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Former Dutch Official: Deport All Israeli Jews for World Peace.

A Dutch former cabinet minister reportedly said that world peace would be achievable if Israel’s population was forced to move to the United States.

The statement was attributed to Herman Heinsbroek, who served as the Netherlands’ minister of economic affairs in 2002, in an article that appeared Thursday in the online edition of the prestigious financial monthly Quote, based on an interview with Heinsbroek.

“It was a historical error to give the Jews their own country in the middle of Islam,” he is quoted as saying. “You’ve had nothing but war ever since and you’ve had anti-Semitism resurging, too. My idea: Give the Jews their own state somewhere in the United States and 25 years to move their state over there.”

Heinsbroek is also quoted as saying that, if implemented, his solution “will finally create, perhaps, peace in the world.”

Heinsbroek, 64, served as a diplomat in the Dutch Foreign Ministry and was posted in Istanbul, according to the Volksrant daily.


Religious Groups Place $1.6 Million Bounty on Hebdo Staff

Religious parties Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) announced a bounty of Rs100 million on the people who made and published the caricatures.

Hundreds of activists led by JI’s Abdul Mastan, JUI-F’s Amir Hidayatul Haq and ASWJ leaders protested against the cartoons on Friday in Shabqadar and adopted a declaration urging people to boycott French products.

Addressing the protest, Mastan demanded that the federal government expel the French ambassador from Pakistan, while JUI-F’s Maulana Wakeel Ahmad said Pakistan should call a session of the United Nations and rally for a ban on publications insulting religion and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

A similar demonstration was also held in Tangi tehsil at Farooque Azam Square where JUI-F MNA Maulana Gohar Shah, JUI-F Charsadda Amir Hashim Khan, JI Charsadda Amir Misbahullah along with other leaders demanded action against the controversial cartoonists and urged the Islamic world to unite against such freedom of speech.


Judaism Basher Calls for Ban on Defamation of Religion.

A leading Islamic organisation has called on the United Nations to make "contempt of religions" illegal and urged the West to protect Muslim communities following the attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars, headed by influential preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, appealed to Muslims to continue peaceful protests against images of the Prophet Mohammed but "not to resort to any violence".

The latest cartoon of the prophet in Charlie Hebdo has angered many Muslims and triggered protests in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

In a statement released Tuesday, the union said there should be protection for "prophets" and urged Islamic countries to submit a draft law to the UN calling for defamation of religions to be outlawed.

In 2004, Qaradawi said:

Judaism is the No. 1 propagator of violence. As I said in the last program, the Torah itself states that when you enter a certain country, you must offer peace, and if they agree, all their residents are your slaves. In other countries, you should not offer peace or conversion. You must destroy them all, do not leave a living soul. In the first country you must slay all males and leave only the women, but in the second country, you must not leave… you must uproot them. This is in Judaism, in the Torah.


My Sweden: Sweden’s 38 000 mutilated girls

The Swedish welfare agency Socialstyrelsen estimates that some 38 000 girls have already been subjected to severe mutilation of their private parts, with another 19 000 being “in danger” of the procedure.

The procedure is the removal of parts of the female anatomy, so that no pleasure can be derived from sex as an adult. The procedure is usually done with a razorblade or simple knife without anasthesia. More info on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, can be found on WHO and Wikipedia.

This barbaric practice is common in Africa and has followed the tide of immigration to Sweden. FGM is of course illegal, but since Sweden has a knee-jerk response to drop anything questioning the religious customs of any immigrant, virtually no enforcement or tracking is in place to protect the girls. The report linked above is an estimate, since noone has the guts to actually address the issue. When local health workers try to sound the alarm about the rise in FGM, the decision-makers wring their hands and start mumbling about “personal integrity” to avoid the risk of being portrayed as “racist” in the media.


Call for Muslim army in Australia

They were told Australia's democratic government has to go in favour of an Islamic Caliphate ruled by Sharia Law.

"Now they say are brave, they have their freedoms… yeah because you have no state, no authority, you have no representation, they can be brave! But be brave when we have authority! Come forward when we have a representation with an army! Ready to defend the honour of Allah and his Messenger. They will not. They will not. And that's what we have to understand,” Merhi told the crowd.

Freedom of speech was top of the agenda as firebrand preacher Bilal Merhi said Australians use freedom of speech to mock Islam.

"We will continue to stand up and oppose your freedom to insult our Messenger! Takbir! Allahu Akbar! Takbir! Allahu Akbar!”


Israel Charges 7 Israeli Arabs For Links To Islamic State Group

Source: IBT--3 hours ago

Israel charged seven Israeli Arabs with having ties to the Islamic State terrorist group, Reuters reported Sunday, citing state security officials in the country. The men constituted the first Islamic State cell detected in Israel, according to the state’s Shin Bet security agency.

The seven men were arrested in November and December and indicted Sunday in Haifa. Their charges include membership in an illegal organization, aiding terrorism and making efforts to contact a foreign agent – the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, which has been waging a jihadist campaign throughout Iraq and Syria.

One of the seven men indicted on Sunday, 39-year-old Adnan Jamil Ala a-Din, had declared himself the “Islamic State chief of staff in Palestine,” according to local reports. Two others were brothers, and another was their cousin, according to court documents released Sunday. The men reportedly slaughtered animals at a farm in Galilee, in northern Israel, as preparation for killing “infidels” in Syria, Shin Bet said in a statement.

Officials said the suspects held several clandestine meetings with a sheikh connected to the Salafist jihadist movement. “The meetings with the sheikh, which focused on religious studies, featured preaching and persuasion to believe in the jihadist path,” the Shin Bet statement said, according to Haaretz.

Read more: http://www.ibtimes.com/israel-charges-seven-israeli-arabs-links-islamic-state-group-1787078

WARNING: ISIS 'throw two men to their deaths from tower block for being gay'

Horrific pictures have been released of ISIS militants apparently throwing two men to his death for being gay.

The graphic images are among a number that have been released by the regime that has cut a swathe of terror across Syria and Iraq.

Others show two men being crucified in front of a baying crowd and a woman who was stoned to death.

A crowd gathered at the bottom of a tower block to witness the death of the two men accused of "engaging in homosexual activities" - a crime according to ISIS' strict interpretation of Sharia law.

The other pictures show two blindfolded men accused of banditry tied to crosses in front of a jeering mob.


This is the most tolerable picture on the link.

Don't Insult Faith? Protesters Burn 7 Churches in 4 Days.

The number of churches burned down in Niger as part of violent protests over the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has risen to at least seven. On Friday, four people were killed in Zinder, the country's second largest city. The clashes, which took place the day after Zinder's 'black Friday', began late Saturday morning, when some thousand young people met by the city's mosque, despite a government ban. The crowd chanted slogans against France and Charlie Hebdo. The building was surrounded by dozens of policemen wearing anti-riot gear including helmets and shields. They tried to break up the crowd using tear gas. Several protesters threw rocks at security forces. They set fire to two police vehicles and the burning tires were thrown at a police station.

The violence then spread to other parts of the city, including a neighbourhood near the Catholic church. Several agencies belonging to French horse racing betting company Pari Mutuel Urbain and French mobile phone company Orange were pillaged, and metal sheets from the damaged kiosks were used to build barricades. Niamey's French embassy urged citizens to stay home, while United Nations staff were advised to steer clear of any gatherings.


In case anyone hasn't seen Pew Reasearch poll


What's most interesting is in a "moderate" country like Egypt,

74 percent of Egyptians support making Sharia the law of the land
70 percent favor corporal punishment for crimes such as theft(subset of those who favor making sharia the law)
81 percent favor stoning for adultery
86 percent support the death penalty for converts from Islam

I'm speechless.

'Hang the cartoonists!' Pakistani Muslims demand death sentence for Charlie Hebdo staff

'Hang the cartoonists!' Pakistani Muslims demand death sentence for Charlie Hebdo staff for committing 'worst act of terrorism' by drawing the Prophet Mohammed

•Religious group rallies in Lahore with banners: 'Down with Charlie Hebdo'
•Pakistani lawmakers pass resolution condemning image of the prophet
•Turkish PM denounces the cartoon as an 'open provocation' to Muslims
•Prosecutors probe Turkish paper that published extracts of Charlie Hebdo
•Muslims call front cover image of Prophet renewed insult to their religion

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