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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Fresno Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Lexington, Ky
Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 10:16 AM
Number of posts: 2,486

Journal Archives

What particular examples of media lying, or spreading false info stick out to you?

After a few decades of deceptions, like incubator babies, Dark Alliance swatting the truth out of the skies by our leading organs,
and quite a few similar other things I can think of (Operation Tailwind, TANG documents, etc)
cause me to wonder if there is any limit to how much mendacious media dishonesty Americans will swallow or accept?
got any favorite examples of national or local news organizations telling untruths?
or is that just TOO BIG of a category?

what the local media WONT tell you about the homeless in Fresno


a very BIG story last time.
feel free to waste your time looking for the Fresno Bee's coverage this month....
might not have played in Swearingen's favor I suppose.

rape (agri)culture


record tomato harvest in California drought


"Defying the state’s devastating water shortage, California farmers produced a record tomato crop. The harvest came in at an estimated 14 million tons of processing tomatoes. Those are the type used to make sauce, salsa and other products, and represent about 96% of all the tomatoes grown in California."

an interesting snapshot of the immediate dynamics between public demand, profit and resource allocation.
Bit more drought and things will really get interesting around here.
even in the best circumstances, we are headed towards dangerous times
where ag communities benefit very little from their own contributions.
the megacorporate ag world is nothing like the farming we used to do.

talk about security issues.

wolves own the hen house,
and Wal-Mart has the keys.

what POTUS candidates (and what winner) would the PRC prefer in 2016?

any ideas?

Has the Central Valley lost its longtime D rep?

or will they uncover some ballots in the recount?


Is Media religion?

or can they be distinguished?

Please name five LIVING Black American nationally known leaders

whether you respect them or not.
not media figures, not athletes and not musicians,
even though they may have some similar standing or capabilities.
Real leaders within that community who look towards the beneficence
of an under served constituency of their peers.

special legislation to silence Mumia Abu Jamal


Please name five Black American males you respect

I wont go first.
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