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Theodore Bikel Dies: Actor & Longtime Union Activist Was 91
Jul 21 - Deadline

Obama lowers White House flag
Jul 21 - The Hill

Citi ordered to pay $770 million over credit card practices
Jul 21 - Reuters

Scott Walker: Dismantle independent elections and ethics board
Jul 21 - Wisconsin State Journal

President Obama on Iran deal critics: They were wrong on Iraq, too
Jul 21 - Politico

19 killed in two Baghdad car bombs
Jul 21 - AFP

Court Overturns Some Blagojevich Senate-Seat Convictions
Jul 21 - ABC News

Donald Trump Escalates Feud With 'Idiot' Lindsey Graham In South Carolina
Jul 21 - Huffpo

Ukraine crisis: 'Putin is obsessed with the idea of testing Nato' - and the Baltics will be next
Jul 21 - UK Indepedent

FBI, Israel Make Securities Fraud Arrests Tied to JPMorgan Hack
Jul 21 - Bloomberg

Venezuela takes drastic measure amid food crisis
Jul 21 - CBS News

Hacker remotely crashes Jeep from 10 miles away
Jul 21 - The Telegraph

Cotton Blocks Judges on Court Familiar to His Former Law Firm
Jul 21 - Roll Call

Italy breaches human rights by blocking gay marriage: European court

Conservative Filmmaker: Time To 'Target' Black Monuments In 'Race War'
Jul 21 - Rightwing Watch, vis People For the American Way

Donald Trump Heaps Insults on Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Other Foes
Jul 21 - Time

Russia puts Ukraine film director on trial for 'terror'
Jul 21 - AFP / Yahoo

Senate negotiators reach agreement on 6-year highway bill; rank-and-file approval still needed
Jul 21 - AP

3 Spanish reporters missing in war-torn Aleppo in Syria
Jul 21 - AP

18-year-old's video of gun-firing drone spurs investigation
Jul 21 - AP

Port truck drivers plan sixth strike against company
Jul 21 - LA Times

Trump Hits 'Dishonest' Des Moines Register After Blistering Editorial
Jul 21 - TPM

Reid raps Republicans over response to Trump comments
Jul 21 - AP

US Capitol flags lowered in memory of Tennessee victims
Jul 21 - AP

At Vatican conference, world mayors urge action on climate change
Jul 21 - Reuters

Magnitude 4.1 earthquake shakes San Francisco Bay Area
Jul 21 - AP

Toshiba Bosses Quit Over $1.2bn Profit Scandal
Jul 21 - Sky News

More children living in poverty now than during recession
Jul 21 - usatoday.com

Fox News changes plans for GOP forum
Jul 21 - Politico

Ohio Gov. Kasich is 16th notable entry into GOP race
Jul 21 - AP

Kishwaukee College adjunct faculty forms union
Jul 21 - Daily Chronicle

Mexican soldiers suspected in seven disappearances
Jul 21 - Agence France-Presse

NASA's 'GoreSat' Mission Just Released Its First Image of Earth
Jul 20 - Bloomberg

Union County board approves plan linked to Confederate flag
Jul 20 - Charlotte Observer

LAPD finds 1,200 guns, two tons of ammo in dead man's Pacific Palisades home
Jul 20 - Los Angeles Times

California irrigator faces record $1.5 million fine for drought violation
Jul 20 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Ducey orders ban on sale of fetal tissue
Jul 20 - Arizona Republic

Sheriff Joe Arpaio will face civil contempt hearing after federal judge’s ruling
Jul 20 - Reuters

Sandra Bland's Death Now Being Investigated as a Murder
Jul 20 - Texas Tribune

Report: Silicon Valley's housing affordability crisis worsens
Jul 20 - San Jose Mercury News

Point Park drops faculty union challenge, will enter collective bargaining
Jul 20 - Trib Live

First Half Of 2015 Was Hottest Ever Recorded
Jul 20 - AP

N.J. teachers union blasts 'dishonest' Christie, vows no negotiation on pension
Jul 20 - NJ.com

Jeb Bush defends McCain, but supported Swift Boat attacks against Kerry
Jul 20 - CNN

Grooveshark co-founder Josh Greenberg found dead at 28
Jul 20 - digitaltrends

Clerk 'sought God' on marriage license issue
Jul 20 - The Courier Journal

Human rights probe killings in 2 Mexican states
Jul 20 - Associated Press

Cops: Hulking Jackass Struck Waitress After She Asked Him To Stop Using Racial Slurs
Jul 20 - The Smoking Gun

European man extradited to D.C. to face charges of funding terrorism
Jul 20 - Washington Post

Poll: Trump surges to big lead in GOP presidential race
Jul 20 - Washington Post

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