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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Current location: Houston
Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 02:01 PM
Number of posts: 2,658

About Me

Retired teacher & animal lover

Journal Archives

I need help regarding the propositions on the Texas ballot.

The only comments on the internet I see on these propositions are from Republicans. The wording is confusing, so can someone help me?

Everytime he says Obama's name,

my blood pressure goes up 5 points.

Anyone a fan of this band?

Future Islands. Just saw them last night on Austin City Limits from a show on a year ago. Man, I love their sound and frontman.

What a freaking brilliant actor.

Watching North by Northwest again for the umpteenth time. Can't get enough of Cary Grant's facial expressions and acting expertise. Also, Hitchcock was a genius.

Problem renewing.

I cannot renew my subscription! Even though my credit card for PayPal is up to date, PayPal won't work. How can I just give my credit card # without it going straight to Paypal?

Love this show.

Every week I am amazed that the writers continue to write such top notch episodes. I have been a Holmes fan since Basil Rathbone played the character and am also a huge fan of Jeremy Brett and his portrayal. Elementary never disappoints, and Cumberbatch has captured the essence of Holmes in the modern day. I think the writers are breathing new life into the original concept in a creative way that never fails to entertain.

100% correct.

Suburb of Houston here. Hubby & I are sooooo outnumbered. He fights the good fight out there, but I am retired so I get to stay at home and read DU.

I have never understood this.

I have always had several cats (&dogs) & people cannot believe my house doesn't smell. Hello!! Cats don't smell. They are very clean unless they are ill & can't clean themselves. It is the dirty litter box their owners don't keep clean that stinks up the house, and then the cats will start going on the dirty clothes (or wherever) you never pick up because their litter box is dirty. Pardon my highjacking, but man this is something that really gets to me.

I am a newbie that joined DU last November.

Although I have learned a lot since my first posting (& subsequent lambasting), I would like some clarification on when people click the rec button. Sometimes I see a post that is (at least imho) very dramatic, heartwarming, hilarious, etc. that has a lot of views but will have like 2 recs. Will someone please enlighten me on when you rec and when you don't?

WELL said.

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