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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,054

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I very grateful for the clean water I just got out of my faucet.

Health Concerns Really? Shrub and his drunken pretzel routine,

Shrub 1 throws up on Japan, Raygun was so out of it Nancy and her astrologist ran the government, Darth Cheney spent so much time in undisclosed locations the Secret Service probably went broke covering overtime, and Ford probably had a TBI from playing football.

The level sexism directed at Hillary's "health" issues is beyond the pale.

With President Obama: Unemployment is down, the stock market is up,

the number of insured is up, gas prices are down.

Drumpt wants to "fix" this.

Fuck him.

Health Inquiries. How about shrub nearly choking on a pretzel.

That got about 1 day's worth of play in the press.

Beware. Voter Machines Rigged for Drumpt

If you cast a voter for Orange Hitler the machine registers a vote as:

*signs you up permanently for a thousand dollars a month worth of Drumpt steaks

*enrolls you at $10,000 a month in Drumpt's fake school

*forces you to contribute $5000 a month to Welfare Rancher Bundy's defense team

*gets you on a list to clean Drumpt's bathrooms

What if soy milk is just

regular milk introducing himself in spanish?

Please begin a list of all the special names for Drumpt

Need to stock up for the stretch run.
My favorite is Orange Hitler.

What was your most memorable song your last year in high school?

Here's mine.

Arizona State's Sandra Day O'Connor College set to open in downtown Phoenix

Under her name it should inscribed:

"Proud Swing Vote in Bush V. Gore."

The reality of Drumpt voter logic.

First I salute the person out there in the ether who came up with this.

Trump voter: I support him because he says what he means.
Trump: Somebody shoot my opponent.
Trump voter: He didn't mean that.

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