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For anyone who needs proof: "84% of Americans favor background checks..."


84% of Americans favor background checks for private gun sales and sales at gun
15% oppose the idea, and 2% are unsure. Even 81% of gun owners
nationally support such a measure. Registered voters mirror the overall population.
Regardless of political party, more than eight in ten favor background checks.

A majority of Americans -- 55% -- favor a ban on assault weapons. 41% oppose
such a ban, and 3% are unsure. A majority of gun owners -- 55% -- are against such
a measure. On this question, registered voters also reflect the views of Americans,
overall. There are partisan differences. 70% of Democrats and 54% of independents
support a ban on assault weapons while a slim majority of Republicans -- 51% --
oppose it.

When it comes to banning ammunition clips that hold more than ten bullets,
52% of adults nationally favor the measure.
45% oppose it, and 3% are unsure.
Looking at gun owners in the United States, nearly six in ten -- 59% -- are against the
proposal. Again, registered voters are in line with Americans, in general. When it
comes to party, 71% of Democrats favor such a measure. However, a majority of
Republicans -- 56% -- and 51% of independents oppose banning clips with more
than ten bullets.

Overwhelmingly, Americans -- 78% -- oppose reducing regulations on gun
purchases to make it easier to buy and own a gun.
19% favor this action, and 3%
are unsure. Even 70% of gun owners nationally oppose this idea. Here, too,
registered voters reflect the views of Americans as a whole. Regardless of party,
more than seven in ten voters are against easing regulations to purchase a gun.

Save this thread for the times when people ask you where such figures came from. It's right there. It's not myth. Even if the NRA crowd want to believe otherwise.
Posted by Gravitycollapse | Wed Apr 17, 2013, 09:17 PM (17 replies)
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