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Report Says State Department Lacks Proper Files For More Than $6 Billion In Contracts
Apr 5 - Associated Press

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory To Sell $2.2 Million Mansion

Russia seeks over $11b in ‘debt’ from Ukraine: Gazprom.
Apr 5 - Gulf New / AFP

Ukraine threatens to take Russia to court over gas
Apr 5 - AFP

U.S. finalizing plan to boost support for Syrian rebels: sources
Apr 5 - Reuters

Weekly Address: Republican budget would shrink opportunity
Apr 5 - AP

Chinese search vessels discovers pulse signal in Indian Ocean
Apr 5 - Xinhua

Venezuela charges opposition leader, sparking protests
Apr 5 - AFP

Lower House votes to export nuclear technology and 'safety myth'
Apr 5 - Asahi Shimbun

U.S. backs $500 million in loan guarantees for Tunisia
Apr 5 - Reuters

US allows Boeing airplane component sales to Iran
Apr 5 - BBC News

Japan orders military to strike any new North Korea missile launches
Apr 5 - Reuters

Ex-S.F. Supervisor Ed Jew sent back to jail for about a month
Apr 5 - San Francisco Chronicle

CTA fires operator of train that crashed at O'Hare
Apr 5 - Chicago Tribune

Indian Hard-Liner Narendra Modi Leads in Prime Minister Race
Apr 5 - wall street journal

Oakland: Man sentenced to more than 400 years in freeway shootout with CHP (in plot against ACLU)
Apr 5 - Oakland Tribune

Stephen Colbert Is CBS' Top Choice To Replace David Letterman (Reports)
Apr 4 - huffingtonpost.com

Pussy Riot Meets Hillary Clinton As Moscow Drops ‘Religious Hatred’
Apr 4 - inquisitr

2 tunnels found under California-Mexico border
Apr 4 - AP

Disgraced Former CT Gov. -- Again Under Federal Scrutiny -- Ends Talk Radio Show
Apr 4 - Media Matters

California's senator Yee indicted on gun, corruption charges
Apr 4 - Reuters

Nigeria Set To Become Africa’s Biggest Economy
Apr 4 - bbc

NC judge denies Duke motion to seal coal ash docs
Apr 4 - AP-Excite

Fort Hood gunman had argument with other soldiers
Apr 4 - AP-Excite

6 suspended amid Missouri school rape allegations
Apr 4 - Washington Post

Judge tosses lawsuit over drone deaths of Americans
Apr 4 - Politico

BridgeGate Hits Next Level As Feds Launch Grand Jury Investigation
Apr 4 - Talking Points Memo

SAF wins injunction v. N.M. “citizens only” CCW requirement
Apr 4 - Examiner.com

Fruit Of The Loom Moving Some Operations From Ky. To Honduras
Apr 4 - Associated Press

Cantor holds firm against unemployment bill
Apr 4 - The Hill

Pussy Riot protesters cleared of religious hatred charge
Apr 4 - Reuters

Eric Holder Would Be 'Glad To Work With Congress' To Reschedule Marijuana
Apr 4 - HP

West plans special court for Kosovo organ harvesting charges.
Apr 4 - SWI / Reuters

Ukraine PM says will stick to austerity despite Moscow pressure
Apr 4 - Reuters

Judge to end Ohio ban on recognizing gay marriage
Apr 4 - Associated Press

US probing high-speed trading, Attorney General says
Apr 4 - Reuters

Mumbai Gang Rapists Are Sentenced To Death
Apr 4 - BuzzFeed

Kerry warns U.S. is evaluating role in Middle East peace talks
Apr 4 - Reuters

U.S. warns China not to try Crimea-style action in Asia
Apr 4 - Reuters

Payroll employment increases in March (+192,000); unemployment rate unchanged (6.7%)
Apr 4 - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Better weather may have lifted job growth in March
Apr 4 - AP-Excite

'Cuban Twitter' heads to hearings in Congress
Apr 4 - AP-Excite

One Fort Hood victim was barricading door to packed room
Apr 4 - USA Today

Hagel calls Asian ministers gathering 'important milestone' in promotion of Pacific stability
Apr 4 - Omaha World Herald

Iowa judge sues, says firing was political retaliation
Apr 4 - Omaha World Herald-AP

Afghan policeman kills AP reporter Niedringhaus, wounds Gannon
Apr 4 - BBC News Asia

Turkish court orders partial lifting of YouTube ban
Apr 4 - Reuters

Westinghouse, Ukraine Near Deal on Nuclear Fuel for Reactors Contract Extension
Apr 4 - Wall Street Journal

CIA torture victim calls for declassification of Senate report
Apr 4 - Ekklesia

Obama signs law providing Ukraine loan guarantees
Apr 4 - International - The News

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