 21 - The Guardian

Wal-Mart strikes lawful, must reinstate workers: NLRB judge
Jan 21 - Reuters

Schlumberger Reports Big 4Q Loss, Says Cut 10,000 More Jobs

Bomb blast kills six in Cairo, including 3 police officers
Jan 21 - Jerusalem Post

German Imam blames Cologne rape victims; 'they wore perfume'
Jan 21 - IsraelNationalnews.com

Don McLean's wife cites years of abuse leading to his arrest
Jan 21 - MSN news

Sanders, Trump lead in Iowa, according to new CNN poll
Jan 21 - USA Today

Poll: Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in Iowa by 9 points
Jan 21 - cbsnews.com

Eric Garner's mother endorses Hillary Clinton
Jan 21 - cnn

JPMorgan CEO gets 35% pay raise to $27M amid cutbacks
Jan 21 - USA Today

Sean Ludwick Accused of Vehicular Homicide, Caught in Puerto Rico Amid Attempt to Flee US
Jan 21 - Latin Post

EPA Official Resigns Over Flint Water Crisis
Jan 21 - The Hill

Italian church groups open refugee 'humanitarian corridor'
Jan 21 - Associated Press

The Latest: US drops rivalry to multilateral Argentine loans
Jan 21 - Associated Press

Missouri graduate students consider creating union
Jan 21 - Kansas City Star-AP

Officials unsure whether Flint water linked to Legionnaires
Jan 21 - Associated Press

Russia May Be Looking To Build Air Base In Syria Near Turkish Border
Jan 21 - CNN

Judge tosses civil case against Chicago officer in shooting
Jan 21 - Associated Press

Judge's comments could abruptly end GM ignition switch trial
Jan 21 - AP

John B. Mansbridge, Oscar-Nominated Art Director, Dies at 98
Jan 21 - Hollywood Reporter

10,000 protest new government in Moldova as tensions rise
Jan 21 - http://news.yahoo.com/moldova-braces-more-protests

U.S. appeals court declines to block Obama carbon emissions plan
Jan 21 - Reuters

Gov. Jerry Brown urges fiscal restraint in State of State speech
Jan 21 - San Jose Mercury News

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders hold solid leads in Iowa, CNN/ORC poll finds
Jan 21 - CNN

Bundy talking to an FBI negotiator - #OregonStandoff
Jan 21 - Twitter

Ex-Oklahoma officer gets 263 years for rapes, sex assaults
Jan 21 - AP

Report: Fiorina accused of 'ambushing' children for anti-abortion rally
Jan 21 - CNN

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