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N.J. nurses union accuses hospital chain of intimidation
Jun 19 - NJ.com

Cuba has 60 political prisoners: dissident group
Jun 19 - Yahoo! News / AFP

Union Claims WeWork Executive Said Cleaners Should be Fired for Organizing
Jun 19 - Observer

Murders of indigenous people up sharply in Brazil: report
Jun 19 - Yahoo! News / AFP

Google bans revenge porn
Jun 19 - CNN Money

Putin says Russia weathering sanctions, lectures West
Jun 19 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Mike Huckabee: More Guns in Church Could’ve Stopped Charleston Shooting
Jun 19 - Mediaite

Obama thinks Confederate flag 'belongs in a museum'
Jun 19 - The Hill

Mormon church to make available records of 4 million freed slaves
Jun 19 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

$400,000 donation 'like rocket fuel' for effort to keep death penalty out of Nebraska
Jun 19 - Omaha World Herald

Obama will be first sitting U.S. president to visit Ethiopia
Jun 19 - Washington Post

Walker starts presidential fundraising blitz
Jun 19 - Marshfieldnewsherald

Jeb Bush Reminds Conservatives That He 'Stood' With Terri Schiavo
Jun 19 - NBC News

Bernie Sanders Calls for Broader End to Deportations
Jun 19 - Time

North Korea claims it has cure for MERS, Ebola and AIDS
Jun 19 - Global News / Associated Post

South Carolina judge urges support for accused murderer Dylann Roof's family in bizarre court speech
Jun 19 - NY Daily News

"Teachers aren't cops": Unions praise Supreme Court ruling
Jun 19 - Washington examiner

Jeb Bush Makes Surprise Pick for Political Director
Jun 19 - Wall Street Journal

US report again highlights Pakistan’s two-timing on terrorism
Jun 19 - Times of India

Germany will negotiate with Athens 'until last minute': Merkel ally
Jun 19 - Reuters

Rick Perry: Charleston Shooting An 'Accident' Due To Drug Use, Manipulated By Obama To Ban Guns
Jun 19 - Right Wing Watch, People for the American Way

MLB Cancels More Than 60 Million All-Star Votes for Fear of Improper Voting
Jun 19 - Bleacher Report

Terror attacks, deaths up sharply in 2014: State Department
Jun 19 - Reuters

WikiLeaks says it's leaking over 500,000 Saudi documents
Jun 19 - AP

Recalls this week: pull toys, bicycles, wood anchors
Jun 19 - AP

One of America's biggest grocery chains is on the brink of death
Jun 19 - sfgate

US stocks edge lower at midday as a 3-day rally peters out
Jun 19 - AP-Excite

Mexican artisan launches Donald Trump pinata
Jun 19 - AP

Michele Bachmann is still in a race – for money
Jun 19 - Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Putin Criticizes US But Offers To Cooperate On Global Crises
Jun 19 - Associated Press

Ending Obamacare Would Cost $353 Billion Over Decade, CBO Says
Jun 19 - Bloomberg

Jeb Bush: ‘I Don’t Know What Was on the Mind or the Heart’ of Charleston Shooter
Jun 19 - Mediaite

Dylann Roof 'almost didn't go through' with Charleston church shooting
Jun 19 - NBC News

Comcast founder Ralph Roberts, 95, has died
Jun 19 - Philadelphia Inquirer

Rick Santorum: White Supremacist Was Attacking Religion, Not Black People
Jun 19 - Addicting Info

No agreement at Yemen peace talks: foreign minister
Jun 19 - AFP

Rubio fundraiser canceled in Sarasota
Jun 19 - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Telemed abortion ban ruled unconstitutional by Iowa Supreme Court
Jun 19 - KCRG

Dylann Roof bond hearing @ 2 pm today
Jun 19 - Charleston Police Dept

Dylann Roof on murder charges over Charleston shooting
Jun 19 - BBC News

NRA Board Member Blames Murdered Reverend For Death Of His Congregants In S.C. Church Mass Shooting
Jun 19 - Media Matters

Lethal drugs ordered by Nebraska officials to carry out executions have not yet shipped from India
Jun 19 - Omaha World Herald

Shooting suspect Dylann Roof confesses to attack, according to reports
Jun 19 - The Guardian

Global stocks rise despite plunge in China, Greece standoff
Jun 19 - AP

Storm heads northeast after flooding Oklahoma, Arkansas
Jun 19 - AP

Flash audit: 'Serious concerns' about personnel computer fix
Jun 19 - AP-Excite

KapStone, union to meet as strike looms
Jun 19 - TDN

17 hurt when cruise ship hits seaway lock wall in upstate NY
Jun 19 - AP

Russia's Gazprom will not own Turkish Stream pipeline in Greece - Russian Energy Minister
Jun 19 - Reuters

Brazil senators flee Venezuela attack
Jun 19 - BBC

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