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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 3,538

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If Reich Wing No Vote in 8th Year of Presidency Was Applied Generally:

Movies end with 20 minutes to go.

Milk expires weeks ahead of the date on the carton.

Planes put you out 3/4s of the way to your destination.

In baseball it's 2 strikes and your out.

To the sender of the heart--thanks very much.

Rethugs don't need to filibuster. They can vote down every nominee with 53 votes.

And then wait for Obama to leave office.

If the Oregon Bundy Saga becomes a feature length movie what would it be titled?

Welfare Moocher on a Hot Bird Sanctuary

The Incompetent, the Bad, and the Fugly.

Shitty, Shitty, Bang, Bang, what you mean I'm losing my gun rights.

Psycho-the Cowboy Hat Version

Midnight Cowboy in the Federal Prison

My Welfare Rancher

12 Stupid Angry Incarcerated Men

Gone with the Indictment

Many Flew into the Cuckoo's Nest

Always a Dumb ass Notion

The Stetson is the New Orange

Now that Chief Welfare Rancher Mooch Ammon is in jail...

should he write a rallying memoir form prison what would it be titled. I suggest:

Das Bundy

Mein Welfare Grass

Rethug Primary Now Officially a Horror Show

I’ve been writing about the Donald Trump phenomenon several times a week for seven months now. As his candidacy evolved from a bizarre spectacle to a serious campaign, it’s become clear that this is a pivotal moment in American politics. It’s not just that we have a shocking demagogue or a profane performer topping the polls in the Republican presidential race. It’s the alarming notion that a crude authoritarian white nationalist is appealing to a very large section of the American people. Even worse is the realization that there is a path for him to actually win the presidency.

It has come down to a gold plated imitation ll Duce or an Elmer Gantry Flimflam grifter of the phoniest order. I'll take my blindfold now, but I'll pass on the offered cigarette.


I like to attend education classes geared for us old folks. You know when it is said there is no such as a stupid question, I beg to differ. It has been my experience that when I attend these lectures there are always people in the audience who raise their hands to ask a question. No problem. The problem begins when they begin their question by expounding on their knowledge ad nausea um before they finally arrive at their question. Oh, and by the way, had then been listening their question was probably already answered.

Note: people come to the lecture to hear the presenter not people in the audience.

Thanks. Rant over.

Samantha Bee: Cruz has Stage 4 Cancer of the Personality

Samantha Bee’s debut on Full Frontal began with an all-out skewering of the 2016 presidential race — or as she called it, “the most deranged electoral sh*t show in a generation.”

At one point, she turned her attention toward “fist-faced horsesh*t salesman” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), highlighting how uncomfortable the senator’s wife Heidi looked when CNN’s Dana Bash pointed out how unpopular he is with his fellow lawmakers. “It’s not his fault, Dana,” Bee said, imitating Heidi Cruz. “My husband has stage four cancer of the personality.”

The problem is Carnival Cruz is trying to metastasize to the rest of the country.

Samuel Jackson speaks on how I feel about Rethugs on the Teevee-Warning Strong Language

Replace snakes with Rethugs and plane with Teevee

Trying to put Raygun's image in 3,000 counties.

This has been the idea behind the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project: rather than let the historic chips fall where they may and leave their man to inertia and thumb vandals, the project wants to keep Ronald Reagan and his ideals in front of the public by naming things for him. Lots of things. How many things? “We want one thing in each county,” says the project’s architect, Grover Norquist.

America has more than three thousand counties, so he’s talking about a lot of Reagan.

Put his image overlooking every pile of $5,000 Pentagon hammers, pot-holed tax starved highway, graveyard holding HIV victims, the graves of the marines killed in Beruit, and a big ass statue on the grounds of the Iranian Embassy, if it ever comes back, celebrating his arms for hostages deal.
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