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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,379

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Any Congressional Investigation of Putin Installing Trump will be a white wash


Congressional Republicans spent years investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails and launched a special committee to get to the bottom of the Benghazi attacks.

But when it comes to alleged Russian interference in the presidential election, the GOP appears to be taking a more restrained approach.

The rethugs will bury this. There is no check Orange Hitler.

Remember, remember...

the 8th of November,
the Drumpt treason and plot.
I can think of no reason,
why the Drumpt-Putin treason,
should ever be,

With Putin now elected as President does that mean I can see Russia from my house in Arizona? nt

America on January 20th has a despot in control. Drumpt can do anything...

and the Rethugs would never remove him. Ever. Orange Twitter Hitler in charge.

John Glenn gone from us. He truly had the Right Stuff. RIP.

I wonder with Drumpt's small hands inching towards the nuclear button if the

doomsday clock is spinning forward in overdrive?

2009 President Obama Inherits Economy in Free Fall and over 10% Unemployment

2016 Drumpt inherits 4.9% Unemployment and Economy in Good Shape.

Your welcome and FU Drumpt.

HRC got more votes. People have spoken. No SCOTUS Pick for Drumpt.

The Reich Wing wanted the people to decide the direction of the Supreme. They have their answer.

Blockade every choice of Drumpts.

No cave-ins.

Scorched earth. Too many people's lives and people's rights on riding on this.

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Obama, Drumpt WTF America?

Please tell me Rod Serling is going to appear?

Drumpt's Hotel Stay to Play Scam


News — Politics
Foreign diplomats feel pressure to stay at Trump's hotels

The first of cheeto Hitler's many scams by using the influence of his office. I expect the White House will be filled with brochures for fake Drump university and leathery Drump steaks.
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