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Latest Breaking News

Judge orders Trump to pay nearly $300,000 in attorney’s fees in Doral painter’s lawsuit
Saturday - miamiherald.com

Walker appoints attorney as next justice on Wisconsin Supreme Court
Jul 22 - WBAY-TV. ABC affiliate in Green bay, WI

Va. high court invalidates McAuliffe’s order restoring felon voting rights
Jul 22 - WaPo

Governor Denies Parole for Former Manson Follower Leslie Van Houten
Jul 22 - NBC News

Obama signs into law opioid addiction bill to protect newborns
Jul 22 - Reuters

NLRB Confirms Legality of Union Support for Israel Boycott; Union Condemns Political Attacks on BDS
Jul 22 - UE Union

Hillary Clinton: We Don't Need Candidates Who 'Talk Trash About America'
Jul 22 - nbc

Trump Would Fund Super-PACs Aimed at Taking Down Cruz, Kasich
Jul 22 - Bloomberg

Critics: Trump speech signals shift to coded race language
Jul 22 - Associated Press

It's Kaine (Update)
Jul 22 - MSNBC

Va. Supreme Court Strikes Down McAuliffe's Order On Felon Voting Rights
Jul 22 - Richmond Times-Dispatch

Another politician says Hillary Clinton should be hanged
Jul 22 - cbs

Mexican journalist and Penguin sued in bid to ban sale of bombshell book
Jul 22 - Guardian

How an Argentinian man learned his 'father' may have killed his real parents
Jul 22 - Guardian

US border control will pay £360,000 to settle “illegal body cavity search” case
Jul 22 - Ars Technica UK

Poland votes that WWII massacre by Ukraine was ‘genocide’
Jul 22 - EurActiv

Trump campaign manager’s Ukrainian clients have Panama Papers connections
Jul 22 - Fusion

Top Colombia counter-narcotics official sentenced for drug trafficking
Jul 22 - Colombia Reports

Texas Rape Victim Was Jailed for Fear She Would Not Testify, Lawsuit Says
Jul 22 - New York Times

North Miami police commander suspended
Jul 22 - AP via Toledo Blade

Bill Nelson says Tim Kaine would be 'steady hand' as VP
Jul 22 - Tampa Bay Times

Al Sharpton to Alan Grayson: I didn't endorse you, so don't use me in your ad
Jul 22 - The Miami Herald

Discovering the 'final frontier' of our universe
Jul 22 - CNN

Nice officials reject request to delete truck attack surveillance footage
Jul 22 - Guardian

Turkey coup attempt: Detentions 'tip of the iceberg'
Jul 22 - BBC

Up to 20 dead as northern Mali fighting threatens peace deal
Jul 22 - Reuters

EU approves Monsanto, Bayer genetically modified soybeans
Jul 22 - Reuters

Obama denies any U.S. involvement in attempted Turkey coup
Jul 22 - Reuters

Exclusive: Top Obama aide to take call for South China Sea calm to Beijing
Jul 22 - Reuters

New York Daily News Celebrates Ailes Ouster With ‘Sleazy’ Provocative Cover
Jul 22 - Mediaite

F.C.C. Backs Swedish Company to Run American Phone Routing System
Jul 22 - NYT

Trump blasts Cruz, resurrects idea that senator's father was in on JFK killing
Jul 22 - Dallas Morning News

Obama: Trump's Claims About Rising Crime Rates Don't 'Jive With The Facts'
Jul 22 - Talking Points Memo

Munich shooting: Police say nine dead as manhunt continues
Jul 22 - BBC

Indiana woman found guilty of killing premature infant has feticide has conviction dismissed
Jul 22 - fox59.com

The AP fact-checked Donald Trump's speech – and there were some whoppers
Jul 22 - AP

Ex-KKK leader David Duke says he plans to run for US Senate
Jul 22 - USA Today

Trump accuses Cruz of 'dishonorable' changes to convention speech
Jul 22 - The Guardian

Warren on VP chances: ‘I think if it were me, I would know it by now’
Jul 22 - Boston Globe

Undocumented immigrants given roles at Democratic convention
Jul 22 - Reuters

Cleveland businesses say GOP convention failed to deliver financial boost
Jul 22 - Reuters

MH370: Search for missing plane to be suspended not shut down
Jul 22 - BBC

Adapting to change: LDS missionaries will be called 'volunteers' in Russia
Jul 22 - AP

Trump Delegate Booted From RNC Over Racist Facebook Post About Cops Killing N-Words
Jul 22 - Mediaite

Donald Trump Delivers Dark, Fear-Mongering RNC Speech
Jul 22 - Rolling Stone

Utah militia leader vows to 'strike back' in video
Jul 21 - Associated Press

2 former paramedics charged in 'selfie war' with patients
Jul 21 - Associated Press

AP Sources: Kaine emerges as favorite in Clinton's VP search
Jul 21 - AP

Tech CEO Peter Thiel encourages GOP to move past gay marriage fight
Jul 21 - UPI

'Republican source' leaks Trump speech to Dems (UPDATE)
Jul 21 - Politico

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