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Member since: Sat Nov 30, 2013, 04:06 AM
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McDonald's Japan "Taste of Halloween" black cheeseburger

The buns are made with black sesame seeds, the lower bun's smeared with black squid ink sauce, there are two patties topped with cheddar cheese, deep-fried onion shreds and an orange chipotle sauce that doesn't belong there and tastes weird. Also on offer is a "ghost burger" of fried chicken with camembert sauce on a white bun, but my husband brought home the black cheeseburger.

Double, double, two beef patties
Corpse of cow, gristly and fatty
Black ink sauce from salt-sea squid
Darkened buns of sesame seed
Onion bits like crisp brown leaves
Falling from the autumn trees
Golden cheddar harvest moon
Chipotle sauce, out of tune
Double, double, cheeseburger black
Halloween taste, Donald's of Mc

Poe's "The Raven" read by Garrison Keillor

Autumnal nostalgia made me buy Reese's Peanut Butter Cups the other day. They were one of the most prized of Halloween treats and held great trading powers with your siblings if you preferred less popular sweets. Its old-fashioned orange and brown package, reminiscent of unfortunate high school colors, hasn't changed. I don't even remember the last time I ate a Peanut Butter Cup. Possibly not since trick-or-treating. I took a bite. Surely this can't be the same as I remember. I couldn't really taste either peanut butter or chocolate, just salt and intense sugar. Ah, I shouldn't expect anything to be the same, it isn't and it won't be ever again. Quoth the Reese's, "Nevermore."

Hiroshima city on August 6, 1945, 8:15 on a hot sunny morning

August 6, 2014, 8:15 on a humid rainy morning. Anniversary. No nuclear weapons, peace, everybody says in their speeches, while around the world human folly marches on.

1932 anti-war ballet "The Green Table"

German choreographer Kurt Jooss won first prize at the 1932 International Competition of Choreography in Paris for "The Green Table, A Danse Macabre in Eight Scenes."

"The Green Table" was the first ballet Robert Joffrey had seen when he was eleven, in Seattle. I was about the same age when I saw it for the first time either in Seattle or Tacoma in the early seventies when the Joffrey Ballet came to town. Maximiliano Zomosa danced Death. He hadn't had a dance class or seen a ballet until his father took him to a Chilean National Ballet performance in Santiago, and it changed his life: "I was shocked by the whole work, and especially the role -- I decided I just had to dance Death."

It's a deeply impressive work no matter how old you are, but when you're young and innocent and adults don't explain war to you, it's a shock to see it all there on stage. The ballet opens with diplomats gathered around a green conference table. They argue. War is declared with the firing of pistols. Death appears, shadowy and slow at first, stronger, his repetitious dance always in the background until he steps forward to dance with his next victim. Who wins? Death, of course, and The Profiteer, of course. The ballet closes with the diplomats back at the green conference table. The pistols fire again.

The Joffrey Ballet revived the work in 1967. From Sasha Anawalt's "The Joffrey Ballet":

"'The Green Table' resonated. Erupting like a force of nature from behind the black velvet curtain, Death, portrayed by Zomosa, emerged in his leather harness and dark leather boots. The audience could see him, but clearly the soldiers, as they marched off to battle, leaving their women behind, could not. One by one, Death conquered the characters onstage. Each died as they had lived. Death cradled the Old Mother and carried her off; she, poignantly, had been the only one to welcome him. Death, the stealthy and violent caretaker, hovered over the soldier on his watch. Death kept time with his arms and feet -- the horrid slap-slap-slap of the soles' metronomic beat."

The opening scene from the Dance in America 1982 performance by the Joffrey:

Brian Ross on ABC's This Week: propaganda, no other word for it

The story is titled "Released into Luxury" -- the five Taliban former Gitmo prisoners now in Qatar. Brian, like that announcer from "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," unctuously insists that the five will enjoy what amounts to "a year-long all-expenses paid vacation for them and their extended families in the midst of luxury." They can come and go as they please "in this country with the highest per capita growth in the world, the five-star hotels and other trappings of wealth and prosperity." The five were released to "a hero's welcome" and installed in upscale suburban villas. They've promised not to be bad, but will be released into the wild in only 51 weeks. 51 WEEKS. Until then, champagne wishes and caviar dreams. What the ...? (I know I shouldn't watch ABC news of any sort but it's there in my field of vision sometimes and suffering builds character.)

I got mad at somone who posted a National Equirer story about Michelle Obama and now I feel bad

The someone is British and said that her mother's American friend sent it to her mother and her mother sent it to her. The someone read it and said, "If it is true, it must be stopped." The story begins with: "In a major behind-the-scenes blowout, waged their worst White House fight ever over her lavish vacation trip to China." Michelle is an out-of-control spending monster wasting over 150 million dollars of taxpayer's money. "Michelle does whatever she wants and goes wherever she wants. It's as if she's tacked up a map of the world and put pins on all the places she wants to visit. The real part of it is that taxpayers are paying for her bucket list."

This was posted on an international forum of non-Japanese women married to Japanese men. Many of the members who live in Japan are teachers and I assume are not ... what should I say, not critically-thinking challenged? Yet every time there's a potentially violent situation in the world, like with Syria, the Ukraine, whatever, members from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany -- all assume the U.S. will mindlessly attack with pre-emptive big tanks and bombs. I try to reassure them: no, no, no, this administration isn't like the last one, totally different people, there's a double standard. If a Democratic administration went to war everybody responsible would be impeached and war would be totally bad! Trust me. They doubt me even though obviously I've always been correct so far.

I try to explain about right-wing media, the unrelenting propaganda -- Clinton had it bad but there wasn't the rabid hate there is with Obama. I have to fight against the fake conspiracy theories, one after another. i feel weird. I have plenty to complain about the U.S.; I was often scolded during the Bush years for hating America. Now I'm defending America. Fictional attacks.

So, when this person posted that story about Michelle Obama and thought it was a real story, I lost my temper and was mean to her. I would never post any really bad story about politicians from other countries because I haven't lived there and don't know enough about it. Why do people who who've never lived in the U.S. so easily believe horrible things like the birth certificate or that Obama can't give a speech without being fed lines and all the rest. How can she not see that story as the nonsense that it is? How can they not take one look at Obama and Biden and not understand that they are not Bush and Cheney?

I insist that any normal human would read the National Enquirer story and see it as the crap it is, wherever they are from on this planet. Right?

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