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Illinois lawmakers approve fracking rules
Nov 6 - Associated Press

Prosecutors: Brazoria deputy unplugged video recorder before allegedly groping women
Nov 6 - Associated Press

Former Navy SEAL comes forward as bin Laden shooter
Nov 6 - AFP

Connecticut gun law leads to federal conviction
Nov 6 - Associated Press

Senate Democrats dump ads in Louisiana
Nov 6 - Yahoo News

U.S. Money-Laundering Probe Touches Putinís Inner Circle
Nov 6 - Wall Street Journal

Report: Obama Wrote Secret Letter To Iran On Islamic State

Appeals court upholds Michigan's gay marriage ban
Nov 6 - Detroit Free Press

Boehner to Obama: Caution, you could 'burn' yourself
Nov 6 - CNN

Vladimir Putin says there was nothing wrong with Soviet Union's pact with Adolf Hitler's Nazi German
Nov 6 - Telegraph

University of California weighs tuition hike plan
Nov 6 - AP

Senate Democrats Saw GOP Wave Before Election Night
Nov 6 - Roll Call

Rangel: Southern GOP Still Believes In Slavery, Wins US Senate Through Racism
Nov 6 - Mediaite.com & CNN

Israel, Jordan try to ease Jerusalem tensions
Nov 6 - AP-Excite

Gleam is gone as gold prices sink to 4-year low
Nov 6 - AP-Excite

100,000 workers protest Belgian labor reform
Nov 6 - AP

US stocks open little changed day after record
Nov 6 - AP-Excite

Citizens United boss: Supreme Court ruling handed midterm elections to Republicans
Nov 6 - Raw Story

Applications for US jobless aid fall to 278,000
Nov 6 - AP-Excite

GOP pads majority in officially nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature
Nov 6 - Omaha World Herald

Suspect in slaying, posting death photos caught
Nov 6 - AP-Excite

ISIS Wave of Might Is Turning Into Ripple
Nov 6 - NY Times

Alvarez launches criminal probe into robocalls to election judges
Nov 6 - Chicago Sun-Times

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd on New Zealand murder plot charge
Nov 6 - BBC

AP: Shumlin up 2,095 votes with all precincts reporting (Vermont governor)
Nov 6 - Burlington Free Press

Mob lynches Christian couple Pakistan
Nov 6 - Rueters: Mabusher Bukhari

Kuwaiti sent home after 13 years at Guantanamo Bay detention center
Nov 6 - Washington Post

North Dakota Abortion Amendment Fails
Nov 5 - Propublica.org

Obama Seeks $6 Billion for Ebola Fight
Nov 5 - NBC

Florida man, 90, is cited again for feeding the homeless
Nov 5 - LA Times

First on CNN: Army says word 'Negro' OK to use
Nov 5 - CNN

David Kalac Accused Of Killing Amber Coplin, Posting Photos Of Her Body On 4chan
Nov 5 - Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton adopts a critical line on banks, big business
Nov 5 - South China Morning Post

Egypt's human rights record slammed at UN meeting
Nov 5 - AP-Excite

Sean Patrick Maloney Is The First Openly Gay Man Elected To Congress From New York
Nov 5 - Huffington Post

Obama vows to 'get the job done' with Republicans
Nov 5 - AP-Excite

More jobs, locomotives on the way, Union Pacific says at investor day
Nov 5 - Omaha World Herald

2 NYC police officers facing brutality charges
Nov 5 - Associated Press

Teacher takes plea after gun discharges at school
Nov 5 - Associated Press

Man won't face charges for taking gun into airport
Nov 5 - Associated Press

Voters in Seattle just taxed themselves to pay for preschool for the poor
Nov 5 - Washington Post

Judge rules that gay marriage ban in Missouri is unconstitutional
Nov 5 - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Alaska governor's race: Parnell trailed Walker all night
Nov 5 - Dispatch News

After midterm rout, Obama says he got nationís message
Nov 5 - Wash. post

Louisiana bars Ebola researchers from conference
Nov 5 - USA Today

Artur Mas: Catalonia vote to proceed despite Spanish ruling
Nov 5 - BBC

US stocks gain as the price of crude oil rebounds

With Warner ahead, vote certification begins in tight Virginia Senate race
Nov 5 - Washington Post

Brad Ashford (D-NE) wins House seat; Lee Terry (R-NE) concedes UPDATE
Nov 5 - Omaha World Herald

The Lawyer For A Football Player Accused Of Rape Exposed The Womanís Name On Twitter
Nov 5 - Thinkprogress.org

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