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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 09:26 PM
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hillary clinton's ties to fracking internationally

and much more in this clip from democracy now!, April 12, 2016 interview with lee fang.

video and transcript - about halfway, amy asks lee fang:

AMY GOODMAN: You’ve also written about Hillary Clinton’s ties to fracking internationally. What do you mean?


hillary, bernie campaigns

are being targeted for trashing and attacks for this reason? and trump's because he is a wild card?

"So, Paul Singer—this issue of Argentina ain’t just 11,000 miles away, Amy and Juan. It is coming home to roost, literally, because he’s got to make sure that there is no Hillary president or President Bernie that will put him out of business. Hillary’s action probably cost him a half-billion or a billion dollars. And he’s going to—he wants blood. And he wants his guy in the White House, which means anyone but Bernie, anyone but Hillary."
- Greg Palast on "Democracy Now" 3.11.16


and don't forget about the secret meeting to stop trump and also...?


how is it that albright and hillary can

sacrifice other women's children to the ravages of war? how is that?
this is not the type of woman i consider fit to lead our country. and, no, i do not see the difference in electing a woman who thinks the same as investors in the war machine and maintaining the status quo vs a corporate male puppet who will do the same.

these are the ways hillary votes against the best interests of women & their families:

she supports monsanto gmo foods and poisons & toxins in the food supply for the masses;

she supports wars that offer up the children of the masses for the greed of the corporate war machine;

she is not interested in a living wage for single parents - the majority of whom are women;

she supports the corporate interests to privatize our natural resources which export our resources to china - while fracking, injecting and polluting our earth and the water table - water our children drink with poisons and heavy metals. yes, she is helping the people of flint. that's nice - but, we will see exactly just how much of a force she can be to make a difference there and how she follows up with other environmental crisis regardless of the election outcome;

how is she willing to revamp the costs and financing of education so that when a young person graduates they are not saddled with life crushing debt? her plan offers a pittance of relief and still puts ridiculous amounts of money in the pockets of the banksters and the corporate run education machine;

how much is she willing to do to lower medical costs? is she willing to work to get insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical providers to negotiate low cost medical care? is she willing to work to overturn legislation which allows these "medical providers" protection from negotiation?

just because she is a woman does not mean she is the woman for the job. i do not see her with the sincere will to right the social, economic and environmental injustices that affect women and families.

it is alarming to see her pandering to women of color and that women are following her solely for the reason that she is a woman. what exactly is she promising them? why are they not seeing what i see?
Posted by hopemountain | Sat Feb 6, 2016, 10:12 PM (0 replies)

no, you are not.

it is a tangled web and for some of us, there are things we wish we did not know.

the corporate land/resources grabs of federal properties and the patriot militia movements are all mixed up together and perversely wedded. and, not in a good way. when the shit hits the fan we will truly not be able to differentiate our friends from foes.

for example, i have law enforcement and ex military family members who are caught up in all of this stuff. they just can't seem to be able to sort out how they are acting against their own best interests because the propaganda messages, fervor, masculine egos, misinformation, ignorance, and weaponized testosterone are becoming more and more uncontrollable & combustible.

in response to comments on here

with regard to the use of the word "miracle". other cultures may use "miracle"as it pertains to their personal and cultural experience.

it is my experience many americans are jaded and insensitive when they interpret how people from other cultures may use and translate a descriptor such as the word "miracle" into english.

we could all use more sensitivity when understanding and interpreting what writers and speakers from other cultures may mean when using particular forms of speech translated into english. they could stand to humble themselves to learn and understand other cultures. period.

it is gross when the majority of us come from arrogance entitled superiority rather than making an effort to acknowledge we are not the only dwellers on this earth and we are far from superior to anyone.

what happened to the pages with all of my posts?

my posts only go back to mid april.

we do not know nor can we see the whole picture

transparency can only go so far. politics is a huge ball of tangled yarn. yes, we should inform the president whenever possible what our interests are on every issue close to our sense of democracy, our communities, our families and our individual selves. this is the most powerful tool we have: our voice! i know he listens but he has to hear from us.

the president has done much for the american public on behalf of social justice issues. those of us who are busy working and surviving must be sure our voices on economic and environmental issues are also heard.

i believe our president sincerely does have our interests in mind - and sometimes, he may appear to be in support of something we do not agree with because he wants the american public to speak up so that he has numbers and leverage to argue against the corporate and wall street interests on behalf of the middle class and the disabled, and low income families/individuals.

write those letters! make those calls! sign those petitions! call the white house! call your legislators! make your voices heard!


consider "jackie" was fearful
consider "jackie" is not completely clear about every piercing detail of what exactly occurred - just knows something happened
consider all of the faces and "names???" are a blur
consider "jackie" has ptsd
consider "jackie" succumbed to the persistence of the rs reporter and put together a story to appease the writer
consider "jackie" can't remember a damn thing but awakened to find herself in physical pain and other evidence of having been raped but does not remember any of it because she was under the influence and blacked out

also, why, why (?) would the wp be so interested in investigating the story in the first place? what would motivate the wp staff to hold a longtime reputable publication on a story about a rape? do they care about the rape survivor or are there other aspects of the story they want to prove or disprove for whatever reason?

how many rapes on this campus or any campus will be reported from here forward - by anyone? how safe will it be for them to report when they cannot remember every specific detail or were to embarrassed, humiliated and afraid to report to an emergency room for a rape kit evidence collection? how many survivors of rape will feel safe or confident enough in their story to report to police?

why don't most victims of sexual rape or sexual abuse report?

because it is not safe. because usually when one is being violated one's survival instinct is to 1. find a way to survive the trauma 2. the most effective way to survive trauma and protect one's self is to make it go away - as though it never happened. 3. keep it a secret.
Posted by hopemountain | Mon Apr 6, 2015, 04:23 PM (0 replies)

not reporting a rape does not mean it did

not occur. in addition, there are many possibilities for your other "reasons" why the story is faulted. and yes, there may be faults to the "story" - but a rape may still have occurred.

but you can ask yourself these questions - why did the writer of the story and rolling stone find the story believable? what would point to a woman being raped and then providing a different name? why would the "story" be mixed up? why would the police not find any "evidence" to support the story?

from my own past experience i believe a rape occurred.
Posted by hopemountain | Sun Apr 5, 2015, 07:50 PM (4 replies)

cannabis salve saved me from chronic,

debilitating nerve & inflammation pain from fibromyalgia. i'm unable to smoke it - but a basic cannabis & olive oil based salve helps me function and deal with the pain.
Posted by hopemountain | Fri Apr 3, 2015, 10:14 PM (0 replies)
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