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Gender: Male
Member since: Tue Jun 25, 2013, 04:46 PM
Number of posts: 1,115

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Is this correct ?

you don't have to show ID to vote, yet you DO have to have ID to engage government social services ?

Why is one so racist, yet not the other ?
Should the idea of identification just be abolished ?

Eric Holder and the FBI are investigating Michael Brown Shooting

My opinion, these will be the only two ways the verdict (once a trial has actually concluded) will be accepted by those that have blinded themselves to any possibility other than this was an obvious racist cop that executed an unarmed black kid.

1) Michael Brown executed by racist white officer.

2) Justified shooting by officer, racist white officer goes free.

Question for those that have concluded the online trial phase of this case, and have concluded that the racist white officer executed Brown, ......

what "if",..... real life is not as cut and dry as it is online, what "if" there is evidence that has not yet been presented by twitter ? what "if" the FBI is unable to secure a conviction for this racist white officer ?

what 'if", Wilson is not convicted ? Is anybody, or more clearly...... is everybody,...... prepared to call Eric Holder and the FBI racist, and in on the fix to set a racist white murderer free ? From a town that two weeks ago didn't exist to 99% of the population ?

has anybody realized that the unreliable, baloney filled news outlets that are regularly chastised for incompetence, are the same bunch of door knobs that are being quoted using words like "proof", even before the crime scene was cleaned up ?

If irony had a name it would be Michael Moore.

Makes a fortune, owns 9 homes, travels the world, CHARGES to speak out against capitalism and the unfairness of the "American dream"

I couldn't be more inspired if he flew a private jet from mansion to mansion, condemning my ugly waste of energy.

Anybody live in Detroit ?

that can describe what the city is REALLY like today ?

Curious question about DU rules.

Anything right of Democratic principals is strictly against the rules, it gets mocked, attacked, alerted on and usually deleted.

So how does open socialist, and communist philosophies get embraced and feathered into "the fold" as acceptable ?
I see posters promoting Socialism/Communism , I see posters naming themselves Socialist/Communist.

Is Socialism and Communism an acceptable Democratic platform ? And if Yes, then why is it called Democratic Underground ?

Is Socialism and Communism "close enough" to Democratic values for DU members?

Snowden nominated for Peace prize, for exposing the depth of spying

And the peace prize winning president and his administration says ..... "Yeah....So What"?

I think the "full court pass" this administration is getting for it's continuation, and escalated programs to spy on our domestic population is a glaring example of how someone whom you believed was being honest, can lie to your face, lead you right to the cliff, and with the warmest of smiles push you right off, AND have you shifting blame for HIS activities all while in mid fall right off the cliff you believed he would guard....by the way be sure to donate and vote.

Curious what responses come from my question:
If you are so horrified, regarding the spying that Snowden exposed, are you satisfied with the "official response" ? IE, the continuation of the very spying that was exposed ?

If the answer is "Bush's fault" I'll assume you're still in free-fall and just haven't hit yet, but I appreciate the response none the less.

What ever happened to the poster "Bobolink" ?

Unemployment is under 7%

So why are there so many people still relying on unemployment benefits ?
This is Bill Clinton era unemployment %, one or the other is a lie.

1) the unemployment numbers are BS.
2) the number of people receiving unemployment benefits is BS

has to be one or the other.

Don't know who gave me hearts but THANKS ! Appreciate it !

Question about Jaguar Chiclid

He's about 3 1/2" long, in long 55 gal tank, I've only had him for 4 months.
Almost doubled in size, hoping to put off moving him to 125 gal until July-ish.

He's fine, healthy, eats, active etc.....but for whatever reason he's taken to attacking one side of the lid. Have to put weights on it for fear of him slapping it open and flying out. Afraid he will eventually beat himself to death. PH is good and temp is perfect.

I've tried changing light density, covering the tank, keeping lights off and feeding the little monster till I think he'll pop. No way he's hungry, ........

He just started this a few week ago.

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