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Latest Breaking News

Russian Military Says Its Bombing Sharply Cut IS Oil Incomes
Friday - Associated Press

Unemployment Rates Fall In Nearly Two-Thirds Of US States As Hiring Picks Up Nationwide
Friday - Associated Press

Russia tells Lebanon it will conduct navy exercise - agency
Friday - Reuters

Mali attack: 27 bodies found in hotel as officials say hostage situation over
Friday - The Guardian

Mali hotel attack: 'No more hostages' after special forces raid
Friday - BBC

Americans: Pay your taxes—or lose your passport
Friday - Wall Street Journal

GOP Rep. Bashes 'Xenophobic And Knee-Jerk' Rhetoric On Syrian Refugees
Friday - Talking Points Memo

Chinese police shoot dead 28 from 'terrorist group'
Friday - JapanToday

Bernie Sanders Reaches New High in Support: Poll
Friday - NBC News

Poll: Clinton leads Sanders by 25 points nationally
Friday - The Hill

EXCLUSIVE POLL: Trump, Clinton Remain Front-runners in Oklahoma
Friday - News 9

Clinton blasts Congress for not voting on gun bill
Friday - cnn

Paris attacks: Third body found in flat raided by police
Friday - BBC News

FBI: Ex-reservist, a child rape suspect, stole 16 Army guns
Friday - Associated Press

Saudi court sentences poet to death for renouncing Islam
Friday - Guardian UK

Black Lives Matter rally draws hundreds at UNL
Friday - Omaha World Herald

Mali hotel 'attacked by gunmen' in Bamako
Friday - BBC

NBC Begins Making Equal Time Offers After Donald Trump’s ‘SNL’ Gig
Friday - Variety.com NOVEMBER 19, 2015 | 05:28PM PT

After 30 Years in Prison, Jonathan Pollard to be Freed — but Not to Israel
Friday - New York Times

Chicago says it'll release shooting video per judge's order
Nov 19 - AP

Police used apparently illegal wiretaps to make hundreds of arrests
Nov 19 - USA Today

Cabela's hires 'defender' against activist investors as it reportedly considers selling itself
Nov 19 - Omaha World Herald

Sanders drops line attacking super PACs from speech after super PAC backs him
Nov 19 - Politico

Ex-CIA Director: Snowden Should Be 'Hanged' For Paris
Nov 19 - The Hill

Voters Say Hillary Clinton Won Last Saturday's Debate
Nov 19 - Huffington Post

Obama says can close Guantanamo jail while keeping Americans safe
Nov 19 - Yahoo

Several Paris attackers were on U.S. watchlists: officials
Nov 19 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Adult film star sues reality TV star Josh Duggar, alleges assault during sex
Nov 19 - AP

New superbug resistant to last-line of antibiotics: study
Nov 19 - Yahoo! News / AFP

District to pay $16.65 million to wrongly imprisoned man, attorneys say
Nov 19 - Washington Post

U.S. clears genetically modified salmon for human consumption
Nov 19 - Reuters

Virginia Mosque Meeting Gets Ugly: ‘Every One of You Are Terrorists!’
Nov 19 - Mediaite

Portraits of black faculty members defaced at Harvard Law
Nov 19 - AP

Major Hillary Clinton Donor Urges ‘More Scrutiny’ of Muslims
Nov 19 - New York Times

Dozens Under Watch in the US Out of Fear of Paris Copycat Attack
Nov 19 - ABC NEWS

Judge Orders Chicago Police Release Video Of Cop Shooting Black Teen 16 Times
Nov 19 - Talking Points Memo

Bernie Sanders Defends Democratic Socialism, Calling It Route to Economic Fairness
Nov 19 - NY Times

Costa Rica detains Syrian woman traveling on Greek passport
Nov 19 - Reuters

Intel warns that U.S. regulation could drive drone R&D overseas
Nov 19 - Reuters

EXCLUSIVE: FBI raids PhoenixMart HQ in Kierland with securities fraud investigation
Nov 19 - Phoenix Business Journal

Russian Strategic Bombers Deal New Strikes on IS
Nov 19 - New York Times

White Ex-Michigan Cop Found Guilty In Beating Of Black Motorist
Nov 19 - Reuters

American Teen Among Five Dead in Attacks in Israel and West Bank
Nov 19 - ABC NEWS

Latest: Rep. Ellison believes police pointed gun at his son
Nov 19 - San Francisco Chronicle

IS member sought by Sweden now under arrest
Nov 19 - News in English Norway

Ted Cruz Last Year: We Should Welcome Syrian Refugees, And We Can Do It Safely
Nov 19 - Huffington Post

Some attackers used refugee crisis to 'slip into' France: PM
Nov 19 - AFP

ALJ Orders Wingate Healthcare, Inc. to Recognize Union, Bargain with Employees
Nov 19 - NLRB

Ben Carson Compares Some Refugees To Rabid Dogs
Nov 19 - Huffington Post

House passes bill to bar Syrian refugees from U.S. without more vetting
Nov 19 - USA Today

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