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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 3,299

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Note on New Year's Resolutions

It's not old behavior if you did it yesterday.

Phoenix Worst Air Quality in the Nation Today

Maricopa County issued a No Burn Day notice and people responded by lighting up their chimneys.

Maybe Arpaio should quit chasing brown people and go after the a-holes creating the brown cloud.

New Years rant over.

Carnival Cruz Courts Crazies

Sen. Ted Cruz headed to his home state of Texas this week to court prominent Christian conservative leaders in his effort to cement Religious Right support going into the GOP presidential primary. The gathering, which was held at the ranch of social conservative mega-donors Farris and Dan Wilks and organized in part by conservative activist and pro-Cruz super PAC head David Barton, drew 300 guests, the Washington Post reported, overflowing the Wilks’ home.

The Post reports that among the guests were John Hagee, the controversial pastor whose endorsement John McCain was pressured to reject in 2008, former top Southern Baptist leader Richard Land, and Focus on the Family and Family Research Council founder James Dobson, who has already officially endorsed Cruz:

This is an all-star team of cranks, crazies, flmm-flammers, grifters, and all around hate-mongers.

Phrase I would like to never hear again this year.

X person "rocks a_______."

Line heard at the film The Big Short--dialogue spoiler

Truth is like poetry. And everybody hates poetry.


Down Goes Tyson


Hoverboard by knockout.

Political Red Rover

When I was a kid we played the game Red Rover where two lines of kids faced each other and yelled, "Red Rover, Red Rover send Billy or Sally, someone from the other side over. I don't really remember how you won the game. My point is if I'm standing in my line of Americans facing the Repug lineup for President and playing Red Rover and said, Red Stater, Red Stater send over your biggest Democrat hater," Who would they send?

I think it would be either Carnival Cruise or Huckleberry.

Cruz wacko: Obama ruined the country and Christmas by keeping Santa out of school


snip: “I don’t like Obama no more,” the woman explained. “He’s ruined our country, ruined Christmas. He’s let the Muslims in. We can’t say that word, we’ve got to be ashamed of it — and we’re not ashamed people. We’re a proud people, and we’re gonna take our country back. So watch out, Obama! We’re coming.”

The reporter asked the woman to explain how Obama had ruined Christmas.

“He’s scared the little children,” she said. “They’re not allowed to have Santa Claus in the schools where, you know, it might offend the Muslims. But what about us?”

Her rantings about Christmas give me Claustrophobia. Cruz is a smarmy and lethal candidate.

Woman Said she Redirected Tornado to Another Neighborhood When God Gave her authority over winds

Texas woman says her Christian faith gave her the power to redirect a tornado away from her home.

Sabrina Lowe, of Rowlett, said 10 family members were visiting her apartment Saturday when they heard the distinctive train noise of the approaching tornado, reported NPR.

“We actually went outside and started commanding the winds, because God had given us authority over the winds, the airways,” Lowe said.

Just wow.

Humor for the day

An office manager comes into the office of her boss and says, "There's a guy out in the lobby who says you owe him money, but he didn't give his name."
The office manager says, "What does he look like?"
She says, "He looks like you ought to pay him."
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