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Latest Breaking News

Daniel J. Berrigan, Defiant Priest Who Preached Pacifism, Dies at 94
1 hr ago - New York Times

Look Out Lucifer! Boehner Plans to Roast Enemies and Settle Scores at WH Correspondents' Dinner
1 hr ago - The London Daily Mail 13:15 EST, 30 April 2016 |

Officials of WV town say Clintons "not welcome" for campaign stop
3 hrs ago - WOWK-TV/Tri-State Update

Ringling elephants, a famed U.S. circus act, pack up trunks for retirement
3 hrs ago - Reuters

Survey suggests medical cannabis lowers opioid use in chronic pain patients
3 hrs ago - Grand Forks Herald

33 rescued lions arrive in South Africa in airlift
4 hrs ago - Associated Press

Activist priest and Vietnam war protester Daniel Berrigan dies at 94
4 hrs ago - Raw Story

400 Arrested As Left Wing Protesters Clash With Far-Right In Germany
4 hrs ago - Independent UK

Ted Cruz Responds to Caitlyn Jenner's Bathroom Break
5 hrs ago - NBC

Huntsman: Time for GOP to rally around Trump
6 hrs ago - The Hill

Kenya burns vast piles of elephant tusks as it seeks ban on trade
7 hrs ago - Reuters

Russian Censorship Group Seeks Chinese Help to Better Control Internet
8 hrs ago - VOA

Iran elections: Hardliners lose parliament to Rouhani allies
10 hrs ago - BBC

Migrant crisis: Scores missing after boat sinks off Libya
10 hrs ago - BBC

Hindu tailor hacked to death in Bangladesh: police
12 hrs ago - AFP

Thousands of protesters storm Baghdad 'Green Zone', parliament
13 hrs ago - AFP

‘It’s sickening’: Mother arrested after deputies find toddlers tied up in back yard
13 hrs ago - Washington Post

Anti-union disclosures defended
13 hrs ago - Arkansasonline

Weekly Address: It’s Time for the Senate To Do Its Job
16 hrs ago - White House

Louisiana prisoner freed after 41 years of unconstitutional life sentence
Yesterday - Associated Press

The Obamas Trade Escalating Twitter Threats With Prince Harry And Queen Elizabeth II
Yesterday - Huffington Post

Parts of India ban daytime cooking as hundreds die of heat
Yesterday - Associated Press

First Zika death on US soil reported in Puerto Rico
Yesterday - The Telegraph

U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015: memo
Yesterday - Reuters

Texas court blocks Houston from using tougher clean-air laws
Yesterday - Associated Press

Jailed Montana resort founder invokes right to silence
Yesterday - Associated Press

Will Ferrell Pulls Out of Controversial Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's Movie
Yesterday - NBC News

Microsoft Will Not Donate Money to Republicans’ Convention
Yesterday - New York Times

Donald Trump Accused of Rape and "Depraved Sex Acts" in Civil Lawsuit
Yesterday - The Palm Beach New Times APRIL 29, 2016 12:59

New Discovery Means More U.S. States Will Face A Risk From Zika
Yesterday - Washington Post

Colorado's Jon Keyser makes state GOP US Senate primary
Yesterday - AP

Russians 'Barrel Roll' Over Another U.S. Air Force Plane
Yesterday - CNN

Judge slams gay sex stings by Long Beach police, calling them discriminatory
Yesterday - L. A. Times

'Monstrous' Violence In Syria As Government Excludes Aleppo From Truce
Yesterday - Reuters

Republicans beginning to make peace with Trump as nominee
Yesterday - Wash. Post

Pentagon: 2015 Strike On Afghan Hospital ‘Not A War Crime’
Yesterday - Reuters

Navy Commander Sentenced to 78 Months in Bribery Scandal
Yesterday - Associated Press

Lawmakers uphold LePage veto of solar bill
Yesterday - Kennebec Journal

El Salvador: UN expert calls on Government to protect victims of contemporary slavery
Yesterday - United Nations News Center

Colombia’s post-AUC paramilitaries left more than 320,000 victims to date
Yesterday - Colombia Reports

Fox News Pundit Pleads Guilty To Faking CIA Ties
Yesterday - Huffington Post

Fine Gael to form government after Fianna Fáil deal
Yesterday - Irish Times

Protesters Force Donald Trump to Abandon Motorcade, Walk to Hotel
Yesterday - Mediaite

Protesters break through police line at CA State GOP Convention
Yesterday - Television News (MSNBC) no print link yet.

Biden and Pope Francis team up against cancer
Yesterday - CBS-AP

Supreme Court rules on political speech and the First Amendment
Yesterday - yahoo

Obama Puts His Weight Behind Smart Gun Technology
Yesterday - NY Times

Up in smoke: Kenya to torch millions of dollars worth of ivory
Yesterday - cnn

Third missile test by Pyongyang in two weeks fails
Yesterday - Korea Joongan Daily

U.S. top court declines to block Texas voter ID law
Yesterday - Reuters

General Discussion: Primaries
It's the Duty of Every Sanders Supporter to Vote for Hillary
By salinsky - 12 hrs ago - 223 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
"Jill Stein: The Democratic Party 'fakes left,' marches right"
By Vote2016 - 13 hrs ago - 163 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
So what's Hillary's plan to get around congressional obstructionism?
By hellofromreddit - 14 hrs ago - 144 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Clinton's offensive "off the reservation" language
By Mike__M - 10 hrs ago - 139 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
If Hillary is such a strong candidate for the General Election...
By berni_mccoy - 7 hrs ago - 128 replies

General Discussion
We are 233,330 users strong...I BEG you all. Please sign this petition to the WH
By Laura PourMeADrink - 23 hrs ago - 115 replies

Video & Multimedia
Sanders Warns: Republicans Will Go After Hillary on Clinton Foundation, Server Scandal
By berniesandero - 8 hrs ago - 102 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Stop acting like progressives would bear the blame for a Clinton loss.
By vintx - 13 hrs ago - 101 replies

Gun Control & RKBA
NC woman accused of pulling gun at restaurant over wrong chicken wings
By SecularMotion - 18 hrs ago - 99 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Jane Sanders to FBI: Get the lead out on its Clinton e-mail investigation
By imagine2015 - 11 hrs ago - 97 replies

General Discussion
7 years!
By MrScorpio - 11 hrs ago - 96 replies

General Discussion
Coverage of the WH Correspondents' Dinner
By malaise - 6 hrs ago - 93 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Sanders campaign calls Clinton's use of highly offensive language "disappointing."
By Karmadillo - 9 hrs ago - 93 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
DNC was correct in their response, Sanders drops lawsuit.
By NCTraveler - 15 hrs ago - 93 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
"We want something different!" ... Hillary.
By Aerows - 22 hrs ago - 92 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Food for thought: At what point do you become an enabler propping up a corrupt system?
By Skwmom - 11 hrs ago - 74 replies

General Discussion
The Obamas are the finest family to inhabit the White House in my entire life
By Fresh_Start - 13 hrs ago - 71 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Hillary fans, what day is this going to be "over"? I hear it daily yet it is still going on....
By Logical - 22 hrs ago - 71 replies

Bernie Sanders
FYI. An interesting post by Skinner in ATA
By Autumn - 9 hrs ago - 67 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
After arguing about the angels on the head of Hillary's pin, Sanders supporters need incentive
By bigtree - 13 hrs ago - 65 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Isn't Hillary at the Correspondents Dinner?
By Rosa Luxemburg - 3 hrs ago - 63 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Is this the press release that warrants an apology from the Clinton Campaign?
By ViseGrip - 13 hrs ago - 61 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Clinton Camp says She's Been Forced to the Left Enough Already
By eridani - 16 hrs ago - 60 replies

General Discussion
Waffle House seems to be a hive of social activity in the South...
By Human101948 - 15 hrs ago - 59 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Susan Sarandon: Trump Might Be Better For America Than Hillary Clinton
By justiceischeap - 4 hrs ago - 58 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Bernie's Revolution Has No Future
By workinclasszero - 6 hrs ago - 58 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
In some ways Hillary Clinton is a lot closer to being a Republican
By Cheese Sandwich - 13 hrs ago - 58 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Why Clinton Will Not Secure the Nomination, According to Math
By kgnu_fan - 5 hrs ago - 57 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
If you could REMAKE the election system FROM SCRATCH what would you create?
By Baobab - 7 hrs ago - 56 replies

Video & Multimedia
Ralph Nader On The Rise of Bernie
By thomhartmann - 9 hrs ago - 56 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Robert Reich just nailed every Clinton partisan who ever called Bernie Sanders clueless
By Triana - 9 hrs ago - 56 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Honest Question re E-mails and Private Server
By highprincipleswork - 19 hrs ago - 52 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Bernie Sanders Supporter SLAYS Pro-Hillary Pundit on CNN
By Bernie93 - 6 hrs ago - 51 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Explaining to your child why you let Trump become president.
By YouDig - 15 hrs ago - 47 replies

Latest Breaking News
Officials of WV town say Clintons "not welcome" for campaign stop
By Adenoid_Hynkel - 3 hrs ago - 46 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
33% of Bernie supporters won't vote for Hillary
By TheDormouse - 6 hrs ago - 46 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Why Dem Primary Anomalies Must Be Thoroughly Investigated Before Choosing a Nominee
By Time for change - 10 hrs ago - 46 replies

Video & Multimedia
Did Bill Clinton Really Help the Economy in the 90s?
By RATM435 - 12 hrs ago - 46 replies

Hillary Clinton
File this under: How stupid do they think we are?
By Cha - 23 hrs ago - 46 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
You're NOT Helping: Bill Clinton Calls FBI Criminal Investigation Of Hillary " A Game"...
By AzDar - 2 hrs ago - 45 replies

General Discussion
It's very, very unlikely humanity is unique across the sweep of cosmic space and time...
By Photographer - 20 hrs ago - 44 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
California Secretary of State is Huge Hillary Fan
By amborin - 4 hrs ago - 42 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Smart Gun Technology & How Sanders' Gun Votes Have Prevented Progress
By KittyWampus - 5 hrs ago - 42 replies

Video & Multimedia
Mike Malloy - If It Comes Down To Clinton And Trump...I´m Not Voting
By hschulein - 5 hrs ago - 39 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
How much would you pay for a dinner with HRC?
By Baobab - 2 hrs ago - 38 replies

General Discussion
I have a painful tooth that must come out (plea for help)
By TorchTheWitch - 4 hrs ago - 38 replies

Hillary Clinton
Joy Reid's show...
By Satch59 - 11 hrs ago - 38 replies

General Discussion
Welcome to California, Mr. Trump.
By kpete - 15 hrs ago - 38 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Voter SUPPRESSION Screwed Bernie Sanders and Will Screw Dems in November if Left Unchecked
By Segami - 22 hrs ago - 38 replies

General Discussion
iSad: Nobody wants to buy tablets anymore
By marmar - 13 hrs ago - 37 replies

Video & Multimedia
Outside the Auditorium before Bernie Sanders' Bloomington Appearance
By Donkees - 12 hrs ago - 36 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Waiting for Perot
By reddread - 11 hrs ago - 35 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
It's swing voters who will decide the General election
By sufrommich - 15 hrs ago - 35 replies

General Discussion
The government will get a $150 to $250 million payday from Prince's estate
By Miles Archer - 10 hrs ago - 34 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
If Democrats vote for Democrats down ballot, who cares about their presidential vote in 45 states?
By Attorney in Texas - 12 hrs ago - 34 replies

Latest Breaking News
Activist priest and Vietnam war protester Daniel Berrigan dies at 94
By IDemo - 4 hrs ago - 33 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
For the record, I said this was "over" a long time ago
By UMTerp01 - 13 hrs ago - 33 replies

General Discussion
The media's gentle language regarding Dennis Hastert, who is a rapist.
By RadiationTherapy - 11 hrs ago - 32 replies

Hillary Clinton
WTF Is Up with Jane Sanders' Demands?
By fred v - 22 hrs ago - 32 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Bernie Sanders has every right to lay off staffers.
By MineralMan - 8 hrs ago - 29 replies

Hillary Clinton
I'd like to thank DU for their sudden touching concern for Native Americans
By leftofcool - 8 hrs ago - 29 replies

General Discussion
Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is a Serial Child-Rapist
By blm - 10 hrs ago - 28 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
White House Correspondent's Dinner...Bernie and Jane have Arrived...
By KoKo - 3 hrs ago - 26 replies

Bernie Sanders
A reply to http://www.democraticunderground.com/1280188568
By LiberalArkie - 8 hrs ago - 26 replies

Hillary Clinton
are the sanders frauds? Has this been investigated enough yet??
By beachbum bob - 15 hrs ago - 26 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
By H2O Man - 8 hrs ago - 24 replies

Hillary Clinton
Bombshell Poll: Nearly 20% Of Republicans Will Vote For Hillary Clinton If Trump Wins
By workinclasszero - 9 hrs ago - 24 replies

General Discussion
Lol tRump may be vetting Newt Gingrich for his VP!
By MoonRiver - 12 hrs ago - 24 replies

Bernie Sanders
They have to get that they're coming across as insufferable.
By mac56 - 23 hrs ago - 24 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
'Fuck the White House Correspondents Dinner'
By bigtree - 2 hrs ago - 23 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Democratic delegate count as of this afternoon:
By George II - 5 hrs ago - 23 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Sanders camp is guilty of accessing Clinton data. So what if the man was fired--he still
By riversedge - 5 hrs ago - 23 replies

General Discussion
Lunchroom Lunacy: Cops Investigate $2 Bill Spent on School Lunch
By villager - 6 hrs ago - 23 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
On the question of paid DU posters during the Democratic Primaries:
By MineralMan - 7 hrs ago - 23 replies

Hillary Clinton
Jane Sander's response about taxes! Must see! (HRC GROUP)
By Her Sister - 9 hrs ago - 22 replies

Hillary Clinton
Other then for sport, there is no real reason to go ino GDP anymore
By Kaleva - 10 hrs ago - 22 replies

General Discussion: Primaries
Donald Trump can actually beat Hillary in November: Stubborn pundits still refuse to accept it
By marmar - 11 hrs ago - 22 replies

Video & Multimedia
Monterrey, Mexico: An inside look where Carrier Jobs are going
By Donkees - 15 hrs ago - 22 replies

Latest Breaking News
Weekly Address: It’s Time for the Senate To Do Its Job
By cal04 - 16 hrs ago - 22 replies

Hillary Clinton
Funniest no-bernie video I've seen (Hillary Group)
By JSup - 21 hrs ago - 22 replies

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