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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 3,855

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"Known" War Criminal Rumsfeld Endorses "Known" Lunatic tRump.

On Greta Van Susteren's show yesterday, the one and only Donald Rumsfeld came out with his endorsement of Donald Trump, saying the decision "wasn't even close."
One of the architects of the biggest foreign policy catastrophe's in U.S. history endorses Drumpt. About right.

Tax Debate Over: Progressives Won

The Washington Post recently highlighted the economic divergence between California and Kansas. California is tied, with Oregon, for the fastest growth in the nation with 4.1 percent gross domestic product growth in 2015. Kansas was flat, at 0.2 percent, and the second half of the year recorded negative growth, placing the state in recession. Only West Virginia, Alaska and North Dakota performed worse.
The Reich Wing will respond by saying their state's poor growth rate was because of the ACA, or Benghazi, or Ebola, or Zika.

What's the difference between a denominator and a numerator?

Forget it, I won't explain because only a fraction of you would get it.

Elizabeth Warren MoveOn Add Against tRump

In a new video released on Wednesday, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren tore into Donald Trump and revealed the “one lie that helps sums up” what he is all about.
Line: "If Trumpt doesn't want to pay for government, don't put him charge of the government."

Please take the time to watch the 4 minute video.

Hastert to Report to Prison Today

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) is scheduled to show up to serve his 15-month federal prison sentence today for a hush money case related to decades-old allegations of sexual abuse.
Well, at least with him in prison there's one less sexual abuser vote for tRumpt.

Define Trumpster Fire

A Trumpster fire: a burning political campaign which spews such toxicity that the concrete and steel sarcophagus covering Chernobyl has been rejected as not sufficiently strong to withstand it's vile spillage.

Reich Wing Refuse to Hold Official Hearings on Rethug Occupation of Federal Land

The fact that this was an informal forum and not a full bi-partisan committee hearing did not go unnoticed. Panelists and members of Congress alike expressed disappointment in the issue’s lack of bipartisan attention.
“It’s a shame that this isn’t an official hearing of the Natural Resources Committee because this is a very serious problem as it relates to our federal lands, our federal law enforcement, but also to the safety and security of the nation,” said Representative DeFazio of Oregon. “Homeland should also be holding hearings on this threat of domestic terrorism, but they’re not.”
In addition to sweeping the issue under the rug, committee members blamed the rhetoric and actions of Rob Bishop and other anti-park politicians for fanning the flames of these anti-government extremists.

Democrats make do with informal forum because the Reich Wing is too busy wasting money on Benghazi's Hannity witness to investigate homegrown terrorists.

Trump Planning to Meet with 400 Homophobic Evangelical Leaders a Week After Claiming to Be 'Friend'

of LGBT community.
This coming Tuesday, June 21, the Trump campaign will hold will host its highest-profileevent thus far to court evangelicals; "a private meeting with over 400 of the most bigoted, most homophobic and most influential anti-LGBTadvocates in the United States — from Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins to James Dobson, founder of the Focus on the Family — the bedrock of the religious right, which has been a prominent part of the base of the Republican Party for decades," the Huffington Post reported.

Drumpt will continue to get away with his bold face lies until the media decides to hold him accountable. Unlikely, because he makes them too much money in add revenues.

Happy Father's Day: Dad Humor

Why do bikes fall over when parked on a hill?

A: Because they are two-tired.

If anyone cares, a good name for a new pet fish:

James Pond

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