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Member since: Thu Jul 11, 2013, 12:16 PM
Number of posts: 289

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Yeah, at least one juror is a POS

Report: Juror In Zimmerman Case Signs With Literary Agent

The jury for the George Zimmerman delivered its verdict on Saturday evening and on Monday, a literary agent announced that Juror B37 aims to write a book about the proceedings.

More at link.

In my perusal of wingnut sites this morning, the celebratory mood seems a bit muted.

It seems the rightwingers didn't get the race riots they wanted.

Post Racial MY ASS!

That is all.

So Erick son of Erick did the hanger thing over TX, will he do a noose thing over Trayvon?

You know the piece of shit has thought about it.

Well, those vacation plans for Florida are now canceled

I refuse to buy ANYTHING manufactured or grwon in Florida and I refuse to EVER travel there again.

Confirmed: state troopers are searching all bags and confiscating tampons and pads

From a tweet:

Andrea Grimes ‏@andreagrimes 16m

Confirmed: state troopers are searching all bags and confiscating tampons and pads. #hb2 #sb1

There's also this:

Jessica W. Luther ‏@scATX 18m

DPS Galindo JUST CONFIRMED TO ME: if you have a concealed handgun license YOU CAN TAKE YOUR GUN INTO THE GALLERY. #HB2

So ladies cannot have tampons or pads in the Texas Senate viewing gallery, but guns are okay.

Jury just got their instructions.

One final act of housekeeping to take place.

Alternates are about to be disclosed and then deliberations will begin.
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