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Latest Breaking News

Pentagon checking reports of explosion on U.S. base in Japan
Aug 23 - Reuters

Boaters mapping Pacific garbage arrive in San Francisco
Aug 23 - AP

Police fire tear gas at protesters in Beirut for second day
Aug 23 - AP

Walker on birthright citizenship: 3 positions, 7 days
Aug 23 - WISN (ABC affiliate)

British foreign secretary reopens embassy in Tehran
Aug 23 - AP

For Koch group, winning is rising as priority over purity

Ohio bill would ban abortion if Down Syndrome is reason
Aug 23 - New York Times

Protesters pour into Beirut demanding government resignation
Aug 23 - AP

Asia migrant crisis: New mass graves on Malaysia-Thai border
Aug 23 - BBC

Arrests for minor crimes spur resentment in some Baltimore neighborhoods
Aug 23 - Baltimore Sun

Typhoon leaves 15 dead, several missing in north Philippines
Aug 23 - AP

Britain, Iran to reopen embassies on Sunday
Aug 22 - Yahoo! News / AFP

Anti-abortion protesters rally at Planned Parenthood sites
Aug 22 - Yahoo! News / Reuters

Michigan Couple That Challenged Gay Marriage Ban Wed
Aug 22 - Associated Press

Bernie Sanders takes aim at 'greedy' Koch brothers
Aug 22 - AP

Netanyahu Pressed For Iran Attacks, But Was Denied: Ex-Defense Chief
Aug 22 - Reuters

VP Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren Hold Private Meeting, Sources Say
Aug 22 - ABC news

Cuban doctors fleeing Venezuela protest for US visas
Aug 22 - AP

Hillary Clinton Will Interrupt Vacation to Campaign in Midwest
Aug 22 - Washington Post

Raging Washington wildfires grow by 100 square miles
Aug 22 - AP

Iowa GOP chair: God raised Ted Cruz specifically to be our next president
Aug 22 - RawStory

Explosion rips through chemical plant in eastern China
Aug 22 - Austin American-Statesman

Report: Gunman Who Opened Fire On Train Might Have Ties To Islamic Radicals

Chris Christie, Ted Cruz take shots at Jimmy Carter
Aug 22 - Politico

New panda cub born at National Zoo
Aug 22 - WUSA9

Rand Paul sells Kentucky GOP on presidential caucus
Aug 22 - Washington Post

Deez Nuts endorses Sanders in Dem primary
Aug 22 - The Hill

Shoreham (UK) Air Show plane crash: 7 dead and 14 injured after Hawker Hunter smashes into four cars
Aug 22 - Telegraph

Biden travels to Washington for private political meeting
Aug 22 - CNN

Appeals judges blast Griesa (again)
Aug 22 - Buenos Aires Herald

Americans Recount Bloody Encounter With Gunman on Train to France
Aug 22 - New York Times

Scott Walkerís chief of staff quits amid plummeting poll numbers
Aug 22 - Wisconsin Gazette

EPA Knew of 'Blowout' Risk at Colorado Gold Mine on Animas River: Report
Aug 22 - NBC News

Jury awards Michael Jordan big win, $8.9M for name's use
Aug 22 - AP

Sanders gets raucous, but mostly white welcome in South Carolina as he works for black support
Aug 22 - US News-AP

Weekly Address: Itís Time for Congress To Pass a Responsible Budget
Aug 22 - White House

Ashley Madison Exclusive: Top Politicans, Hollywood/NFL Stars Calling Damage Limitation Experts
Aug 22 - The London Daily Mail 08:11 GMT, 22 August 2015

Culinary Union rally outside Trump hotel in Las Vegas
Aug 22 - Kansas.com

Barak: Steinitz, Ya'alon Thwarted Iran Strike in 2011
Aug 22 - Haaretz

North Korea to meet for talks with South Korea after high tensions
Aug 22 - cnn

Judge orders immigrant families released from detention
Aug 22 - AP

Venezuela state under martial law against smugglers
Aug 22 - Guardian

Donald Trump Widens Lead Over GOP Rivals (32-16-8 over Jeb/Carson)
Aug 22 - Reuters/Newsweek 8/21/15 AT 8:50 PM

White supremacist convicted in plot to kill Obama with 'death ray' device
Aug 22 - Reuters

(TUCSON) Bus strike longest in recent history, stranding thousands
Aug 21 - AP

MH17 crash: Western governments knew risks of Ukraine overflights: report
Aug 21 - The Sydney Morning Herald

UNESCO chief: IS systematically destroying heritage sites
Aug 21 - Yahoo! News / AP

Kosovo applies to join UNESCO, Serbia says it's not a state
Aug 21 - Yahoo! News / AP

Cowboys owner to host Christie fundraiser
Aug 21 - Philadelphia Inquirer

Malala Yousafzai celebrates string of A* grades at GCSE
Aug 21 - The Guardian

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