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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 6,421

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I asked one of my family members who likes Trump, " If Trump is the best for the GOP, what do you

consider the worse for the GOP?"

No answer, just frowns.

(Right now on Cnn)Trump giving live speech for NRA....just spewing foolishness

" I'm going to scrap all of Obama's executive orders on first hour of my Presidency'

So, Paul Ryan allowed Trump and Palin to scare him.lol

Trump going after Hilary over Bill's affair.If you were Hillary,what would you say in response?

Obama didn't create Trump, the people who hate Obama did. (Headline)


What the Germans think about a Trump Presidency.


Very interesting article.

I know who Trump is picking for his Vice President if he is the nominee.


This jerk

The GOP black exodus


Interesting article

Ted Cruz was being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos yesterday in the Bronx...

Ted Cruz called Senator Rueben Diaz (NY) an African American. This puzzles me. Diaz is Puerto Rican, born in Puerto Rico.Cruz doesn't view him as Latino.Weird.

Trumps speech right now in NY..

He is repeating himself again.....we're going to win again, I don't take money from anyone, we're gonna knock the hell outta ISIS, our military will be bigger and stronger than ever, no one's going to mess with us, we owe trillions to China, our businesses are going to Mexico, we're bringing companies back to the US. We're going to build a wall and who is going to pay for it......MEXICO!!!

Now the crowd chants ....build that wall.

Rinse and Repeat...Same bullshit different days.

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