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A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his phone
Feb 12 - The Verge

John Podesta Says Forces Within The FBI Wanted Hillary Clinton To Lose
Feb 12 - Huffington Post

Trump friend says Priebus is in way over his head
Feb 12 - washington post

Thousands march against Trump in Mexico City: 'Pay for your own wall!'
Feb 12 - LATimes

GOP tweets quote wrongly attributed to Lincoln
Feb 12 - The Hill

Hezbollah leader says 'idiot' Trump makes him optimistic
Feb 12 - Associated Press

'Grow Up!': DNC Chair Candidate Says Democrats Focused Too Much on Trump's Insults
Feb 12 - Mediaite

Elijah Cummings: House will investigate Kellyanne Conway for 'textbook example of violating the law'
Feb 12 - RawStory

Most in Iowa Disagree with Trump's Travel Ban
Feb 12 - Political Wire

GOP senator: Physical border wall 'would rate very low' among Texans
Feb 12 - The Hill

Grammy-winning musician Al Jarreau dies at 76
Feb 12 - USA Today

Judge rules Orlando bakery didn't discriminate against anti-gay customer
Feb 12 - LGBTQ Nation

Donald Trumps Labor Secretary Pick Andrew Puzder Owes Millions To UBS As Bank Seeks Waiver From San
Feb 12 - IBT

Trump administration officials may be deposed over immigration order
Feb 12 - Reuters

North Korea tests ballistic missile; U.S. to avoid escalation
Feb 12 - Reuters

Schumer: Trump 'governing as a hard-right guy'
Feb 12 - The Hill

Sanders: Trump 'backtracking on every economic promise that he made'
Feb 12 - The Hill

Top WH Advisor Says Trump's Authority In Immigration Order Is 'Beyond Question'
Feb 12 - Talking Points Memo

'You Have Provided Zero Evidence': Stephanopoulos Clashes With Stephen Miller on Voter Fraud
Feb 12 - Mediaite

Donald Trump told he won't escape the 'biggest protest in British history' by moving his state visit
Feb 12 - The Independent

Netanyahu pledges to promote responsible policies at Trump meeting
Feb 12 - Reuters

Top Advisor Ducks Questions On Whether Trump Still Has Confidence In Flynn
Feb 12 - Talking Points Memo

From protests to 'pussy hats,' Trump resistance brews online
Feb 12 - Associated Press

Tennessee GOP bill says children born through artificial insemination are not 'legitimate'
Feb 12 - RawStory

Man fired from Trump flying role over battery charge appears at Mar-a-Lago
Feb 12 - The Guardian

Polygamous families protest bigamy law in Utah: 'If we were gay, we'd be OK'
Feb 12 - Associated Press

Nancy Pelosi Demands The Suspension Of Mike Flynn Over Russia Ties
Feb 12 - HuffingtonPost

Dangerous Refugees Flooded U.S. After Lifting of Ban, Trump Says
Feb 12 - MSN/NY Times

Mossack Fonseca founders detained in Panama amid corruption scandal
Feb 11 - Reuters

Massive North Carolina crowd protests Trump, anti-LGBT la
Feb 11 - Associated Press

Nashville officer fatally shoots man after traffic stop
Feb 11 - Associated Press

Woman falls to her death inside World Trade Center Oculus
Feb 11 - Associated Press

North Korea 'conducts missile test'
Feb 11 - BBC

240 more whales stranded in New Zealand, bringing two-day total to 650
Feb 11 - Associated Press

Congressman: Rarely used law could make Trump tax returns public
Feb 11 - usaToday

NATO says it sees sharp rise in Russian disinformation since Crimea seizure
Feb 11 - Reuters

Planned Parenthood protest draws outsized counter-rally in St. Paul
Feb 11 - St. Paul Pioneer Press

Trump ripped Mexico in tweet while Kushner was meeting with Mexican officials: report
Feb 11 - The Hill

Kmart and Sears drop Trump Home line of products from websites
Feb 11 - RawStory

Sanders, Schumer call for nationwide pro-ObamaCare rallies
Feb 11 - The Hill

Donald Trump shook the Japanese Prime Minister's hand for 19 seconds
Feb 11 - cnn

Snowden's lawyer says extradition report is 'speculation'

Trump Tweets That Cost of Mexico Border Wall Will Come Down When He Gets Involved in Negotiations
Feb 11 - Mediaite

Chaffetz Said He Believes Town Hall Protestors Were Paid, Not From Utah
Feb 11 - Talking Points Memo

Homeland Security Head Said He Doesn't 'Have A Clue' What The Definition Of A Sanctuary City Is
Feb 11 - Associated Press

Army veterans return to Standing Rock to form a human shield against police
Feb 11 - The Guardian

Protesters Read Coretta Scott King's Letter Outside McConnell's Home
Feb 11 - Talking Points Memo

CIA freezes out top Flynn aide
Feb 11 - Politico

Iraq won't take part in regional conflict, Abadi says after Trump phone call
Feb 11 - CNBC

Donald Trump Suggests He May Not Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem
Feb 11 - Huffington Post

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