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Koch Brothers May Back Five Candidates
Apr 22 - PoliticalWire/USA Today

Paul Says GOP Hawks Are Obama ‘Lap Dogs’
Apr 22 - PoliticalWire/WashPost

N.Y. teachers union blasting Cuomo in new multimillion-dollar ad campaign
Apr 22 - W Post

Human Trafficking Senate Compromise Will Deny Abortion Funding to Survivors
Apr 22 - RH Reality Check

Saudi Arabia resumes airstrikes in Yemen
Apr 22 - CNN.com

Man planning attack on “one or two churches” arrested Sunday in Paris, says French interior minister
Apr 22 - France 24

City Council approves plan for NFL stadium near Los Angeles
Apr 22 - AP

N.Z. Prime Minister Apologizes for Pulling Waitress’ Pony Tail
Apr 22 - Bloomberg

Man filmed being beaten by California deputies settles for $650G
Apr 22 - Associated Press

More Than 1,000 March In Baltimore To Protest Death Of Man In Police Custody
Apr 22 - Associated Press

Armenian hopes crushed as Obama decides not to use the word 'genocide'
Apr 22 - LA Times

Aide to Tony Cardenas, congressman from L.A., is subpoenaed by grand jury
Apr 22 - LA Times

O.C. judge who gave lenient sentence to molester is asked to resign
Apr 21 - LA Times

Anger at acquittal of Chicago policeman in shooting of woman
Apr 21 - Associated Press

Deputy: Arpaio told me to defy court order
Apr 21 - Arizona Republic

Milwaukee to pay $6.5 million to man wrongly convicted of murder
Apr 21 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

At Least 10 Opposition Figures Have Died in Ukraine Just This Year
Apr 21 - The Nation

Three New Jersey rabbis convicted in forced divorce scheme
Apr 21 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Obama Says U.S. Has Warned Iran Not To Send Weapons To Yemen
Apr 21 - Reuters

U.S. Chamber, AFL-CIO Clash At Senate Hearing Over Obama’s Free Trade Push
Apr 21 - Washington Post

NJ Teachers’ Union Bails Out of Gov. Christie’s Pension Study Commission
Apr 21 - Philly.com

Google Is Fifth-Biggest Spender In U.S. Lobbying, Says Report
Apr 21 - BuzzFeed News

Judge orders NY transportation authority to run 'Killing Jews' ad
Apr 21 - Reuters

Tennessee: Lawmakers Pass New Rules for Abortion Clinics
Apr 21 - Associated Press

Sheriff seeks cruelty charge for vet accused of killing cat
Apr 21 - Associated Press

California bill would ban 'Redskins' as school team name or mascot
Apr 21 - LA Times

Community college recognizes union for adjuncts
Apr 21 - bizjournals

Yahoo's 1Q disappoints, but stock rises on Yahoo Japan hopes
Apr 21 - AP-Excite

Investigators 'believe there is fraud involved' in travel voucher case
Apr 21 - Omaha World Herald

US lets in Thai fish caught by slaves despite law
Apr 21 - Associated Press

Volunteer deputy heading to Bahamas amid manslaughter charge
Apr 21 - Associated Press

Vatican accepts resignation of U.S. bishop convicted of sex abuse coverup
Apr 21 - Washington Post

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'seriously wounded in air strike'
Apr 21 - The Guardian

U.S. Department of Justice opens probe into death of Freddie Gray
Apr 21 - The Baltimore Sun

Report: Special Forces soldiers killed with prostitutes in Mali were on bar crawl
Apr 21 - Washington Post

Agency: Humpback whales' recovery is national success story
Apr 21 - AP

Obamacare is becoming more popular: Kaiser poll
Apr 21 - MSNBC

Saudi-led coalition declares end to Yemen campaign
Apr 21 - AFP

Autism shown to have no link to measles vaccine
Apr 21 - MSNBC

Futures trader charged for manipulating stock market, contributing to 2010 'Flash Crash'
Apr 21 - MSNBC

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa): President Obama Destroyed 'The Soul of America'
Apr 21 - Right Wing Watch

Unemployment falls in just 23 US states as hiring slows
Apr 21 - AP-Excite

Rowan Co. residents near Duke ash dumps told not to drink well water
Apr 21 - WSOCTV

2nd death reported in fiery 60-vehicle pileup in Wyoming
Apr 21 - AP

Poland To Build Missile Defense With US
Apr 21 - Reuters

Prosecutors: Suspects busted for stealing barrels of bourbon
Apr 21 - AP

Baltimore police name officers suspended over suspect's death
Apr 21 - Reuters

University offering free online course to demolish climate denial
Apr 21 - theGuardian

Natural-Gas Suppliers Must Face Suit, U.S. High Court Rules
Apr 21 - Bloomberg

DEA chief Michele Leonhart expected to resign
Apr 21 - CBS News

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