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raven mad

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Interior Alaska
Member since: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 12:29 AM
Number of posts: 783

Journal Archives

Just checking in from Fairbanks - had a mild shaker a bit ago.

Guesstimates are 5.3 to 5.6 - I'd like to know all my Fairbanks area buddies are ok! We are, the cats are angry (of course) and the neighbor's almost-there shed just fell down........... sigh..... Pretty sure it was local, short and sharp with a lot of pre-and-post ringing.

Let us know if you're in trouble because of the quake; we'll try to help!

Mark David Chapman will remain in prison.


I don't know where else to post this, but it is so apt to us all, still.

Barry Maguire, 1967.

Disclaimer, I did not take this or photoshop this photo. It's just fun.

Welcome to Interior Alaska.


Sorry. MMM... I still think the war machine/war pigs are basically out for one goal - and, yeah it's the almighty buck.

Fur Rondy!!

Hi Anchorage - enjoy since I can't be there!!

It's been a horrible week. But the Northern Lights are out here, BIG TIME.


The above is Susan Stevenson's work Susan Stevenson Photography). Go there for the stuff we're seeing NOW, tonight! Here's a get-started for DU'ers:

A friend of mine is awesome photographing these wonders. What's even better is seeing them, hearing them, and yes, feeling them.

After a very fraught combat shopping experience at the grocery store, we were on our way home and decided to decompress by taking the long way. That got us away from the "downtown" lights. These babies, above, were visible from suburban (?) areas, and when we got to our long, dark road............. wow. We stopped; to hell with the groceries.

He's been here since 1952, me only since 1968. The lights? Forever, and they evoke the same reaction every single time.

Susan (the photographer) sells her stuff, too - and she's the best I've encountered for this type of photography.


Someone got me a heart?

Wow. I am humbled (I cried, too, but I'm old, and allowed). Whoever you are, you made this old gal's Valentine's week one to remember. My thanks and........wow, can I send you some aurora or snow (fresh) or warmer weather or a cat? No, cats stay home. Yes, I'm rambling, that's how I deal with gratitude!

Super Bowl Super Partaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!

Seattle is the closest that Alaska has to pro-sports teams (that doesn't mean that lots of other NFL teams aren't worshipped here - the roadhouses can get quite rowdy). Denver is my son's team-of-heart. I'm a college-ball nut, so am not extremely sided either way. But the above convinced me that son-of-mine and I will Super Bowl Party via Skype and may the most awesome team win!

If you had your 'druthers, who'd win the Stoner Bowl?

I'm really sad that I did not have the pleasure of his company.

I've been reading MFM's journal all afternoon/evening. Laughing, mostly, and thinking, and feeling sorry for myself that I missed out on his interactions here.

This one really choked me up; I remember so many little girls in my life with joy!
From Sept. 20th, 2013:

Over the rainbow, MFM, but still with us.
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