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A famous name and 3D printing combine to aid Caribbean coral
Sep 13 - Associated Press

Brazil Streets Echo Again with Shouts of 'Out, Temer' and 'Elections Now'
Sep 13 - Brazzil

Ryan Lochte attacked during 'Dancing with the Stars' live premiere
Sep 12 - USA Today

Argentina experts find ancient meteorite
Sep 12 - Deutsche Presse Agentur

Colombia 'on alert' after new activist killing
Sep 12 - Agence France-Presse

Trump’s campaign says he’s given ‘tens of millions’ to charity, but offers no details and no proof
Sep 12 - washington post

NCAA moving 7 championship events out of North Carolina
Sep 12 - Associated Press

WATCH: Republican Kentucky Governor Calls For Bloody Rebellion If Hillary Clinton Is Elected
Sep 12 - Addictinginfo

Laquan McDonald: jury will consider if Chicago police lied in fatal shooting
Sep 12 - Associated Press

Minnesota Supreme Court: Trump will be on ballots, despite DFL objections
Sep 12 - Minneapolis Star Tribune‎

Gov. Jerry Brown signs historic legislation granting expanded overtime pay to farmworkers
Sep 12 - Los Angeles Times

Obama to Veto Bill Allowing 9/11 Lawsuits Against Saudi Arabia
Sep 12 - New York Times

HP buying Samsung Electronics' printer business for $1.05B
Sep 12 - KCTV

National Democratic group to spend $1.5 million on Kander's behalf in Missouri
Sep 12 - STL Post Dispatch

Bill Clinton set to fill in for Hillary Clinton at two Beverly Hills fundraisers Tuesday
Sep 12 - Washington Post

The American people agree with Clinton: Trump is a bigot. This new poll confirms it.
Sep 12 - WashPost

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take the campaign back to late night TV
Sep 12 - Politico

9/11 responder with cancer: "They died and we’re dying"
Sep 12 - CBS News

Nine dead in South Memphis house fire; deadliest since 1920s
Sep 12 - Memphis Commercial Appeal

There were five phantom donations in the files of Donald Trump’s foundation. Here’s what we know
Sep 12 - Washington Post

Jill Stein: 'I would not have assassinated' bin Laden
Sep 12 - USA Today

Trump: Clinton must retract ‘deplorables’ remark or end campaign
Sep 12 - The Hill

Pneumonia Bug That Struck Hillary Clinton also Seriously Sickened Several Members of Her Staff
Sep 12 - People Mag

Clinton Camp: We’ll Release ‘Additional Medical Information’ In Next Few Days
Sep 12 - Talking Points Memo

David Cameron Has Just Announced He’s Resigning As An MP
Sep 12 - buzzfeed

Duterte says he wants U.S. special forces out of southern Philippines
Sep 12 - Reuters

Hillary Clinton's California trip cancelled
Sep 12 - KABC

Trump Adviser, Son Post Image of Trump's 'Deplorables' Featuring White Nationalist Symbol
Sep 12 - NBC News

Gen. John Allen Refutes Trump's Claim That Generals 'Reduced to Rubble'
Sep 11 - ABC News

Benin landfill explosion toll rises to eight: mayor
Sep 11 - The Business Standard

North Korea ready for another nuclear test: Yonhap
Sep 11 - Reuters

Cult movie and Tv actor Alexis Arquette has died
Sep 11 - Nerdist

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, says doctor, after exit from 9/11 ceremony
Sep 11 - The Guardian

Rep. Crowley: Nothing 'unusual' with Clinton at 9/11 event
Sep 11 - MSNBC

Gov. Paul LePage plans to privatize Maine's welfare programs
Sep 11 - Sun Journal

University of Oregon scrubs name of KKK leader from building
Sep 11 - NY Daily News

CNN (video) Clinton on Trump: "there's phony strength and there's real strength"
Sep 11 - CNN State of the Union

Mark Cuban calls out Trump son for false image of Florida rally
Sep 11 - MSN/The Hill

9/11 tapes reveal raw and emotional Hillary Clinton
Sep 11 - MSN

Hillary Clinton Is Within Striking Distance Of Donald Trump In Arizona And Georgia
Sep 11 - HuffPost

Hillary Clinton not feeling well, leaves 9/11 event early
Sep 11 - CNN

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump’s claim he got $150G in post-9/11 state funds for small businesses because h
Sep 11 - nydailynews

Armed men occupy Sikh temple in the UK
Sep 11 - India.com

Hillary Clinton: Trump Is Projecting ‘Phony Strength’
Sep 11 - Mediaite

Giuliani on Whether U.S. Can Take Iraqi Oil: ‘Until the War Is Over, Anything’s Legal’
Sep 11 - Mediaite

Dad from TLC’s conservative Christian ‘Willis Family’ series arrested for child rape
Sep 11 - www.rawstory.com

N. Korea says US must recognise it as 'nuclear weapons state'
Sep 11 - AFP

Hillary up 5 in new WaPo National Poll.
Sep 11 - DailyKos

Kaine: Trump is no friend of LGBT community
Sep 11 - MSN/The Hill

Former EPA head admits she was wrong to tell New Yorkers post-9/11 air was safe
Sep 10 - Guardian

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