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Name: Take a guess...
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Member since: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 09:59 PM
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Went to the local dollar store yesterday, and I bought a package of cheap cookies, a single-serving bag of Doritos, and a box of candy canes. The total was $3.08.

Gee, one thing must have been taxed. Which was it? The Doritos? The fudge-covered shortbread cookies?


The candy canes.

WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

But in all seriousness, why aren't Doritos and cookies taxed in New York? WTF?

Growing up...

I was on the free and reduced programs through kindergarten to about eighth grade.

It sucked. I and all the others were judged. There were fights. I remember "Goddamned mother-fuckin' welfare rat" was the absolute be-all, end-all insult on the school bus.

<My mother had a (shitty) job, and dad did occasional contracting work, so I was one who "could" spew that hurtful filth. I spent more time than I care to remember on both ends of the problem.>

Many kids paid full price because their parents were too proud to file for free lunches -- because, as we all know, there is no such thing as a poor person in America; just momentarily-devalued millionaires.

I'm not cool with spending tax dollars on more tanks the Army doesn't want. I'm not cool with buying new invasion gear for Marines going to save a country for Halliburton.

But feeding children is worth it to me, especially if the system doesn't lead to the kinds of fights, shouting matches and other disruptions I remember from 20 years ago.

Silly question on priorities...

from the police blotter in my hometown paper today, but which one of these people should go to jail for the night? Which one should be ROR'd out an hour later?

"Stephanie ***, 21, of ***, was charged with criminal possession of a hypodermic instrument after allowing an officer to search her purse."


"Raymond ***, 36, of ***, was charged with second-degree menacing and petit larceny following a domestic incident when he stole a cell phone and threatened the owner. A temporary order of protection was issued against ***."

Then which one actually DID go to jail on $1,000 bail? The cooperative one with a piece of metal and plastic, or the wife beater?

So I opened my pay stub this morning...

It's my first day back to work this year (I've been sick with a stomach bug). I see my pay stub on my desk, so I crack it open...

And on my computer, Facebook asks me, "How's it going, Bob?"

My response:

"It's going kinda shitty, Facebook. I'm still sick, but decided to crawl back into work, and I just learned that after a year at my job, I now make $7 a week LESS than I did, just so I can pay more into a federal program that won't exist when I'm old enough to use it. But we can keep tax breaks for people making almost half a million dollars a year (or what I'll make in almost TWO MOTHERFUCKING DECADES!). Congress can go fuck themselves..."

Between this and the docking of my pay because my job (using my degree from a state school) can't fund my college loans, I'm making about what I did when I was at McDonald's in high school ($6.75 after taxes). Any tax refund at the federal or state level will go bye-bye before I even get it. I figure in about 60 years I should be paid off at my current rate of repayment. Oh, BTW, I've never had a credit card and my car was $450.00 cash out of a guy's yard, so I'm not living the high life on credit, either.

So... what the fuck is the point of all this? Seriously, I'm asking: what the FUCK is the point?

Don't ask me, I just work here...
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