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Americans, Belgians Mark Bulge Anniversary
Dec 13 - AP-Excite

Protesters of police killings to march on DC
Dec 13 - AP-Excite

Former NFLPA Head Troy Vincent Blasts Union for Ignoring Domestic Abuse Victims
Dec 13 - Bleacher Report

Weekly Address: Giving Thanks for Our Troops
Dec 13 - White House

Two American Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Attack: Official
Dec 13 - NBC News

Senate confirms ambassadorships
Dec 13 - The Hill

Ex-Guantanamo prisoners stroll streets of Uruguay
Dec 13 - Associated Press

Feds: NY lawyer told of Ponzi ruse in suicide note
Dec 13 - Associated Press

Senate breaks without vote on $1.1 trillion spending bill
Dec 13 - CBS

Con-Way drivers in Miami vote to join Teamsters Union
Dec 13 - PRNewswire

Maureen Dowd Denies Sending Amy Pascal's Hubby Column In Advance
Dec 12 - TheWrap

Ohio Legislature goes down to the wire on measure to reform redistricting
Dec 12 - Aurora Advocate

Indonesia landslide kills 8 people; 100 missing
Dec 12 - AP-Excite

Canadian women get better, shorter treatment for breast cancer than American women
Dec 12 - thestar.com

Congress Falls Short On Bid To Update Freedom Of Information Law Despite Bipartisan Support
Dec 12 - Associated Press

In Talks With Netanyahu, Europeans, Kerry Seeks To Avert UN Crisis Over Israel-Palestinians
Dec 12 - Associated Press

NLRB Issues Final Rule to Modernize Representation-Case Procedures
Dec 12 - NLRB

Google says NYET! to Putin, pulls techies out of Russia – report
Dec 12 - The Register UK

Inventor of Internet Tells Putin Web Is ‘Not a CIA Creation’
Dec 12 - Reuters

Life Insurers Use State Laws to Avoid as Much as $100 Billion in U.S. Taxes
Dec 12 - NY Times

Tornado Rips Rooftops, Downs Trees in South LA (Los Angeles!)
Dec 12 - ABC

Richmond cops slam chief for holding 'Black lives matter' sign
Dec 12 - San Francisco Chronicle

Poll: As Republicans take aim at Obama environment agenda, their base is not so sure
Dec 12 - AP-Seymoretrib

Report: 12 Navy sailors now implicated in sub shower scandal
Dec 12 - WTKR-TV

Wealth gap widens between whites and minorities
Dec 12 - AP-Excite

BREAKING NEWS-- Officer shoots and kills juvenile suspect in knife attack in Poplar Bluff MO.
Dec 12 - WSIL-TV

Major storm sweeps through Southern California
Dec 12 - AP-Excite

After U.S. torture report, Poland asks what its leaders knew
Dec 12 - Yahoo News

Ukraine cheers US vote for military aid, Russia outraged
Dec 12 - Yahoo News

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's suspension appeal denied by arbitrator
Dec 12 - Yahoo News

Attorney General Won't Force New York Times Reporter to Reveal Source
Dec 12 - NBC News

Guatemala police arrest US woman
Dec 12 - Associated Press

Dow Caps Off Brutal Week With 315-Point Drop (Oil Finishes at $57.81)
Dec 12 - USA Today

Taj Mahal gives union deadline to strike a deal, save casino
Dec 12 - NJ.com

Texas court rules prisons must disclose source of execution drugs
Dec 12 - Reuters

Rose Cochran, wife of Mississippi Senator, dies
Dec 12 - MSNBC

3 shot at Rosemary Anderson HS in Portland
Dec 12 - KOIN-TV

Tea Partiers Protest At White House: 'Hang The Lying Kenyan Traitor'
Dec 12 - TPM

Scalia: Nothing In The Constitution Prohibits Torture

Life Sentences for Young Murderers Revisited by U.S. High Court
Dec 12 - Bloomberg

ISIS: Enslaving, having sex with 'unbelieving' women, girls is OK
Dec 12 - CNN

Pope declines Dalai Lama meeting in Rome
Dec 12 - BBC

Gruber subpoenaed over ObamaCare contracts
Dec 12 - The Hill

Wall Street’s Win on Swaps Rule Shows Washington Resurgence
Dec 12 - Bloomberg

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Index Jumps To Nearly Eight-Year High In December
Dec 12 - RTT News

Obama criticizes NFL's handling of Rice case
Dec 12 - Chicago Tribune

Cleveland medical examiners rule death of Tamir Rice a homicide
Dec 12 - The Guardian

FBI to investigate death of North Carolina teen found hanging from swing set
Dec 12 - The Guardian

Sony Leak Reveals Maureen Dowd Gave Her Subject a Preview of Column Before Publishing
Dec 12 - Mediaite

German union calls new strike at Amazon warehouses
Dec 12 - Reuters

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