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Ryan meeting with House officials on investigation of Democratic sit-in on gun legislation
Jul 5 - The Washington Post

EgyptAir voice recorder indicates attempt to put out fire before crash
Jul 5 - Reuters

The Latest: Venus and Serena Win in Doubles at Wimbledon
Jul 5 - NYT

Talib Kweli Joins Tom Morello-Organized Tour Protesting Trans-Pacific Partnership
Jul 5 - Billboard

RNC Spokesman: Comey Offered 'Clear Indictment' Of Clinton's Judgment
Jul 5 - Talking Points Memo

Amnesty: Syrian armed groups committing war crimes
Jul 5 - Al Jazeera

Fourth Baltimore officer opts for bench trial in Freddie Gray case
Jul 5 - Reuters

Clinton Camp 'Pleased' With FBI Findings
Jul 5 - Talking Points Memo

Theresa May Wins First Round of U.K. Conservative Leadership Contest
Jul 5 - Bloomberg

POLITICS Pro-Donald Trump Super PAC Tries To Tie Hillary Clinton To The KKK
Jul 5 - HuffPo

10-year and 30-year Treasury yields fall to new lows
Jul 5 - CNBC

Sheridan parade driver defends 'Lying African' Obama golf cart
Jul 5 - indystar.com

Former National Guardsman accused of plotting attack to support ISIS
Jul 5 - Washington Post

House Speaker Paul Ryan slams Trump over Star of David tweet
Jul 5 - Reuters

FBI: "No reasonable prosecutor would bring charges", "No charges are appropriate in this case".
Jul 5 - CNN AP Excite

Obama to Join Hillary Clinton on Stump, Starting in North Carolina
Jul 5 - nytimes

'Super bacteria' discovered in Rio's waters as Olympics near
Jul 5 - cnn

Student Drug Informant Found With a Bullet in His Head and Rocks in His Backpack
Jul 5 - The Daily Beast

Pound down sharply amid concerns for British property
Jul 5 - Associated Press

El Al plane intercepted by Swiss Forces
Jul 5 - Bloomberg Radio (DC)

WikiLeaks publishes more than 1,000 Hillary Clinton war emails
Jul 5 - The Independent

'Welcome to Jupiter!' NASA's Juno space probe arrives at giant planet
Jul 5 - CNN

With few political allies, Trump plans celebrity convention
Jul 4 - AP

Donald Trump: That wasn't a Star of David, it was a sheriff's badge
Jul 4 - Dallas News

Virginia introduces law to stop 12-year-old girls from getting married
Jul 4 - The Independent

Team Clinton: Image in Trump tweet 'blatantly anti-Semitic'
Jul 4 - The Hill

Homemade cannon kills Iowa woman at backyard gathering
Jul 4 - Associated Press

At least 33 shot in Chicago so far over Fourth of July weekend
Jul 4 - Chicago Tribune

House returns to resume a bitter fight over gun control
Jul 4 - USA Today

Oil turns white boats to brown in Rio Olympic sailing venue
Jul 4 - AP

Bombing That Killed More Than 200 Deadliest Attack In Baghdad In Years
Jul 4 - CNN

US Declassifies Report Listing Individuals In 9/11 Probe

Hillary Clinton’s Surrogate Goes On Fox News And They IMMEDIATELY Regretted Inviting Him (VIDEO)
Jul 4 - bipartisanreport.com

July 4 Message From Putin To Obama: Let's Have Better Ties

Medina blast: Saudi city 'hit by suicide bomber'
Jul 4 - BBC

UPDATE 2-Three former Barclays traders found guilty in Libor rigging trial
Jul 4 - Reuters

Common Chemicals Harmful To Children's Brain Development
Jul 4 - Parent Herald

Dems unleash July Fourth attack on Trump
Jul 4 - The Hill

Ron Johnson seeks to keep DOJ from enforcing equal access laws at voucher schools
Jul 4 - madison.com

Iranian military official: We have 100,000 missiles in Lebanon ready to hit Israel
Jul 4 - JPost

Alabama Businessman's Ads Aim to Stop Trump — in Mexico and Korea
Jul 4 - NBC

Black Lives Matter Toronto stalls Pride parade
Jul 4 - CBC

Nigel Farage resigns as Ukip leader
Jul 4 - The Guardian

Call for Australian leader's resignation amid election chaos
Jul 4 - Associated Press

Teen Dies After Accidental Shooting at Florida Gun Range
Jul 4 - ABC News Radio

EU referendum: government faces legal action over Brexit decision
Jul 4 - Guardian

Kuwait detains 5 Islamic State suspects, foils attack
Jul 3 - AP

'Homemade' Bomb That Sounded 'Like a Cannon' Blows Off Student's Foot in Central Park
Jul 3 - NY Daily News/MSN

Fourth of July 'suicide attack' near US consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Jul 3 - AP

Republican women organize to support Clinton
Jul 3 - CNN Politics

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