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Obamacare Repeal Bill Takes Another Step Forward, Passage Still In Doubt
Mar 16 - Talking Points Memo

Huck: Trump Should Ignore Travel Ban Ruling, Like Jackson With Trail Of Tears
Mar 16 - Talking Points Memo

Trump Proposes Eliminating National Endowments For Arts And Humanities
Mar 16 - Talking Points Memo

Trump vows to appeal against travel ban ruling to Supreme Court
Mar 16 - Reuters

McDonald's investigating after official account tweets insult at Trump
Mar 16 - Politico

Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim Statement On The Investigation Into (NY) City Hall Fundraising
Mar 16 - US Attorney NY

Trump Says 'We Ought To Go Back To The First' Travel Ban Order
Mar 16 - Talking Points Memo

Trump Acknowledges Repeal Bill Wouldn't Be Great For His Supporters
Mar 16 - Talking Points Memo

Trump, Easing Emissions Rule, Vows to Expand Auto Jobs
Mar 16 - New York Times

French school shooting: Two injured in Grasse attack
Mar 16 - BBC

Dutch PM Mark Rutte sees off election threat of Geert Wilders
Mar 16 - The Guardian

MDCPS Superintendent: Over My Dead Body Will Immigration Agents Enforce On School Grounds
Mar 16 - CBS

Federal judge in Maryland temporarily blocks Trump's travel ban
Mar 16 - ABC 12 WISN/CNN

New Zealand river granted same legal rights as human being: after 140 years of negotiation
Mar 16 - The Guardian

NIH, DOE Office of Science face deep cuts in Trump's first budget
Mar 16 - Science

House Intel Committee seeks names of Obama officials who requested 'unmasking' of Americans picked u
Mar 16 - CNN

Five Republican-nominated judges signal support for travel ban
Mar 16 - cnn

Oklahoma Senator under investigation for incident at motel with teen boy
Mar 15 - KFOR New Channel 4

Ryan: Health care plan must change to pass the House
Mar 15 - The Washington Post

One Certainty of G.O.P. Health Plan: Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
Mar 15 - New York Times

Federal judge in Hawaii freezes President Trump's new executive order
Mar 15 - The Washington Post

Donald Trump Budget Slashes Funds for E.P.A. and State Department.
Mar 15 - nyt

Republicans introduce bills authorizing military force against ISIS
Mar 15 - International Business Times

Tillerson to warn China of sanctions over North Korea
Mar 15 - CNN Politics

Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca found guilty on obstruction of justice and other charges
Mar 15 - Los Angeles Times

Trump Defends Allegations: 'Wiretap Covers A Lot Of Different Things'
Mar 15 - Talking Points Memo

McCain: Rand Paul 'is now working for Vladimir Putin'
Mar 15 - Daily Beast as broadcast on CSpan

Grassley Accuses FBI Of Withholding Information On Russia Investigations
Mar 15 - Talking Points Memo

Dutch election: Mark Rutte's VVD party leads in main exit poll live
Mar 15 - The Guardian

Large Sections of Australias Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find
Mar 15 - New York Times

Trump ally Roger Stone says US intelligence tried to assassinate him in Wednesday hit-and-run crash
Mar 15 - raw story

FBI to brief Graham, Whitehouse on Trump warrants: Graham
Mar 15 - The hill

Trump to celebrate Andrew Jacksons 250th birthday in Nashville, attend a rally
Mar 15 - Washington Post

Detroit Three automakers busing UAW workers in to cheer at Trumps visit to Ypsilanti
Mar 15 - Detroit Free Press, FordPAC

UPDATED - Comey will testify publicly on Russia investigation next week
Mar 15 - Politico

Trump barrels toward clash with Congress over border wall
Mar 15 - Politico

Paul Ryan foresees no major changes in Republican healthcare plan
Mar 15 - Reuters

Wisconsin setting stage to remove hundreds of thousands of names from the voting rolls
Mar 15 - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Fed raises rates at March meeting
Mar 15 - CNBC

U.S. military likely to send as many as 1,000 more ground troops into Syria ahead of Raqqa offensive
Mar 15 - The Washington Post

Sources: Mattis, Ricardel clashed over Pentagon appointees
Mar 15 - DefenseNews

House considering nixing continuous coverage piece of health care bill
Mar 15 - Axios

China to Trump: We dont want a trade war but if there is one, youd lose
Mar 15 - Washington Post

O'Malley tests 2020 waters with Iowa poll
Mar 15 - Politico

Police suspend dispatcher 8 days in Tamir Rice shooting
Mar 15 - CNN

Ryan: GOP healthcare plan was written with Trump
Mar 15 - The Hill

Plea deal reached for man who fired shots inside DC pizzeria
Mar 15 - Associated Press

Hero cop who danced his way into our hearts at Pride dies of 9/11 related cancer
Mar 15 - LGBTQ Nation

'We don't have any evidence': GOP House intel head Nunes disputes claim Trump Tower was wiretapped
Mar 15 - RawStory

'Um, no': Sessions says he never gave Trump any reason to believe Obama wiretapped him
Mar 15 - RawStory

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