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Eyes of the World

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Name: Steve
Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 10:10 PM
Number of posts: 93

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Go fuck yourself you nosey bastard.

Journal Archives

The only way women can be equal, is if they are separate.

Women cannot ever be equal in a society in which they must compete with men who are generally stronger and faster then they are, and are never burdened by pregnancy. Without a modern society to ensure their rights, women will always be second class citizens.

Women are wrong if they think they will ever achieve a satisfying equality. The need to take the extreme step and form The Matriarchy or The Sisterhood, and secede from male society.

I don't think they would need to hunt men down, but I could envision a world where men and women are separate, and men don't even have access to women until The Matriarchy gives you the thumbs up.

Posted by Eyes of the World | Tue Dec 4, 2012, 03:02 PM (1 replies)

I just noticed something interesting

I am reading All's Well That Ends Well. Stratfordians describe this play as a Problem Play, because it has an unlikable hero and deals with obscure issues. Oxfordians see it as a highly confessional piece by Edward de Vere.

The word "ever" appears strategically in the dialog in reference to Bertram, who represents de Vere (E.ver). But in the instances where the word is used in conjunction with a character other than Bertram, the word is spelled "e'er" (not "E.ver").

I am going to go back through the works to confirm this, but if I remember correctly "e'er" is used frequently in the works. Now I just have to Verify context.

If William of Stratford wrote the works of Shakespeare, then he based them off the life of Oxford. OR Oxford wrote them.

Clues like this argue for the latter.
Posted by Eyes of the World | Wed Nov 28, 2012, 01:40 AM (0 replies)
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