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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 2,594

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Never Forget: Shrub lied us into a war


But the Bush administration absolutely did engage in willful deception. Quite a bit of it, in fact. It’s one thing to simply repeat an intelligence assessment that is wrong, and quite another to take a disputed, credibly challenged intelligence assessment and state it as uncontested fact. That’s a lie, and senior Bush officials did it often. There’s no better example of this than the aluminum tubes.

Really, Brian Williams and his lie about Iraq. Shrub continues to get a pass for being the National Prevaricator. Smarmy puppet for Darth Cheney spouting lie after lie. Just thinking about causes my BP to go up like a Mentos in a Pepsi bottle.

From Nixon's plain cloth coat to Ernst's bread bags on shoes.

Wing nut messaging never changes.

Rmoney to change image by highlighting his charitable giving to all you takers



To break from his image, advisers say Romney will highlight his charitable giving with donors and voters as part of an effort to show “he’s generous to those that haven’t been as economically successful as him,” one adviser said.

We 47 percent of the moocher class have just failed to understand the noblesse oblige of Rmoney and his benevolent clan.

Ted Cruz to oversee NASA


Senator Ted Cruz will chair the committee that oversees science and Nasa in the new Republican-controlled Congress, raising fears that the conservative Texan will cut funding to the space agency and science programs.

In his first action Senator Cruz will expose the "Apollo moon landing" as having taken place in Walter Cronkite's garage.

Rethugs Would Get The Blame For Another Government Shut Down



As Republican congressional leadership struggles with a rabid caucus, as usual, bent on forcing a government shutdown, as usual, polling shows that the public would blame Republicans if government grinds to a halt, as usual.

I disagree. I think Teahaddists learned they can can shut down the government and then win control of Congress. I am not saying it's logical, but it's probably what they learned.

Man arrested for pointing a banana at the police

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- A man is facing a felony menacing charge, because two Colorado sheriff's deputies say they thought a banana he pointed at them was a gun.

Like the British, maybe we should call the police the Peelers.

The President's Stunning Use of Presidential Pardon Power


Will the president’s turkey pardon start a wave of unauthorized poultry immigration?

I can't wait for Faux News to say the President needs to institute a 21 day coop detention for these turkeys because of the potential danger of bird flu from these undocumented birds.

Hunger Games by Rethug Pence of Indiana-Cutting Off Food Assistance is Ennobling the Poor.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) explained on Tuesday that a new policy that could cut off food stamps for thousands of people in his state would be “ennobling” for poor people.

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration announced last month that beginning in 2015, it would no longer request a waiver to the federal work requirement for certain people who use the SNAP program. Up to 65,000 single Hoosiers could lose food stamp benefits unless they are working 20 hours a week or attending job training.

Motivation through loss of calories. Call it the Tehaddist--die--it.

Putting the asterisk of impeachment charges next to the President's Name


snip:Sen. Mitch McConnell might want a more bipartisan Senate, but if Republican voters have their way, he won’t deliver one.

According to a postelection survey from the Pew Research Center, most Republicans—57 percent—think the party should move in a more conservative direction, compared with 39 percent who think GOP leaders should moderate during the next two years. Not that they’re interested in legislation. Sixty-six percent of Republicans want leaders who “stand up” to President Obama, even if less gets done in Washington. In other words, now that they have control of Congress, rank-and-file Republicans are less concerned with policy and more interested in fighting Obama, even if it derails a conservative agenda.

The rethugs claim impeachment is off the table. I don't buy it. I think they will try and splash as much mud on the President before he leaves office as they can. Whether they could get a conviction is irrelevant to the Teahaddists. Impeachment is the ultimate "standing up to the President" card the rethugs can play. They all come from blood red districts and would be hailed as heroes for preferring impeachment charges.

Morning Music For Nirvana Fans--and all others

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