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Member since: Tue Jun 25, 2013, 04:46 PM
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Let me flip the coin over and ask the reverse question,....... if it's allowed.

I'm framing this question in the SAME manner as was posed to DU , only reversing the race question.

Why should white people as a group love black people as a group ? should they ?

the VAST majority of white people are not racist, bigoted or oppress black people as a function of our heritage. Yet, as a collective race, .......white people as a group .........are collectively accused of being racist, privileged and oppressive to black people.

I am not be a racist, .....bigoted nor white privileged,..... so in the eyes of DU, I simply "don't get it".

So, should white people love black people as a group ? If not, why not. If so, why so ?

HALT CITIZEN ! open discussion my ass.

regarding the jury system:

i just served on a jury. I think it makes a lot more sense to NOT show the name of the person with the post to be "juried".

I found the idea of hiding the post in question to be ridiculous, and seemed like it had to have been personal not really a reason to be "juried"

but- showing the name of the person who wrote the post being judged, gives people with personal axes to grind an opportunity to put that personal vendetta in play. Doesn't it make more sense to have the potentially offensive post anonymously judged for it's content and not for WHO wrote it ?

i think anonymously is fair, it would keep people from a "revenge hide", and it also would remove the ability to protect offensive speech just because of on online friendship.

ISIS, and the theroy that all they need are jobs.

All ISIS members need are jobs. I've read a few posts, a story or two, even heard this boloney on the "news" once or twice.

So I'm going to try and understand where exactly these ideas are coming from, is there anyone who actually believes that if ISIS radicals had jobs, the terrorism would stop?

What "job" is someone who straps a bomb to another person and sends them out to blow themselves up qualified for ? I've seen the "unemployment is the cause" comment once or twice, but never have I seen anyone actually try and explain. Bear in mind we in the US are touting our *snicker snicker 5.8% unemployment rate, but still have a spiraling violence problem.

Second question, do you actually believe our unemployment rate is 5.8% ?

3,000 posts in "Politics", more than 135,000 in "general discussion"

Does this mean people are more inclined to want to lecture and complain about online news and events, than actually organize and get educated on the reality of political futures ? General discussion seems to be a "look at what I found online" competition of popularity. Copy and paste the most stories,..... recent or otherwise and you get "clout" as a valuable DU member.

The loss of the Dem Senate, the increase in GOP House members, and the substantial increase in Republican state governors does not seem to represent the reoccurring political future themes on DU.

Curious why you think there are always 40-50 times more "general discussions" going on than political ? DU has morphed into a "general discussion" and sort of drifted away from having the political relevance it seemed to have had.

I am asking a question, curious if this too is unwelcome at DU.

I started a thread asking if DU thought calling someone a "pussy" was sexist. Every poster responding agreed that it indeed was.

My thread was locked,........ but most interestingly ................ I've noticed that nobody calling Cheney a "pussy" has had posts removed.
So, is my conclusion correct ? You cannot ask if calling someone a "pussy" is sexist in the eyes of DU, your thread will be locked. But because there have been numerous posts, all over the place calling Cheney a "pussy", I assume it is both fine and dandy to call people "pussy" without concern it is a sexist remark ? "Pussy" is now a welcome expression to describe a person of undesirable character ? Nice.

I never thought calling people "pussy" would have been acceptable, now understand why nobody gets hidden for calling someone "pussy", it's OK. Not sliding down the slippery slope,....DU is surfing down it.

unless of course, "pussy" is simply an abbreviated expression of a Willow, which dies every winter, and the expression is meant to playfully describe the setting season on Dick Cheney's career. Or is a sexist remark Ok, so long as it's directed at someone we don't like ? again,....nice.

why isn't calling someone a "pussy" sexist ?

There are posts all over the place calling Cheney a "pussy", curious why this isn't considered sexist on DU ?

Or can sexism be allowed so long as enough people agree that "dick vagina", is a humorous enough parody for "go fuck yourself" Cheney ?

what is in the torture documents we didn't already know ?

The 800 lbs gorilla not being discussed

in a tragic series of events that could have been avoided at a number of points in time, there are now what everybody wanted .....facts. Just because the facts don't support what was assumed and speculated about does not make then any less factual.

Michael Brown DID assault officer Wilson, in his car. That is a fact, not a guess.

Officer Wilson WAS on site in an unrelated call, when he WAS notified about Michael Brown,s description as potential suspect in robbery.

Eric Holder SENT BY PRESIDENT OBAMA, the FBI, State AND local police did not set up a conspiracy to set free Officer Wilson. The evidence did not support a trial.

Regardless personal feelings, if science is to be believed, then the burning of Ferguson last night was unnecessary. If science is not to be believed, then President Obama, Eric Holder, the FBI along with State and local police are all "in on the fix" for a nobody white officer. Occam's razor,.....apply it and the truth is clear. ........ maybe not comfy cozy, but it's true.

Don't assault cops. Don't assault ANYONE. Assault a cop you are likely to be shot, that is not a new revelation.
A kid assaults a cop, gets shot, and to protest........... the community burns local business down...........
I'll bet if Michael Brown were here he would describe the uselessness, and regret of all of this, NONE of this was necessary.

Is this correct ?

you don't have to show ID to vote, yet you DO have to have ID to engage government social services ?

Why is one so racist, yet not the other ?
Should the idea of identification just be abolished ?
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