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Brazil court tells US swimmers Lochte, Feigen to stay put
Aug 17 - AP

Trump Campaign Will Air First General Election Ads This Week
Aug 17 - Talking Points Memo

John Timoney, former chief in Miami and Philly, loses battle with lung cancer
Aug 17 - Miami Herald

Latina Former Bush Treasurer Endorses Clinton, Blasts Trump
Aug 17 - BuzzFeed

AP Sources: Manafort tied to undisclosed foreign lobbying
Aug 17 - Associated Press

Labour leadership debate: Owen Smith suggests IS talks
Aug 17 - BBC

North Korea's deputy ambassador defects in London: reports
Aug 17 - Reuters

Trump campaign undergoes major overhaul
Aug 17 - CNN

Corey Lequieu becomes first Oregon standoff defendant sent to prison in conspiracy case
Aug 17 - The Oregonian

Trump accuses Clinton of 'bigotry,' says she opposes police
Aug 17 - MSN/Associated Press

AP breaking California wildfire spreads at staggering pace; 82,000 ordered to evacuate
Aug 16 - BillingsGazette

Congress receives FBI notes from Clinton interview
Aug 16 - AP

Trump Casinos’ Tax Debt Was $30 Million. Then Chris Christie Took Office.
Aug 16 - MSN/NY Times

Appellate Court: No coercion in union bid by circuit clerk workers
Aug 16 - Chicago Tribune

Court says feds can’t prosecute for medical pot use OKd by state
Aug 16 - sfgate.com

Walker blames Clinton for 'inflaming the situation' in Milwaukee
Aug 16 - The Hill

Donald Trump Drives A Stake Through The GOP's Heart: 'I Don't Want To Pivot'
Aug 16 - Talking Points Memo

Trump supporter fears 'civil war' if Clinton wins
Aug 16 - The Hill

Trump to Receive First Classified Briefing
Aug 16 - ABC News

Cuba releases new economic guidelines without major changes
Aug 16 - AP

U.S. Housing Starts Rise To Five-Month High In July
Aug 16 - Reuters

Exclusive: U.S. Seeks Latin American Help Amid Rise In Asian, African Migrants
Aug 16 - Reuters

Trump visits Milwaukee, to address unrest over police shooting
Aug 16 - Reuters

Suspect found biting man's face off at chaotic Florida murder scene
Aug 16 - CBS News

El Chapo's son may be among those kidnapped at Mexico resort
Aug 16 - Associated Press

40K Homes Damaged By Louisiana Floods; 10 Killed
Aug 16 - Bloomberg

Poland plans prison terms for using term 'Polish death camp'
Aug 16 - Associated Press

Donald Trump tells La Crosse Tribune: 'Temperament is one of my greatest assets'
Aug 16 - madison.com

Alberta weighs ban on spear hunting after man films 'humane' bear killing
Aug 16 - Guardian

Racial tensions flare in Saskatchewan after shooting of Indigenous man
Aug 16 - Guardian

Wisconsin attorney general asks US Supreme Court not to hear John Doe appeal
Aug 16 - madison.com

'Vote for Trump' Serbian ultra-nationalists chant as Biden visits
Aug 16 - Reuters

Mexican first lady's Florida home owned by potential government contractor
Aug 16 - Guardian

John McLaughlin, The McLaughlin Group Host Since 1982, Dead at 89
Aug 16 - TV Line

Former Reagan official swears off Trump, backs Clinton
Aug 16 - Politico

Trump adviser Al Baldasaro: Hillary Clinton should be shot for treason, not assassinated
Aug 16 - The Republican (newspaper)

Giuliani: I Didn't Forget 9/11, I Was Using ‘Abbreviated Language’
Aug 16 - TPM

Led by Adolf Apologist, Hitler Youth-Type Group Emerges: ‘Trump Youth’
Aug 16 - Forward

State Department to release all of Clinton’s deleted emails
Aug 16 - The Hill

U.S. prosecutors dealt setback in medical marijuana cases
Aug 16 - Reuters

Pennsylvania Attorney General Resigns, a Day After Perjury Conviction
Aug 16 - New York Times

Hacking group claims to offer cyber-weapons in online auction
Aug 16 - Reuters

The GOP’s Chances Of Holding The Senate Are Following Trump Downhill
Aug 16 - FiveThirtyEight

More than 120 Republicans tell RNC to cut off funds to Donald Trump
Aug 16 - CBS News

German minister mocks Trump for spreading lies about his country
Aug 16 - Reuters

White House sets new fuel-efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, vans and buses
Aug 16 - The Washington Post

Trump Catastrophe Gets Worse For GOP As Poll Hints Texas May Be In Play For Clinton
Aug 16 - politicususa

Trump Video Deposition From Restaurateur Lawsuit Could Go Public
Aug 16 - Talking Points Memo

GOP Elder Statesman, On A Trump Presidency: 'God Help Us'
Aug 16 - Talking Points Memo

Roger Ailes Is Advising Donald Trump Ahead of Presidential Debates
Aug 16 - New York Times

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