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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 3,737

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Rethug Congress to Potential Zika Victims-No money for you-We are on vacation

Congress abandoned the Capitol Thursday for an almost two-week break without addressing how to combat Zika, even as public health officials issue dire warnings about the spread of the mosquito-driven virus with summer approaching.

The Reich wing refrain, bathrooms and Benghazi.

Drumpf media strategy

1. Say something completely insane and outrageous.

2. Have media chase story all day.

3. Have dems deny it.

4. Drumpf ends the day by saying he never said it.

5. Rinse, repeat until election day.

I would like to think Drumpf is unelectable.

But with a population that voted for Shrub twice and Raygun twice I could be wrong.

Tweety has hate monger Coulter on his show

Yet another reason to hate him.

Rethug Governor Ducey (Koch) Packing the Supreme Court in AZ

Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation Wednesday to expand the state Supreme Court to seven justices from five, saying the additional judges will allow the court to take on more cases and ensure "swift justice."

Ducey's approval of House Bill 2537 will cost the state an additional $1 million and came despite objections from Chief Justice Scott Bales, who earlier this month asked the Republican governor to veto the legislation. In that letter, Bales wrote additional judges are not needed and expansion "is not warranted when other court-related needs are underfunded."

We get Brewer, Arpaio, a a a Teabagger legislature, Governor Koch, I mean Ducey, now a packed Supreme Court. Sorry to all you all DUers living in Deep Red States, Arizona is the most screwed.

Shrub's Torture Enabler Yoo Endorses Drump's SCOTUS Picks

Donald Trump has released a list of potential Supreme Court picks, and Bush administration torture enabler John Yoo has already announced at National Review that he's over the moon:

Everyone on the list is an outstanding legal conservative. All are young, smart, and committed. They would excel in any comparison with anyone whom Hillary Clinton would appoint to the Supreme Court.

Shrub's skeletons continue to rattle from the rethug closet.


Drump's Baghdad Bob or Betty or something

CNN viewers slammed Donald Trumpís senior press representative, Healy Baumgardner, on Wednesday for a robotic interview that was instantly compared to a skit on Saturday Night Live.

During a segment about Trumpís pledge to speak with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, CNN host Carol Costello asked Baumgardner what the candidate meant when he praised the dictator in January as ďamazingĒ for killing his own family members.

I think we should get used to this. To explain Drump's remarks his minions might as well shake the Magic 8ball.

I have resigned myself to horse race coverage for 2016

It's quite apparent that Drump's antics drive ratings and income for the media. Therefore, they will never call him out for the dangerous lunatic he is. False equivalency will reign and the grinning idiot pundits will discuss the "horse race" in order to line their network's pockets.

I used to get

unsolicited mail for mattresses and gym memberships. Now I get a letter sent to me from the American Legion advising me of my...

burial benefits.

I think I will reread Poe's "The Premature Burial."

tRump/Randian Ryan "Munich" Conference

Two clowns meet up to divide up the rethug electorate:

R: I get the Bundy vote.

T: Wait, that divides my White Pride vote. I need them.

R: Yes, but I want the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" (without the bootstraps) block.

T: Well, I want all the science deniers.

R: Ok, but I keep the anti-vaxers. That will be huge.

T: Well, I need the straight out racists and people who want to put women in jail for making their own decisions about their body.

All I can say is: We have two Pieces of Shit in our time.

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