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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 3,898

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"We are either going to elect the first female President or our last President-period."

After the dust settled, columnist Cox has summed up November’s election featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump beautifully.

“This is a really important point,” she began. “This is a really historic election, right? We’re either going to elect the first female president or the last president — period.”

Wow. That is quite a statement to mull over. Hopefully, it concentrates the mind.

Thank you to those who commented on my query about the so-called Godwin's Law.

Your responses were thought provoking and informative. For me to say America could be lured by a fascist strongman into becoming a Nazi like state requires:

A cowed and compliant media. Possible, maybe. Drumpt is talking about limiting Press rights.

A compliant General Staff. The Vietnam War taught us that is possible.

A judiciary that is essentially suspended and put out of business. Given all the behind the scenes extra-legal rulings that happened after 9/11 I suppose it is possible. At least below the surface.

A complicit and profit focused industrial base. Halliburton.

Religious leaders unwilling to question and even support fascist objectives. I suppose some in the Evangelical movement are capable of this.

A triggering event, another spectacular terrorist attack, for instance. Unfortunately, always a possibility in this world.

Using a terrible event to "burn our Reichstag/Congress to the ground and blame our enemies for it.

Given these similarities I don't think its hyperbole or unfair to link Drumpt to a possible Nazi State. He would be riding current circumstances, into an already in place set of dynamics, making the country vulnerable to a Drumpt version of Nazism.

Does Godwin's Law make Nazi comparisons to Drump invalid?

Just asking. I've been mulling this over for a while. I haven't reached a conclusion yet.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

One From Column A/One From Column B Reich Wingers

Rethugs who think they can pick and choose issues their with in supporting Don the Con are wasting them time. Senator Turtle and Backwards Hat Bro Ryan have bought the Drumpt Farm. Whatever they do in the future plaster up next to their mug a picture of Drumpt in all his bigoted, fascist glory.

The washed celebrities populating the Reich Wing Convention makes it the remake of

The Love Boat

Drump as Captain Stubing

and Pence as Gopher. Newt as the lecherous doc.

Security Calming Reich Wing Delegates After Cruz Debacle

Beware HRC about your speech at the Democratic convention

If your speech contains a noun, verb, conjunction, modifier, or adverb you will be accused of plagiarism.

As you know both sides do it.

The Reich Wing's out of control HRC bashing

is meant to achieve one thing. Drumpt will never be President, they know this. The convention is about delegitimizing another Democratic President before ever elected. The rethugs have been setting this narrative for years, but the convention puts a national focus on it.

Wait, I knew I've seen Drump's wife before (with him)

They should call this Reich Wing Convention

Triumph of the Swill. or Swells.
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