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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Fresno Ca
Home country: USA
Current location: Lexington, Ky
Member since: Thu Sep 19, 2013, 10:16 AM
Number of posts: 2,952

Journal Archives

When and/or if HRC crumbles

Will PUMA's stalk off the field and take their balls with them?

Number Five- Ralph Nader

I thought he was number two or three, but apparently those liberal progressives have been
much busier than just throwing elections to George W Bush.

Number Six- Progressive ideology has taken over "the school system and

the mainstream media and America’s political institutions during the past 100 years"


a bargain at half the price.

TOP 10 contributions Progressives and Liberals have made to destroying America

Number 10- Kansas. Clearly, nobody but liberals and progressives could be responsible for Kansas. Their silence, scarcity and unpopularity in the state of Kansas are DIRECTLY responsible for the common image of Kansas as backwards religious warriors with no use for Obama.
Liberal Progressives- YOU NEED TO OWN THIS.

If Saudi Arabian citizens became involved on DU re US national and state politics

how would you feel about it?

why dont Democratic Party power players like a primary?

I think it is abominable the way Ashley Judd (for one example) was discouraged, particularly in retrospect of the dismal showing of the annointed loser.
SHOULD we trust this sort of process to continue delivering us McConnells and Pauls?
I smell a problem.

ALL it will take is for the Republicans to have one of these, and the Democrats NONE


if they muff this issue in favor of illegal market suppliers, they deserve to lose.
and they damn sure will.

please post links here to actual examples of Putin-apologism on DU

thanks. cant quite find the right search term I guess.

What is worse? an honestly ignorant conservative or paid commentators?

I distinguish the two, even if you cannot always.
honest ignorance (particularly in our Inside Edition USA today, no news none of the time modern world)
seems a lot easier to swallow than someone accepting money to put forward right wing ideas.
how do people feel about these two sub-species of modern conservative?
leaving out many other branches of the social disease, particularly the self interested .01%'ers.
what sort of person posts dogma for money?

Will America eventually pay reparations to Iraq?

with something like this as a precedent


and perhaps in a slightly different world order, might we all become responsible for reparations down the road?

or will the bill go to the politicians who pulled it off?
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