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Member since: Fri Apr 26, 2013, 03:51 PM
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Dear Hillary, you are wrong about the ACA.

In the last debate you said

"To tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate, I think is the wrong direction,"

With respect - you are wrong. Aside from the fact no one is talking about tearing it up and having nothing...... NOW is the time to have this contentious debate. People are suffering under the weight of sheer greed all along the line in providing medical care. '

People are suffering under the weight of the sheer greed at the top - period.

For the last 30+ years I've watched administration after administration sell out the workers of this country. Your husband was one of the Presidents who participated in the "race to the bottom". The intent may have been to benefit workers but the opposite has happened. Investors have done fine. Workers have suffered. Worldwide.

I understand you want us all to just behave and take whatever the elite decide to give us. NO I WILL NOT. I will yell and scream and bitch and moan and fight with my last breath if that is what it takes to get a government that represents "We the People." ,

Posted by KentuckyWoman | Sun Feb 7, 2016, 10:58 AM (7 replies)

I don't fucking care how much they paid her.

You can bet if I had the star power to get paid $157 Million a year to talk for 15 - 20 minutes every couple months then I'd do it in a heartbeat and not apologize for it. She shouldn't be asked to.

Here's my problem with this.

1. "I'm not establishment."

Yes you the fuck are. Own it. Market it. You are claiming you have the inside track to get shit done where Bernie can't. Ya, well, that means you are establishment. You've got people paying you a shitload to talk. Just market the fact you have a close relationship with big money guys and plan to use that for the common good. Quit your bullshit over this.

2. "I'll look into it."

Really? You plan to function as Commander in Chief with that lack of decisiveness? Bull effing shit. YOU are the kind of person not afraid to tell a Secret Service agent to fuck off when they've earned it. I have no doubt whatsoever you could practically rip the gonads off Vladimir. You are as tough a woman as I've ever heard of and I respect that about you. So stop with the crap.

Yes I understand part of the deal with politician is the BS. THEY need to understand that we are sick of it. Yes we do need someone capable of triangulating and outmaneuvering the bad actors in the world but you can't go around bullshitting the people you want to work for. Not on this kind of stuff. If you do, we won't believe we can trust you to do what you say you'll do.

And that is my problem with Hillary. For all her talents and potentials... and she has MANY.... I just don't trust her to come through for me and mine. I'll vote for her in the general if I have to because I think she'll hurt me less than the Republicans.

Not exactly the best endorsement.
Posted by KentuckyWoman | Sat Feb 6, 2016, 09:37 AM (129 replies)

How to buy my vote. (Rant warning)

My vote is indeed for sale but my vote is not cheap or easy. The rules apply whether you are running for a position that is local, state or federal.

All you have to do in convince me of 4 things.

* That you will keep your fingers off things in my life that are not government business.
* That your ideas are the ones that will solve problems at my kitchen table that can only be solved by government.
* That you are capable of getting those ideas implemented or at least move us considerably closer to achieving them.
* That you will actually get it done instead of bait as switch.

This isn't rocket science and should not even need to be said. Unfortunately every election cycle it seems every candidate and their assorted minions think it necessary to beat me over the head with death panels, scary brown people, how other candidates had a pimple on their butt in 1974 or how THEY are the only candidate that can save me from a killer asteroid that is right now barreling down on my house at 4 zillion miles an hour.

Instead why don't you spend you time on telling me what's in my food and water and how you'll keep it safe for me to eat and drink? (Flint MI anyone) Why don't you tell me the truth about the last financial crisis and the truth about the next one coming up and how you are going to keep the predators from screwing us all over again. Why don't you tell me how you are going to get the blood sucking vermin out of the health care industry. Why don't you tell me how you are going to convince the economic predators to lighten up and send a little of that wealth back to the bottom and middle for their own good and ours. Why don't you tell me how you'll keep the rapists and drug dealers out of the local park so I can go over there for an evening stroll without worrying about beating off shitheads. And while you are at it, tell me how you plan to make sure the local police don't shoot everything in a hoodie that moves.

Close rant.

Posted by KentuckyWoman | Thu Jan 21, 2016, 10:51 AM (4 replies)

So what would happen if the US quit exporting arms.


US and Russia are the biggest arms exporters but the US sales are nearly twice those of Russia. This doesn't even take into account weapons exported by Smith & Wesson or Colt.

Yes humans are a violent bunch and will remain so even if we stop fueling violence around the world for the sake of a quick buck.
These sales enshrine both the dollars from the sale and the fact these weapons are used to create the chaos necessary for economic predators to swoop in and control money and resources. Not to mention the contractors who are hired to go in after the wars and rebuild.

The US can do better when it comes to making money on manufacturing. We don't need to fill our pockets upon the deaths of people on the other side of the globe.

EDIT.... to provide clarity and correct typos. UGH.
Posted by KentuckyWoman | Wed Jan 20, 2016, 05:28 PM (11 replies)

What, you expected personal responsibility from a Republican?

ain't gonna happen...... no way.... no how....not ever.

The Republican party has spent decades telling people their problems are all someone else's fault. They blame unions. They blame minorities. They blame women. They blame the sick. They blame the poor. They blame people who don't even live in this country. They blame children. They even blame each other.

The only entity that ever escapes blame is whoever is shoving money into their pockets.

Part of the beast. Don't bother using up perfectly good anger on these folks. Just roll your eyes and move on. Save your energy for something more productive.

My humble advice.......
Posted by KentuckyWoman | Wed Jan 20, 2016, 03:55 PM (0 replies)

Attention span of the American people - a perspective

In 2007 / 2008 Obama kicked Kardashian, McCain and Palin all in search trends.


For the last 12 months Trump is the only one breaking through the Kardashians. The goal on our side is to get the attention of the American people generally.


Hillary and Bernie have different paths to get the job done and have some fundamental differences on what can really be achieved. I would peg Hillary for being a little more on the side of serving her own interests over mine and peg Bernie for being a little more concerned with my interests than his. A lot of people disagree with me on Hillary and I'm cool with that. But the bottom line is either candidate WILL serve the American people on some level. You can bet your last dime that no one in the RNC gives a tinker's damn about anyone but themselves.

Posted by KentuckyWoman | Mon Jan 18, 2016, 10:39 AM (18 replies)

The cost of single payer .... the math at my house.

My husband is currently on chemo. He's on a medicare advantage plan. I am too young for medicare. I have recently had to stop working but was self employed. I still have some income from my store (run by hired staff). I buy medical care insurance through Kynect, which is targeted to be closed.

We have spent enough on medical care the last 8 years to be able to itemize it on our taxes and get a deduction. Prior to 2013 that means anything over 7.5 % and thereafter anything over 10%.

With single payer, if I had to pay a 10% tax on every penny we have coming in as income, including social security benefits, in order to pay for singer payer, we'd be ahead in 2015 by about $2400. If the math holds up as expected in 2016 it will be closer to $3300 we'd be ahead by buying single payer with the rest of America.


My brother and sister in law work for the same medium sized company, who pays 75% of the medical care insurance premiums. They have family coverage including them both and 2 working college age kids. The premium they pay is $688 a month. This means the employer is paying $2064 a month. With deductables and copayments my brother's family spent $11691 on medical care for the 4 of them. The combined income for all 4 of them is $77844 in 2015. Their employer paid an additional $24768.

At a 10% tax for single payer on their income they would have paid $7784 and been ahead $3907. This doesn't even take into account the money their employer spent on premiums instead of wages. Give the employees an extra $12000 each in in come, tax it at 10% for single payer plus whatever regular tax rate they would have and they still come out $1000's ahead every year.


Every time someone tells you WE can't afford single payer ask yourself WHO IS "WE". Just follow the money. Predators are everywhere in medical care at at every level. It's one thing to make a good living being a medical care professional, or manufacturing medical devices and treatments, or running a medical care facility. It's quite another to be swimming in gravy while the hungry starve. When the doctor owns the testing machines and constantly sends people for testing on it, or has a relative working at XYZ medical device manufacturer making commission on all the knee replacements, or stents or whatever that are used... which is more common that you think.... it's a recipe for using the sick as cash cows and even making marginal people actually sick.

We've got to chop the the absolutely predatory nature of sick care in this country out of the equation. Whatever it takes.
Posted by KentuckyWoman | Sun Jan 17, 2016, 04:03 PM (91 replies)

There is no mystery to the "Trump Phenomenon".

So up until a month ago most everyone but Fox News and Rushbo were treating Trump as the buffoon. Now we are all talking about the "Trump Phenomenon". They act like they are collectively scratching their heads on why he's still at the top of the leaderboard.

Bull effing shit.

We all know EXACTLY why Trump ran and why he's so popular.


They want the guy that convinced them all we put a Kenyan in the White House to make the establishment and the brown people of this country PAY for what they did...... including any Republican who attempted to work with him or failed to scream about impeachment every 5 minutes.

They are sick of spending tax dollars on locking up the hoodie wearing black "thugs" who they think are making life miserable for "real Americans" like them. Sick of hearing Black Lives Matter people whine and moan about black people randomly getting shot. Sick of having to share jobs with black people. Sick of those brown people that own all the gas stations taking their hard earned money and sending it to the terrorists. Sick of those brown people with their anchor babies coming over to take those good American lettuce picking or chicken plucking jobs that pay $2 an hour if they are lucky to get paid at all.

They want Trump to buy plane and boat tickets for the whole lot of them and send them all back where they came from, ESPECIALLY THE KENYAN, so this country can go back to being a nice white CHRISTIAN country where Bible reading in school is mandatory, the 10 Commandments are plastered on every corner and men can beat their wives and molest their kids without consequence and everyone speaks American (not English because that shit sounds too gay as per a member of my family).

I am a white woman born and raised in Kentucky and when it comes to blue collar working class people I am surrounded. I can tell you Trump has managed to turn merely prejudiced people into racists and racists into rabid dogs. Not all of them but more than I would ever expect. It's breaking up families all over the country. It is surprising to me only 30% of them will openly admit to backing Trump.

The danger in Trump is not any policies or initiatives he may or may not back if elected - though that can't be good either. The worse danger is the mere fact he emboldens the racists. His mere existence in the race escalates the violence against brown people of all sorts. His longevity in this race shows all of us how deep goes the racism in this country and how critical it is to beat it or breed it out of this society once and for all.

Posted by KentuckyWoman | Sat Jan 2, 2016, 02:21 PM (10 replies)

People are largely just lost

The vast majority of people I know were union members until their jobs were shipped off to some slave labor country or else the company started "in-sourcing" short term labor from temp services at lower wages.

The unions at national level didn't see fit to organize to stop it. The government that allowed it and even passed laws to make it easier simply told the workers to quit being moochers and lazy bums and spend $1000s in debt (at a nice fat interest rate) to go get a college degree...... and then promptly rewarded companies who shipped college jobs out or imported cheaper labor.

People have just gotten to the point where they don't trust anyone but themselves. The expect the government to fuck them out of whatever small savings or safety net they've been able to cobble together....... home equity, IRAs, SSI, Medicare..... you name it. And when a candidate comes along and says the reason your safety net is in trouble is because of all these moochers over here, and if we cut them all off you will be safe...... well it rings a bell...... or rather a dog whistle.

Now a guy like Bernie comes along and says the reason your safety net is in trouble is because we've handed the "job creators" the nation's wealth on a platter and spent OUR money on weapons to kill kids and grandmas on the other side of the world they are very skeptical. They are convinced what little they have, in the form of a paycheck, will vanish if we dare offend the money people AND the one avenue of semi-security for them or their kids - a career in the military - might vanish as well.

The mantra people are voting against their interests is not accurate from what I've seen. The truth is more like people have become convinced the Democratic talking point that government can help is a lie....... based on what they consider life experience to date. Not that they trust the GOP any better.
Posted by KentuckyWoman | Tue Dec 29, 2015, 03:49 PM (3 replies)

Christmas Eve in my family gave me hope

Previously posted in THIS THREAD and moved to an OP at the request of Niyad.


The anti-bully campaigns in schools may actually be doing some good outside the school.

A cousin has been in an emotionally abusive relationship for some time. The guy is a master at treating her like shit then blaming her when her feelings are hurt, and looking like the good guy to everyone else. Over time he's convinced her this is better than what she deserves.

They played host to her sister's family.... which included 4 kids ranging in age from 8 to 18. Well the 8 yr old figured out the deal in under 2 days and enlisted her siblings. One day at the dinner table the jackass started his little routine and all 4 kids let him have it. Told him he's a bully. Told him he has no right to treat anyone that way. Told their aunt (my cousin) she deserves better, can do better, and should not have to live with this. Told their parents they should help her pack and take her back to their house until she can get divorced and back on her feet.

Being challenged the fucker's true color came out for all to see. Apparently the police were called and the 18 yr old of the kids was arrested..... released a few hours later to his parents as they were leaving town early. Of course it shot the hell out of Christmas Eve.

My cousin, their aunt, spent Christmas packing up her car and this morning arranging for a U-Haul and a couple strong backs. The financial cost to her in the immediate future will be incredible but she says the kids standing up and calling a bully a bully made her realize it's not just her. It's really him.

She has some mental and emotional work to do but I think those kids saved her......


Update since this post dear cuz has moved out, taken half the bank account and is staying with a friend she actually thought she'd lost years ago. Cuz says she'd been toying with getting the hell out for years but stuck it out because people don't divorce and plus she thought it was all HER problem. The kids were the spark and jerked her to reality.

Her soon to be X is has never been the violent type and we are crossing our fingers he'll let her go in peace and get some help.
Posted by KentuckyWoman | Mon Dec 28, 2015, 11:16 AM (17 replies)
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