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Name: Take a guess...
Gender: Male
Member since: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 09:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,300

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So I opened my pay stub this morning...

It's my first day back to work this year (I've been sick with a stomach bug). I see my pay stub on my desk, so I crack it open...

And on my computer, Facebook asks me, "How's it going, Bob?"

My response:

"It's going kinda shitty, Facebook. I'm still sick, but decided to crawl back into work, and I just learned that after a year at my job, I now make $7 a week LESS than I did, just so I can pay more into a federal program that won't exist when I'm old enough to use it. But we can keep tax breaks for people making almost half a million dollars a year (or what I'll make in almost TWO MOTHERFUCKING DECADES!). Congress can go fuck themselves..."

Between this and the docking of my pay because my job (using my degree from a state school) can't fund my college loans, I'm making about what I did when I was at McDonald's in high school ($6.75 after taxes). Any tax refund at the federal or state level will go bye-bye before I even get it. I figure in about 60 years I should be paid off at my current rate of repayment. Oh, BTW, I've never had a credit card and my car was $450.00 cash out of a guy's yard, so I'm not living the high life on credit, either.

So... what the fuck is the point of all this? Seriously, I'm asking: what the FUCK is the point?

Don't ask me, I just work here...
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