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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,015

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Oh the horror, Politics at SCOTUS

I heard the national news pearl clutchers decrying RBG's comments on Trump saying politics should be kept out the Supreme Court. This is the same MSM who said nary a word about Bush V. Gore being a political fix job that even SCOTUS disavowed not letting it ever be used as precedent.

Incredible Statement heard by reporter at the President's News Conference Today

Didn't recall the reporters name. He said to the President that he was the first two-term President in U.S. History to have been at war his entire time in office.

Wow. Still processing that one.

Initially I want to say thanks Shrub and Cheney.

Sneaky Rethug Decisions

It occurred to me that Comey's decision not to prefer charges against HRC was similar to Roberts decision to "save" the Affordable Care Act. At first blush you go hooray. Upon further review you see how these decisions were also so damaging. Roberts decision to let States to opt out of the ACA for its poorest citizens is a disaster. Likewise, Comey's extra special and unprecedented news conference to spew out "extreme carelessness" will have lasting consequences.

SCOTUS-Is it possible?

With the unending throwing of mud on HRC by the Reich Wing are they setting up the dynamic that, if elected, she would not considered to be a legitimate President and therefore boycotting of her nominations for SCOTUS would be justified. As I recall the filibuster is still in place for the Supreme Court. There is a time when I thought such action would be impossible, but now I'm not so sure.

Trump Claims to be Steel Worker

Donald Trump stomped into my backyard just days before July 4 and claimed to be a steelworker.

Thatís right. The billionaire, whose manicured little hands routinely slip into lambskin golf gloves but never once donned heavy-duty work mitts, actually claimed to be a steelworker.

Headline should read Trump Steals From Workers

Right now HRC standing at a podium with the Presidential Seal on it.

The Reich Wing is on the collective fainting couch foaming at the mouth.

Definition of Extreme Carelessness

Shrub sleeping through the August 2001 NSC briefing.

Everytime I hear the term "The Democrat" candidate I am reminded how

Flush Flembaugh has infected the MSM.

David Brooks Remains a Complete Idiot

snip:T]he honor code has also been decimated by the culture of the modern meritocracy, which awards status to the individual who works with his mind, and devalues the class of people who work with their hands.

Most of all, it has been undermined by rampant consumerism, by celebrity culture, by reality-TV fantasies that tell people success comes in a quick flash of publicity, not through steady work. The sociologist Daniel Bell once argued that capitalism would undermine itself because it encouraged hedonistic short-term values for consumers while requiring self-disciplined long-term values in its workers. At least in one segment of society, Bell was absolutely correct.

My guess is the only work Brooks has done with his hands is snap his fingers for another jar of grey coupon. The culture has been undermined by rampant consumerism says idiot Brooks. This is one of the guys who cheered on Shrub when his response to 9/11 was for everyone to go shopping.

I believe according to the late esteemed Mr. George Carlin...

you don't tell time, time tells you.

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