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Spicer Shuts Down Press Briefing Following Questions About His International Incident
Mar 20 - mediamatters.org

British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money
Mar 20 - The Guardian

Trump Now Says U.S. Military 'Should Never Ever Have Left' Iraq
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

China warns US over arms sales to Taiwan
Mar 20 - Agence France-Presse

Trump drops 220 spots on the Forbes Billionaires List
Mar 20 - cnn

Two Ohio coal-fired plants to close, deepening industry decline
Mar 20 - Reuters

Electronics banned from cabins on some Middle Eastern and African flights to U.S.
Mar 20 - CNN

Trump Jokes Are Paying Off for Late-Night Shows, With Soaring Ratings and Ad Revenue
Mar 20 - Ad Week

Trump Administration Removes LGBTQ Questions From Elderly Survey
Mar 20 - NBCNews.com

Comey Declines To Say If Trump Himself Was Under Investigation
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

GOP Rep. Wonders If NY Times' Sources Are Russians Posing As US Officials
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

White House Defends Wiretapping Claim Despite FBI Director Knockdown
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

Trump Live-Tweets His Favored Moments Of House Intel Hearing On Russia
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

Joe Biden is coming out of retirement to fight the GOP health bill
Mar 20 - Vox

David Rockefeller, Philanthropist and Head of Chase Manhattan, Dies at 101
Mar 20 - The New York Times

Comey Warns That Russia Will Try To Meddle In 2018, 2020 Elections
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

Adam Schiff masterfully connects the dots between Trump and Russia and its damning
Mar 20 - Raw Story

House Intel Chair Asks Comey: Would You Probe Potential Clinton-Russia Ties?
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

White House: 'No evidence' of Trump-Russia collusion
Mar 20 - The Hill

Mook: Trump aides 'should be prosecuted for treason' if they conspired with Russia
Mar 20 - The Hill

NSA Director Agrees It's 'Ridiculous' To Accuse British Of Helping Wiretap Trump
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

GOP Rep. Can't Recall Any Bill 'More Universally Detested' Than AHCA
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

Schumer: Trump's Wiretap Claims Are Bogus, 'No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts About It'
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

Leon Panetta: Trump 'Should Apologize' To Obama For Wiretapping Claim
Mar 20 - Talking Points Memo

FBI Director Comey: Justice Dept. has no information that supports Trump's tweets alleging he was...
Mar 20 - The Washington Post

House intelligence panel chairman says there was no wiretap on Trump Tower
Mar 20 - Reuters

FBI chief James Comey confirms Trump campaign's ties to Russia are under investigation
Mar 20 - RawStory

Supreme Court rejects U.S. senator's bid to escape corruption case
Mar 20 - Reuters

Stephen Hawking: I don't feel welcome in Trump's America
Mar 20 - Newsweek

New York attorney general hires top corruption watchdog to challenge Trump
Mar 20 - RawStory

Mike Pence to receive 'Working for Women' award from Kellyanne Conway's conservative women's group
Mar 20 - RawStory

Former Law Student: Gorsuch Told Class Women 'Manipulate' Maternal Leave
Mar 20 - NPR

Trump says Dems 'made up' Russian story
Mar 20 - AP

Theresa May to trigger article 50 on 29 March
Mar 20 - The Guardian

Julia, A Muppet With Autism, Joins The Cast Of 'Sesame Street'
Mar 20 - NPR

Trump Supporters Shut Down Music Store; Claim Harassment
Mar 20 - CBS Chicago

President Trump's approval rating sinks lower than Obama's (37%)
Mar 19 - Daily News

White House Admits Trump 'Insurance For Everybody' Guarantee Isn't Going To Happen
Mar 19 - MSN/Huffington Post

White House installs political aides at Cabinet agencies to be Trumps eyes and ears
Mar 19 - MSN/Washington Post

Uber president Jeff Jones is quitting, citing differences over beliefs and approach to leadership
Mar 19 - recode

GOP lawmakers wouldnt come to a town hall so voters brought literal empty suits
Mar 19 - MSN/Washington Post

Collins says Trump 'owes us' a wiretapping explanation
Mar 19 - Politico

Mulvaney: 'Only way to get truly universal care is to throw people in jail'
Mar 19 - The Hill

Beijing shuts last coal power plant in switch to natural gas
Mar 19 - Phys.org

Pressure builds on Trump to back off wiretap accusations
Mar 19 - Reuters

Trump Sued over the Real Amount of His Personal Debts
Mar 19 - LawNewz

Rep. Schiff: Circumstantial Evidence of Collusion Between Trump Campaign, Russia
Mar 19 - NBC News

Price Insists Trump Is Still Committed To 'Insurance For Everybody' Promise
Mar 19 - Talking Points Memo

'No one is safe': Ex-North Carolina police chief rips customs agents for detaining him because of...
Mar 19 - RawStory

White House tax reform may begin in late spring: Sean Spicer
Mar 19 - Reuters

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