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Advocates demand New York lawmakers outlaw child marriage
Feb 15 - Associated Press

No non-citizens voted in voter fraud case cited by White House
Feb 14 - Guardian

Toshiba's Chairman Resigns as Its Nuclear Power Losses Mount
Feb 14 - New York Times

Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence
Feb 14 - New York Times

Mike Pence Told About Flynn Warning Two Weeks After Trump, White House
Feb 14 - NBC News

Trumps Sons to Host Opening of Branded Golf Course in Dubai
Feb 14 - Bloomberg

Paraguays Central Bank to count 30 tons of Venezuelan bills
Feb 14 - WBAY, ABC affiliate in Green Bay, WI

Friend who supplied rifles to San Bernardino terrorists agrees to plead guilty
Feb 14 - LA Times

Al Franken says Trump's Russia Mess is Bigger than Flynn
Feb 14 - Huff Post.. 06:34 pm ET

Key House Chairman Says He Won't Order Treasury To Release Trump's Taxes
Feb 14 - Talking Points Memo

Humana says it plans to pull out of Obamacare exchanges in 2018
Feb 14 - CNBC

Chaffetz asks White House about sensitive info at Mar-a-Lago, says door is open to Flynn invest ...
Feb 14 - Salt Lake Tribune

Canada court rules in favour Aboriginals taken from families
Feb 14 - Reuters

Exclusive: U.S. arrests Mexican immigrant in Seattle covered by Obama program
Feb 14 - Reuters

Police: Weapons cache found in home of man who threatened officers
Feb 14 - CBS MIAMI

Report: Pence Didn't Know About Flynn's Sanctions Talk Until Days After Trump
Feb 14 - Talking Points Memo

Dubai aims to have passenger-carrying drone taxi in service in July
Feb 14 - Associated Press

The Nationalist Right Is Coming for Reince Priebus
Feb 14 - The Atlantic

Janet Yellen debunks Trump's case for killing Dodd-Frank
Feb 14 - CNNMoney

Flynn Defends Russia Call: I Said 'We'll Review Everything'
Feb 14 - Talking Points Memo

Rand Paul Says It Wouldn't Be 'Useful' To Probe Flynn's Calls With Ambassador
Feb 14 - Talking Points Memo

White House posts wrong versions of Trump's orders on its website
Feb 14 - USA Today

Exclusive: Retail CEOs to meet Trump in bid to kill U.S. border tax
Feb 14 - Reuters

Attorney: Deputy lied about why he fatally shot unarmed man
Feb 14 - Associated Press

White House should probe Conway's Nordstrom comments: U.S. ethics office
Feb 14 - Reuters

Oklahoma lawmaker defends pregnant women are 'hosts' comment
Feb 14 - Associated Press

GOP bill would eliminate Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Feb 14 - The Hill

Russian jets in 'unsafe' encounters with destroyer: U.S. official
Feb 14 - Reuters

GOP senator: Flynn will likely be asked to testify
Feb 14 - The Hill

McConnell Says It's 'Highly Likely' Senate Intel Committee Will Probe Flynn
Feb 14 - Talking Points Memo

Top Dems fall for fake Flynn Twitter account
Feb 14 - The Hill

ICE head cancels meeting with Hispanic Dems
Feb 14 - The Hill

F.B.I. Interviewed Flynn in Trumps First Days in Office, Officials Say
Feb 14 - NY Times

Netanyahu threatens to polygraph cabinet ministers over leaks
Feb 14 - Newsweek

Trump signs repeal of transparency rule for oil companies
Feb 14 - the Hill

Ethics Agency: Chaffetz Has More Authority To Investigate Kellyanne Conway Than We Do
Feb 14 - Huffington Post

'Thats the definition of treason': Democratic lawmaker levels serious charge against Trump admin
Feb 14 - RawStory

Republican senators call for investigation into Flynn ties to Russia
Feb 14 - CNN

Spicer: Trump Did Not Instruct Flynn To Talk About Sanctions With Russia
Feb 14 - Talking Points Memo

Sen. Warner (and Sen. Kaine) Statement on Gen. Flynns Resignation
Feb 14 - ARLnow

Tillerson off to Europe on 1st trip amid disarray at home
Feb 14 - Associated Press

Republicans block Dem effort to get Trump's tax returns
Feb 14 - Associated Press

Ohio moves forward with strategy to combat Lake Eries algae
Feb 14 - Associated Press

WH Press Secretary: Flynn's Ouster Was 'Based On A Trust Issue'
Feb 14 - Talking Points Memo

Barack Obama Returns to Twitter to Wish Michelle a Happy Valentine's Day
Feb 14 - Mediaite

'Do You Hear the Silence?': Elijah Cummings Slams Republicans for Lack of Oversight of Trump and...
Feb 14 - Mediaite

Pedro Hernandez Found Guilty of Kidnapping and Killing Etan Patz in 1979
Feb 14 - New York Times

North Dakota lawmakers vote 'no' on protecting drivers who hit protesters
Feb 14 - Reuters

Key US Republican: Flynn situation adds momentum to Russia probe
Feb 14 - Reuters

Elizabeth Warren tells Congress to pull its head out of the sand and probe Trump's Russia ties
Feb 14 - RawStory

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