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Trump's New Health Care Policy Staffer Thinks Birth Control Causes Abortions
Jan 5 - Talking Points Memo

GOP senator: Don't link Planned Parenthood to ObamaCare repeal
Jan 5 - The Hill

Dem rep says she's skipping Trump's inauguration
Jan 5 - The Hill

Former Indiana senator Dan Coats is Trumps pick for director of national intelligence
Jan 5 - Washington Post

Washington Post's Express uses male symbol for cover story on women's march
Jan 5 - The Hill

UPDATED: Trump Warns Toyota To Build In US, Not Mexico, Or 'Pay Big Border Tax'
Jan 5 - Talking Points Memo

'I was stunned by the business': Fast food CEO says profits soared after minimum wage hike
Jan 5 - RawStory

Democratic lawmakers considering challenge to Trump's Electoral College victory
Jan 5 - Politico

Comey defends handling of Clinton email investigation during 'challenging' US election year
Jan 5 - Reuters

Four suspected assailants charged with hate crime in video attack on disabled white man
Jan 5 - RawStory

Chuck Schumer Hits Back After Donald Trump Calls Him A 'Clown'
Jan 5 - Talking Points Memo

Tim Kaine: Flynn Pushes Conspiracies That '4th Graders Would Find Incredible'
Jan 5 - Talking Points Memo

Top U.S. intel officials say election hacking part of "multifaceted" Russian effort
Jan 5 - CBS News

Clapper: 'Disparagement' of intel agents cause for worry
Jan 5 - CNN

Two contractors allege getting stiffed for work on Trump's D.C. hotel
Jan 5 - WaPo

Dow falls 100 points amid uncertainty surrounding Trump policies
Jan 5 - CNBC

US imposes terrorism-related sanctions against bin Laden son
Jan 5 - Associated Press

Planned Parenthood battling congressional effort to defund it
Jan 5 - Washington Post

Gospel singer Kim Burrell loses radio and TV shows after homophobic tirade
Jan 5 - LGBTQ Nation

Report: 14 Montana Kids Died Within a Year of Abuse Reports
Jan 5 - Flathead Beacon

US spy chiefs promise 'Putin hack' motive
Jan 5 - bbc

Ethics Watchdog Wants to Probe Trump's HHS Nominee for Stock Trading
Jan 5 - The Daily Beast

Newt Gingrich blames Chicago torture video on Obama's failure to 'oppose black racism'
Jan 5 - RawStory

Trump Transition Official: Dont Worry! No Changes To Insurance Plans 'Til 2019
Jan 5 - Talking Points Memo

Trump Blasts Media Over Assange Tweets Ahead of Intel Briefing
Jan 5 - Bloomberg

Sears Sells Craftsman Brand, Will Close 150 Stores
Jan 5 - The Wall Street Journal.

Trumps criticism of intelligence on Russia is dividing Hill GOP
Jan 5 - washington post

Puerto Rico Seeks to Be State by 2025
Jan 5 - The Daily Beast/ABC

Private hiring slows in December, jobs market still solid
Jan 5 - Reuters

U.S. Has 'Conclusive' Russia Leak Evidence
Jan 5 - The Daily Beast/Reuters

Incoming Trump press secretary heckled in Chicago
Jan 5 - reuters

Unexpected Candidacy Upends Virginia Democrats Plans for Key Governor Race
Jan 4 - The New York Times

Irish Surgeon Discovers New Organ In Human Body
Jan 4 - CBS News

4 arrested in beating broadcast on Facebook Live
Jan 4 - CNN

Parents accused of letting boy die rather than bring him to doctors
Jan 4 - CBS News

Bombshell report claims at least 50 Trump electors are illegitimate and should not have voted
Jan 4 - Raw Story

Flagstaff officer resigns after report criticizes his punching woman
Jan 4 - Arizona Republic

Donald Trump Plans to Pare Back Top U.S. Spy Agency
Jan 4 - NYMag

House passes bill to overturn 'midnight' regulations en masse
Jan 4 - theHill

Bomb threat reported at 2 Jewish community centers in Orange County
Jan 4 - FOX 35 Orlando

GOP rep's ObamaCare Twitter poll backfires
Jan 4 - theHill

Jan 4 - Associated Press

Memo alleges Trump Treasury nominee Steve Mnuchin's old bank illegally evicted homeowners
Jan 4 - MIC Network

US Chief Justice John Roberts steps aside in patent case over stock conflict
Jan 4 - Reuters

Ohio woman celebrates 108th birthday but faces loss of home because she outlived all her assets
Jan 4 - Rawstory

Student: Girl slammed to ground was trying to break up fight Martha Waggoner, Associated Press Updat
Jan 4 - Associated Press

NASA say massive 'comet or asteroid' is hurtling towards Earth NASA said that the object is not a th
Jan 4 - Coventry Telegraph

Republicans target Obama rules on methane, coal
Jan 4 - Associated Press

Global warming data that riled doubters is confirmed
Jan 4 - Associated Press

McConnell, Schumer sign onto resolution condemning UN Israel vote
Jan 4 - The Hill

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