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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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The Winner: or how to win bigly and lose even biggerly

*this story is how I feel about the Winning Trump and his fans have done to this nation*

The old woman sat alone in the living room, relaxing in her faux leather recliner, watching the news as the winner gave his speech. Things would be different now; she knew this to be true. The Winner preened onstage in the bright lights, confetti and streamers raining down upon him like roses and laurels raining down upon an emperor. She was alone, but she was hopeful. She was a part of something bigger, better, stronger than herself; this was a movement. Her husband Ron had loved this guy before he died.

The Winner stood waving, face curled into a joker’s smile; chins wobbling as the lights flashed, causing his skin to reflect a strange tint, a coppery green fire, and his hair became an exciting neon hue. The old woman did not notice this. Her TV was thirty years old; she never noticed stuff like this anymore, the color was never right. She recalled the man who came before The Winner; that foreigner, that savage, the man who was the last Winner. Watching Jack Van Impe had clued her into the intricacies of the antichrist that all those liberals, and hippies, and feminists, and coloreds seemingly prayed to. Well, she would pray for them.

The Winner gave his speech, and the woman silently recited the words along with him. Every time he reached his crescendo, a tingle in her scalp raised her short neat hair in anticipation, “Take America BACK! Take America BACK! Take America BACK BACK BACK!!” She chanted along feeling warm, and happy, so ALIVE!

All throughout the nation people like her were doing the same thing; praising America, loving the flag, and taking this nation BACK; back from all those welfare queens, and back from mexicans, and back from all those rainbow flag people she saw on parade every year on TV. This nation was going to hell, and the only way to save it was to take it back to when things were normal, better; where people kept their business to themselves and knew their places and had respect. Women don’t even raise their own children anymore!! And those damn blacks think they're too good to keep house for good white folks like they used to. And let’s not even think about Mexicans.

The speech was a meandering thing. It took on a life of it’s own, it went here and there, it promised one thing and then promised it’s opposite; it was long and strange and filled with lies, insults and innuendo. The old woman loved it. This was straight talk!

“And we are going to start winning! We will take back our status, keep those establishment crooks out of your pocket, and we will round up those illegals and SEND THEM BACK! We will take back our schools for decent english speaking folks! We will take back our streets from those gangbanging thugs that run around murdering poor christian souls and demonizing our brothers in blue. We will take back our schools and pray any damn time we want! We will take back our jobs from those leeches who use the government to get a leg up over our decent, hard working RED BLOODED AMERICANS. I’m not a racist, but I find it strange that a white man can’t find a decent job, while we have Illegal MEXICANS working three or four jobs, sending that money back to MEXICO, and helping to build their nation. I say we need to BUILD A BIGGER WALL!” The crowd roared at the stadium, the old woman clapped along with the crowd, she was no racist either. And neither was that crowd. And this was IMPORTANT.

The winner continued to hold rallies and race from state to state, giving the fans more and more of his charming speeches and saying the things that were on everyone’s mind. From his lips to their ears poured the down home common sense that they all knew in their hearts to be true. Those people were taking America’s stuff and it was time to take it BACK!

Down in coal country The Winner told the crowds the devastating truth about how the government had set out to make them fail. The Woman watched him move with nervous energy, an energy not usually found in a sober man in his sixties; certainly not a man of his large size, top heavy and out of shape, his jacket cut large and formless, his tie hanging long over his belly, held together with a bit of duct tape. She admired his ability to be on the go constantly, and if that meant he had to sacrifice healthy food to save America, she was not one to judge. We would all have to make sacrifices. Gluttony was not a major sin in her opinion, he would work on that once he took office. ‘What they won’t tell you is this, my friends; they won’t tell you that they closed down these mines to send your jobs to CHINA!! Closed it right down and sent their executives to China to open mines up there. And now what do we see? Cheap, dirty coal flooding the market, the price of coal drops, believe me! I know these people, I know how they work. I will place a FIFTY PERCENT TAX on all coal, steel, any products we make here- those companies that ship their operations overseas will be taxed into submission! No more shady bankers with funny sounding names are going to control our markets and our banking and our businesses!! Time to take this nation BACK, America! Take it BACK! Take it BACK!!”

Turning up the sound to Fox News, the Old Woman grabbed her knitting bag and set it on the recliner next to her, and rummaged through it to find the piece she was working on. She flexed her fingers and moved her hands backs and forth, one at a time, gently easing the stiffness in her bones. Another dose of her pain pills would be lovely, but she was at the point where she was not always able to pay for her refills, medicare had gotten better in the past few years, and she was grateful she had more coverage on her prescriptions. But it never lasted. Lately she had turned to poppy tea, and cannabis to sooth her joins. It was either that or suffer.

The Winner was in an arena, about a quarter full, with all of the crowd pushed up towards the front, making the shot seem filled with spectators, but you could see the dividers that smooshed everyone together. The newscaster was droning on an on about the Winner, the things he planned, the lies people were telling about his agenda. The old woman knew not to believe them, those liberals in the media always spun things to make good christian leaders look bad. He was going to bring American back to better times, times when people weren’t ripping babies out of wombs and burning the flag.

Thinking on the days of her youth, the streets clean and sunny, sweets sounds of summer playing on the record player; she felt wistful and dreamy. Those were the good days, boys were boys and girls were girls, and everybody knew their role and played it without all this whining! Now kids had no respect and brought any old body back home to meet their parents. Just like her son. Jack. When he left his wife and children to bring home that man he called his ‘partner’, she had had enough of being understanding. Men were men and married women and that way the way god intended. She had been right to push him out of her life. It was an abomination.

Silence filled the rooms and ate at her. Bit by bit the quiet took on a life of its own, resting with her like an old friend staying for a long visit. The town had become smaller and smaller since Jack had left. The house had grown bigger.

In May the winner started a war with the Mexicans. She wore red, white, and blue and planted her flags amongst the primroses and in front of the rose bushes.

In June the first battle had ended, and she wove yellow ribbons around the flag poles and tied them to the magnolia trees.

In July she attended the town celebrations, hugging the friends she had made throughout her life, kissing their grandchildren and praising their looks in their uniforms, ushering them off to war.

In August she received a visit, her grandson and granddaughter. For a whole month the house was filled with music again. She had no thoughts to spare for anger or frustration, her family was home, she was happy.

In September her grandson enlisted to serve the nation at War. The Chinese were playing war games in the Pacific, the Mexicans were fighting back on the southern border, taking over towns by using the Cartels as soldiers. They fought dirty. They had no honor. He would help our nation take our land back! And show those silly anti war protesters how a real American made our nation proud.

In October her granddaughter came back. She was in love with a boy in town and she was coming to live with her. Sounds and motion again filled the house. Winter may be on the way, but the old woman felt like spring.

In December, terrible news had come. An attack in Oaxaca had left her grandson injured, his leg had taken shrapnel from an IED, it was amputated. Shock led to grief, but she carried on and began to make her home welcoming for her sweet sweet boy.

It was January that changed everything. She had arrived home from her weekly volunteering at the church kitchen when she tried the bathroom door. It was locked. She knocked. Knocked again. The water was running inside, she could hear it going down the drain, but nobody was answering. She ran down the hall to her grandson’s room and burst inside in a mad panic. He lay on his side, staring at the wall, his usual daily activity since his discharge. An empty liquor bottle lay next to him like his lover, nestled close to his chest. He looked at her in a bland way before saying “What do you want?”

“Do you not hear the water running in the bathroom?How long has it been on? I knocked on the door, is your sister in there?”

“It could be attila the hun for all I care, what do you want me to do about it? I have no fucking leg! Fuck off you old bitch!!”

“Help me get inside and you can drink yourself to death for the rest of the day! Get your ass up!”

Slowly he raised himself off the pillow and turned over to roll out of bed. The old woman waited impatiently as he grabbed his crutches and shuffled out of the door.

At the bathroom, he stopped and assessed the door, touched it and checked for weak spots before stepping back, then forward as he pounded his shoulder into the thin wood. It popped open immediately.

The old woman watched as the ambulance left, the remnants of their visit strewn about her home and yard. The coroner van arrived to take her granddaughter to autopsy, they wanted to be certain of the cause of death.

But the blood running down the drain told the tale. A butcher they called whomever had done this to her. The holes ripped into her carried the embryo out of her womb, right along with most of her blood. She had forgotten. She had forgotten in her nostalgic dreams, had forgotten how things really were way back then. And she had helped bring America back.

That night The Winner was on TV giving a speech. She did not smile, did not clap, did not feel a part of something bigger. She turned him off. And she cried. Alone.

How were we supposed to reach 'Rural Whites' and still maintain our base?

I mean, what were we supposed to do when we as a party represent all colors and styles and types of Americans, while Rural Whites seem to think that it is us minorities who are taking THEIR JOBS, and they blame us for their situation? I see people telling us to face 'reality' and realize that those people are 'hurting' and that we need to sympathize. How should I sympathize with a group who would swear on a bible that it is all my fault that jobs are not rushing to locate in rural, backwater towns? Am I not allowed to be offended that those people directly blame me and my supposed allies are saying I should not think that's kinda fucked up, but I should somehow agree with and sympathize with them over myself because??? Because they are white? Why are they not implored to sympathize with me? They certainly have it better than we do at this point in history, regardless of what they BELIEVE.

Blacks, Asians and Hispanics are getting a lot more of the net new jobs than their proportion of the population, but I’m not saying they are a lot happier,” Achuthan said.

He cautioned against jumping to the conclusion that minorities somehow unfairly landed jobs at the expense of whites.

It’s not like they all showed up at a job fair and someone said, ‘No, we’re taking the person of colour,'” Achuthan said. “The easiest explanation is that Asians, black and Hispanics tend to be located in the population centers, and that’s where a lot of the job growth has been.”

Whites living in rural areas may be reluctant to move to the cities for jobs, he said.

“When you’re down and out, c’mon, are you going to pack your stuff into a U-Haul, drive to an urban centre, rent a place and set up shop?”

So... How to deal with the fact that rural white voters literally believe these things about people who are dedicated and lifelong democrats, our base. How to reach them while not pretending that their views are not completely offensive to our voters, and keep our voters while somehow convincing people who already think that we gain at their expense to try to work for everyones benefit. We minorities are already here, willing to help all. We always have been. Hopefully we don't change that by pandering to people with deplorable views.

The 'White Working Class' is just another form of Identity Politics

Just in case people do not understand that while they are BASHING identity politics because us mean old blacks and minorities just have it so so good and they are worried more about the 'White Working Class' than anything else in the world, here is a tip; that is also identity politics. Focusing on a group based on the color of their skin and raising them up to the utmost importance while trying to silence the rest of us is nasty and uncivil and racist. Because see, the white working class IS STILL DOING BETTER THAN THE REST OF US IN THE WORKING CLASS. So why should they be more IMPORTANT than the rest of us? Because they always have been and people are scared that will change?

Bashing identity politics in favor of the white working class is not some some selfless policy that is race neutral and helps everybody. No, it is trying to uplift white people at the expense of everybody else.

I am not surprised to see this. I remember being told many times how I deseve Donald Trump if I did not do what the white progressives told me, that I was uninformed if I made a decision they did not like, and that black folks should be educated and informed by them even if we were not interested in their lectures.

It is not progressive or leftist or liberal to try to shut down oppressed minorities even DISCUSSING their identity and how it effects their votes, in order to make white people feel better and more important. Think we dont feel LEFT OUT and IGNORED? Of course we do. This is just the first time in history where we are actually free to speak out, hundreds of years of oppression and we are finnally going to see the end of white racial hedgemony in my lifetime, or at least my kids will.

What you are feeling is only a small dose of what the rest of us deal with daily. Might as well get over the idea that the rest of us are going to hide who we are to make life easier for you politically.

Here is a nice article based on the op title. Read it several times. Think on it. And know that there are not going to be fewer of us next election season and that a great white resurgence will force us to shut up. It wont. The nation will be even darker skinned next go round and for every election ever after.

If you find yourself more upset at a football player than at the murder of unarmed black men

Then you have serious issues with race and black people in particular. You are becomming obsolete and need to wake the hell up. Black lives matter more than your stupid feelings about what you think black people are allowed to do.

If a pair of piggy socks on a football player has you running for your smelling salts and fainting couch, then you need a Time Machine so you can go Antebellum in a time where it did not make you look like an ignorant fool. Because this here day? It just makes you look like a nasty idiot who thinks black folks owe something to you for being allowed to exist.

Expect more piggy socks and protests. Until you stand with black lives, you are against black lives and we will ignore the silly temper tantrums, and allow the changing demographics to help us force this nation to treat us with dignity and respect. I see the whiners and those puffed up with their own importance as just like the folks holding "Segregation forever!" signs. So, like I said, black lives matter more than your stupid fee fee about pledges and piggy socks.

George Zimmerman got punched in the face. Dylann Roof Got his ass kicked in lockup. So what?!?

Why people run around crying bitter tears for these violent maniacs and expect folks to feel bad for them is amazing. Hey, guess what? Prison is violent. Murderers get their asses kicked in prison. Rapists also get their asses kicked. So, maybe I don't feel one damn bit sorry for the kid who went into a black church to pray with parishoners and murdered them, getting a bit of a beatdown. Not my problem. And maybe I don't gaf if George Zimmerman gets punched in the mouth for brgging about Murdering Trayvon.

Maybe, just maybe, George should stfu and hide his dumb face away from people when he feels a brag coming on. And perhaps, Dylann Roof shoulda stayed his punk ass home that day and not killed my people like that up in that church. Maybe folks should feel sorrier for the millions of non violent black men who are locked up and getting worse beatdowns than these racist fucking KILLERS. Our prisons are not safe because the system knows that the prisons are mostly for blacks. They don't want to rehabilitate. Not our blacks asses. Now when white murderers start suffering the same fate as black drug dealers, here we see folks are all sad sad sad super sad at how violent our prisons are. Umm hmmm. I see through it. Poor poor little white racist killer. Poor. So sad. Umm hmm. Yeah right.

State accuses woman of murdering her four month old child


The mother is a friend of mine. I just babysat on Thursday.
This is breaking my heart.

Amigale, a 4-month-old girl, was crying last Friday morning. She wanted to be held. Instead, her mother, Nina Alexie, shoved a pink-and-blue knit hat all the way into the newborn's mouth.

When the mother removed the hat five minutes later, the child was gasping. Deafening silence filled the room a moment later.

That is the story state prosecutors say Alexie told Anchorage Police Department officers who arrested her after Amigale was found dead. The 22-year-old with a lengthy criminal record now faces second-degree murder and manslaughter charges.

One key piece of evidence that led investigators to arrest the infant's mother is a letter she allegedly left behind for the girl's father after the killing.

"I cannot take what happened," she wrote in the two-page handwritten letter. "I've been holding her praying for her dear life to come back. She done (sic) didn't. I'm scared. I'm very terrified. I am hurting. I'm lost."

According to a document submitted by the state to Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby, who was weighing bail conditions after a grand jury indicted Alexie, the infant's parents were fighting in the hours leading to her death. It got bad enough that the father left the unit the family occupied in the East Anchorage transitional living center, Safe Harbor Inn. The girl died while he was gone, police say.

White cops murder blacks=blacks are bad; Black man kills cops=race war

This is insane. Why people start calling it a race war the second a couple of ex Millitary black men kill cops, but never see it as a race war in all the years that we have been systematically killed by police, I do not know. When white men kill cops they are just called lone wolves... Nothing to do with the rest of the white people.

Collective punishment of the African American community has been going on forever. We are all to blame for what any one black person does, our community is told that it is all of our fault when one of us snaps. That is wrong and it is how white supremacy flourishes.

Maybe it's time to come up with solution to all this killing instead of going with the old tried and true method of immediately blaming the entirety of the black community for what one man does. And we can stop pretending that we (the black community) have no reason to feel as if War is constantly being made upon us by the USA. We might have too many guns floating around where people with violent tendencies can get them with ease. Might be time to fix that.

I'm under 45 and he can count me OUT of this 'revolution'

Not interested in hearing one more damn word about his donations, how awesome he is, how oppressed he is, how many caucuses he won, and not one damn more word about what he demands in light of his YUUUGE loss to Candidate Hillary Clinton.

All this anticipation about this speech and how excited everybody was. Pfffttt! I hope the DNC was listening and makes sure that anybody who refused to concede DOES NOT GET ONE DAMN MINUTE of time on stage at Hillary's party- the Democratic National Convention.

That had to be just about the most pessimistic and depressing speech I have ever watched. So glad they cut away.

Same damn speech I saw for the last year. Nothing new, just a list of complaints, demands, accusations, and self congratulatory plea for continued attention.

How Bernie Sanders exposed Democrats racial rift


No, it doesn't look sexist at all. Uh uh. Nope. Nothing to see here...

Doesn't it though? It kinda does to me. I mean, the first woman to win more delegates and become the presumptive nominee of a major US political party and here we go with the outraged cries of 'fraud', the comparisons to Margaret Thatcher, the lies about coronations and the dumb ass advice to us Hillary voters, that we should wait and find somebody better, nicer, more perfect than our candidate. Somebody more like their candidate. Somebody exactly like their candidate, who is perfect.

So tired of being told that now is not the time, that is not the 'right' woman, this man is better, she is too ambitious, too mean, too loud, too quiet, too hard, too soft, and that if I do not agree then, well, I am just using the ADVANTAGE I have of being born female over them and using my woman card. Makes me sick, ew.

Um, HI! Yes it does look sexist. And the fact that folks sit around trying to tell us what type of woman would be acceptable when we never ever ever ever use a man's masculinity against him in politics should be your first damn clue that it is sexist. And no, I do not care if you are a woman and feel those feelings against her and have the same objections. That you agree just shows how prevalent sexism is in this world.

She is going to be Candidate Hillary running against Donald Trump whether you think she is too tall, too short, to smiley, too stern, too happy, too sad, too bad, too gullible, too sharp, too dull, too bold, too shy. No matter what you think this is just what is going to happen period. Get used to imperfect women being able to do the same exact things as imperfect men. Too many double standards going on and people need to check themselves.
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