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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 2,185

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Chuckle for the day

A older gentlemen is going to the kitchen so his wife asks " can you get me some ice cream?" He says sure. You want ice cream. She replies by saying I want ice cream with cherries. She says you sure you got that. He says yeah, ice cream with cherries. She then says give some whip cream with that ice cream and cherries. The gentlemen says I got it, ice cream with whip cream and cherries. 20 minutes later he comes back to the living room with bacon and eggs. His wife takes one look at at it and says "where's my toast?"

Rethug strategy for 2016 is already outlined.

Disenfranchise as many voters as possible

Drum up all the Dark Money SCOTUS allows.

Packing the court was the long-term play against the Dems. With the court in their pocket they could simultaneously open the money gates and gut the Voting Rights Act. An effective, but diabolical strategy.

This strategy could actually capture the White House for them.

I know that because of Congressional perks this is unlikely to happen, but

what would your evasive action be if you found yourself on an aircraft in the middle seat between Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachman?

I would look for an Air Marshal.

I would like to know how to put videos and pictures in my posts.

Can you tell me how to do this.

thank you

Do you think the country is more divided today than

at the time of Kent State in May of 1970?

I still think the Kent State was era more divisive.

If a Teahaddist had a version of the shake it Magic Eight Ball

what message would appear?

No health insurance--go die

Get a job--in a jobless economy

Fox is wisdom

Go suppress a vote

Dark Money---yeah!!!


Run away-Ebola is everywhere

Where's the birth sertifikate?

If you had one song that would not leave your mind and you were stuck listening to it

what would would it be?

Mine would be "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Won't watch MTP: However, predicted Toadisms:

The President has to reach out..

He has to recognize that that he (the Prez) is not very popular.

The Teacrazies can be controlled.

This election spells disaster for Hillary.

The Republicans are the responsible party.

A government shutdown will be the President's fault

Did I miss any?

Just saw a map of the country detailed by its red versus blue counties.

I thought I was looking at the bottom of the shower stall in the movie "Psycho."

No wait, that movie was in black and white.

Anyway,: you get the unfortunate picture. As a country, we are f.....

Lock Stockholm Syndrome and Barrel

96 percent incumbent reelection rate. Held by terrorists and re-elect them every time.

Our country is beyond f......
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