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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,015

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Arizona State's Sandra Day O'Connor College set to open in downtown Phoenix

Under her name it should inscribed:

"Proud Swing Vote in Bush V. Gore."

The reality of Drumpt voter logic.

First I salute the person out there in the ether who came up with this.

Trump voter: I support him because he says what he means.
Trump: Somebody shoot my opponent.
Trump voter: He didn't mean that.

An amygdala walks into a bar,

and the bartender says, "Hey, don't come in here looking for trouble."

This week Orange Hitler Will "Reboot" his Campaign

Donald Trump is trying to quickly reset his presidential campaign to address worsening poll numbers and growing isolation from influential members of the Republican Party.

The campaign will also attempt to reboot:
the Titanic
8 Track Audio
Lawn Darts
Non-safety windshield glass for cars
New Coke
The Ford Pinto
All are seen as easier to do says a Cheetos Hitler Spokesman.

Cokie Roberts bashing HRC. The usual garbage on NPR.

NPR used to be listenable. Nevermore I say.

For the sake of all that is rational in the world

if you are buying something for less than a dollar pay with cash. Not an iPhone, credit card, debit card, master card, visa card.

Rant over.

Back to your regularly scheduled DU.

What remains scary and baffling...

is Drumpft has taken enough PR torpedo hits to sink any campaign, yet with no infrastructure, he remains afloat and within 10-12 points of HRC.

Just Saw Chuck Toad Giving Trumpt Campaign Advice in the Guise Of News

He said if tRump could only get his act together he could be attacking HRC on money to Iran and air strikes in Libya. Toad said this could have been a terrible week for Clinton if not for tRumps missteps.

Where does Toad pick up his Drumpt paycheck?

Fly On the Wall Perspective of Drumpt's Flying Circus-An Intervention (beware language)

Words to Remember About Drump's Claims of Election Rigging which Posions the Democratic Process

Remember, remember the 8th of November,
the Don the Con treason and plot,
I can think of no reason,
why the Drumpf's treason should ever be forgot.

Apologies to Guy Fawkes.
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