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Report raises questions about Hillary's email defense
Mar 11 - politico

Ferguson, Missouri, Police Chief Thomas Jackson Resigns
Mar 11 - NBC NEWS

Citing high level of fraud in Utah, lawmakers pass white collar crime registry
Mar 11 - Salt Lake Tribune

Nuke regulator chided for safety 'sluggishness'
Mar 11 - The Hill

'Obama Stinks' sign posted with dead skunks on utility pole
Mar 11 - Connecticut Post

Georgia Senate Passes Resolution Rejecting 'Negative' AP History Exam
Mar 11 - TPM

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson expected to resign: Source
Mar 11 - MSNBC

Sexual Predators Hidden in Federal Witness Protection Program, Report Finds
Mar 11 - ABC News

Major unions stepping up battle against free-trade pact
Mar 11 - AP

Video shows terrifying seconds before Georgia film crew’s fatal run-in with freight train
Mar 11 - Raw Story

For 3 months Hillary Clinton’s email access was unencrypted, vulnerable to spies
Mar 11 - Fortune

(China) Child-snatchers abducting as many as 200,000 boys and girls and openly selling them online
Mar 11 - UKDaily Mail

Update: Man accused of killing deputy US marshal dies, official says
Mar 11 - Associated Press, via KNOE

Russia and North Korea declare 2015 a 'year of friendship'
Mar 11 - Telegraph UK

Stuxnet Leak Probe Stalls For Fear Of Confirming Us-Israel Involvement
Mar 11 - Ars Technica

Russia declares right to deploy nuclear weapons to Crimea - and may already have done so Expert sa
Mar 11 - Reuters

Maine Senator Won't Resign Over Post Tying Obama to IS Group
Mar 11 - abc NEWS

Denver police cameras didn't record most use-of-force cases
Mar 11 - AP-Excite

Arkansas Republican gave adopted girls to rapist because they were ‘possessed by demons’: report
Mar 11 - raw story

Maduro seeks more powers to confront US 'aggression'
Mar 11 - Al Jazeera

Kerry says Congress cannot modify any Iran-US nuclear agreement
Mar 11 - Daily Mail

Sweden Breaks Arms Agreement, Saudi Arabia Recalls Ambassador
Mar 11 - Voice of America

McCain admits open letter to Iran that he signed 'maybe' wasn't the greatest idea ever
Mar 11 - DAILY KOS

Fraternity 'Mom' Is 'Heartbroken' Over Video That Shows Her Singing N-Word
Mar 11 - TPM

US Marine offered plea deal over murder of Philippine transgender woman

US hate groups on decline but extremist violence persists, study finds
Mar 11 - Reuters

Biden tells Ukraine US will send more aid, small drones, Humvees
Mar 11 - Associated Press

AP sues State Department, seeking access to Clinton records
Mar 11 - Associated Press

Corker: Democrats do not support Obama's war powers proposal
Mar 11 - AP-Excite

Scott Walker: Next President Shouldn't Be Bound By Obama Deal On Iran
Mar 11 - TPM

Israel elections: rising panic in Likud ranks as opposition gains momentum
Mar 11 - The Guardian

US stocks edge higher in early trading, day after sell-off
Mar 11 - AP-Excite

NRA chief warns of ongoing risks at wrecked Fukushima No. 1 plant
Mar 11 - Kyodo

Nemtsov murder: Zaur Dadayev confession 'forced'
Mar 11 - BBC

Iraqi Forces Enter IS-Held Tikrit
Mar 11 - AFP

Asia stocks down on Fed rate hike anxiety, Europe rebounds
Mar 11 - AP-Excite

Woman in gender bias suit says she loved colleague
Mar 11 - AP-Excite

Halt to Abbot Point wetland dump plan a positive move
Mar 11 - WWF

Layoffs, including Omaha area job cuts, mar Yahoo's 20th anniversary
Mar 11 - Omaha World Herald-AP

Union says talks to end U.S. refinery strike 'moving along'
Mar 11 - Reuters

Japan PM vows new five-year plan to rebuild from 2011 Fukushima disaster
Mar 11 - Reuters

Japan remembers Fukushima disaster victims four years on
Mar 11 - Deutsche Welle

Fukushima disaster: Radiation levels posing cancer risks on fourth anniversary of earthquake
Mar 11 - ABC Australia

250,000 Japanese still displaced 4 years after quake
Mar 11 - USA Today

7 Marines, 4 soldiers missing after helicopter crashes
Mar 11 - Associated Press

Petition seeking treason charges for Iran letter hits 100,000 signatures
Mar 11 - Tampa Sun Times

Indiana state rep (D) apologizes for sexting with Sydney Leathers
Mar 10 - Indianapolis Star

Colombia's president suspends air attacks on FARC camps
Mar 10 - AP

New video shows University of Oklahoma SAE ‘house mom’ using racial slur
Mar 10 - PIX11

Utah Lawmakers Vote to Allow Firing Squad
Mar 10 - Associated Press

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