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Paris calls all willing citizens to become reservists
Jul 16 - AFP

Clinton campaign: Pence 'most extreme' VP pick in generation
Jul 16 - MSN/USA Today

Pokemon down: Hacking group claims responsibility for bringing down game's servers 'with DDOS attack
Jul 16 - Independent UK

18 Black Lives Matter protesters arrested after blocking downtown streets
Jul 16 - Bangor Daily News

#LogoFail: Trump/Pence campaign scrubs “screw you” branding after one day of massive ridicule
Jul 16 - RawStory

RNC Organizers Apologize To Adelson After Asking For $6M To Cover Shortfall
Jul 16 - Talking Points Memo

Turkey Coup Supporters Arrested in Greece After Landing in Helicopter
Jul 16 - WSJ

Turkish PM: Any country that stands by cleric Gulen will be at war with Turkey
Jul 16 - Reuters

URGENT - Turkey Incirlik Air Base
Jul 16 - CNN

Turkey removes more than 2,700 judges following coup attempt
Jul 16 - Reuters

Weekly Address: Coming Together to Find Solutions
Jul 16 - White House

Police arrest three in Nice as Islamic State claims truck attack
Jul 16 - Reuters

Hawaii pot dispensaries can legally open, but none are ready
Jul 16 - Associated Press

New poll of Missouri shows Trump, Greitens with leads
Jul 16 - Missouri Times

List of Christie allies tied to Port Authority schemes grows
Jul 15 - Associated Press

Turkey Coup Defeated: President Arrives in Istanbul After Military Group Tries to Seize Power
Jul 15 - NBC News

Screams lead police to suspect in San Diego homeless attacks
Jul 15 - Associated Press

Barack Obama backs President Erdogan as world leaders express concern
Jul 15 - The Independent

U.S. ordered to lower Navy sonar levels to protect whales
Jul 15 - SF Gate

Herbalife Agrees To Pay $200 Million To Settle Complaints It Deceived Consumers
Jul 15 - NPR

Trump demanded VP candidate tax docs he won't make public
Jul 15 - MSN/Associated Press

U.S. Tells Citizens In Turkey To Shelter In Place
Jul 15 - Reuters

Maine EBT phone number sends callers to sex line
Jul 15 - Sun Journal

Clinton leads Trump by 12 points ahead of Republican convention: Reuters poll
Jul 15 - reuters

Florida jury holds ex-officer liable for slaying Victor Jara in Chile
Jul 15 - People's World

Parents of fugitive Arlington murder suspect charged with helping him flee to Mexico
Jul 15 - Seattle Times

Erdogan Seeks Asylum in Germany: Report
Jul 15 - The Daily Beast

CIA declassified papers focus of art exhibit in Argentina
Jul 15 - Associated Press

Gingrich Now Acknowledges It'd Be 'Impossible' To Deport US Muslims
Jul 15 - Talking Points Memo

Obama Slams Gingrich's 'Repugnant' Proposal To 'Test' US Muslims
Jul 15 - Talking Points Memo

Reports: Trump Considered Reneging On Pence Veep Offer
Jul 15 - Talking Points Memo

Turkey army group announces takeover on TV (Turkish military coup)
Jul 15 - BBC

Warren-Clinton meeting today
Jul 15 - NBC news

Ivanka Trump’s Rabbi Pulls Out of Appearing at Republican Convention
Jul 15 - nytimes

Trump Polls At Zero Among Black Swing-State Voters
Jul 15 - Huffington Post

Congress Releases Secret 9/11 Document Detailing Possible Saudi Ties to Al Qaeda.
Jul 15 - nyt

US and Russia present united front over Syria after attack in Nice
Jul 15 - The Guardian

Trump unveils new 'TP' Pence campaign logo
Jul 15 - Politico

Cory Batey sentenced to 15 years in Vanderbilt rape case
Jul 15 - The Tennessean

U.S. Retail Sales Jump as Consumers Grow More Confident
Jul 15 - The Wall Street Journal.

Russia Releases One Bolotnaya Prisoner
Jul 15 - RFE/RL

Russia sends S-400 surface-to-air missile system to the occupied Crimea
Jul 15 - UA Today

Trump announces by twitter that he chooses Pence
Jul 15 - NPR

As Clinton stumbles, Trump takes an apparent slim lead in new tracking poll
Jul 15 - LA Times

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert reunite for coverage of Republican National Convention
Jul 15 - MassLive.com

Bill That Lets Bosses Fire Single Women For Getting Pregnant Gains Steam
Jul 15 - Huffington Post - Dana Liebelson, Staff Reporter

Nice attack killer: Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel identified as terrorist behind Bastille Day massacre
Jul 15 - The Independent UK

Airstrikes kill at least 12 in rebel-held Aleppo
Jul 15 - Daily Star

US wants more cooperation from Russia against Islamic State in Syria
Jul 15 - Sydney Morning Herald

Russian Billionaires in U.S. Health Push With D.C. Insiders
Jul 15 - Irina Reznik and Alex Sazonov, Washington Post

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