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Latest Breaking News

Obama puts part of North Atlantic off limits to drilling, fishing
Sep 16 - Gregory Korte, USA TODAY

WikiLeaks to US: Assange will turn himself in if you pardon Manning
Sep 16 - CNN

Ford CEO says Trump's claims are 'absolutely not' true
Sep 16 - Yahoo News

Anti-Defamation League Blasts Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Out of Line’ Holocaust Joke
Sep 16 - TheWrap

July 9th 2015 CNN Donald Trump interview: I really don't know where Obama was born
Sep 16 - CNN

Trump Questioned Obama Birth Certificate In 2014, Despite Campaign Statement
Sep 16 - Buzzfeed

Trump Jr. interview cut off after charity questions
Sep 15 - Poltico

Hillary Clinton Returns to the Campaign Trail, Vowing New Approach
Sep 15 - NY Times

Donald Trump's lead widens in USC/L.A. Times tracking poll
Sep 15 - LA Times

Donald Trump revises his economic plan but leaves many questions unanswered
Sep 15 - LA Times

Ohio Gov. John Kasich to join President Barack Obama in bipartisan push to promote TPP deal
Sep 15 - Cleveland.com

Colombia accepts role in 1980s killings of leftist politicians
Sep 15 - Associated Press

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Respond to Leak of Personally Scathing Colin Powell Emails
Sep 15 - people.com

Trump defiant as poll numbers rise, won’t say Obama was born in United States
Sep 15 - Washington Post

Trump says he doesn't want Anderson Cooper to moderate debate
Sep 15 - The Hill

Pence says he's getting 'whiff of desperation' from Democrats
Sep 15 - CNN

Edward Snowden hits out at critical report into his activities
Sep 15 - BBC

Woman, teenager go missing in Kansas City area 9 years apart
Sep 15 - Associated Press

New Campaign Asks Obama to Pardon Edward Snowden
Sep 15 - Democracy Now!

Pipeline protesters say company's suit should be dismissed
Sep 15 - Associated Press

Execution dates set for 2 Alabama inmates
Sep 15 - Associated Press

Suit: Galveston officer broke Harris County woman's leg
Sep 15 - Houston Chronicle

Far-right group, asylum seekers fight in German town
Sep 15 - Associated Press

'Heartless' U.S. mortgage modification scheme leads to 16-year prison term
Sep 15 - Reuters

Carter urges faith leaders to combat 'resurgence of racism'
Sep 15 - Associated Press

Arizona's once-feared immigration law, SB 1070, loses most of its power in settlement
Sep 15 - Los Angeles Times

Penn Station shooting: NYPD officers gun down suspect after alleged meat cleaver attack
Sep 15 - The Independent

Trump targets “FDA Food Police,” calls for elimination of food-safety regulations in new tax plan
Sep 15 - Salon

British Embassy in Ankara to close on Friday for security reasons
Sep 15 - The Guardian

Virginia Supreme Court denies Republican effort to hold McAuliffe in contempt over felon voting
Sep 15 - Richmond Times-Dispatch

Samsung, safety regulators officially recall about 1 million Galaxy Note 7 phones
Sep 15 - CNBC

City to pull plug on sidewalk internet after porn complaints
Sep 15 - Crain's New York Business

Donald Trump Jr. makes 'gas chamber' reference in criticizing media
Sep 15 - CNN

House votes to block Obama from releasing any more Guantanamo detainees
Sep 15 - Chicago Tribune

No, the Federal Government Will Not Kill 45,000 Horses.
Sep 15 - nyt

Former Arizona Governor Rose Mofford dies
Sep 15 - ABC News

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway Once Called Americans ‘A Bunch of Pigs’
Sep 15 - Mediaite

Clinton Says She May Not Choose Garland for Supreme Court
Sep 15 - Bloomberg

Number of U.S. railroad workers testing positive for drug use skyrockets
Sep 15 - Washington Post

Ivanka Trump cuts off Cosmo interview after tough questioning
Sep 15 - CNN

China launches Tiangong-2 orbital module
Sep 15 - Nasaspaceflight

Heavy smoker John Boehner joins tobacco company's board
Sep 15 - CNN

McCaskill calls Trump and Oz 'snake oil salesmen'
Sep 15 - wash examiner

Trump son: America can't handle seeing Trump's 12,000-page tax return
Sep 15 - CNN

Trump Criticizes Flint Pastor But Misstates Key Facts About Their Encounter
Sep 15 - NPR

Trump: Flint Pastor Who Interrupted My Remarks On Clinton Was Playing ‘Games’
Sep 15 - Talking Points Memo

Retail Sales in U.S. Decline in August by More Than Forecast
Sep 15 - Bloomberg

Sandra Bland's family settles for $1.9M in wrongful death suit
Sep 15 - CNN

Obama To Designate First Marine National Monument In The Atlantic Ocean
Sep 15 - NPR

Accused Fla. mosque arsonist has multiple convictions, served time for theft
Sep 15 - Washington Post

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