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Gender: Female
Hometown: East Coast
Home country: USA
Current location: West Coast
Member since: Tue Sep 3, 2013, 01:59 PM
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Silicon Valley Needs a Valleywag. Libertarian Billionaire vs Journalism vs Democracy

We're not talking the Koch brothers here. We're talking Paul Thiel and his vendetta against Gawker because he's rich and he can. I find interesting that this story isn't getting more play here. I find it interesting that no one seems to be disturbed that some rich fuck can shut down a media outlet - while others fall over themselves to defend one's right to listen to Rush Limbaugh. Bizarre

Silicon Valley Needs a Valleywag. Peter Thiel’s misguided, secret war against Gawker Media proves it.

Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist and Facebook board member who co-founded PayPal and Palantir, has plenty of reasons to hate Gawker Media, the company he’s now trying to sue into oblivion by proxy. So do a lot of his peers in the technology industry, who were the chief target of Gawker Media’s now-defunct Silicon Valley–focused gossip site, Valleywag.

Thiel and his friends are not wrong to loathe Valleywag. But they are wrong to think that its caustic brand of muckraking has no value. More importantly, they are wrong to think that using their money and power to silence its parent company, Gawker Media, will solve the problems it presents for them.

On the contrary: Thiel’s previously secret, high-stakes war on Gawker is the strongest possible argument for Valleywag’s existence.


What Thiel and the Silicon Valley power players who have sided with him get wrong is that Valleywag was never fundamentally about bullying, though it may have seemed so to those who found their names in its headlines. To bully is to push around those weaker than you. Valleywag, with occasional exceptions, saw itself as punching up. Its scoops and gibes were intended not to intimidate but to puncture the valley’s utopian veneer. Its editorial philosophy was about tearing back the masks and capes in which Thiel and other members of Silicon Valley’s tech elite tend to cloak themselves. It was about calling out hypocrisy in a realm where it runs rampant. It was about regarding our tech and business overlords with the same skepticism we typically reserve for politicians, because Valleywag’s core insight was that they’re just as powerful (and just as petty and flawed).


Flashback: Rove Erases 22 Million White House Emails on Private Server at Height of U.S. Attorney Sc

Probably nowhere near as bad as the CIA deleting files related to torture or Hillary - which is so bad that she should be given the death penalty!

Clinton has said she deleted about 50,000 emails that dealt with personal matters, citing her daughter’s wedding and her mother’s funeral as examples. All the correspondence pertaining to official business was turned over to and archived by State. The deletion of the emails, though perfectly legal, has excited House Republicans, including Speaker John Boehner, who has announced plans to deploy House committees to investigate what might aptly be called Servergate.

Never mind that former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican, has said he used a system similar to Clinton’s — and never mind that in 2007 Karl Rove deleted 22 million emails from a private server in the Bush White House — a matter about which the Beltway media said little and Republicans in Congress, like Rep. John Boehner, said nothing.

Here is a brief refresher on the White House email scandal:

Not long after George W. Bush assumed the presidency in 2001, Rove, his top political aide, set up a private email server for use in the White House. The stated purpose of the system — the primary domain name on which was gwb43.com — was that it would be used exclusively for the sort of political correspondence that Bush and Rove were not permitted to do on the taxpayer’s dime.

Seven years later, Bush and Rove were embroiled in two competing scandals — the Valerie Plame scandal, in which operatives for Vice Pres. Dick Cheney, including Rove and Scooter Libby, were accused of unmasking Valerie Plame, a CIA specialist in the black market for weapons of mass destruction, for purely partisan reasons, and the U.S. Attorney purge, in which Rove’s political operation in the White House was accused of ordering Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to purge eight U.S. attorneys who were qualified prosecutors and replace them with political hacks with little or no prosecutorial experience.

Rove escaped prosecution in the Libby case, but Libby was convicted (Bush quickly commuted the sentence) on March 6, 2007, at the same time Bush and Rove were under fire for purging the U.S. attorneys. During the investigation, it came to light that Rove’s server had been used to send official, non-political emails — correspondence that was required by law to be preserved under the Presidential Records Act.

more: http://www.pensitoreview.com/2015/03/18/flashback-rove-erases-22-million-white-house-emails-on-private-server-at-height-of-u-s-attorney-scandal-media-yawns/

In my 50+ years, the GOP hasn't ONE positive contribution to humanity

So spare us the posts about how fabulous free market capitalism is and if it weren't for moderates... You've got nothing. Who's rights did the right ever go to bat for? Billionaires and bigots?

Fuck off already.

Internet Message Board America: Donald Trump Is Weighing Newt Gingrich for Vice President


Gingrich has praised Trump in the past

Donald Trump is considering former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as one possible option for his running mate in November, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

Trump, the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, has been discussing Gingrich with his confidants as a potential ticket mate, a source familiar with the talks said, making the former House speaker one of the handful of options the likely Republican standard-bearer is considering for the fall.

Gingrich has praised Trump in the past, telling TIME he has “the potential to be an extraordinarily dynamic president who shakes up a bureaucratic city that badly needs to be shaken up.”

Lena Rothman: A Trump Supporter Assaulted Me at a Rally -- Then Police Arrested Me Instead of Him

DU's conservative trolls will love this!!!! Hopefully more of the fascists that won't let Trump tell everyone how it is will get arrested as well. Violent fucking hippies!!!!

As violence broke out at a Trump rally in Costa Mesa, California, on Thursday night, we take a look at the increasingly hostile atmosphere that protesters are encountering at Trump’s events. Last month, one of Trump’s supporters was caught on video sucker-punching an anti-Trump protester at a rally in Tucson. But there was another assault at that rally that few heard about. Lena Rothman says she was assaulted by a Trump supporter, and when she reported the assault to police at the Trump event, she herself was arrested. For more, we speak with Lena Rothman.

AMY GOODMAN: I want to go to a slightly different subject. At a Donald Trump rally in Tucson last month, one of Trump’s supporters was caught on video sucker-punching an anti-Trump protester as he was being led away. Tony Pettway was arrested for misdemeanor assault and released. The protester, Bryan Sanders, was kicked out of the rally after chanting "Liar" and holding a sign that read, "Trump is bad for America." This is Bryan Sanders speaking after the rally.

BRYAN SANDERS: Donald Trump is perfectly welcome to go ahead and run for president. What he’s not welcome to do is to suggest that everybody who opposes him should be violently attacked, that he should be handed the presidency outside of the rules of his own party. I mean, this is sounding like 1933 up in here. And then you saw all hell break loose, this and that, and he’s stomping me. Incredible scenes. I understand that people support Donald Trump. But do they support this kind of scene, really? Donald Trump is associating himself with violent, extremist people, who are willing to go to any lengths, apparently.

AMY GOODMAN: That was Bryan Sanders, who was sucker-punched at the Trump rally. But there was another assault at the rally that you may not have heard about. Lena Rothman says she was assaulted by a Trump supporter. When she reported the assault to police at the Trump event, she herself was arrested. Lena Rothman is here with us. Lena, what happened? This was in March.

LENA ROTHMAN: Yeah, March 19th. I was on a staircase with other organizers and protesters, and this man came barreling down the staircase, pushing and punching people. And then, on—after a while, he made his way back up, and I was in his way. I couldn’t move over because there was a railing. And I got knocked down by him, and I hit my back on a post.

And I decided—after he had got up the staircase, I decided I wanted to take out a complaint, and I went looking for the police. And I went up to the balcony. I spoke to an officer, and I told him what happened. And he said he couldn’t file a complaint, he was busy, he couldn’t leave his post. So, then another officer came in, and I spoke to him. And I ended up speaking to six or seven different policemen to file the complaint, and they all said, no, they couldn’t leave their post, or they ignored me.

And then, finally, they steered me over to their supervisor. And I spoke to him, and I said I wanted to identify the guy, because people were leaving by this time. And when I identified him, I went running over, when I saw him come out. And the supervisor came in back of me, but he was really taking his time. So I was afraid the guy that had assaulted me was going to leave, so I kind of ran up to him. And I’m looking in back of me, and I’m saying, "This is him. This is him. This is the guy." And I ended up being arrested.

more: http://www.democracynow.org/2016/4/29/lena_rothman_a_trump_supporter_assaulted

Bet they had it coming to them!!!!

I cannot help but notice Caitlyn Jenner's stone silence regarding anti-LGBT/bathroom laws

And here she's got people thinking that Hillary doesn't care about others. Why the silence Caitlyn?

Could it be because Caitlyn is nothing more than an attention whore?

"Fiscally Conservative" - when have Conservatives ever been fiscally conservative?

Every time I hear someone say "I'm socially liberal but fiscally conservative" my stomach turns.

Because the only time conservatives save money is when they take it from people/programs that don't have any in the first place. If anything, conservative fiscal prowess seems to do the opposite - driving up deficits, price hikes, blowing money on wars, etc... none that involve saving money or using it wisely.

So tell us lurking wiser-than-thou conservative fiscal geniuses, when have Conservatives ever been "Fiscally Conservative"? When have they ever been smart with money? I've yet to see an example of either... from Nixon and beyond.

I wait with bated breath.

Trickle-down will be a success but raising the minimum wage, an economic disaster.

My apology for the meta-ish op but spare me, there isn't ONE INSTANCE where conservatives have been correct regarding economics or anything else for that matter.

I find the "Oh no! $15 is too high!" (paraphrasing) OPs very amusing. Trickle down has proven to be total bullshit... which can only mean that raising the minimum wage will work wonders. Hence the need to fight to the death to make sure it never comes to be.

Let me say, if there's one thing that conservatives actually conserve, it is MISERY. Not one redeeming success, not one positive contribution to humanity since Eisenhower.

Give it up already!

Happy Saturday.

GOOD: Newtown Teacher Charged With Bringing Gun To School

A middle school teacher was charged Wednesday after he was found carrying a gun at school, police said.

Officers were called to the school after officials called about 9 a.m. to say science teacher Jason M. Adams had come to the school with a concealed firearm, police said. Security personnel had detained him at that time.

After an initial investigation by police and school district administration, Adams, who has a valid pistol permit, was charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds.


Sandy Hook Promise, a group formed after the 2012 shooting by several victims' parents, said in a statement: "We commend the Newtown Police Department and Newtown Public Schools for their thoughtful handling of the arrest of science teacher Jason Adams for violating the law by bringing a weapon onto school grounds."

more: http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-newtown-teacher-gun-arrest-20160406-story.html

Can someone cite instances of the world coming to the end due to a minimum wage increase?

I was just curious if everything came to a grinding halt the last time the minimum wage went up.

Thank you in advance.
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