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Hometown: Fresno Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Lexington, Ky
Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 10:16 AM
Number of posts: 2,784

Journal Archives

Will America eventually pay reparations to Iraq?

with something like this as a precedent


and perhaps in a slightly different world order, might we all become responsible for reparations down the road?

or will the bill go to the politicians who pulled it off?

Besides initials, how much do Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton have in common?

I think that question will be answered on many campaign ads if HRC
is the candidate.

Did we learn ANYTHING from John Edwards?

I thought it was very instructive.
Candidates (more than one at the time, they ALL knew)
will ignore, or disregard the ultimate reality in pursuit of a selfish dream or cooperative effort meant to benefit something besides the common interest.

In spite of reality and the ultimate discovery of UNACCEPTABLE betrayals that will be played as cards before the election is over.

Is that the sort of election we should settle for?
John Edwards had one particular affiliate in that primary and those "debates"

It cant happen here. again.

How do you feel about a Clinton/Edwards ticket in 2016?

Is a Barbara Bush vs Chelsea Clinton election in our future?

Of course, I mean the former First Lady versus the child of their opponent.
Can Barbara step in 8 years down the road, once Jeb drops the ball?
Will Chelsea be there for us?

What issues will we be voting on in the 2016 General Election?

I am curious what topics people think will be effectively on the table during the next Presidential election?
Torture? Pardons? Legalization? Gay Marriage? Flag Burning? Work Visas? Tax cuts?

What choices will we be facing?

Is Labor dead in the DEMOCRATIC Party?

or long since buried?

murder by numbers

13 months ago-

notice the population figures.

of course the heat can be even deadlier



Cold War radiation exposure results in $800,000,000 in federal payments


More than 8,000 current or former workers of the Department of Energy nuclear site in Aiken, S.C., have received at least $800 million in federal compensation and paid medical expenses for job-related illnesses, Labor Department data shows.

The payments under a little-noticed federal program represent a fraction of the staggering nationwide toll of a nuclear weapons industry born out of the Cold War: More than 104,000 sick workers have received almost $11 billion in compensation and medical expenses.

The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program was created in October 2000 to identify workers who grew ill after being unknowingly exposed to hazardous materials at nuclear plants during the Cold War, like the then-named Savannah River Plant of Aiken.

Many former workers of the Savannah River Plant who are sick from, or have died from diseases like cancer, beryllium disease, silicosis, asbestosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are eligible for compensation or medical expenses. In the case of a worker’s death, their survivors can file a claim.

what is the best price anyone can get for selling themselves out?

endless war on poor people?
third world wages and working conditions?

what would you like to get for your vote next election?

SHOULD the homeless have a voice? would you give them one?



there is a paucity of lobbying interests for the homeless themselves.
profiteers and service providers have no problems speaking of their needs.
is that the same thing?
no, it is not.

IF (I know it isnt an "if" thing for most here) you feel injustice strikes hardest
at the poor and truly oppressed folks who have their safety disregarded by those
meant to ensure all of ours?
Please consider sending one or two bucks to this organization. It may be all they have
that really gives them a megaphone and an opportunity to speak the truth of their circumstances.
just one or two bucks from any number of people could make the biggest of differences.
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